Updated at: 03-07-2023 - By: Leo Hall

The Nintendo Switch has quickly surpassed the Wii U as the preferred system for both in-house developed titles and independent titles from other developers, known as “Nindies.”

Popular games that take advantage of the Switch’s portability include Stardew Valley, Dead Cells, and Celeste, as well as many others.

We’ll be focusing on these in this list: The Top Independent Games for the Nintendo Switch, such as the top indie Switch multiplayer games and single-developer Switch titles.

We’ll be adding more games to this collection in the near future, so keep checking back and let us know if we’ve forgotten any of your favorite Nindies!

Umurangi Generation

Umurangi Generation is an urban-inspired first-person photography exploration game with tons of flair and personality.

You take on the role of a photojournalist in it, tasked with capturing the city in all its unrest as the future approaches.

You get points for how well you capture your subject, just like in games like Pokemon Snap, but you have a lot more leeway to edit your photos to get the desired effect.

Umurangi Generation on Steam

If you decide to buy Umurangi, you should also get the Macro DLC, which adds rollerblades and other features to compensate for your character’s slow default movement speed.

Neon Abyss

While most dungeon crawlers take place in gloomy fantasy settings, Neon Abyss uses a vibrant cyberpunk style.

In this roguelite action-platformer, you play as a member of “Grim Squad,” a task force assembled by Hades to run and gun through randomly generated dungeons.

You’ll pick up random items with passive effects as you make your way through each level, and those effects can be stacked indefinitely.

Each playthrough is completely unique thanks to the gradual introduction of new rooms, items, bosses, rules, and endings.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A Colorful Tale, a 2D adventure game about a janitor dog named Pizza who finds a magical paintbrush, is one of the most unexpected indie hits of 2021.

Pizza can bring their cartoon world to life with brushstrokes and splashes of color as they solve puzzles and take on bosses in the game.

The narrative in this game is surprisingly touching, and it provides a new take on what it means to be an artist.

With its heartfelt narrative and vibrant visuals, Chicory is a welcome addition to the Switch’s library.

Road 96

Up next is Road 96, a first-person adventure game developed independently and set in the dystopian nation of Petria in the summer of 1996.

The player assumes the role of a young, naive hitchhiker who must rely on the goodwill of strangers in order to make it out of the impoverished nation of Petria alive.

Each playthrough of the game provides a unique narrative experience thanks to the procedurally generated settings, characters, and events.

At its core, however, the game has only three possible conclusions, depending on whether the player chooses democracy, rebellion, or neither and instead just runs away.


In Cloudpunk, you make your way around a bustling cyberpunk city while delivering packages for a company with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

You spend most of the game inside a hover-car making deliveries, but once you get to your destination, you have to get out and walk around to deliver packages.

Your clientele is diverse, but it consists mostly of unsavoury types like androids, hackers, rogue AIs, and so on.

The game rewards players who venture off the beaten path with unique items and informative backstory.

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is a roguelike 2D platformer that improves upon its predecessor while keeping its devilish aesthetic.

This includes improved visuals, fresh environments, and realistic water and lava dripping and spreading thanks to reworked liquid physics.

You and your friends play the part of explorers on the moon who must overcome perilous levels.

The world is remixed using procedural generation, so each playthrough is full of surprises.


Supergiant is one of the best independent studios out there, and their games, such as Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, and their most recent release, Hades, are consistently high quality.

Hades is typical of the developer’s work in that it takes a tried-and-true formula (roguelike dungeon-crawling) and breathes new life into it through compelling characters and strategic combat.

You take on the role of Zagreus, Hades’s son, and must help him make his way out of the underworld while it is constantly being rearranged by the gods.

Each run involves navigating a different map with its own unique set of challenges and potential benefits.

Tetris Effect: Connected

Although Tetris has remained largely unchanged over its 30-plus-year lifespan, game designers are always coming up with fresh takes on the classic puzzler.

Recent examples include the Nintendo-only Tetris 99 and the VR-exclusive Tetris Effect, the latter of which was ported to PC and consoles as Tetris Effect: Connected.

In this game, your tetrominoes’ movement and placement are timed to the beat of the music, which is conveyed through a variety of visual and auditory cues.

The score adapts to your progress through the game, increasing in tempo and rhythm as you reach the more challenging stages with faster-than-ever falling blocks.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

Doki Doki Literature Club is more than just another visual novel dating sim featuring animal girls in skintight school uniforms, despite what first impressions may tell you.

As they progress through the story, players will learn more personal details about each character, including their darkest desires and worst fears.

There are three possible outcomes to the story, one of which can be unlocked early on by exploring the game’s data.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!, an expanded version released in 2021, featured graphical enhancements, new music, images, and explorable side stories.

Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is a 2D life simulator where you go camping on an ever-changing island inhabited by friendly ghosts, and it will appeal to fans of Animal Crossing.

Every day, as a Spirit Scout, you must venture into the island’s forest in search of secrets, catch fish, and do favors for the local spirits.

The items you find can be used to create ornaments that will brighten up the island and bring some much-needed cheer back to its inhabitants.

Since the game’s time is synchronized with your own, you’ll want to drop by Cozy Grove every day to see what’s new during the game’s roughly 40-hour main story.


Littlewood, a 2D game with pixel art reminiscent of the 8- and 16-bit eras, is another life simulator with a farming component.

It has you playing the role of a hero who forgets who they are after saving Littlewood from a Dark Wizard.

The goal of the game is to restore Littlewood to its former glory by exploring Solemn and bringing in new citizens.

Farming, fishing, merchanting, and other activities await you in Solemn as you travel through its enchanted forests, bustling fishing towns, and mysterious mining caves.

Stick Fight: The Game

Stick Fight may look simplistic, but it’s actually a brutal physics-based 2D fighter where death can come quickly.

Stick Fight is a multiplayer battle royale game for two to four players that takes inspiration from the heyday of internet stick figure fighters.

The game can be played with others online or locally, and it has 100 procedurally generated levels and a ton of user-created content.

For fans of Smash Ultimate looking for a lighter take on the platform fighter genre, we highly recommend this game.


In Astroneer, you colonize an alien planet in a colorful space sandbox.

You’ll be able to tether your character to oxygen generators and other stations as you travel the world thanks to the game’s innovative crafting system.

Astroneer’s Terrain Tool sets it apart from other base-building games by letting the user shape the landscape to their liking.

Finally, new planets to explore, cosmetics, hazards, vehicles, and craftable items are added to Astroneer on a regular basis through updates.


Players can build colorful little islands with ease thanks to Islanders’ minimal color palette, minimalistic user interface, and streamlined building mechanics.

In this game, the player doesn’t have to worry about managing resources; instead, they get to build peaceful towns out of randomly generated buildings.

When a specific set of objects is placed in close proximity to another, special bonuses are activated that contribute to the overall score.

When societies reach a certain level of development, they undergo visual and physical changes, evolving from quaint villages into sprawling metropolises.


Spiritfarer, a warm indie management sim similar to Animal Crossing with platforming elements and a semi-open world, is one of the best additions to the Switch library.

As the player, you take on the role of a young woman tasked with easing the transition to the afterlife for departed souls by catering to their dietary needs and fulfilling their other requests.

Despite the game’s bleak premise, the many anthropomorphic animals that join your crew cover a wide range of emotions.

People from all walks of life board the Spiritfarer, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses that play a part in the overall functioning of the ship.

Axiom Verge 2

One of the best indie games for the Nintendo Switch, Axiom Verge 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Thomas Happ’s Metroid-like 2D action-platformer.

The game’s tone is very Metroid-like, and it features atmospheric sci-fi settings rendered in pixel art in the style of the NES.

As you level up, you’ll unlock the ability to revisit previously explored areas in search of secret passages that lead to stat upgrades and other items that will come in handy when taking on tougher enemies.

The plot has strong ties to the first Axiom Verge, but with so many new faces and a new environment, players shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up.

Subnautica: Below Zero

The sequel to the popular first-person survival crafting game Subnautica, which takes place after your spaceship has crashed on an alien planet that is almost entirely covered in water, is titled Subnautica: Below Zero.

A new icy region on the planet’s surface awaits exploration after your character returns there from the first game.

To survive, you’ll need to find food, water, and materials to build shelter, submersibles, and weapons from the things lying around the world.

Below Zero’s open-ended structure is reminiscent of the original game and allows players to pursue their own goals, such as venturing to the ocean’s depths, building bases, or progressing the story.


Two players control a pair of miniature robots, each of which can only move one leg at a time.

As a result, there are many intricately crafted puzzle-platforming stages to play through.

Are you up for a greater test? Coins can be collected throughout levels in Biped and used to purchase headgear for your robotic allies.

The game’s low-stakes gameplay promotes conversation and adds to the game’s humorous atmosphere.


Key The Kiwi birds Jeff and Debra work in a fantastical post office in the cooperative puzzle management game We.

Players assume the role of either bird and collaborate to complete a variety of tasks such as processing mail, typing letters, shipping packages, and more in order to earn a rating at the end of their shift.

To accomplish your goals, you’ll need to flap, peck, jump, and slam your butt against various interactive levers, bells, and buttons spread throughout carefully crafted levels.

Stamps you earn from completing objectives can be spent on a wide variety of adorable cosmetics, and the game’s many minigames ensure that it never gets stale.

Slime Rancher

Next, we have Slime Rancher, a lighthearted farming game with monster tamer undertones in which you take charge of an alien ranch full of adorable slime creatures.

Slimes are the primary currency and the means by which you can improve your tools and farm, so it is your job to capture them, transport them to your ranch, and feed them various foods until they produce Plorts.

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You can look forward to breeding different slimes and discovering new variations with unique characteristics, as there are many slime species to encounter.

Keep in mind that different species of slimes may not get along, so it will be necessary to keep them apart to prevent a extinction-level event from occurring.

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Independent Swedish studio Image & Form keeps surprising us with their excellent video game releases.

Their most recent game, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, is the latest in their popular SteamWorld series of action-platformers and turn-based RPGs.

You’ll be in charge of leading a band of brave heroes through a hand-drawn world and into battle using unique decks of 100 cards related to each hero.

Card battles are incredibly complex, allowing players to develop unique approaches as they discover a fantasy world with steampunk undertones.

Slay the Spire

In Slay the Spire, a 2D card-strategy roguelike, players can choose from a variety of characters, each with their own set of stats and abilities from the get-go.

The objective is to reach the top of a spire by navigating a series of floors, each with its own set of challenges and potential rewards.

You can rest at campfires, trade cards at stores, find treasure chests with new equipment, and advance in the story by making strategic decisions during encounters.

Explore the different playstyles of each character in Slay the Spire if you like dungeon crawlers with deck-building elements.

Goat Simulator

I realize the name doesn’t exactly pique your interest, but please don’t take this game too seriously. According to the game’s description, it features “next-gen goat simulation” using “the latest in goat simulation technology.”

The experience of being a goat in a simulator with dubious physics is not something you should ponder. Try it out for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean. You play a computer-generated goat whose mission is to wreak havoc and destruction.

Try it out if you’re in the mood to switch off your brain and relax with a hilarious game. Playing this silly game for the sake of finding the weirdest thing you can do to break everything around you may surprise you with how much fun it can be.


Tower Fall is a great choice if you want to relax and have some fun without having to think too hard. “The classic archery party game” is what the game calls itself.

TowerFall features a special 6-player mode that can only be played on the Nintendo Switch. In addition, there are new gameplay options, guest archers, and widescreen levels in this release.

If you don’t like competing with your couch buddies, you can always switch to co-op mode and work together with your pals to take down monsters, archers, and bosses.


Undertale is a peculiar role-playing game that references classic Super Nintendo titles like Earthbound. Despite being a turn-based RPG, the main draw of this game is that it doesn’t require you to kill enemies to advance the plot.

There is a peaceful way to resolve conflicts, and Undertale showcases this. Combine that with the very nostalgic visual style and the marvelously composed soundtrack that uses old game’s sounds, and you have an indie RPG that you simply cannot miss out on.

If that sounds like a fun experience, then you should dive into the Underworld and have it for yourself. It warms the heart, makes you laugh, and is a lot of fun.

Hotline Miami

If you’re looking for a top-down game with raw violence displayed in pixel art, you need look no further; indie games are where you’re most likely to see this kind of combination of hyper-violence and the art style that’s mostly known for things from our childhood.

This could be a game that makes you feel strange at first. The visual style may not appeal to all audiences, and new players may find the controls to be a little strange at first.

It doesn’t take long to learn the game’s rhythm and experience the rush of a good run for yourself. One-hit deaths make it satisfying to go through levels unflinchingly firing at everything in sight.

There is a decently written story that is revealed as you advance through the stages, so if that’s why you play video games, you have no reason to pass up this one.

Salt and Sanctuary

The ability to combine genres is one of my favorite features of indie games. Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D platformer in the vein of the Souls games, making for punishing but balanced combat and a stamina meter à la Metroidvania.

Over 600 unique weapons, spells, items, and pieces of armor can be found in Salt and Sanctuary, allowing you to experiment with different builds to find what you like best.

This is an unexpectedly effective mashup of genres. Those who enjoy games with a more methodical approach and brutal combat will enjoy Salt and Sanctuary.


Hoa is a must-try for anyone who enjoys puzzles. The hand-painted visuals and emotionally charged music give this puzzle platformer a lot of personality.

The world of Hoa is stunning in its scale and detail. Despite its lack of complexity, the game’s aesthetic and charming gameplay make it impossible to overlook.

If you want to unwind without getting aggravated by a challenging video game, this is the one to play.


The term “Biped” is rarely used, but it should be. There’s a lot of love put into this action-adventure puzzle game, but the gameplay is what really sets it apart.

In Biped, the player controls the main character’s individual leg movements. To advance, you must first move one leg, and then the other.

The way you move through a 3D environment will be drastically altered, and there will be plenty of interesting puzzles to solve because of this.

Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon is a good game, but it’s missing many of the roguelike and bullet-hell features that made the original Enter the Gungeon so memorable.

This game is a 2D side scroller rather than a top-down shooter like the original, but it still retains the same feel.

In order to proceed through the dungeon and complete the stages, you must eliminate all living enemies, as well as find and equip new weapons and items.

You’ll enjoy Exist the Gungeon if you like side scrolling shooters.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

You play as a young girl in Ender lilies: Quietus of the Knights, a Metroidvania set in a grim, watercolor fantasy world.

Everything in this game feels both mysterious and perilous, like something out of an original and serious fairy tale.

The protagonist isn’t the one who actually fights. The Umbral knight will fight for her if you use the action buttons. Defeating bosses nets you more companions to aid you on your journey.

The game also boasts an excellent score. You will probably enjoy Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights if you are a fan of platformers and dark settings.

Trine: Ultimate Collection

Trine goes beyond being merely endearing due to its mix of Medieval Fantasy and a plethora of Puzzles. It’s witty, entertaining, and surprisingly deep.

In order to understand and control the Trine’s powers, you must complete physics-based puzzles from the first three games in the series as you explore a forsaken and ruined kingdom.

Trine is an interactive puzzle platformer. Join Zoya, Pontius, and Amadeus the Wizard. The player must master the unique abilities of each character, often combining them in some way, in order to progress through their quests.


If you want a game that can be both soothing and challenging on the platforming front, look no further than Celeste. There is an unlimited number of lives, and the story is revealed and new gameplay elements introduced gradually.

The game’s optional collectibles are where most of the challenge lies, but the main game itself is fairly straightforward.

If you play Celeste, expect to die a lot; however, this should not deter you. The game’s pacing and infinite lives make it likely that players will master its controls over time.


It’s because of the indie scene that games like Gris are even possible. Gris, like many indie games, has a distinct visual style, but it also offers a wealth of other features.

The protagonist in Gris doesn’t even have to risk getting into a fight. Not in the conventional sense. There is no danger of actual injury. The platforming puzzles are so well designed that even the boss fights can be easily navigated with a bit of quick thinking.

Dive into the emotions of loss and mourning with an evocative watercolor piece and its accompanying orchestral score. Another pro for this game is that it uses symbolism to tell stories that are open to multiple interpretations.

Risk of Rain

The action-platformer Risk of Rain is certainly unique. Its roguelike and chaotic gameplay features include the possibility of permanent death. This game puts up to four players against randomly generated waves of enemies and bosses on a mysterious planet.

The impressive thing about this game is that it never stops being enjoyable. In addition, the wide variety of playable classes and consumables guarantees countless hours of entertainment and a wealth of tales to tell.

Your mission is elementary: eliminate all hostile life forms and locate an exit teleporter. If you can get past the game’s simplistic visual style, you’ll find a surprisingly engaging and enjoyable action experience.

 Skullgirls 2nd Encore

Skullgirls 2nd Encore is not only a fantastic fighting game, but also one of the best indie games for the Nintendo Switch.

The game’s visual style is like a mashup of 1960s cartoons and manga, which is, I suppose, how Anime looked in the 1980s.

Skullgirls has both a visual and musical identity, with jazz being a prominent theme.

Moreover, the game has everything you could want from a contemporary fighter: complex mechanics, a satisfying battle flow, rapid combat, and so on.

It’s difficult to get into for newcomers, but if you enjoy fighting games, it’s a great addition to your Switch library.

Super Meat Boy

This fast-paced platformer features cartoonish vector art that encourages you to progress through levels as efficiently as possible. It does not set a time limit, but keeps track of how long it took you to complete each level. Combine that with the fact that, upon dying, the stage instantly resets, and you’ll feel an overwhelming urge to run and jump.

Furthermore, there is no limited number of lives in Super Meant Boy, so you can keep trying to beat each level even if you die a lot.

The game’s tight controls and well-thought-out design are the real highlights. The game is content with its own limitations and does not pretend to be anything else. Super Meat Boy’s agility and speed are put to their absolute limits in extremely satisfying ways throughout each stage.

Even if you die a lot of times, finishing a level will always feel like a huge accomplishment, even if at first it’s funny and then becomes frustrating.


Quite a few independent games are platformers. Because it’s simple to pick up and play, that’s probably why. However, most indie platformers have some sort of twist, and Fez’s twist is probably the most original of them all.

In this game, a 3D artifact is dropped into a 2D world and alters everything. As a result, the world takes on an illusion of depth.

As with any traditional platformer, you have the ability to rotate the world but only move in a flat plane. Things that would normally be far behind the character can often be used as platforms to progress through the levels due to the lack of real depth.

Fez is as original as indie games get, and it shows how even in a market saturated with Triple-A games, a little bit of imagination can make a game stand out.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

The Action Platformer Shantae is fantastic. The vibrant colors and charming hand-drawn artwork create an inviting atmosphere. Even when the characters are just standing still, the animation maintains a high level of excitement and cuteness.

But there’s a lot more to Shantae: Half-Genie Hero than its adorable art style. The game’s protagonist transforms into a wide variety of forms, and the levels are cleverly designed to make the most of each one.

Although it plays more like a brief platformer than a Metroidvania, there is enough replay value and branching paths to make it worthwhile.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is the perfect game for you if you have a nostalgic itch to scratch. Even though it looks and feels like an NES game, this actually predates the system.

This is not a pixel-perfect recreation of an NES classic. It looks more like an attempt to recreate the way we remember them than how they actually were.

The towns in Shovel Knight are reminiscent of Zelda’s, the world maps in Shovel Knight are reminiscent of Mario’s, and the platforming is reminiscent of countless other games, but with enough technical depth to make it incredibly enjoyable.

Blue Fire

For those who long for the 64-bit era, Blue Fire is a solid choice. However, this is not so much a tribute to the classic games as it is its own unique experience.

The video game origins of Blue Fire are not downplayed. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the fact that many of the platforming challenges in this game were designed with fun in mind rather than logic. After all, they accomplished their goal of making the game entertaining.

The 3D platforming is solid, the combat is enjoyable, and the game’s upgrade system lets you personalize how your character plays.

Among Us

The cast of Among Us is well-known at this point. The game has been popular for some time, and for good reason: it’s a ton of fun to play with others.

Among Us is a game of cooperation and betrayal for four to fifteen players that can be played both locally and over the internet.

You and the other players on our crew must cooperate to complete the game’s objectives before time runs out. The Impostors, however, are also a participant.

While the other players struggle to stay alive and identify their betrayer, the impostor’s goal is to eliminate them all.

Skul: The Hero Slayer

Those in the market for a fast-paced action platformer with roguelike elements will find what they’re looking for in this game. More than a hundred playable characters, each with their own unique skills and play style, are available in Skul: The Hero Slayer.

Not only that, but you also have access to a wide variety of items that can have a major impact on how you play. This game’s overabundance of playable characters and loot makes for a never-ending stream of new experiences.

The gameplay of Skul: The Hero Slayer primarily consists of using your abilities and items to defeat the game’s bosses. Still, the platforming difficulties, the wide variety of enemies, and the fact that you get to play as so many different characters are what really set this game apart.

The Messenger

Numerous indie game creators have made it clear that they aim to re-create the nostalgia they felt while playing games as kids. In this case, Sabotage has created a version of the Ninja Gaiden games called The Messenger.

You take on the role of a young ninja tasked with delivering a scroll that will save his clan from an army of demons. The Messenger uses a trick that toggles the game’s visual style between 8-bit and 16-bit, which can be interesting to observe.

Boss fights stand out, the action is fast and fluid, and new skills and upgrades add to the game’s replay value as you progress.

Fantasy Strike

Due to their complex mechanics and motion inputs, fighting games can be intimidating for newcomers. The designers of Fantasy Strike likely had those issues in mind when they created the game.

To a certain degree, Fantasy Strike resembles traditional fighting games. It’s unconventional in its focus on one-on-one battles between characters armed with unique skills.

There are no motion controls, no crouching, and no varying attack heights in this game. The ranked system and the matchups provide depth for players, despite the game’s simplified fighting mechanics.

It’s not a complicated fighter, but it’s still one of the best independent games for the Nintendo Switch and Steam.


Tunche is a charming indie title with hand-drawn visuals, which is unusual for a genre like its own. Up to three friends can join in on the fun in this co-op beat ’em up.

As you progress in Tunche, your characters will gain experience and level up, allowing them to learn new moves and become more powerful. The scenery is stunning as well. The indigenous heroes of this game are engaged in a heroic struggle to preserve a magical Amazonian jungle.

This is a charming and entertaining card game that is great for getting together with loved ones to enjoy.

Slay The Spire

Among the many unique indie games available, Slay the Spire stands out. This game combines elements from card games, turn-based strategy games, and roguelikes.

In this game, you’ll build a deck to combat the monsters you encounter while searching for and acquiring potent artifacts. Due to the roguelike nature of the game, every visit to the Spire will feature a unique layout.

You’ll get a great feeling of satisfaction as you progress through the game, and the variety of gameplay styles will keep things interesting even after multiple plays.

Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is the original game rendered in three dimensions. The game is an advanced take on the same basic idea.

Like the last game, this one tasks you with escaping an alien planet by fighting your way through hordes of enemies and a confusing environment. There are over a hundred items, multiple playable classes, and a maximum of three other players in Risk of Rain 2.

The original game’s concept translated surprisingly well to 3D, with some tweaks to the classes necessary to make the game feel natural with an extra axis.

Not only that, but modders have shown a lot of love for this game.

You’ll have over a dozen unique environments to test your mettle in, and you can keep going even after you kill the final boss.

Hyper Light Drifter

The world of Hyper Light Drifter is shrouded in mystery, featuring obsolete machinery, a bloody past, and a surreal post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

The frame rate in the special edition has been increased to 60 frames per second, and it also includes all of the game’s previous downloadable content. The trippy, engaging, and entertaining game that is Hyper Light Drifter.

The Switch version of the game has exclusive content, including new costumes, the Tower Climb Challenge, the Blade Caster, and more, in addition to the fact that games like this feel tailor-made for the console.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Many fans of the Megaman Zero games see Azure Striker Gunvolt as the series’ natural successor because it, too, is a fast-paced action platformer that’s fun to play and leaves you feeling powerful.

Gunvolt is a powerful electrical field around himself because he is an adept with special abilities. He can direct the lightning emanating from his body at his foes by firing needles from his gun.

In addition, Gunvolt has access to a wide variety of special attacks, weapons, and unlockables.

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Azure Strike Gulvolt is its own thing, despite obvious inspiration from Megaman X (especially Megaman Zero). Using Gunvolt’s abilities, you can add new systems and features to the classic jump-and-shoot gameplay that fans have come to know and love.

Dragon Marked for Death

The good thing about indies, as was previously mentioned, is that occasionally you get something very different from what we normally see in video game stores, and this is one of those cases.

Although it looks and plays like a 2D action platformer, Dragon Marked for Death is actually a role-playing game with a variety of quests and objectives.

There is a lot of variety in the gameplay because players can choose from four different classes, each with their own unique play style.

It’s not a picnic to play Dragon Marked for Death. The stages and bosses are challenging, there are a lot of different things to collect and complete, and the classes can be difficult to master.

This game can be enjoyed solo, but its true potential is revealed when played with others. The game shines in its intended multiplayer role as a platform role-playing experience.

Into the Breach

In Into the Breach, players engage in tactical turn-based combat against enormous monsters that threaten to destroy humanity.

This is an unorthodox blend of genres. Each time you go out to save the world, a brand new challenge awaits you. It’s like a lot of indie games in that it has roguelike elements.

Since your mechs are powered by civilian buildings, you must protect them from the Vek in Into the Breach.

You will learn enough about your enemies’ play styles to be able to counter them effectively. You can also find new weapons and pilots to aid in your mission to save the world in this way.


At first, I was skeptical that a game centered around food preparation could be entertaining. I just don’t have the same level of imagination and originality as the developers of Overcooked.

Personally, I think this is one of the best cooperative games ever, but I wouldn’t recommend playing with others if you don’t want to argue over who should have sliced the tomatoes.

Overcooked puts players in control of chefs who must adapt to a variety of challenging environments and cuisines.

It’s chaotic in the kitchen because you can’t hold up the orders and there aren’t enough plates for everyone, plus you have to prepare the food and cook it.

While chopping onions for soup, I burned the burgers countless times. I’ve been there, so if it doesn’t sound fun to you, I’m sorry. You have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Katana Zero

Katana Zero’s innovative gameplay and beautiful art style make it an indie gem, and they contributed to the game’s meteoric rise to fame.

The gameplay is based on action-platforming, and the atmosphere is noir, but the combat system is based on an instant-death mechanic, so things move quickly. Basically, it doesn’t take much to kill you. That means players need to be on their toes as they dash and slash their way through each level.

The player will feel strong and fashionable as they accomplish goals in this game, making them want to play more. In a word, you feel wonderful.

Grab your Katana and prepare for a frantic action adventure. You’ll need to do some dodging, parrying, and slashing as you race through the game’s many environments.

Enter the Gungeon

When I’m in the mood for some mindless action, Enter the Gungeon is one of the games I turn to.

Take aim, fire, try to survive, and move forward repeatedly. This game’s simplicity belies its fun gameplay and charming art design.

Since new foes with unique attacks and behaviors are constantly being added to the fray, battles never get old. The arcade-style gameplay encourages experimentation and the adoption of new strategies. In addition, the roguelike features in Enter the Gungeon make it feel new every time, even if you’ve already beaten the first area multiple times.

Because of these features, the game is among the finest Bullet Hell titles available through Steam.

In addition to the wacky, weird enemies in each room, there are a few playable characters to select from, each with their own set of skills and a variety of weapons to discover.

Cyber Shadow

The classic Ninja Gaiden games served as inspiration for Cyber Shadow. However, it adds so much that it cannot be compared to games released decades ago.

Cyber Shadow has a simple, familiar beginning, but as you play, you’ll unlock upgrades that increase your strength and the difficulty of the game’s challenges.

This is the kind of game that makes you feel strong even as it gets more challenging.

Like Shovel Knight, this game’s visual style is an homage to the NES, but it actually looks far superior to anything from that era.

The enemy designs are thoughtful and detailed, the color palette is pleasing to the eye, and many of the game’s ideas can be found in other contemporary titles.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Gunvolt reappears alongside Copen, or Akira, a scientist who despises adepts and makes it his mission in life to eradicate them from the face of the Earth.

The mechanics are similar to those of the original game in the series. You still get to control Gunvolt, who uses electricity and a gun to direct it at his foes, but this time around, you can also take control of Copen, who is very different from Gunvolt.

Copen has a flying robot vest that can fire guided laser beams and steal abilities from the bad guys. His jacket also has a jetpack and a laser gun.

Copen can still mark an opponent by dashing into them, unlike Gunvolt who controls lightning. After he does that, his gun’s lasers will always hit the designated target.

Copen’s near-flight abilities drastically alter the gameplay. While he shares Gunvolt’s speed and aggression, he is limited to attacking a single foe at a time.

The game’s presentation is quite polished and intuitive, but it could benefit from some quality-of-life improvements. There are unnecessary complicated systems buried beneath a lot of visual noise.

Meanwhile, in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, you get to play as two very different characters and experience the story from both of their perspectives.

Mark of a Ninja: Remastered

The ninja theme is used in a wide variety of video games. Despite their reputation for stealth in the past, most ninja video games have little to do with sneaking up on their foes from the shadows.

But this is not the case with Mark of the Ninja. The game’s innovative approach to stealth is one of the reasons it’s so enjoyable.

The concept of being rewarded for sneaking through stages without killing anyone is unique and interesting, and it is implemented well here.

The Switch release has the Dosan’s Tale downloadable content, which adds a new playable character and a new stage.

This game does not permit you to simply hack and slash through enemies when you are in plain sight, no matter how much of a badass you try to be by killing everyone from behind. It’s a new spin on the Ninja genre that works really well.

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

Although there are times when this game plays like an added chapter to Azure Strike Gunvolt 2, it has enough new material to stand on its own.

Copen, the protagonist of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, is a young genius and one of very few humans in a world ruled by adepts.

The core gameplay remains largely unchanged, but the new and improved user interface (UI) simplifies and streamlines so much.

Special weapons are more fun than they were in the previous game, there are more of them, and you can buy and equip them all on the same screen.

The developers clearly saw potential in Copen and his extreme, hyperactive style of play, as evidenced by their decision to use it to make the game even better.

The levels are also much better crafted, testing your knowledge of when to land and reload and when to make the most of Copen’s air dashes.


Cross Code is a 2D role-playing game that expertly marries the aesthetics of the 16-Bit era with those of the present day. Were it developed by a Japanese studio instead of a German one, we might have considered it a top-tier JRPG for the Nintendo Switch.

The fast-paced action RPG has the visual style of a Super Nintendo game but offers much more than what a 16-bit console could offer, including a dynamic combat system and fun puzzle mechanics.

Over sixty of Deniz Akbulut’s (a.k.a. that “rice ball”) incredible musical compositions can be found in CrossCode.

This game is out of this world. CrossCode is well worth the price thanks to its extensive content (over 100 enemies, 90 combat arts, 100 quests, and up to 80 hours of gameplay).

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley was initially inspired by the classic Harvest Moon, but it quickly developed its own identity.

In this game, you take on the role of a farmer who has recently inherited their grandfather’s farm and has only a small fortune with which to get started. The game features a wide variety of fun and innovative gameplay elements.

You’ll be able to make things, oversee your farm, and even delve into the depths of a dungeon occasionally.

There’s support for up to three players, and the game falls under the category of “Endless RPG.” Players can work together to construct a farm, pool resources, and take on monsters.

Cris Tales

Cris Tales is a love letter to J-RPGs that combines the past, present, and future with the combat system and the lore of the game, and it’s another game that probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for indie development.

Those who made this game were fans of 90s JRPGs like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, and Valkyrie Profile. Turn-based combat lets you use the game’s time mechanics to your advantage by delaying or speeding up your attacks and defenses depending on the timing of your opponent’s moves.

The story is well-written and bonkers in the way that only a JRPG could be, and the visual style is very different from what you’re used to seeing in games, but it’s fantastic all the same.

The Talos Principle

Even though puzzle games aren’t the most played titles, they can still become industry standards every once in a while.

First-person puzzler The Talos Principle is set in a science fiction universe full of deep philosophical themes.

It features over a hundred and twenty puzzles and some fresh takes on standard puzzle-solving mechanics. The process of expanding your knowledge of the world and yourself is non-linear.

You play the part of a sentient artificial intelligence in a simulation of humanity’s most extraordinary ruins, and throughout the game you’ll be confronted with philosophical questions about the nature of intelligence, the significance of life, and the finality of existence.


According to the game’s description, Cuphead is a “run and gun game that focuses heavily in boss battles.” This game has one of the most original aesthetics of any recent video game.

Cuphead’s art style is reminiscent of 1930s hand-drawn cartoons. It even includes jazz music and painted backdrops.

You play as either Cuphead or Mugman, traversing absurd worlds and gaining new abilities and weapons to defeat colossal foes and settle your debt with the devil.

Cuphead is a masterpiece of modern gaming thanks to its unique visual style and punishing gameplay, which can only be found in indie games.

Baba Is You

The concept of Baba Is You is difficult to explain. I may have used the word “unique” more than once, but I can honestly say that I have never experienced a game quite like Baba Is You.

You can customize the gameplay of this charming puzzle game to suit your preferences. Words and objects can be rearranged in ways that alter the rules of the game entirely, leading to unexpected and surprising outcomes.

When it comes to puzzle games, Baba is like having a library of titles at your fingertips; you decide how to play and how to solve the problems you encounter.

It’s tough to put into words what Baba is, but you should try. It’s impossible not to be pleasantly surprised by how much fun this game is.

Hollow Knight

You won’t find a better Metroidvania than this, and you won’t find a better indie game for the Nintendo Switch. The 2D platformer Hollow Knight encourages players to venture off the beaten path. The game’s progression becomes less linear and more open-ended as it goes on.

The game is challenging, but it adheres to the “Tough but fair” design philosophy that the Souls games popularized in the current generation of video games.

In addition, as the game progresses, the protagonist learns new abilities that improve his performance in battle and make it easier to move around the world.

The difficulty in Hollow Knight never drops, and the player always feels like they’re in control.

The incredible visuals in Hollow Knight are an added bonus to the excellent gameplay, beautifully realized world, and responsive controls. Style matters in this game. The visual style, music, and sound effects all work together to transport you to a fantastical world inhabited by intelligent insects.

In addition, there’s something particularly satisfying about playing Metroidvanias on a Switch.

Streets of Rage 4

A classic beat ’em up series, Streets of Rage (or Bare Knuckle in Japan) was inspired by games like Final Fight. Many, though, would argue that Streets of Rage was a vast improvement on the original concept.

Go back out into the streets and deal out justice the hard way. Axel, Adam, Blaze, Skate, Max, and Shiva are just some of the returning characters you can have fun with. Use special attacks, weapons, and the adrenaline of punching your way through dangerous streets to find combo routes.

In addition to its superior gameplay, Streets of Rage 4 boasts hand-drawn animations, 12 stages, the original and a new Soundtrack, and four-player cooperative play.

Ori and the Blind Forest

There aren’t many games that manage to be both a thrilling adventure and a breathtaking work of art. Ori and the Blind Forest is, however, exactly this.

The game’s visuals are stunning, and the design is both attractive and original. The game is also fantastically entertaining and well-made.

This game is fantastic for fans of Metroidvanias, but it has enough variety to appeal to a wider audience. Ori and the Blind Forest is a fun platformer with a charming story that may appeal to a wide audience.

The game’s new traversal mechanics make it ridiculously enjoyable once you get past a certain point. From the beginning, Ori keeps surprising you with new and interesting ways to interact with the creatures and the scenario, including new and interesting ways to traverse it.


There’s nothing like Bastion. One of the indie games that raised the bar for the genre is this one. While Bastion’s visual style and combat system are both noteworthy, the game’s memorable scenarios and engaging narrator are what made it a hit with fans.

Bastion immerses you in an artistic world where you fight through 40 hand-painted environments using 10 unique weapons while listening to music that has received widespread critical acclaim.

You’ll feel like you’re not alone in this broken world thanks to the combination of uplifting music and a narrator who describes your progress.


Everything that makes Bastion enjoyable is expanded upon in Transistor. The developers did an excellent job of delivering a product that feels both familiar and fresh.

Just like the game itself, the combat is more nuanced, the character designs are expressive, the world feels alive, and the cyberpunk atmosphere is both nostalgic and fresh.

There’s no hint of insulting the player’s intelligence here. You have to do some detective work to figure out what’s going on; the story isn’t thrown in your face. The fights function in a similar fashion, feeling like a combination of technical duels and puzzles.

Try out Transistor if you’re in the mood for a creative endeavor that’s entertaining and interesting in more ways than one.


If any independent developer merits three entries on this list, it is Supergiant Games. They’ve outdone themselves with this roguelike action RPG, which follows the critically acclaimed Bastion and Transistor.

This game successfully integrates roguelike mechanics into its narrative, giving your descent into the Underworld and subsequent escape attempts greater weight.

In order to play the game your way and keep things interesting, you can gain access to godlike abilities.

The main character has access to six different weapons, each of which comes in four different variants, adding a great deal of depth and variety right off the bat. The main character’s mobility is fantastic, and as you hack your way through the colorful undead of the Underworld, you gain a sense of momentum.

The uniqueness of this game lies in its skillful amalgamation of multiple genres.

In order to gain access to new tools and abilities, you must earn the favor of various NPCs. If you fail in your attempt to leave the Underworld, you will be sent back to the beginning, but the NPCs will remember your failed attempt. The combat also seems to have been lifted straight from a shooter.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you owe it to yourself to check out Hades.


Indie, pixelated games are not for kids, as Hot Line Miami demonstrates, but Blasphemous takes it to a whole new level.

The fast-paced action-platformer can be challenging and punishing, but it also provides excellent payoffs for competent players. It may take some time to get the hang of the game, but clearing a particularly challenging section will be incredibly rewarding.

Playing as The Penitent One, the lone survivor of the massacre at Silent Sorrow, is the goal of this game. Save the world from impending doom as you travel through a twisted world while trapped in an Endless Cycle of death and rebirth.

This game features non-linear exploration, epic boss fights, build customization, and brutal combat. These are all features that traditional gamers appreciate. When you factor in the excellent writing, interesting world, and tight gameplay, you have one of the best indie Switch games.


Is Hitman immersive sim?

Hitman, a franchise
This is yet another offspring of Spector’s Thief series.one of the few (if not the only) fully immersive third-person simulations. Hitman games teach players to blend in with their surroundings by using social cues like disguises rather than stealth.

Is Cyberpunk immersive sim?

It’s an almost engrossing simulationSome of the cut content suggests they had more of that in mind, and the All Foods quest shows the potential. There are a few other quests that are about half as immersive simmy as that one.

Is System Shock an immersive sim?

The term “immersive sim” refers to a type of simulation game where the player has significant agency. Games like Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss, Thief, and Thief 2, System Shock, and System Shock 2, and the original Deus Ex are all great examples of immersive simulations.