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Terraria is easily one of the most played independent games of the previous decade, having sold over 30 million copies. 2D game by Re-Logic combines exploration, crafting, and gorgeous pixel art aesthetics into a Metroidvania-esque experience.

Terraria can be a lot of fun, but it’s always good to have some variation in the games you play. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest games that are similar to Terraria. Co-operative games like Terraria are also included in this list.

Let us know if you think we’ve missed out on your favorite game in the comments section below. And lastly, make sure to check back as we continue to update this list with new games in the future.


Developer: Chucklefish

Publisher: Chucklefish

Because of how similar it looks, feels, and plays to Terraria, Starbound is sometimes referred to as “Terraria in space.” When compared to Terraria’s randomly generated map (no matter how big it is), Starbound immerses you in an epic quest that spans multiple worlds.

Starbound (@StarboundGame) / Twitter

Starbound’s numerous worlds will enthrall Terraria fans, who will be delighted by the sheer variety. In order to offer a unique experience every time you visit a new planet, each world’s topography is procedurally created from more than a dozen categories. You’ll never run out of things to do in Starbound, despite the fact that there are so many distinct planets to explore with their own unique animal and environmental concerns.

No other game comes close to Starbound in terms of Terraria resemblance. Terraria fans should be able to easily switch to Starbound because of the parallels between the two games.


Developer: RockGame

Publisher: RockGame

With a steampunk design and an emphasis on base building, Scrapnaut is an uncomplicated survival game. If you’re going to survive in a future world, you’re going to have to fight for your life.

In this harsh landscape, use all of your brains and resourcefulness to build out a safe haven for yourself. For optimal comfort, you can grow and harvest crops, build shelters and walls, as well as install electricity and water systems.

Outside of your fortifications, the earth is full of monsters. Craft weapons and armor to give yourself a fighting chance of making it out of this situation alive. For survival, you must leave the protection of your base and risk a run through the unpredicted hazards of the outer world in order to find valuable materials and uncommon weaponry.

Scrapnaut has a lot of potential despite being in Steam Early Access. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but there is a level of refinement to its implementation that makes for a rewarding gaming experience.

Don’t Starve

Klei Entertainment is the studio in charge of the project.

Klei Entertainment is the publisher.

Do not starve is a dark fantasy world ripped straight out of Tim Burton’s imagination. Players must forage for materials and create gear and equipment in order to survive.

In Don’t Starve, even the shadows are out to drive you mad. The island is cold and harsh. Real dread is injected into every moment away from the shelter of your campfire thanks to its bestiary of creatures and creepy crawlies—including a race of pig-men that will make your skin crawl! It’s a dramatic contrast to the brilliant, colorful Terraria maps, which are rendered in monochrome and have jagged edges.

Don’t Starve, while its visual dissimilarity to Terraria, shares Terraria’s emphasis on creative problem-solving and exploration. It’s worth taking advantage of the six-player co-op, which is terrific. You and your pals will have a great time losing sleep together this way.

Planet Centauri

Developer: Permadeath

Publisher: Permadeath

This 2D survival-adventure game has a tribe of NPCs that are under attack from foreign invaders, and the player must create and protect them. Planet Centauri’s main selling point is its monster taming, which is in addition to the standard open-world creative game concepts of gathering materials, crafting goods, and fighting off enemies.

On the world where the game takes place, players will find all manner of creatures to hunt down and use in battle, ranging from domestic chickens to dinosaurs the size of entire cities. There are presently more than 50 different varieties of monsters on Planet Centauri, and more are being added on a regular basis.

It is also possible to modify the game, and there are numerous community mods that do just that. To make your own modifications, you’ll need to know the LUA script.

There are currently some issues with Planet Centauri’s Early Access status, but the dev team is working hard to improve the game and release new content on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a mix of Terraria and Pokémon Go, go no further than this game.

Space Engineers

Keen Software House is the developer of this application.

Keen Software House is the publisher.

Playing Space Engineers is an excellent choice for individuals who like a more grounded experience. Because of the game’s robust physics engine, players may expect a more realistic experience.

A planet can be exploited until it runs out of resources, an alien world can be colonized, or you can build your own spacecraft and fight other players or AI in space battles. In fact, it can be difficult to know what to do when you have so much flexibility. Space Engineers does not provide answers or a purpose; it is merely a simulated cosmos in which you might live.

As much a sim as a game of invention, Space Engineers is both. Many Terraria players will be put off by Space Engineers’ strict adherence to physics realism, but those who persevere and master the controls will find immense joy and success in doing so.


An Unknown Worlds Entertainment developer

Unknown Worlds Entertainment is the publisher.

Two games that take you on a trip through space have already been discussed. Subnautica immerses you in the ocean’s depths.

After your spaceship crashes on an alien planet, you’re the only one left alive in an escape pod adrift in the seas. A typical survival-adventure game requires that players first explore their surroundings and gather resources in order to construct tools that will allow them to call for aid and return home.

Things begin in a nondescript manner. The water is crystal-clear, the wildlife is non-threatening, and the scenery is breathtaking. As you venture further from your base, the waters become deeper and darker, and you never know what lurks in wait for your next meal.

Many of the games on this list are more focused on exploration than Subnautica. Also a deep sea horror with great pacing that will keep your heart racing in jumps and starts.


Obsidian Entertainment is the developer of the game.

Authoring Studio: Xbox Live Indie Games

In Grounded, the player gets shrunk down to the size of a bug and dumped in their own backyard, where they must fight to survive. In this triceratops-sized universe, teams of up to four players can work together to stay alive. To stay alive, you’ll need to scavenge for food and build a weaponry arsenal out of twigs and leaves.

Grounded on Steam

Although it is still in production, the game will have a story mode that explores the events leading up to the players’ current predicament (the game is in early access). Of course, the sandbox survival mode is where players will spend the most of their time.

To get the most out of your time with Grounded, make sure to bring some buddies along for the adventure.


Applicant: Redbeet Interactive

Axolot Games is the publisher.

Raft is a game in which you build floating fortresses of flotsam to conquer the seas of the ocean. You only have a raft to work with, but you can add to it by collecting wreckage from other sinking ships.

Things start to get wild fast. With enough floating debris over time, you can construct some mind-boggling shapes. There is no limit to what you can do with duct tape and debris; you can actually build a floating house. Never leave home without a survival kit; nothing is worse than running out of water in the middle of the ocean.

For the most part, the Raft is a pleasant experience, with the occasional threat of sharks or dive bombing birds to keep you on your toes.


Wube Software is the developer.

Wube Software is the publisher.

When you play Factorio, you’ll see that the only thing better than gathering materials for your own use is inventing machines that do all the work for you. The goal of this automation/management game is to create industrial automated monsters that can be used to extract natural resources from a planet.

It’s perfectly legal to excavate, strip, and mine the whole surface of a planet where no one lives without having to worry about the negative repercussions, such as pollution and climate change. Construct cutting-edge extractors that collect raw materials from the ground, then transport them across kilometers of wildness on giant conveyor belts that feed into yet another machine, and so on.

Factorio will make you a machine-obsessed fanatic. Be prepared to spend weeks building a facility that will be scrapped due to a single, obvious inefficiency. You have been forewarned of this danger.


Facepunch Studios is the developer.

Facepunch Studios is the studio in charge of publication.

It is a brilliant example of what can be achieved with limited resources if we work together. Sheet metal and brick may be used to create some truly stunning architectural designs, and a short search on YouTube yields hundreds of examples.

Additionally, Rust is an eye-opener to the potential for evil unleashed by anonymity. Every day, new gamers are subjected to torturous treatment for no apparent reason, and the abuser gets nothing out of it. The thought of waking up the next morning to find all your valuables missing makes it impossible to sleep at night.

When it comes to surviving in Rust, individuals with steely resolve will have the best chance of success (or psychopathic tendencies). In the end, you may lose some of the belief that you once had in your fellow man.

Now you can play Terraria on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Vita, Wii U, 3DS and Android.

Dig or Die

In a 2D open environment, Dig or Die combines elements of survival and tower defense. It’s your job to go from planet to planet marketing products for Craft & Co., an automated tool maker.

After an accident, your ship crashes on a hostile alien planet, forcing you to use the same tools you were selling in combination with natural resources in order to live. While your attackers try to flank you, you build a base with multiple defenses, such as thick walls, turrets, and drones, to protect yourself.

Craft The World

PC, Macintosh, and iOS

As a fan of Terraria’s crafting system, there is a good possibility that you’ll also enjoy Craft The World, which borrows heavily from Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper. The game has you in charge of a dwarven tribe as they go about their daily activities, gathering resources, making tools, fighting off foes, and establishing settlements.

Craft The World’s settings, like Re-title, Logic’s are procedurally generated and feature a day/night cycle as well as various weather conditions. Crafting in the game is made simple and accessible, allowing you to get back to building your next weapon, weapon, or castle as quickly as possible.


PC is the system I use.

Alchemage tells the story of an alchemist who, after failing to accomplish a spell, is transferred to a strange new realm. You must first find a place to stay, acquire supplies, and then construct an interdimensional portal in order to return home.

In spite of this, the game presents you with a variety of challenges, such as battling dangerous creatures and unlocking old relics and stories. In addition to construction, your character can use magic to cast spells and activate benefits via special potions, which takes up the majority of your time.


platforms: pc and linux

Crea, an open-world survival crafting game, was released in 2016 and allows you to master new abilities and their associated skills to progress through the game. New recipes for various weapons and tools are unlocked when you gain experience and level up in a particular field.

Combat is more prominent in the game than in Terraria, with foes having different attack patterns and shielding and avoiding mechanics. It also has the ability to be modded, allowing you to create new characters, weapons, and even gameplay mechanics.

It Lurks Below

Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC

It lurks in the shadows. Here’s another action-packed 2D game that’s sure to keep you entertained for a long time. In this game, you take control of a unique character and pick a class before venturing into randomly created worlds filled with monsters and treasure.

It Lurks Below -TERRARIA Meets DIABLO - It Lurks Below Gameplay - YouTube

If you play as one of the eight classes in this RPG, you’ll be able to customize your character’s stats and skills. There are four game modes in It Lurks Below: Creative, Survival, Descent (without survival mechanics), and Hardcore (with survival mechanisms).


PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Android, and iOS are all supported.

Terraria and Minecraft have a lot in common once you get past the fact that one is 2D and the other is 3D. Crafting, base-building, and exploring randomly generated environments are common themes in both games.

Minecraft’s formula is well-known by now: you destroy blocks to get materials, and then you utilize those resources to make tools, weapons, furniture, and so on. Many Minecraft mods offer new features to keep things fresh, just like Terraria does.


PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Android are all supported.

Astroneer, like Terraria, lets you explore a dynamic sandbox as you try to establish a colony on a distant world. When playing with a group of four or more people, you can work together to gather materials, create tools and vehicles, and even build your own personal spaceship.

As you explore the globe, you’ll need to build a network of stations and power plants to keep your character supplied with oxygen. You and your friends can do whatever you wish in Astroneer because the tale isn’t predetermined.

SteamWorld Dig 2

PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

In other Metroidvania-related news, you may be familiar with Image & Form’s steampunk reinterpretation of the genre, SteamWorld Dig. The sequel does not compromise on any part of the original’s formula.

Rusty (the hero from the first game) has gone missing, and Dorothy (the steam-powered robot miner) is on a mission to find him. Terraria-style gameplay involves exploring underground mines in search of rare materials that can be exchanged for new weapons and armor.

Spelunky 2

PlayStation 4 and PC

When it comes to sequels that enhance their predecessor, Spelunky 2 retains the 2D platformer’s framework while adding additional traps, monsters, and secrets. Graphically, the game has taken a major leap forward. Water and lava now drip and spread more realistically thanks to the new liquid physics implemented in this version of the game engine.

This time you’ll be playing as your father’s kid Ana, who is on a mission to find her parents who have gone missing. Procedurally-generated levels with a plethora of traps present a constantly changing set of obstacles.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

Next up is Dragon Quest Builders 2, an expansion of the first game’s “Craft-like” gameplay. To restore civilization in a world where people no longer know how to produce things, you’ll play the role of the renowned builder.

The more recipes you learn, the more NPCs you’ll attract to your colony, who will be happy to help you. DQB2 has a wide range of new features, such as more realistic landscapes, new glide and dive abilities, dynamic water collection, and online multiplayer, to improve the overall experience.

Planet Centauri

PC, Linux, and Mac are all supported platforms.

Planet Centauri, a 2D survival crafting game now in Early Access on Steam, explores some novel ideas for the genre. Explore random settings, mine for materials, fight monsters, and tame and possess enemies you discover in the game.

Each companion has unique combat and exploring abilities that can develop over time. Additionally, you can use rare materials to construct strong weapons and spells for your character. For the last option, a colony management system lets you establish your own villages and assign NPCs to different roles.

Ark: Survival Evolved

This survival game from Studio Wildcard appears to be as far distant from 2D pixel art as possible in terms of its clean, realistic aesthetics. However, the main gameplay of Ark: Survival Evolved is very similar to Terraria.

When the game begins, players are dropped into a large, perilous island that is home to a variety of deadly creatures and other perils. Working with Terraria’s wide variety of building and crafting materials is an absolute necessity. With its open-world flexibility and loosely bound arc of defeating a few bosses, the game’s progression is likewise similar.

A personal sense of adventure and the adrenaline fight-or-flight reflex are combined to create a really addicting experience in the game.

Don’t Starve

Beyond the publisher (505 games), Klei Entertainment’s beautiful independent game shares many of the same characteristics as Terraria, such as an unnerving atmosphere and an intense focus on survival.

It places the player in a dark and desolate foreign world where they must find resources, build settlements, and do everything else they can to survive. As the protagonist becomes nuts and the swarms of crazy monsters grow, this game becomes even more terrifying.

In terms of gameplay, this roguelike survival horror plays like a cross between Eternal Darkness and Terraria, with a touch of Tim Burton flair.

Hollow Knight

However, despite the lack of mining and building mechanics, Hollow Knight has a similar open-ended exploration and combat feel to Metroidvanias. Like Terraria’s underground mines and chasms, the game takes place in a massive underground labyrinth.

Hollow Knight for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo

In spite of the game’s 2D side-scrolling gameplay, Hollow Knight gives a great deal of freedom as players are able to explore large dungeons and passageways. Terraria’s arcade-style elements are evident in this adventure, which includes exciting combat and a complex progression system. The visuals and gameplay of Team Cherry’s Metroidvania are enthralling.


In more ways than one, Growtopia borrows from the Terraria playbook. Sandbox games like this one use the same free-flowing gameplay and crafting aspects from other games and make them more approachable for new players. This game, in contrast to others on our list, is playable on nearly every modern platform, including mobile devices.

In terms of gameplay, this lovely little MMO is on the more laid-back side. However, those who enjoy Terraria’s building and multiplayer mechanics will undoubtedly enjoy this vibrant game. In case you’re tired of fighting huge spiders and zombies in your video games, you might want to give Growtopia a try.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Due in part to its adorable graphics and being overshadowed by the more popular mainline DQ games, this sandbox RPG builder is underappreciated. This successor to Dragon Quest Builders, on its own merits, is astounding in terms of how expansive and diversified the experience is. With a more traditional RPG plot and monster-slaying gameplay, the game offers a compelling, simplified adventure.

Minecraft-style building, resource collection and even town management are all included in the game, making it a well-rounded experience. The multiplayer features in this sequel have been expanded even further, allowing players to join forces with their friends to explore this magnificent environment.


Terraria’s vibrant retro design, which harkens back to the late 8-bit and early 16-bit eras, drew many gamers to the game. Dig-N-rough, Rig’s blocky graphics, which evoke the look and feel of early 1980s PC software, evoke the same kind of aesthetic vibe.

However, the emphasis on resource gathering and mining has been toned down in this game developed by DigiPen students. Control a mining robot as it plunders deeper and deeper into the earth in search of valuable materials. These are then repurposed into newer and more powerful tools. Compared to the original Terraria, this program is a more simplified, but imaginative, take on the game’s formula.


Are there any games similar to Terraria?

With its unique twist on Terraria-inspired features, Don’t Starve has become a beloved survival game for many players. The game may be played alone or with pals and still allow you to construct, fight and grind your path to triumph.

Why Terraria is the best game?

Terraria is far superior in every way, including combat, construction, visibility, and, most importantly, pure enjoyment. Despite the game being infinite, there is a plenty of content to be discovered. In Terraria, exploration doesn’t feel like a waste because you can travel to the opposite side of the map and begin the process again.