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You’ll adore this collection of the finest games like Silent Hill if you enjoy unsettling experiences. You’re sure to find your next favorite scary game on this list!

Resident Evil and Silent Hill are two of the most popular Japanese survival horror games of all time.

It hasn’t come to fruition since 2012’s Silent Hill: Downpour, although there have been murmurs of a possible reboot in the works from Konami.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest horror games like Silent Hill that you can play on PC and platforms.

We’ll be adding more games like Silent Hill in the future, so be sure to come back and let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorites!

Them and Us

Windows is the operating system of choice.

We’d like to start things off by recommending TendoGames’ Them and Us, a modern spin on the classic survival horror games of yore.

Them & Us | Divine Shop

When the bus you’re riding on crashes in the American wilderness, you’re put in control of Alicia, a young lady who manages to live.

Zombies and other creatures attack Alicia as she wakes up in a strange mansion, forcing her to battle for her life.

During combat, players can choose between a fixed camera with tank controls or a third-person tracking camera and over-the-shoulder shooting.

Tormented Souls

platforms: Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and the Nintendo Switch

Also on this list: Tormented Souls, which uses modern controls and dynamic camera settings to harken back to the early days of psychological horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil 2.

As Caroline Walker investigates the disappearance of twin girls at an abandoned mansion, players assume the role of Walker.

She has to battle for her life as she wakes naked and linked up to a strange contraption, as evil powers strive to keep her from finding out the truth.

Silent Hill-like puzzles and scavenging materials are all part of the gameplay throughout the mansion and its surroundings. You must also fight back against horrible horrors.


Windows is the operating system of choice.

A tribute to early 2000s classics like Silent Hill, Eldervale is another indie horror game that emphasizes exploration and mood.

In this game, you take on the role of a young woman named Ophelia Delaney who is plagued by images of her childhood spent on a vast estate where terrible things happened.

Ophelia returns to the Delaney Institution in search of answers, both physically and figuratively, where she will have to face her demons.

Puzzle-solving and traversing spooky locations using maps and consumables are only some of the gameplay elements that make this game similar to its predecessor, Silent Hill 2.

In Sound Mind

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S

Because of the characters’ incapacity to cope with their psychological trauma, the Silent Hill games make excellent use of frightening locations.

An indie horror game that tackles this notion brilliantly is In Sound Mind, which has the player character confront a slew of terrifying creatures in the form of strange visions and encounters.

after awakening in a structure that takes on life of its own, you begin encountering people who have been infected by the same experimental substance that is ruining their minds.

Similar to Silent Hill, the game’s puzzles and boss fights are deep, and the tale is novel and disorienting, including sentient mannequins and a mystery feline friend.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

platforms: Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and the Nintendo Switch

Koei Tecmo has remastered one of the most beloved installments of the Fatal Frame series, which is another underappreciated horror series these days.

In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, the series’ fifth main game, players employ a special camera to record evidence of paranormal activity, including the appearance of spirits.

Fatal Frame’s gameplay relies heavily on exploration and puzzle-solving in order to get to the bottom of the game’s creepy atmosphere.

Updated graphics, new character costumes, and a new photo mode are all included in the remaster.

Alan Wake Remastered

XBox One, XBox X/S, Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One

A Writer investigates his wife’s inexplicable disappearance in the imaginary town of Bright Falls, Washington, in Alan Wake.

Additionally, he has no memory of ever authoring his most recent horror novel, which just adds to the confusion.

Alan Wake Remastered: how it compares to the original | Rock Paper Shotgun

Alan must use light and other weapons to battle the Taken, who have taken over the people, animals, and objects of Bright Falls.

The remastered edition of Alan Wake, which includes the basic game and both expansions, is highly recommended for any Silent Hill fans interested in playing it.

The Medium

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S

Another Silent Hill-style horror game with fixed camera angles, The Medium is a throwback to earlier iterations of the genre.

After being summoned to an abandoned hotel by a psychic named Marianne, the plot follows the psychic’s efforts to uncover the hotel’s past and rescue the ghosts imprisoned within its walls.

To communicate with spirits and affect the environment, Marianne uses her psychic skills to travel between this world and the other.

Silent Hill-style gameplay is evident in the game’s ingenious puzzles and heavy exploration-based progression.

  • Irresistible psychological horror depicted in third-person
  • The game’s interesting gameplay allows players to explore both the physical and the spiritual worlds.
  • A captivating tale set in a stressful and well-maintained environment.
  • Many mysteries to be solved.

Resident Evil 2

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

Resident Evil has done a lot better than Silent Hill at keeping up with current gaming trends while still actively defining the survival horror genre than Silent Hill has done so far.

The 2019 recreation of Resident Evil 2 is perfect if you’re looking for an old-school horror game with all the modern conveniences.

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield return as the two characters that find themselves stranded in Raccoon City after the city is infected with zombies.

It’s the same game in many ways except that the tale has been changed to give more prominence to supporting characters than it did in the original.

Lost in Vivo

Windows is the operating system of choice.

Indie developer Kira produced and published the psychological horror game Lost in Vivo, which deals with claustrophobia.

After their dog falls down a broken sewage drain during a storm, your character ends up in a maze of underground tunnels.

It is possible that you will come across other characters that are in need of assistance while exploring the maze-like sewage tunnels.

Instead of relying on cheap jump scares, the game employs its environs to create an eerie atmosphere, much like Silent Hill did.


Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Mac, and Android are all supported.

Although it draws inspiration from classics like Silent Hill, Detention manages to create its own own visual style, mood, and plot.

Students at Greenwood High School take on the role of Wei Chung Ting, a sleepy student who wakes up to find the school abandoned save for one other student.

What has become of Greenwood High, and the demonic beasts that now roam its halls? The two will begin to uncover these disturbing realities in tandem.

The slow-burning narrative of this game is guided by the concept of alternate worlds or realities, much like Silent Hill.

The Evil Within

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

Even though Shinji Mikami, the man behind the Resident Evil series, directed The Evil Within, the games have a more action-oriented vibe than Silent Hill.

As Sebastian Castellanos, a detective sent to look into a murder, players will be thrust into an other reality filled with horrifying beasts.

At the beginning of the game, enemies have an advantage over Sebastian because he lacks the necessary weaponry and upgrades to turn the tide.

If you’re want to relive the creepy atmosphere of the original Silent Hill trilogy, check out the original or its sequel.


Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, and Macintosh

When it comes to producing distinctive narrative-driven horror experiences, Frictional Games is recognized for focusing on atmosphere and character-driven story-telling above cliched jump scares.

In terms of literary quality and gameplay, many people believe SOMA to be on par with Amnesia, the studio’s most well-known title (more on that later).

When Simon, an AI clone, wakes up one morning in a deep-sea research facility, he finds himself in an unusual situation.

Wanting answers, he sets out to investigate the base, where he learns about the facility’s history, strange experiments, and the disappearances of former personnel — all while evading the base’s automated inhabitants.

  • Survival horror in a dark, spooky setting with unexplained occurrences.
  • Multiple characters’ points of view are used to tell this storyline.
  • Constant action and stealth make for tense gameplay.
  • In a split-screen format, the Sight Jack feature lets players to see what their opponents are viewing


Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are supported.

Outlast, like Silent Hill, has had a significant impact on the modern survival horror genre by placing the player in a helpless position.

Outlast в Steam

Since your primary weapon is a portable night vision camera that is continuously running out of batteries, your exploration of an abandoned asylum must take place with a keen eye for detail.

You must know your way around the area in order to survive, just like in Silent Hill, for any attempt at combat will end in your character’s death.

If you like the first game, you might want to give Outlast 2 a try, which features a more hostile AI and bigger sandbox stages.


Playstation 4/Xbox 1/Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac

Despite its top-down perspective, Darkwood offers a similar survival horror experience with a few modern conveniences, unlike the Silent Hill titles.

There are numerous natural and supernatural dangers to contend with in this inhospitable terrain.

To keep things interesting, the game’s day/night cycle has been designed so that players can go exploring during the day and gathering supplies before hunkering down at night.

As in Silent Hill, your character’s capacity to deal with external dangers is very limited, forcing the character to get imaginative and sometimes rely on chance to survive the night.

Cry of Fear

Windows is the operating system of choice.

Cry of Fear, like many other great games, began as a Half-Life mod before evolving into something entirely new.

Taking place in a desolate Nordic village, the film depicts you as a young guy searching for answers while the city descends into a state of sanity.

Like Silent Hill, it deals with themes of horror and mental illness as well as investigating the nature of our inner selves.

The Cry of Fear mod is worth a try if you missed out on it during its prime or if you’re looking for a free-to-play Silent Hill-like experience.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The following platforms are supported: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Mac.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent, an internet horror phenomenon that has gone on to sell over 500,000 copies, is the other Frictional game we suggest.

Daniel, a man in search of answers and a way out of Brennenburg Castle, is the protagonist of the game.

While playing, players must keep Danial from losing his sanity by keeping a close eye out for monsters and other frightening events in the dark.

If you like The Dark Descent, you might also enjoy its successors, Amnesia: Justine and A Machine for Pigs, as well as the upcoming Amnesia: Rebirth in 2020.

Until Dawn

PS4 is the system I’m using.

At the same time, Until Dawn was an inspiration for Supermassive Games’ Dark Pictures Anthology, which also utilizes a similar style of narrative choice-and-action play.

A group of young adults congregate in a snow-covered cabin on the anniversary of the deaths of their pals for the duration of a single night in this novel.

It becomes apparent that the party is being trailed by a masked intruder as the night goes on and they decide to break up and investigate.

From there, the player’s dialogue and gameplay decisions influence whether or not a character lives or dies, leading to numerous possible narrative twists and turns.

Siren: Blood Curse

While Siren: Blood Curse is nearly a decade old, its gloomy atmosphere and dark, foggy landscapes still manage to surprise and terrify gamers.

To make the experience more enjoyable, various gameplay upgrades and quality of life additions were made to the original Siren in Siren: Blood Curse. You’ll often feel helpless in the face of otherworldly forces in this game because of the focus on the paranormal, and after all, what could a mortal possibly do? If you enjoyed Silent Hill on PS3, you should give this one a shot as well.

  • Survival horror in a dark, spooky setting with unexplained occurrences.
  • Multiple characters’ points of view are used to tell this storyline.
  • Constant action and stealth make for tense gameplay.
  • In a split-screen format, the Sight Jack feature lets players to see what their opponents are viewing

Resident Evil 2 & Remake

There are few horror video game franchises as popular as Resident Evil and Silent Hill together, therefore it’s no surprise that we included it on our list.

Resident Evil 2 review | PC Gamer

Remake of classic horror game Resident Evil 2 took nearly two decades after its original release in 1998 for the production team. Not only has the game been completely overhauled, but the so-called “tank controls” have been replaced with a more modern over-the-shoulder camera. This means no more clumsy and unintuitive controls. The fact that the remake sold more copies than the original and received overwhelmingly positive reviews on the Steam platform may speak for itself, but some could claim that it murdered the soul of the original game in the process.

  • Remake of one of the all-time greats in the genre of horror video games.
  • tense gameplay made even more so by the Tyrant’s unrelenting pursuit of the player
  • The visuals are excellent, but there are a few gory moments – this is not for the faint of heart.
  • The original game has undergone a major overhaul.

The Evil Within 2

One of the best alternatives to Silent Hill might be a new installment in the critically acclaimed survival horror series, especially if you place a premium on the game’s visual aesthetics, atmosphere, and gameplay.

After playing the game for a while, you begin to appreciate the meticulously produced content, which includes gorgeous, but eerie and unwelcome, places, as well as terrifying animals that would gladly eat you if you let them. Criticism for The Evil Within 2’s visuals and atmosphere as well as its gameplay have been widely praised by gamers and critics alike. It’s impossible to go wrong if you were a fan of Silent Hill.

  • Survival horror with a compelling storyline.
  • A slew of monstrous monsters are eagerly awaiting new victims.
  • That which adds a little bit of variety to the gameplay.
  • High-difficulty settings are available for those who want them.

Cry of Fear

Counter-Strike, DayZ, PUBG, and Dota 2 are just a few examples of games that began out as basic mods but subsequently evolved into full-fledged titles. Cry of Fear is an example of a game like this.

Due to high demand from the community and a great response from the fans, Cry of Fear swiftly became a stand-alone title. When it comes to survival horror games, this one is a standout since you’re not completely defenseless; you’ll have some rudimentary weapons at your disposal, allowing you to face the horrors head-on rather than fleeing them. Although the game features multiplayer, it may be tough to locate a random group to play with because of its age. You won’t be disappointed, though, if you can round up a few companions.

  • It’s an excellent blend of horror and first-person shooting.
  • a diverse selection of weaponry at your disposal
  • Increased replay value due to several possible outcomes, as well as additional unlocked content.
  • Four-player cooperative campaign in multi-player mode


Often, indie developers are the ones who may surprise the gaming audience with unconventional gameplay choices and unique aesthetic presentation, and that was certainly the case with Detention as well.

Because Detention is an adventure game, you’ll need to explore numerous locales to find what you need and use it creatively in order to progress in the tale. Like Silent Hill, it has certain similarities, but its presentation is completely different. In addition, the game’s heroes aren’t military, but rather ordinary citizens, so don’t expect to see a lot of combat in the game.

  • A side-scrolling horror game based on Taiwanese mythology and culture.
  • solving simple puzzles and exploring eerie places were the primary modes of play in this game
  • It’s hard to take a breath in this stressful atmosphere.
  • Artwork with a distinct aesthetic and thoughtfully planned settings

Layers of Fear

Horror games with a strong emphasis on visual storytelling are few and far between. Explore the estate as a schizophrenic painter and uncover the secrets of your paintings and your own past.

Layers of Fear narrates the narrative of a painter’s battles with his own psyche. If he wants to stop the cycle of madness, he’ll have to tour his ever-changing home, look into his prior works, and relive his recollections in order to put together his past. As a psychological horror game, the game’s distinctive atmosphere is unquestionably the main source of fear. That said, the game will nevertheless deploy jump scares to test your fundamental survival instincts from time to time as part of its overall strategy.

  • Psychiatric horror depicting the inner turmoil of a well-known artist
  • Authentic-sounding Victorian ambiance.
  • It’s not boring or repetitious in the least.
  • Incredible artwork, both original and re-imagined, of the highest quality.

Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut

Death Premonition is a strange one. Despite the fact that the mood and soundtrack don’t always match the scary topic, it manages to combine terror and hilarity. Due of the game’s distinctiveness, it’s a great option.

This is not your standard dark and heavy survival horror game with tense gameplay that demands constant concentration, as Deadly Premonition proves. No, it’s a lot more laid-back and takes a novel approach to the horror genre, which is unusual for the genre. What makes the game less scary than one may have hoped is the soundtrack, which is composed almost entirely of chilling saxophone jazz, the last thing you’d anticipate in a survival horror game. But that’s exactly what you’ll hear throughout the game. You might like this game if you’re seeking for a Twin Peaks-like experience.

  • To keep you hooked, the FBI special agent’s investigation was the emphasis of the story
  • a setting in which players are free to explore the entire globe
  • For a horror game, it has a calming and playful feel.
  • The selection of music, particularly jazz, was unusual.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

If you haven’t already, check out some classics like Silent Hill if you haven’t. Condemned is one of the most terrifying video games ever developed.

Condemned: Criminal Origins on Steam

Despite its age, we keep coming back to Condemned: Criminal Origins because it still holds up quite well. In spite of its age (it came out in 2005), it’s still considered one of the best survival horror games ever made. In terms of ingredients for a decent horror film, this one has it all: a compelling storyline, ominous settings, an unnerving atmosphere, and, yes, even gun-wielding antagonists that will catch you off guard on multiple occasions. Due to limited ammo and the fact that guns can’t be reloaded, the game pushes you to engage in melee combat rather than relying on weaponry.

  • Intriguing narrative based on an FBI inquiry.
  • Exciting gameplay where danger lurks at every turn.
  • Fear-inducing and claustrophobic places
  • The emphasis is on melee fighting, but shooting is also an option.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

When Daniel first wakes up in the ominous dungeons of Prussian Brennenburg Castle, he has no recollection of his identity or where he came from. His own note tells him he deleted his own memory on purpose, that he must avoid the darkness, and that he needs to assassinate the baron of the castle, Alexander. In the process of following his own advise, he realizes that the situation is far worse than he first thought: he’s losing his sanity, and the castle is overrun with “gathering” creatures.

The Amnesia series, like Silent Hill, relies largely on its atmosphere. Player must rely on their wits to conceal or flee from the creatures in the game. Additionally, there are strong psychological horror components that make the player doubt their surroundings.

Fatal Frame

To find Junsei Takamine, Mafuyu Hinasaki and his assistants, Mafuyu goes away in 1986. His sister, Miku, goes to the Himoru Mansion, where he was last seen, in order to find him. Investigating, she uncovers the truth about what happened to Takamine’s folks – and is confronted by angry ghosts who can only be stopped by a special camera.

When playing Fatal Frame, the player is left feeling helpless in their battle against an aggressive haunting going place around them. Silent Hill-style riddles and secrets await those willing to put their minds to it.

Alan Wake

After the disappearance of his wife, Alan Wake returns to the fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington, in an attempt to find out what happened to her. He can’t remember writing it, but the plot twists and turns of his latest work are playing out right in front of his eyes.

For psychological pleasures, Alan Wake populates Bright Falls with antagonists he calls the Taken, which appear when the ominous darkness takes possession of people, animals, and objects. To vanquish a Taken, the light must first demolish a veil of darkness that shields them. However, the player is urged to use natural light sources and to think critically about each choice they make because Alan has a battery-operated flashlight and a few other items.

Until Dawn

Hannah and Beth Washington’s twin sisters, Hannah and Beth Washington, were killed in a sad prank gone awry. On the anniversary of the death of his two sisters, Josh’s brother, the three siblings were surprised to get an invitation to a party in Josh’s family’s luxurious cabin on the snow-covered mountain. As the night wears on, they begin to fear that a masked intruder is following them.

The story of Until Dawn is entirely up to the players’ choices. The connections between the characters and the outcomes of their travels are directly impacted by each decision that is taken. While understanding out what’s going on is a close second, surviving is the primary goal.


Wei Chung Ting attends Greenwood High School in Taiwan in the 1960s. In class, he falls asleep while his teacher is being grilled about their reading list, and when he wakes up, the campus has been deserted by an approaching typhoon. It’s almost there. Fang Ray Shin, a senior, is found asleep in the auditorium by him. Their old home has been transformed into a horrific replica of itself that’s rife with terrible creatures known as the lingering. They discover this together.

Their school’s dark past is beginning to wash up around them as the storm continues to rage outside.

In a similar vein to Silent Hill, Detention pits students against one another in a warped, nightmare version of the school rather than the real one. Similar to the story’s slow and subtle reveal, the impact is apparent.

Resident Evil

While trying to figure out how to survive in a nightmare-infested Arklay Mountains home with partner Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, the Resident Evil series’ eponymous first entry begins.

Resident Evil 3 trên Steam

The mansion feels like two completely separate places because of the unique strengths and limitations of each character. Both sides of the story rely heavily on planning out your ammo and figuring out complex puzzles to get by.

As the game progresses, a more complex plot emerges, one that is reminiscent of Silent Hill in its overall effect.

Haunting Ground

After waking up in a weird castle, Fiona Belli is apprehensive about the situation. It doesn’t take long for her to be on the verge of being snatched by a huge, deformed man in a viscera-covered room. For the most part, she has no recollection of what has happened in the past.

I’m not sure what’s going on. She’ll have to go. Fortunately, a dog named Hewie turns out to be someone she can rely on. The two of them might be able to make it out of this situation.

As a classic survival horror game, Haunting Ground is also a psychological thriller. It’s up to Hewie to fight for Fiona because she lacks the ability to defend herself on her own. As a result, the player is unable to influence her until she calms down.

The game does an excellent job at highlighting her gullibility as well as the bizarre nature of her backstory.

Clock Tower

Simon Barrows adopts Jennifer Simpson and three other children, Laura, Anne, and Lotte, in September 1995. Clock Tower, his huge residence, is where the four of them are transported as a group.

The Scissorman, a deformed child wielding a giant pair of scissors, begins stalking Jennifer soon after they arrive, after one of the girls is fatally stabbed.

Unlike Silent Hill, Clock Tower is similar to Haunting Ground in that Jennifer is unable to fight and must rely on hiding and constructing traps, while trying to escape panic mode, in order to survive.


Miles Upshur, an investigative journalist, receives a tantalizing anonymous tip over e-mail and sets out to Mount Massive Asylum to investigate it for himself. Staff members’ bodies are littered over its halls, which are now patrolled by deadly convicts once he enters the building.

Outlast’s atmosphere serves as an important gameplay feature. Attempting to engage in combat is a death sentence. Only a battery-powered camcorder with night vision is required. There is a lot going on here, and it’s not just a normal horror video game at all.


Are there any games like Silent Hill?

Souls in Purgatory. It’s time to move on to the psychological horror classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, with Tormented Souls.

Why Silent Hill is the best horror game?

The reason that Silent Hill 2 stands head and shoulders above the rest of the genre’s survival horror offerings is that it puts the player’s emotional well-being before its own. Silent Hill 2 is a story about despair, grief, and loss, despite its terrifying imagery.

Is Silent Hill similar to evil within?

Because it uses the same techniques as Silent Hill 2, The Evil Within appears to be exploring the same territory as Silent Hill 2 explored, yet it doesn’t. In spite of his monotonous and guilt-ridden demeanor, Sebastian is not incarcerated.


I can’t think of a better survival horror video game franchise than Silent Hill. The first games in the series were released in 1999 and could only be played on the original PlayStation consoles. In the wake of its popularity, however, the game’s subsequent versions were also made available to PC users, making it accessible to a considerably broader audience than it would have otherwise.