Updated at: 14-03-2023 - By: Leo Hall

The 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo did a great job of getting gamers talking, but there were so many game announcements that it was difficult to keep up with everything. Among the many first-person shooters and remakes, however, one game stood out: No More Heroes 3.

In any case, the announcement of No More Heroes 3 at E3 came as a complete surprise to everyone. Fans assumed Travis Touchdown was done for after the lackluster reception of Travis Strikes Again. Fans are hoping to see a lot more of their favorite irreverent assassin in light of the fact that this latest installment looks revamped and even better than before.

Despite everyone’s enthusiasm about the news, some concerns remain. So, without further ado, let me present to you the release window, console support, plot synopsis, and trailer for No More Heroes 3.

When will No More Heroes 3 be released?

Unlike with many other games, the time between the announcement of No More Heroes 3 and its release will not be excruciatingly long. The game’s creator, Goichi Suda (also known as Suda51), has said that it will be released in 2020, though he hasn’t given a specific release month.

No More Heroes 3 - Countdown trailer 1

Early 2020 is our target, but if a firmer date is announced, you can be sure to hear about it here first.

What platforms will No More Heroes 3 be on?

No More Heroes will follow in the footsteps of its predecessors by being released exclusively for Nintendo systems. The latest installment in the series will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, which is both a disappointment for PC and console gamers and a fantastic sales pitch for Switch converts.

Although fans are excited about the prospect of No More Heroes 1 and 2 getting remastered for the Switch, they are more eager for Travis Touchdown to be added to the next roster of Super Smash Bros. While Suda51 acknowledges that the third Smash game is in development and that remasters may be implemented in the future, he remains adamant that Travis will not be included in the game at this time. All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed that Travis will be added to the Smash Bros. roster in the future, and that those rumored remasters will actually be released.

What is the story for No More Heroes 3?

Travis Touchdown is the smartass protagonist of the No More Heroes video game series. In the first game, players encountered a lazy Otaku who had just used his last dollar to buy a beam katana at an online auction. Many games have passed since Travis’s Scott Pilgrim-style battle to the death with the world’s greatest assassins, and fans have watched every minute of it. But what can fans of the series anticipate from this latest installment?

No More Heroes 3 - New Platforms Release Date Trailer - YouTube

In an interview with Gamereactor conducted at E3 2019, Suda51 provided more context for No More Heroes 3’s plot. Previous NMH games have shown Travis striving to become the ultimate assassin, but Suda51 has promised that this entry will show Travis fighting for something greater than himself. According to Suda51, “the scale is completely changed” in this new narrative. A lot more than [Travis’s] life is at stake here. It’s safe to say the stakes will be much higher next time around. The game, and Travis’s personal battle within it, will be played on a much larger and more intense scale. ”

It has been revealed that the mech suit featured in the game’s trailer will play a pivotal role in the upcoming game. And Suda51 has said that Travis Strikes Again plot points will make reappearances in No More Heroes 3; for example, the Death Glove that Travis obtained in TSA will be a crucial part of his arsenal in this new game, being integral to taking down his “Thanos-level opponents. ”

Is there a trailer for No More Heroes 3?

At this year’s E3, a trailer for No More Heroes 3 was shown, and it did a fantastic job of fooling all the gamers in attendance. There’s a slight delay before it becomes clear that the trailer is for a No More Heroes game. To the contrary, many fans of the show were led to believe that a video game adaptation of Kamen Rider was in the works. The game’s creators went to great lengths to keep the player base in the dark about the true identity of Travis, even going so far as to have him use the catchphrase “Henshin” when he wants to summon his mech suit. Deceptively using a mech suit in the trailer to make it seem like Travis could bring his mech suit and Death Glove from Travis Strikes Again was also a nice touch.

Fans were sold on the game as soon as Travis Touchdown landed on the alien ship in the trailer and removed the mech suit to reveal their favorite snarky assassin. Everyone who wasn’t already familiar with Travis Touchdown and the No More Heroes franchise perked up at the very unexpected use of an expletive in a Nintendo trailer. Similarly, at this year’s The Game Awards, a trailer was shown that used an anime-style cartoon to mislead viewers. And just like the E3 2019 trailer, it concluded with the introduction of Travis Touchdown and another cuss word. The old adage goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” When No More Heroes 3 releases in 2020, fans of the beam katana-wielding assassin will be joined by a whole new batch of fans eager to experience the series for the first time.

Travis strikes again as no more heroes 3 releases this summer

One of Nintendo’s most anticipated sequels had its release date announced in the company’s most recent Direct presentation, which took place two weeks ago. Nintendo has announced that No More Heroes 3 (NMH 3) will be available for the Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2021.1 This release date has been pushed back from its original 2020 projection.

In the third installment of the No More Heroes series, Travis Touchdown returns to Santa Destroy after a self-imposed exile of two years to find aliens have invaded Earth. Now that he’s the best hitman on Earth, he has to defend the planet from an alien invasion.

Nintendo is widely trusted by parents around the world because of the company’s commitment to creating age-appropriate games and experiences. In contrast, this is one of the few Nintendo-only games that parents might want to keep an eye on. No More Heroes 3 is not for those who are easily offended or who are squeamish about graphic depictions of violence.

No more heroes 3 story, place in the timeline

NMH 3 takes place five years after the events of NMH 2, or two years after the spin-off title Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Twenty years ago, an alien spaceship carrying a creature named FU crashed somewhere on Earth. Damon, a young boy, helped FU get back home by hiding him from the authorities until they could figure out how to let him go. If they are successful, FU will come back 20 years from now to repay Damon for his kindness.

Damon becomes a successful businessman using the alien abilities he discovered at the crash site many years later. When FU finally comes back, his human friend is taken aback to learn that the alien has plans to conquer Earth. After this, Damon will be complicit in FU and the other nine aliens’ plans to conquer Earth, and it will be up to Travis to thwart them.

No More Heroes 3 - Official New Platforms Release Date Trailer - YouTube

Mundane jobs return to no more heroes and other gameplay elements

For Travis Touchdown, using his deadly beam katana to defeat his foes is just another day at the office. But he has to do some odd jobs first before he can compete in tournaments and fight off the alien bad guys. The winnings from these are what Travis uses to cover the cost of entering tournaments. As a former top assassin for the United Assassins Association, you might expect certain privileges. However, Travis is no different from anyone else in that he must work to support himself and pay to participate.

At the same time, Travis’ super abilities from Travis Returns: No More Heroes are back. He can add new protection and weaponry to his move set and customize it with the help of his Death Glove. In NMH 3, the Death Glove is turned up to eleven, so you can count on some ridiculous gameplay combined with ridiculous executions and finishers.