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Aside from real-world extinct species, the popularity of dinosaur-themed ventures in the independent game industry continues to grow.

In other words, if you’re looking to build your own Jurassic-themed theme park, defeat reptilian creatures, or improve your hunting skills, we’ve got you covered.

The most popular dinosaur games on Steam and the greatest dinosaur games on the Nintendo Switch will be highlighted in this guide to the best dinosaur games.


Ark is a survival game, which means that killing dinosaurs can begin as soon as you create your own spear and throw it at the raptors that are continually following you. However, the shooting isn’t the finest and there are a lot of bugs, but the diversity of critters to battle or hunt on Ark keeps you playing for hours on end.


In contrast to most PC dinosaur games, Frontier Developments’ Jurassic World Evolution series focuses on a completely different type of gameplay: Dino ranching. If you’re going to build a real Jurassic Park, you’re going to have to deal with all kinds of disasters, which is why you’re going to use miniguns in place of genuine guns.


Lego Jurassic World combines the action of TT Games’ action-adventure game specialists with the story from Jurassic Park to create a unique experience. trilogy of Jurassic Park films, as well as the premiere of the Jurassic World film franchise. It’s essentially one of the most popular episodes of the series, starring Jeff Goldblum in all his talky, blocky glory.


Although The Isle is still in Steam Early Access, there are no other survival games like it on PC. Connect to a dinosaur-themed internet server and try to survive the world by capturing lesser dinosaurs and avoiding predators at all costs. The gameplay is really simple.


Even the most engaging multiplayer shooter games may be drab and tedious, especially if they try to be historically accurate. While Day of Defeat’s semi-tactical gunplay and vicious claws and talons are retained, Dino D-Day offers a new take on the traditional WWII shooter.

In spite of the game’s name, it is in fact a class-based shooter with an array of truly innovative concepts like tiny dinosaurs that increase the power of their huge payload by striking your ankles or a raptor that can pinpoint specific targets and then take away with only two swipes, similar to left 4 dead’s Hunter.


Primal Carnage is a dinosaur-hunting game, and it’s all about the conflict between man and beast. There are huge reptiles ready to fight with hunters wearing spectacles and armed with firearms.

Dino D-Day

Since World War II has been the subject of many video games, have you ever played one in which dinosaurs are also involved? In 1942, the tale takes place. Heavily-armed dinosaurs are being employed by Hitler’s army to defeat their enemies and expand their territories. Play as Nazis and dinosaurs while being rescued by the Allies as dinosaurs in this action-adventure video game. Although it’s a great game, there aren’t as many people playing online as there were a few years ago.

The Isle

In spite of being released in 2015, The Isle is still in early access on Steam. Players take on the role of herbivorous or carnivorous dinosaurs in this survival game. In the next step, you’ll be sent to an online server where the only purpose is to live. You’ll have to hunt for food, potentially battle off other dinosaurs, and grow larger. It’s best played on a server with a large number of people who are actively participating, because it’s a kill-or-be-kill game. Because it’s an early access game, the developers want to add a lot of new material, such as more complex dinosaur behavior, AI, and playable aerial and aquatic dinosaurs, as well as mod support that will allow players more power over the game server’s content.

Minecraft – Jurassic World DLC

Minecraft is a huge hit all around the world, and developer Mojang has continued to add new features and functionality to the game for many years. The game’s community is extremely enthusiastic about creating and sharing mods, so there is an abundance of new content, textures, and areas to explore. A Jurassic World-themed expansion pack for Minecraft was recently made available for purchase through the official DLC store. Despite the $7.99 price tag, Jurassic World has 60 creatures and more than 20 skins. Jurassic World: The Lost World is a terrific method for gamers to get engaged in the new world of Jurassic World, where not only will they build exhibits, but they will also develop or train their dinosaurs. It is also possible to hunt for Dinosaur DNA in the natural world.


For fans of the Monster Hunter series, Dauntless is a must-have title. It’s essentially a free version of Monster Hunter that can be used as a launching pad for those who are put off by Monster Hunter’s perceived difficulty. In the end, each new Monster Hunter iteration seems to add additional intricacy, making the game more difficult for beginners to understand at times. Dauntless requires players to create groups and participate in hunts. Hunters face a rigorous and difficult battle, but one that rewards them with a wide variety of valuable items. Players can use this money to craft new armor and improve their fighting skills against other monsters. In some battles, you’ll have to keep an eye on your own vitals as well as keep an eye on the movements of the creatures.

LEGO: Jurassic World

Audio issues, poor quality from the original movies, and tiresome Compsognathus battles were some of the reasons for the game’s unfavorable reviews. At the very least it permitted future players to assume the position of a dinosaur, which is worth mentioning. Because of dinosaurs that can be played with. Dinosaurs are playable, too. In terms of Jurassic Park video game tie-ins, LEGO: Jurassic World won’t go down as the best, but it will remain one of the most memorable.

Off-road Velociraptor Safari

The only game on this list that actually manages to make dinosaurs look like dinosaurs. Playing a game with more realistic-looking velociraptors than those from Jurassic Park. Velociraptor’s plumage is really breathtaking.

Jurassic Park: Trespasser

Oh, Trespasser, I’m sorry. You could have been the game that would end all games, but instead you were simply a piece of trash. The goal of the project was to revolutionize first-person perspective user interfaces. However, making the procedure overly complicated was a failure. Because of this, it could compete with Origin’s (“Games from today that will be the future computer!”) high system requirements.

Primal Rage

Even Ray Harryhausen would have been thrilled to see a combat game that used stop motion claymation, which would have been a tremendous hit and made the legendary animator feel proud of his work. While fighting games were at their peak, Primal Rage was able to stand out because its sprites were built shooting single frames of puppets fashioned from clay, which had never been done before (and hasn’t since, if I’m not mistaken).

Primal Carnage

It’s one of those games, you know? Dinosaurs are pitted against humans and mercenaries in a class-based, online multiplayer shooter. Space. Maybe on one of the enigmatically named worlds. However, I’m not persuaded. Only two games on this list let you pretend to be a dinosaur with firearms and take down annoying two-legged creatures. This is the game to play if you’re into dinosaurs. in this game, every dinosaur fanatic will be in for a ride of a lifetime. The game is torn and ripped. rend and tear one another.

However, despite the fact that dinosaurs are gone in the actual world, their appeal in gaming will only grow, especially among the indie gaming community, which is full of dinosaur-themed passion projects


In Gigapocalypse, you play as a reimagined Kaiju known as “Gigas” from the Prehistoric period and extra-space, inspired by classic arcade monster games like Rampage.

Several of the Gigas bear an uncanny similarity to extinct reptiles. As you progress through the game, you’ll acquire additional skills and features that enrich the core gameplay.

In 2D side-scrolling pixel art games, you can run to the beat while avoiding the destructible objects, people, and cars that stand between you and the best score.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

As with Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, ARBS is a simulation sandbox game in which dinosaurs and other creatures of all kinds can engage in combat.

Once you’ve chosen your monsters and battle rules, you’re ready to go. Onward to a real-time brawl with strange Ragdoll-like dynamics between the two combatants.

It’s also possible to join in the battle and use powerful weaponry in the game.

Jurassic World Evolution

Check out Jurassic World Evolution, a video game in which you assume the role of a crazy mad doctor who experiments with extinct animal DNA.

Once you’ve made that decision, you can choose between three different concentrations: entertainment, science, or security. Your park’s image is influenced by all of them.

Another option is to wait for Jurassic World Evolution 2, the sequel to Jurassic World Evolution 2, which is scheduled for release in November 2021.


Parkasaurus is a vibrant and vivid dinosaur zoo simulator that allows you run your own personal collection of ancient animals.

To put it another way, it’s like a live action version of Jurassic Park. Exhibits and research facilities, as well as several amenities to keep visitors happy are the emphasis of this project.

In the base game, there are more than 24 species that can be displayed in unique habitats that are tailored to their needs and developed by the user.