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After a difficult start in 2016, No Man’s Sky has gone on to become one of the most amazing success stories in the game industry.

A large-scale space exploration game packed with mysteries to uncover and possibilities to engage with other players is Hello Games’ initial promise.

This list features games that satisfy the same hunger for interplanetary exploration as No Man’s Sky.

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To be released on the 16th of December 2016

Astroneer is a must-have if you’re a fan of interstellar travel and planet exploration. As in No Man’s Sky, you play as an Astroneer during the “era of cosmic exploration” in the 25th century in Astroneer, a sandbox adventure game.

ASTRONEER for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo

While travelling the universe, you find yourself on a strange new planet. With the materials available in this universe, you must learn to adapt to the new environment and repair your ship. After completing the necessary repairs, you’ll be able to travel to new worlds and learn more about their cultures. There are mysteries to be discovered on every planet you visit. Digging into the planet’s core and uncovering its mysteries is the only way to find them.

Mass Effect Series

Release Date: November 16th, 2007

Many awards have been given to the Mass Effect series, including 2011’s Game of the Year. You’d better strap in because this is going to be one wild ride to the far reaches of space. In BioWare’s masterwork, Commander John Shepard’s space travels and his desire to preserve the universe from the evil collectors are shown in stunning detail.

Survival is a major theme in both Mass Effect and No Man’s Sky. Mass Effect, though, concentrates on the human race’s survival while No Man’s Sky tackles how to survive on different planets. Despite this major difference, you can still expect fast-paced action that will have you coming back for more until the series is complete.

Star Ocean Series

When did it come out?

If you’re looking for a JRPG with an outer-space theme, go no further than the Star Ocean series. With seven titles currently available, and no sign of a slowdown in sight, the pace of new releases continues apace

Osiris: New Dawn

On September 28, 2016, it will be released.

No Man’s Sky lacks a multiplayer option that Osiris: New Dawn provides. Consider the possibility of playing through the game with your buddies. That’s what you get right away with Osiris: New Dawn.

While exploring new worlds and building new spacecraft, you’ll also come across monsters to fight or tame, as well as new technology to discover. Players that enjoy grinding for long periods of time will enjoy this game the most.

Elite Dangerous

Publication Date: The 16th of December 2014

When it comes to space exploration games, Elite Dangerous and No Man’s Sky are right up there. It’s the only difference you’ll notice in gameplay between the two. Unlike No Man’s Sky, you can land on some planets in Elite Dangerous, but you are unable to explore them like you can in that game. It is the only way to see this vast planet.

You may still feel the excitement of space exploration, even on a small scale, with 400 billion star systems to traverse. You begin by building a little ship that you can use to go to new places. Challenges and bounties must be completed in order to advance your ship. Playing online is the best way to interact with other gamers, so keep that in mind.

Rebel Galaxy

Timeline for the release of the film

Space exploration with a colossal destroyer ship is the focal point of Rebel Galaxy. Prepare yourself for encounters with extraterrestrials and space pirates as you venture into the vast unknown. In addition, you’ll have to navigate asteroids and other anomalies all around the cosmos.

Link tải miễn phí Rebel Galaxy, game chiến đấu vũ trụ cực đỉnh

This game’s ship battles, which allow you to destroy space pirate ships at will, are another notable element. The beauty of this game is that you have complete control over the story’s outcome. You have the option of completing the main mission or any of the optional side tasks that may have an impact on how your adventure concludes.


On May 26, 2017, it will be available.

Everspace may be a good option if you prefer your space travels to be more action-oriented rather than exploration-oriented. Traveling to the underbelly of space may signal your demise, and if you die in the game, you start with what you gained from your previous save point.

After completing all the battles and traveling, you will be able to access additional areas for combat and exploration. To add another element of excitement to the game, you’ll face a variety of personalities, each of whom will present you with unique difficulties. If you don’t mind that it doesn’t have the same open-endedness as No Man’s Sky, you’ll still like this game.

Empyrion: Galactic Survival

Time: Friday, 5th of August 2015

Empyrion is another one of those big space exploration games like No Man’s Sky that you may play. You can freely travel between worlds, discovering new species of plants and animals that aren’t found anywhere else. You are the sole survivor of a gigantic spaceship that crashed on an Andromeda galaxy planet.

You may create your own ship and space stations on whatever planet you visit, much like in any sandbox adventure game. Because you’ll be acquiring resources with this method, the ability to craft is an absolute must. There are still a lot of planets to uncover in the game, as well as new universes to discover.

Planet Explorers

On November 8, 2016, it was released.

With a variety of modes to choose from, Planet Explorer is a game that lets you play the way you want to. You have the option of playing only in the building mode, which allows you to concentrate solely on the construction of spaceships and other space-related structures. Additionally, the main story mode can be used to go through the main narrative, or you can choose to complete random side tasks.


When will it be out?

When compared to No Man’s Sky, Rodina, an independent space exploration game, does not disappoint. There is no cosmos in this game, but rather a handful of planets. In this game, you can even examine large chunks of rock.

However, exploration isn’t the primary goal. Once you enter a planet’s orbit, you’ll be able to be attacked by units from other planets. This makes the game difficult because you must survive these alien attacks in order to conquer the planet you want to visit.


It’s like No Man’s Sky, but with a lot more underwater action. In order to survive on an alien world, players must still keep track of their oxygen consumption and hunger/thirst levels at all times.

Gathering resources is essential in Subnautica in order to upgrade tools, extend your base, and build submersibles that allow you to go to new locations.

As in NMS, you can spend your time and money on whatever aspects of the game appeal to you most, from exploring the ocean to furthering the main story.

Subnautica is an excellent game to check out if you don’t mind the occasional encounters with enormous squids or piranha schools.

Outer Wilds

In the mystery game Outer Wilds, you play as a character who is stuck in a never-ending loop of time similar to what happens on Groundhog Day.

In this game, you take on the role of the newest member of Outer Wilds Ventures, a fledgling space organization that aims to learn more about our solar system and its origins. Your voyage will take you to planets rich in history, each with its own unique climate and hidden locales just waiting to be discovered by you.

OUTER WILDS | Steam Release Date Trailer - YouTube

Black holes, oxygen deprivation, and other environmental challenges make solving the mysteries of your alien forefathers difficult.

The game’s original plot and hand-crafted world do a remarkable job at establishing a strong sense of atmosphere, despite the lack of planets to explore.

Space Engineers

A good alternative to NMS for those who appreciate the base-building aspect of the game. With the exception of a few survival elements, much of the gameplay revolves around acquiring resources and employing a volumetric-based physics engine to create a wide variety of spaceships, wheeled vehicles, stations, and planet settlements.

However, for those who are already immersed in NMS’ strange sci-fi setting, the game’s emphasis on realism may be a bit much.

Space Engineers may be just the game for you if you appreciate collaborating with others and defining your own personal goals.

Out There: The Alliance

Out Space exploration Roguelikes can be found in the form of a procedurally created galaxy with a variety of alien planets to explore, much like NMS.

When you wake up from cryonics, you learn that you’ve left your home solar system and are now stranded in a distant galaxy.

While searching for oxygen and fuel tanks, you’ll also need to interact with a variety of alien life types in order to stay alive.

Though you won’t be fighting for your life in this game, every choice you make will have a significant impact on whether or not your astronaut survives.

Void Bastards

First-person Roguelike shooter Void Bastards features a strong cel-shaded comic book look. Space Jail Escape is a game in which players must plan an escape from a space prison by exploring abandoned spacecraft and scavenging for supplies.

The emphasis on resource management makes up for the lack of exploring flexibility compared to NMS.

It is totally up to your skill to collect precious materials, upgrade and manufacture new tools, and take advantage of each character’s unique abilities to extend your lifespan.

A multitude of traps and tools are beneficial for diverting or repelling adversaries and allow you to slip past them without spilling even a drop of alien blood in Void Bastards, unlike most shooters.

Surviving Mars

A sci-fi strategy game, Surviving Mars is a mix of a survival game and a city-building simulation. In this game, your goal is to start and grow a colony on Mars.

As in NMS, you can build superstructures to house colonists, industries to manage resources and production, and commercial buildings to conduct research into new technologies in this high-octane game.

There are strengths and weaknesses in each of your colonists that can help or impede your progress and have a long-term effect on the rest of your society.

While there aren’t as many planets to explore as in NMS, the sheer number of various technologies and techniques for building your colony delivers a sense of wonder and discovery with each option made.


Developer: Chucklefish

Starbound resembles a 2D pixelated version of No Man’s Sky, yet it has its own distinct flavor and a few small distinctions. You evacuate your home planet in a spaceship that lands on an alien world after it is devastated. Every aspect of the world is at your disposal as you craft your story. If you’d like to get involved in the RPG and help save the universe, you can.

Chucklefish responds to allegations it exploited volunteer Starbound developers | PC Gamer


Additionally, you can explore and colonize as many planets as you like, as well as craft and build as many objects and structures as you desire. In Starbound, you’ll encounter a wide variety of unusual and wonderful extraterrestrial animals, but you’ll be able to capture them and use them as allies. Chucklefish’s adorable interplanetary sandbox adventure has a lot to offer gamers.

Rebel Galaxy


Double Damage Games is the developer.

This is the game for you if you’ve ever desired to be the captain of a massive, powerful destroyer ship in deep space. It is a journey into the unknown where you will fight space pirates and aliens, discover anomalies, and scour ship wreckage for valuable items. Big broadside blasts on pirate ships are an important part of this quest, with plenty of chances to do so.

Additionally, you have a great deal of control over how your plot progresses. You’ll meet a variety of different ship captains along the journey, and you can choose to be a wicked space pirate or make friends with the aliens you meet and trade with them. The galaxy has a lot to discover, and you can either follow the main plot campaign or strike out and explore the starry plains of space as you see fit.


Rockfish Games is the developer.

When it comes to space travel, Everspace may be a better fit for those searching for something more action-oriented than No Man’s Sky. Roguelike characteristics allow you to explore the cosmos with randomly created stages, and each time you die, you begin the game from the beginning. You’ll eventually be able to explore more of the cosmos with the resources and experience you’ve amassed. With so many characters and situations to encounter, it’s easy to see why this is a game you’ll want to play again and again. However, while it isn’t quite as open-ended as No Man’s Sky, it still has a strong sense of growth and scope of possibilities. Most of the time, you’d like not meet your demise in deep space, but when you’re on a never-ending quest, it can be rather advantageous.

Surviving Mars


HEMIMONT GAMES is the studio in charge of this title.

Even while traveling the galaxy is exciting, what if you want to settle down and build a family? It’s not an easy task, though. The challenges of establishing a settlement on a hostile planet like Mars are numerous. No Man’s Sky, on the other hand, focuses more on exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration and exploration.

This one still has an element of exploration to it, but it’s on a much smaller scale than in the last one. As you explore the dusty planet in search of valuable minerals, you may come across information that can be useful to your colony. Additionally, you’ll need to do research in order to properly care for your colonists and ensure their success. As a different form of space adventure, it only takes place on a single world. But there’s a lot to discover on the alien world that can be useful for ensuring that everyone makes it to the alien world safely.


No Man’s Sky-style video games exist?

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Astroneer, like No Man’s Sky, is a game in which players are tasked with escaping planets by gathering resources. But there’s a lot more to it. Survival for more than a few minutes is impossible due to the lack of resources available to players at the start of the game.

Astroneer or no man’s sky, which is better?

The multiplayer option in No Man’s Sky is still a single-player game, whereas Astroneer is a game that is perfect for playing with friends, so long as you’re all into the gather-resources to make things that enable you to get better resources to make better things genre (which I very much am), but alone, can be frustrating.

Is it possible to sail spacecraft in the void?

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No Man’s Sky’s latest update is ideal if you’ve always wanted to explore the cosmos in a self-aware spacecraft. The Living Ship is a brand-new ship type in the game, and it’s included in this update. New Space NPCs greet you as you soar through the cosmos in conjunction with the new method of travel.