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There are currently 19 canon games in the Legend of Zelda series, making it the longest-running series of action-adventure games. Additional three remakes bring the overall number of Zelda games to 22.

About 10 additional non-canon games, ports, remakes, and more are also available. Manga, comics, novels, cartoons, guidebooks, encyclopedias, and other media all cover the franchise.

In the most essential action-adventure series, we’re plunging in. The peak of Nintendo IPs is unquestionably Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda

The film was released in 1986.

the Triforce and Hyrule were introduced in The Legend of Zelda, released in Japan in 1986 for the Famicom, making it one of the first Zelda games to feature these components.

Link, a teenage hero on a mission to defend Princess Zelda and the realm of Hyrule from the Prince of Darkness (eventually known as Ganon), was the protagonist of this 2D overhead adventure game.

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1987 was the year of release for this film.

It was decided by Nintendo that Zelda II: The Adventure of Link would be a departure from the norm. This side-scrolling sequel to The Legend of Zelda features Link once more attempting to save Princess Zelda. As a result, it’s more action-oriented than the original game, yet it still contains RPG aspects.

A leveling-up system that allows Link to use experience points to enhance his powers is one of these components. While in combat, Link has the ability to unleash a variety of magical abilities. The Adventure of Link is commonly referred to as the series’ “black sheep” due to the fact that Nintendo never developed another Zelda game in this format.

For the 1991 release,

A Link to the Past, a prequel to the first two Zelda games, makes its SNES premiere and marks a return to the series’ original premise.

Nintendo’s first-party sequels of the time mirrored the design of this game by taking the structure of its predecessor, the NES version, and finding ways to expand on it using the SNES’s new hardware capabilities. Several of the first game’s mechanics and concepts are improved upon, but new ones are also introduced, such as the separation of arrows from other things.

After obtaining the Pegasus Boots, Link was able to walk diagonally and even run. Link’s sword attack may now be swung sideways as well as forward, which is a welcome addition to the combat system.

Zelda’s numerous timelines are partly due to A Link to the Past, which established the concept of multiple universes in the Zelda universe.

An improved port for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 contained a new title, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, that focused on multiplayer.

1993 is the year of publication.

Link’s Awakening is the series’ first portable release. In addition to being one of the few Zelda games to take place outside of Hyrule, the game does not contain Princess Zelda or the Triforce in any form.

After the events of A Link to the Past, Link is aboard a boat sailing to Koholint Island, where he is stranded by a massive storm. The island’s guardian must be awakened by Link collecting the eight “Instruments of the Sirens” in order to escape.

In 1998, Link’s Awakening was re-released for the Game Boy Color as Link’s Awakening DX, which included color visuals, Game Boy Printer compatibility, and an exclusive color-based dungeon.

Nintendo released a remastered HD version of Link’s Awakening for the Switch in February 2019. It was released on September 20, 2019, and included new features like the option to design your own dungeons.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

When did it come out?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a fan favorite and one of the series’ best-selling titles. The Nintendo 64 version made its debut in 1998 all over the world. It was released on the GameCube, Wii Virtual Console, and the N64 Library on the Nintendo Switch years later.

To begin with, it was the first Zelda game to include 3D visuals. That made a huge difference and forever altered the course of the game. There were new 3D modes of combat, exploration and puzzle-solving in the game Because of this, the game grew more in-depth and challenging.

On the “main timeline,” a new Link is on a mission to stop the wicked King Ganondorf from destroying the world. His journey will take him through the “Overworld,” through time, and into dungeons. Outside of Hyrule, this is the land.

A third-person action/adventure game was born when the 3D mobility was included. Links arsenal has been expanded to include a variety of weapons and magical abilities. He can also shoot projectiles with the help of a targeting device.

The map itself has grown in size as well. Several extra side-quests are available in Ocarina of Time, some of which lead to new weapons and equipment. Link opens an ocarina at the start of the game. After being transformed into the Ocarina of Time, it is one of the most important items in the entire video game. In order to solve puzzles, teleport, and obtain the Master Sword, Link must master twelve tunes.

Adult Link is taken seven years into the future by taking the Master Sword. The abilities of Adult Link and Young Link are vastly different. Players will be able to move back and forth between the past and the present at some point, allowing them to make use of the other skills.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Availability Date: January 1, 2001

In the year 2000, Nintendo 64 saw the release of Majora’s Mask. On GameCube and Wii Virtual Console it was first released. On Wii U it was released.

Ocarina of Time: Majora’s Mask is a direct sequel to it. Two months have passed since the events of the previous game. Link sets out on a journey to a parallel world called Termina. He must prevent the Moon from descending and destroying the Earth in a three-day cycle while he is in that location.

There were two fundamental concepts introduced in the game. In the beginning, the three-day cycle is repeated until Link achieves his objective. The second is a variety of masks that allow Link to take on the form of a variety of characters.

He can also control time, access passages, solve puzzles, and travel back to the beginning of the cycle with the use of the Ocarina. In order to do so, he needs first memorize the melodies.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

The year of release is 2001.

Though the two games are set in different settings, they present a single story that can only be fully appreciated by playing both.

After completing a game, the player would be given a password that would allow them to play the sequel. The interconnectedness of the various worlds in the Zelda universe serves as inspiration for the game’s overall framework.

At Miyamoto’s advice, the project was reduced to just two games because of problems with the password system that linked all three. Oracle of Seasons is a more action-oriented game, whereas Oracle of Ages is more puzzle-oriented.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

When did it come out?

In comparison to its predecessors, The Wind Waker’s cel-shaded art style is what really makes it stand out on the GameCube. In keeping with the game’s setting, which sees the kingdom of Hyrule buried at sea, the aesthetics changed.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD - Đánh Giá Game

Most of the action takes place on Link’s boat, the King of Red Lions, as he navigates between islands with the help of a magical equipment called the Wind Waker, which allows him to influence the wind.

The Wind Waker, along with Ocarina of Time, is widely regarded as one of the best games in the series, despite the fact that its cartoonish aesthetics caused some controversy.

For GameCube owners who wanted to get their hands on a complete collection of Zelda games, a special Collector’s Edition was released that featured the original game as well as Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker and the demo of The Wind Waker. This upgraded Wii U port of The Wind Waker was released in September 2013 for the Wii U.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Date of Release: 4/2004

The GBA port of A Link to the Past would see the release of an expanded version of Four Swords in 2004. In addition to retaining many of the game’s gameplay and concepts from its GBA form, the GameCube version has new ambient visual effects that take advantage of the console’s technology.

In Four Swords Adventures, Link must battle an evil replica of himself, Shadow Link, in order to restore harmony to Hyrule.

Shadow Combat and Hyrulean Adventure allow players to compete against each other for the glory of Hyrule in a cooperative tale campaign or a competitive multiplayer battle.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Date of Release: 4/2004

The Minish Cap, in contrast to many other Zelda games, aims to provide players a small, intimate world to explore.

Ezlo, a magical talking hat, has the ability to transform Link into a smaller version of himself in the GBA title, which was released in 2004. This little realm is accessible to Link after he shrinks down in size. Only in The Minish Cap does this mechanic exist, and it has not been used in any subsequent games.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The film was released in 2006

Twilight Princess’ somber aesthetic is a stark contrast to The Wind Waker’s bright and cheerful ones. Midna, a strange creature, serves as Link’s guide as he journeys through the game’s several stages.

In addition, the Twilight Realm, a parallel realm introduced in Twilight Princess, reintroduces the Zelda universe’s concept of several realities.

A classic Zelda experience was provided by the GameCube version rather than the Wii’s motion controls, which were widely panned.

As a result of its success, Twilight Princess is now considered one of the best video games of all time. It has won numerous Game of the Year awards.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

For the 2007 release,

Phantom Hourglass was first released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS. The Wii U Virtual Console later released it.

Following the events of The Wind Waker. Tetra, Link’s friend, is saved from Bellum, a secondary enemy in this story. A flooded Hyrule is shown in this story, which is now part of the Great Sea. As a result, he is reliant on Captain Linebeck’s assistance in his quest to traverse the globe.

Sailing is another interesting gameplay mechanic. The top screen of the DS serves as a map for players to use when sailing. Lowering the screen allows the user to take notes and quickly return to previously visited areas. On the sea chart, players chart their course.

The Temple of the Ocean King is another important mechanic. In order to progress through the game, players must return to this dungeon several times to obtain sea charts and access new sections.

Finally, the game features a PvP arena multiplayer option for one-on-one combat. Link is controlled by one player, while three Phantom Guardians are controlled by the other..

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

2009 is the year of release for this film.

In 2009, the Nintendo DS game Spirit Tracks was released. Virtual Console version of the game can be found on the Wii U system as well. 3D cel-shaded graphics are used in Spirit Tracks, same as the previous game. It takes place in the “Adult Timeline” after Phantom Hourglass.

Hyrule has been submerged and is now known as “New Hyrule” in the game. When Link graduates as an Engineer, he is able to operate the steam train. Zelda’s spirit traces and the Spirit Tower are disappearing, and Link and Zelda must restore them and Zelda’s body to its natural state.

As a result, Link must ride a steam train to get around the Overworld. As a spirit, Zelda is there to guide you. In addition to phantom soldiers, she has the ability to take on enemy armor.

The player explores new regions as the game progresses. The stylus pen is used to control Link outside of the train. Like puzzle-solving, exploration, and battle, possessed Phantoms can be directed by the player to accomplish objectives.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

It was released in 2011.

For the next Zelda game, Nintendo will go all-in on supporting motion controls. Although the motion-based Wii version of Twilight Princess had a poor reception in 2006, Skyward Sword was built to take full advantage of the Wii’s unique controller.

Nintendo launched the Wii MotionPlus, a more accurate version of the WiiMote, to address issues from both fans and critics. The game was released on the Wii U eShop in September of that year, making it accessible to gamers throughout the world.

Skyward Sword HD - Có nên mong đợi cho sự trở lại lần này

Even while Skyward Sword was both a critical and financial success, it was widely criticized for its motion control implementation and other design flaws.

Many of Nintendo’s design philosophies for the franchise would change as a result of this.

It was released in 2013.

The Nintendo 3DS game A Link Between Worlds, released two decades after the SNES game A Link to the Past, is seen as a spiritual sequel.

A Link to the Future is set in the same world as A Link to the Past, but in the far distant past. New mechanics made Link into a two-dimensional artwork that could slide along walls were introduced.

As a result of this mechanism, puzzle-designs became more innovative and players had a new technique to get past opponents.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

The release date is 15 December 2015.

Tri Force Heroes is a welcome return to the Four Swords Adventures-style cooperative gameplay. Up to three players can work together to solve a wide range of challenges in the game’s dungeons.

To distinguish itself from previous editions, the game offers more customization choices, allowing players to collect specific things to build distinct outfits that lend the player-character particular powers.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Year of Publication: 2017

Breath of the Wild, which launched with the Nintendo Switch and went on to sell more units than the console itself, is widely recognized as one of the series’ best entries and as the best video game ever made.

Zelda’s classic vibe is preserved but new gameplay mechanisms like cooking and weapon durability are introduced.

It also boasts the largest and most intricate world of any other game in the series, with a wealth of secrets for players to uncover. Moreover

Capcom and Nintendo worked together to make A Link to the Past & Four Swords. In 2002, the game was released for the Game Boy Advance. It was released with additional content for the DSiWare Nintendo service in 2011.

There are two distinct characters in the game. With sword, shield, special skills, and magic, both work as multi-layered dungeon explorations.

In order for wizard Agrahmin to free Ganon from prison in A Link to the Past, Link must beat both he and Ganon. When you’re done with Ocarina of Time, you’ll play Four Swords. Link must defeat Vaati, a minor antagonist whom the Four Swords can capture.

The gameplay hasn’t changed much since A Link to the Past was released in 1991. Link fights with a sword and shield in an over-the-top adventure. The multiplayer component of the cartridge is called Four Swords. With four or two people working together, the title can only be completed through a series of riddles and multiple-layer dungeons.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – 2011 (Handheld – Remake)

Zelda game Ocarina of Time 3D is a remake. It was released in 2011 on the Nintendo 3DS platform.

Mirrored dungeons from the Ocarina of Time have been added, as well as improved graphics and sound to go along with them. The improvement was well-received by critics and customers alike.

The Nintendo 3DS version of A Link Between Worlds was released in 2013 for the system. As the spiritual heir of A Link to the Past, this game is revered by many. On the other hand, the story takes place between the Oracle of Ages and the Tri Force heroes in terms of chronology.

Set out to reclaim Hyrule with the help of a brand new Link variant. In order to save Princess Zelda from the parallel world of Lorule, she must vanquish the terrible witch Yuga. Yuda intends to harness the power of the Seven Sages to resurrect Ganon, the demon king, by kidnapping them.

Link can appear as a 2D painting on walls thanks to a special skill in the game. It’s essential to get to and from Lorule and Hyrule in order to complete the mission.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – 2015 (Handheld – Remake)

The Legend of Zelda classic, Majora’s Mask 3D, was remade in 2015. Developed by Studio Grezzo, the game made its Nintendo 3DS premiere.

The graphics were reworked in the remake. A new touchscreen interface and gyroscopic targeting go hand in hand with the game’s 3D visuals, as well as 30 frames per second and new environmental textures.

In-game events, quest mechanisms, and skill controls were also affected by other small and severe faults.

The remainder of the game confirms this. The plot, dungeons, and overall design were not changed in the remake.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes – 2015 (Handheld)

In 2015, Tri Force Heroes was released for the Nintendo 3DS. Greezo was the clear winner once again.

Like Four Swords Adventures and Four Swords, Tri Force Heroes has a co-op campaign. Only three people can play at once, and the connection is wireless. However,

For the most part, the plot is similar to A Link to the Past. For the second time, he travels to the Hytopia kingdom in an attempt to remove a curse from Princess Styla.

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Each player can take control of a different colored Link in the game. Together, they work to solve riddles on a variety of levels in an elaborate dungeon. It can be used for both local and online play. Single-player mode is also available, but it’s substantially more difficult.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 2017 (Console)

There are many new mechanics, ideas, and design decisions in Breath of the Wild. The game was released for Nintendo Switch and Wii U in 2017 and is the latest in the main series.

It is also the last Zelda game in chronological order. It takes place tens of thousands of years after the last game, but it’s unclear whether it’s part of the same timeline or not.

In the wake of a century-long slumber, Link is awakened to vanquish Calamity Ganon and save the land of Hyrule from the clutches of the Dark Lord. The game’s open world, on the other hand, is the most expansive yet. The lack of entrances and exits on most sites also lends itself to a greater sense of freedom.

Encounters, puzzles, and discoveries await you all throughout the landscape. The only thing limiting Link’s exploration of the world are the enemies who live there. Link’s swimming, sprinting, climbing, gliding, and using Spin Attack are all limited by his stamina bar.

It’s reminiscent to the first Zelda game in certain ways. There are only a few rules to follow, and players are free to enjoy the game as they see fit. Tasks include collecting stuff, finding gear, supporting the villagers, solving riddles, and fulfilling side quests. “‘

In terms of gameplay, a simple crafting system allows Link to gather the supplies he needs to survive. Hunting for animals, gathering wood, and scavenging from opponents are all part of the crafting process. In return, Link has the ability to prepare food, repair equipment, construct makeshift snowboards, and more.

Combatants and explorers can choose from a wide variety of tools and weaponry. There are numerous methods in which Link might accomplish a single mission or destroy an enemy using these elements

Storms and other weather-related events are controlled by a separate weather system. Metal, for example, is an excellent conductor of lightning during a thunderstorm.

The world, of course, does not follow a linear path. Instead, it invites the player to go beyond the boundaries of any other game’s capabilities. New physics engine and 3D cell-shaded graphics complete the non-linear gameplay. It also contains a chemical engine that describes the interactions between various substances and textures.

As Link progresses, he acquires a variety of equipment, weapons, and skills. It conveys character growth without relying on stats.

One of the best games ever made, Breath of the Wild. In most open-world games, you’ll find a ton of jobs to complete (challenges, towers, bandit camps, collectibles, et). However, Breath of the Wild’s map size is justified. Everything has been meticulously planned, and there’s always something new to uncover.

In 2019, Grezzo has remade Link’s Awakening based on the 1993 original. It was released for the first time on Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Switch.

Despite the game’s archaic look, the graphics and performance are all current. Maps and character models are like miniatures and dioramas, respectively.

Players can also create their own or complete others’ custom dungeons to get rewards.

Review of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019) — I want this to be my awakening – Silver Soul Gaming


Does it matter which Zelda game you play first?

Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword are good places to start if story is important to you. There is also ALttP forward, including the Gameboy versions. I’d recommend playing Majora’s Mask first if you’re looking for something that’s as unique as the rest of the games in the series.

Do you have to play Zelda games in order?

Because each Zelda game has its own story, you should be able to jump right in and have a good time while also grasping the gist of what’s going on. It’s best to play them in chronological sequence if you’re interested in the overall tale or if you plan to complete the series.

Are all the Zelda games connected?

Gaps in continuity