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Not only is it your duty to commit several crimes when no one is looking, but you must also deceive your fellow soldiers into accusing each other of the same crimes. If you don’t have an alibis or a concept for an assault, you’ll have to persuade them and plan ahead.


First, there’s Deceit, a game that looks very much like Among Us. A terrific game with a wide range of gameplay, however the concept is very much like Among Us. In order to succeed in this game, you must first find and kill all the other players who are trying to harm you, then build trust with them so that you can survive. A first-person shooter and an online multiplayer mode are also included in the game.


  • It’s a fantastic game of trust and deception.
  • There can be a maximum of six people playing at once.
  • Similar to other games, this one is fast-paced and exhilarating
  • Astonishing images

Town of Salem

One of the most well-known games that is similar to Among Us is The Town of Salem. Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows are supported platforms. To far, more than 8 million people have downloaded and played this strategic game. Similar to other games, this one has a multiplayer mode that can fit at least 15 players at a time.


  • You can choose from a selection of over 33 characters in the software.
  • Based on the trust and betrayal theme
  • The game has a huge following.
  • You can easily switch roles.


Betrayal.io follows as the next best game like Among Us. On any device, the game can be played. There are no restrictions. The game can be played on a computer, on a mobile phone, and in your web browser, as well. According to the developer’s announcement, the game will be accessible on iOS devices in the near future.


  • The game is available to play online.
  • Almost everyone can own a device today.
  • Online multiplayer is supported.
  • An event area might be added to the property.

Werewolf Online

Another Among Us-like game called Werewolf Online will be released in 2021. You’ll experience a wide range of distinct aspects in this game. To combat the forces of evil and protect your community, you’ll need to gather a variety of resources. There are many liars in the village, which makes the game more tough. The multiplayer game supports a maximum of 16 players.


  • 16 participants are allowed to compete in the game
  • The themes of betrayal and resiliency go deep in this game.
  • Among the many comparable games, this one has the best graphical quality.
  • Your hamlet will be under attack, so you’ll have to gather resources and protect it.

Secret Neighbour

One of the few Xbox games like Among Us is Secret Neighbour. However, a game that is quite similar to Among Us and that you can test on any gaming platform is extremely tough to locate. Each of the game’s six protagonists has the ability to break into the houses of their neighbors. Meanwhile, the next door neighbor is attempting to ensnare gamers before shooing them away.


  • A must-have for everyone with an Xbox
  • The game’s plot is fantastic.
  • The game’s visuals are breathtaking.

Hidden in Plain Sight

The Hidden in Plain Sight game is a must-have addition to any list of the best games like Among Us. If you’re a fan of Among Us, this is one of the best games to try out. Groups of two or four people can take part in the game. Players compete for the attention of other players by finishing a series of tasks. To finish the objective, you’ll have to team up with the computer opponents. This challenge requires you to remove others from the game without drawing attention from the other participants.


  • If you don’t have a network connection, you can still play this game and enjoy the experience.
  • Players can choose from a wide range of game types in the game.
  • At a party, this is one of the best games.
  • The game’s controls are straightforward.

Unfortunate Spacemen

Similar to the spaceship-based gameplay of Among Us. Among Us, on the other hand, has a similar murder and treachery motif. It’s possible to play with as many as 16 other people. As you progress, you’ll be able to complete missions. You have the freedom to roam, conceal, and spy on your fellow players. You have a wide variety of options when it comes to how you want to play.

Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online isn’t just a survival/traitor game like Among Us, but it does offer a wide range of gameplay components for players to enjoy. It is up to you to gather resources and defend your community against the powers of evil in this game. With a caveat. Your own community is full of liars who want to bring down your squad and the entire town.

If your hamlet is to be saved, you must unearth the lone wolf lurking inside your ranks. In multiplayer games, you can play with up to 16 other people simultaneously, which is wonderful. In addition, a single game can feature a slew of different towns and factions.

The team with the fewest number of suspects remaining at the end of the game wins. Werewolf Online is one of the best alternatives to the game Among Us for Android and iOS if you want to experience the excitement of survival, deathmatch, and lastly, treachery.

  • Gather resources and fight for the safety of your community.
  • a game for sixteen players
  • Survival and deception
  • The graphics are excellent.

Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen, like Among Us, features a spaceship as a setting for a story of betrayal and murder. Death is a fact of life in space, and every astronaut is doing everything they can to avoid it. In a game with up to 16 players, players must execute tough tasks in order to cleanse space of the creatures that have invaded..

You can skulk around in stealth or even track down other players. The game has a variety of modes, including Story Mode, in which you must battle the Crumerian bug swarm. Survival mode requires you to battle enormous swaths of foes, as well as other challenges.

Like Among Us, you may communicate with other players in the game Unfortunate Spacemen, which is awe-inspiring. Discord does not need to be set up as a background process. I can only recommend Unfortunate Spacemen if you’re searching for a game comparable to Among Us but with a space setting.

  • This requires a spaceship as a foundation.
  • Murder and betrayal are common threads in the story
  • a variety of game modes
  • A feature that allows you to use voice chat.

Enemy on Board

Like Among Us, Enemy on Board is a multiplayer online game that pits players against each other. It can accommodate a party of eight players. Six actors would be cast as crew members, with the remaining two cast as Alien impersonators. Players need to identify and kill the fakes in order to win this game.

The false Alien, on the other hand, can readily be mistaken for members of the crew, making their detection more difficult. Crew members are unable to communicate with each other after their spacecraft’s generators are destroyed.


  • A group of eight players
  • Locate and then eliminate the phonies.
  • Conversation should be kept up.
  • Visually appealing


Among Us: Undercover is the final game in this list that makes it easier to hide your true identity. To participate in local multiplayer, all you need is a smartphone and at least three other people. Undercover is a wonderful choice if you want to get everyone engaged in a fascinating social deception game. Discovering the identities of others as quickly as possible and eradicating them before they reach you are the primary goals of the game.

Participants are given the opportunity to play both Mr. White and Mr. White’s undercover counterparts. You must fulfill the chores and, as you do so, provide others in the group a hint that a criminal may be on the loose. When the number of players decreases, the game becomes much more interesting because no one knows who Mr. White really is. You can play Undercover if you want to play a simple deception game.


  • Deceive and influence others
  • Playing the role-specific game
  • Relax and enjoy time with your loved ones.


We’ve narrowed down the list of the best Among Us substitutes to these. We found that social deduction is a relatively new concept and that there aren’t many games that explore it yet.

However, following the success of Among Us, the environment appears to have changed. We’re crossing our fingers that survival-traitor games will appear on other platforms, including consoles, in the coming weeks. We’ll leave it at that. Please leave a comment below if you find this list helpful.