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While many gamers dream of manipulating others in video games, the most popular means of accomplishing this is through doing NPCs’ dirty work in order to gain their trust or just bending them to your will.

The second approach is more common in god games, where players are given divine-like powers that allow them to control other characters, systems, and the game world as a whole.

List of the finest god games to play, including the top god games for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles will be featured in this list.

We’ll be adding more games to this collection in the future, so check back often and let us know if we’ve forgotten any!


Abbey Games is the developer.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Macintosh, and Linux are all supported platforms.

Reus In-game Trailer - YouTube

Using giants with particular abilities, you can literally sculpt the globe, creating mountains, oceans, forests, and more.

So doing enriches the globe with plants, minerals and fauna, making the world hospitable for humans and their different virtues as well as vice.

Instead of putting the onus of morality squarely on the shoulders of the player, Reus shows the results as a direct result of human choice.

Providing people with as many resources and possibilities as possible gives them the freedom to either develop themselves or succumb to corruption and greed.

The Universim

Provider of gaming services and products: Crytivo Games

Linux, Windows, and Macintosh

Build a multi-planet civilisation if controlling a single colony isn’t enough of an accomplishment for you.

They envision you leading mankind from its humble beginnings into a technologically advanced society with almost endless possibilities.

Players can use different heavenly powers, including natural disasters, to influence and punish mankind as they see fit.

If you’ve been itching for something that pays homage to old-school god games like Black & White, look no further.

Dwarf Fortress

From the Minds of: Bay 12 Games

The PC is the platform of choice.

Dwarf Fortress is a complex beast with an extensive number of mechanics to learn, despite the fact that it may not be the best-looking or even the most taxing god game on PC.

Things begin to make sense if you get past the now 15-year-old game’s archaic UI and graphics and understand its numerous mechanisms.

Your dwarves’ lives center around two main tasks: gathering materials and building fortresses. You’ll rapidly become obsessed with micromanaging every waking moment of your dwarves.

Even though Dwarf Fortress has been around for a long time, you’ll have no problem finding instructions and tools to help you get started.

Black & White

Development is done by Lionhead Studios.

Computer and Macintosh platforms are supported.

God games from the early 2000s, such as Black & White have you as the god of your choice, with one of five large, monster pets to choose from: Monkey, Lion, Wolverine (cow), or Tiger.

Black & White is a game about good vs. evil, and you’re introduced to a group of people in search of a god.

Depending on the animal you choose, the strength of your divine abilities will range from mild to severe.

While it is possible to complete the game without making a single “bad” decision, such as destroying your worshippers’ harvest or hurling their weak bodies into the ocean, the temptation to do so is always present.

Populous: The Beginning

Bullfrog Productions is the game’s developer.

platforms: pc and ps3

If you’re going to talk about god games, you have to bring up Peter Molyneux, one of the genre’s founding fathers and most well-known game designers.

Populous, a unique strategy game focusing on leading human followers and stomping out your divine competition, was created by him and his Bullfrog Productions team.

Populous: The Beginning, the series’ third and final installment, added additional RTS components and impressive-looking 3D graphics at the time.

Taking the role of a female shaman, you lead a small group of believers in a battle against other tribes across the cosmos.


Ludeon Studios is the developer.

Linux, Windows, and Macintosh

With its unique AI-driven tale generator, RimWorld creates some humorously morbid and plain ludicrous situations.

After a group of space explorers crash-land on a new planet, an all-seeing force is assigned to their care.

Providing adequate accommodation and expanding when necessary are essential to the success of a colony’s physical and mental well-being.

Not the most difficult god game out there, but there are plenty of twists and oddities to keep you entertained.

Cities: Skylines

Constructor: Colossal Order;

PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS X, and Linux are all supported.

Cities: Skylines is a god game with city-building components that should be fun if you like those kind of games.

Cities: Skylines | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store

You’ll be tasked with building your own metropolis from the ground up, using simple tools and features that nonetheless allow for more complicated playstyles.

In the hands of those in charge of the school system, natural resources, law enforcement, and health care, it is possible to either build a utopian society or usher in the end of days.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to wield your newfound godlike abilities over the game’s NPCs for good or evil, but that’s part of the fun.

The Tenants

Affiliation: Ancient Forge Studio

The PC is the platform of choice.

House Flipper is a bizarre simulation game in which players repair up foreclosed houses and resell them for a profit.

Similarly, The Tenants is a home renovation game that delivers on the same principle, but from a landlord’s perspective.

Make sure the flats are in good condition and find renters who aren’t going to cause you a lot of trouble in the future.

When it comes to taking on new clients and dealing with unanticipated issues, such as dealing with unpleasant neighbors and evicting troublesome renters, the game provides you a lot of freedom.

War for the Overworld

Brightrock Games is the studio in charge of this title.

Linux, Windows, and Macintosh

Taking inspiration from the Dungeon Keeper series, War for the Overworld is a real-time strategy dungeon crawler.

An RTS with a modern management gameplay that streamlines the entire process is what it is.

It’s up to the players to design the most dangerous dungeons they can imagine by combining over 60 rooms’ worth of magic items, potions, rituals, and traps.

Additionally, the game features a map editor that includes scripting capabilities and the ability to save and share your creations via the Steam Workshop.


Maxis is the developer.

Computer and Macintosh platforms are supported.

Iconic games like Spore, a life simulation-meets-RTS developed by Maxis and released by Electronic Arts in 2008, are few.

In this game, players have the freedom to design their own species from the smallest microorganisms all the way up to highly intelligent and sociable beings with their own unique physiology and features.

Interplanetary exploration and spacefaring eventually become part of the game’s scope as it expands to incorporate interstellar travel and exploration.

Spore is a game that you may play for years and yet discover new things because of its use of procedural creation and well-designed mechanisms.


Slug Disco Studios is the studio in charge.

The PC is the platform of choice.

Ecosystem is an environmentally sound life sim in which you develop your own underwater sandbox, carrying on the idea of autonomy-based god games.

For its gameplay elements, the game employs simulated evolution based on the rules of ecology, in which the player chooses from a variety of flora and fauna to place in simulated oceans.

In-game creation tools let you design all kinds of aquatic monstrosities, including nervous systems and brains, in addition to pre-made fish models.

Species will either increase in quantity or decrease in number over time, based on the viability of their environment and the player’s activities.


MinMax Games is the studio in charge of this project.

The PC is the platform of choice.

It’s rare to find a god game that doesn’t spend much of its time delving into philosophical notions like free will, good vs. evil, the origin of life, and so on.

With the goal of keeping your guests pleased and making a profit in mind, GolfTopia asks you to design and create your own golf course from scratch.

Players are given access to the ideas and feelings of their fellow golfers, which can be used to enhance the course’s amenities and make it more popular.

An army of robot worker drones helps with this, which may be assigned to various jobs and keep your golf course running efficiently.


Sokpop Collective is the developer.

The PC is the platform of choice.

Simmiland, a 2D sim game that lets you play cards that affect the world around you, is on the other end of the god game spectrum from Spore.

Using a plant card in a grass biome, for example, will result in a wheat plant; similarly, using a tree card in the same biome will yield a fern.

It costs you “faith” to play cards, and faith is earned when your human followers pray to you or have their desires granted. This creates a rewarding back-and-forth gameplay loop.

Simmiland has two modes of play: normal and endless. In normal mode, you’re given a restricted deck with a beginning and an end, but in endless mode, you’re given an infinite deck and all of its achievements.

Reprisal Universe

The electrolyte developer

Computer and Macintosh platforms are supported.

Reprisal Universe takes a similar approach to god games as Simmiland, employing striking pixel art graphics.

Nature can be controlled by harnessing totem powers in the game, which puts you in charge of leading a tribesman and his people.

Your people will wage war on anyone who stands between them and the discovery of vanished tribes and mystical amulets.

Reprisal Universe, a game inspired by genre giants like Populus, features over 30 planets, 180 planets, and three enemy tribes for you to conquer during your journey.


Maxim Karpenko, the programmer

PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone are all supported.

WorldBox - Thế Giới Kiểu Thượng Đế - Ứng dụng trên Google Play

WorldBox is a forthcoming god game that allows you to create fantasy sandboxes with sophisticated tools and AI-driven gameplay systems. It is expected to be released soon.

Humans, orcs, elves, and dwarves make up the four races that make up each world, and each species has unique characteristics that influence how the other races act.

As time passes, kingdoms will be built, new territories explored, and wars fought for supremacy.

Godly rulers must decide whether or not to act and bring justice by natural disasters or attacks from apocalyptic monsters, depending on the situation.


You are entrusted with the safety of an isolated tribe in this spiritual successor to Populous’s From Dust. The people of this tribe have requested your assistance in communicating with nature and discovering what happened to their forefathers.

“The Breath,” your divine essence, has the ability to alter the landscape so that your people might discover the mysteries of their past by guiding them to totems, which have the power of unlocking their memories. Using lava, dirt, and water, you may create massive earth spheres that can be used to transport your people around the landscape and keep them safe from disasters like tsunamis or volcanic eruptions. It’s like Moses and The Last Airbender colliding.


If you’ve ever wanted to be a deity, you’ll have plenty of options in Black & White by Peter Molyneux. When summoned by the power of prayer, you engage with your followers as a disembodied hand, tossing objects, performing miracles, and tapping on people’s dwellings until they awaken. An anthropomorphic animal avatar of your choice can also serve as a corporeal representation that you can train to accomplish chores. However, they have their own wills, so you’ll need to devote some effort to molding them to your will.

By performing miracles or pelting villages with lightning bolts, you can persuade people to adore your divinity and convert them to your side, which is your ultimate goal. Whatever deity you choose to embody is reflected in the environment, temples, and even the music. If you’re looking for additional subjects to glorify you, there’s also a successful sequel.


Because Reus (Dutch for “giant”) looks like Deus (Latin for “god”) if you look at it that way, this god indie game gives players control of four elemental giants who can alter the globe underneath them. The gods of the ocean, forest, rock, and swamp each have their own specialties, and they can create landscapes and assign resources to their planets. Then, humans move in and set up shop.

Humans, on the other hand, have a delicate relationship with nature, so you can’t flood it with resources and expect everyone to be happy. Make your population awestruck and humble, or make their home environment so deadly that they’re too preoccupied with fighting for their lives to engage in combat against each other.


A colony management sim, Rimworld isn’t your usual god game. Your task is to keep a group of colonists trapped on the edge of space alive long enough to board a spaceship and flee the planet. You can give orders to your colonists, but there’s a lot of randomness in Rimworld, so they may disobey you and go on a fire-starting rampage instead of following them.

Despite the fact that you may not be showered with praise, sacrifices, or songs of adoration, you will still have to deal with other deities in Rimworld – the built-in storytellers who unleash waves of destruction on your hapless pawns.


Are you tired of putting up with the gullible masses? Are you sick of gently sculpting the earth to benefit the well-being of the small people? Is it possible that you, too, are a savage? In Ruinarch, you can take on the demonic overlord’s huge wicked cloak and embark on a mission to sow misery and misfortune across all of the nation.

Sandbox simulation games such as Rimworld and Ruinarch are tale generators with no clear objectives. As a result, it provides you with a slew of harsh and bizarre tools to terrorize the inhabitants, including the ability to brainwash the villagers into cultists who adore you, among other things. Necromancers, zombies, werewolves, and other abominations can be conjured, or a meteor can be dropped directly on their heads.


Crytivo’s The Universim is a god game in the vein of Populous and Black & White, albeit in early access. From the Stone Age to the Space Age and beyond, the Universim allows you the ability to shape a civilisation. If you don’t take care of your population, they will not be able to survive the ever-changing environment of their randomly formed planet, and you will not have a civilization.

You can use the Power you earn by correctly managing your nuggets to improve the world around you. It’s possible to spend Wrath points to punish them and frighten them back into line if they get out of hand or start acting up.

We pray these god gaming sacrifices were enough to tamp down your rage for the rest of the day, O great and strong one. Whether you prefer strategic games or games that allow you to put your mind at ease, there are plenty of options out there for you. Amen.

God game The Universim enters beta with fancy new planets | PC Gamer


Is there a game where you can be god?

In Black & White, there is a strong sense of immersion and response, making it the most literal god game on the market.

What kind of game is god?

A subtype of the artificial life game genre, God games allow players to exert influence over a virtual congregation of worshipers through the employment of supernatural abilities. Strategy video games have also labeled it as a subgenre, although unlike other strategy video games, players are unable to command specific units what to perform.

Are there any games like Spore?

Playing with creepy real-life underwater critters and insects while also utilizing various portions of the human body is all part of the fun of Sipho. Combine zooids, a variety of parts, to assemble your own unique creature. Run your own planet and travel to other planets run by actual people in this free MMO game.