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To keep you on the edge of your seat, do you enjoy scary games? Here are some of the most anticipated scary games coming out this year.

There seems to be an endless supply of terrifying horror games to keep you in the Halloween spirit all year round.

There will be a plethora of new horror video games coming out in 2022, including remakes, sequels, and spin-offs.

The best upcoming horror games of 2022, both PC and console survival horror games, are highlighted here.

Keep checking back for updates, and if we’ve forgotten any of your anticipated scary video games, please let us know!


Due out on June 24th, 2022

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the X/S Series

The upcoming MADiSON is a first-person psychological horror game with a compelling story told through unsettling gameplay.

Players assume the role of Luca and find themselves in a situation where he must face a demon who intends to perform a ritual of evil.

In order to document their progress through Luca’s nightmare, players will be given instant cameras.

The game’s replay value is increased by the presence of randomly triggered events and puzzles.

Our Most Anticipated Horror Games Of 2022 - Game Informer

Sons of the Forest

Time of Publication: October, 2022

Windows, PlayStation 4

The Forest, developed by Endnight Games, is a survival horror game with an emphasis on crafting and combat.

Despite the story’s nonlinearity, there were numerous opportunities to gain insight into the island’s inhabitants and their culture through tidbits of lore.

The sequel to Endnight Games appears to be introducing new characters and events set on another mysterious island.

Sons of the Forest will feature improved visuals and gameplay, as well as a greater emphasis on teamwork than the original game, which only supported online multiplayer after its initial release.


Due out in October of 2022

Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 Series X/S

Scorn is the game that would come out of an H.R. Giger video game machine if the settings were turned all the way up.

In this terrifying first-person adventure, you’ll discover a nightmare world where everything, from buildings to people, is made entirely of flesh.

You are dropped into the game’s open world, which resembles a labyrinth, and must make your way through its various regions by connecting doors, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies.

With full character movement, limited inventory, and ammo scarcity, it’s pitched as an immersive experience, so it helps that the game has a good sense of atmosphere.

The Callisto Protocol

Date of Publication: December 2, 2022

Available on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox One X/S.

The Callisto Protocol, developed by Striking Distance Studios, is a upcoming survival horror game that takes inspiration from genre classics like System Shock and Dead Space.

Players must break out of the high-security Black Iron Prison and uncover its many terrifying secrets before they can succeed in their mission.

The game aims to raise the bar for interactive horror by fusing scares, action, and immersion.

We also know that, for unknown reasons, it exists in the same universe as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Dead Space Remake

Date of Publication: January 27th, 2023

Available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One X/S.

For those who insist on the genuine article, we should also mention the official Dead Space remake in the works at Motive Studios.

EA’s classic sci-fi horror survival shooter has been absent since 2013’s release of Dead Space 3.

The remake will invigorate the 2008 original by updating it with new assets, visual effects, and dialogue, among other things.

It’s still the same basic story, with engineer Isaac Clarke trapped on a rusting mining ship with a crew of grotesque monsters.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Date of Publication: March 24th, 2023

Operating Systems: PC, PS4, and Xbox One S

Capcom is set to remake the fourth main series installment in the acclaimed survival horror franchise, Resident Evil 4, continuing a recent trend.

The highly anticipated remake of the classic zombie game Resident Evil 4 is coming to PC and consoles in the spring of 2021.

This involves making a number of graphical and gameplay enhancements, as well as reimagining the storyline that revolves around Leon Kennedy.

There are rumors that many of the same developers who worked on the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 2 Remake will be working on this new installment as well.

Choo-Choo Charles

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Windows Is The Platform

Choo-Choo Charles is exactly what you’d expect from a horror take on Thomas the Tank Engine.

In this open-world action game, you’ll be navigating a foggy island by train while collecting resources to increase your locomotive’s speed, armor, and machine gun damage.

I’m glad you asked! A spider-like monster on a train is relentlessly pursuing you across the island, and it’s not going down without a fight.

In order to stay alive, you’ll need to be lightning fast at gathering scarp and staying out of the way of Choo-Choo Charles, the mechanical nightmare.

Level Zero

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Windows Is The Platform

A multiplayer online survival horror game in the vein of Alien: Isolation, “Level Zero” pits players against a variety of terrifying creatures.

While the monsters relentlessly pursue and try to kill them, the humans’ primary objective is to repair the space station they are currently on.

Players must decide when and how to make use of each side’s special abilities and arsenal in order to succeed at their mission.

Keep this one in mind for later this year if you’re looking for a multiplayer game with lots of action and rivalry.

Silent Night

Date of Publication: To Be Determined

Windows Is The Platform

Silent Night, a Christmas Eve-based ghost-hunting gothic adventure, takes cues from traditional survival horror games.

You take on the role of Nigel Danvers, a man who gets caught in a time loop and meets various historical figures’ apparitions.

With the help of various spirit-tracking devices, Nigel will have to make the difficult decision of which spirit to exorcise from the church, dooming the others to an eternity in hell.

So far, it seems to offer a great deal of atmosphere and a lot of replay value, as there are multiple endings that depend on which ghost you free.


Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Microsoft Windows

What could be more terrifying than being marooned on a desert island full of ravenous dinosaurs?

In Deathground, up to three players form a coalition to defeat a horde of intelligent dinosaurs guarding a vast treasure trove.

In response to player movement and actions, enemies will change their strategies and tactics throughout the game.

To accomplish goals and make use of the tools and abilities available to them, players can either band together to take on the world or go it alone.

Our Most Anticipated Horror Games Of 2022 - Game Informer

Hello Puppets: Midnight Show

Date of Publication: To Be Determined

Windows Is The Platform

An upcoming stealth horror adventure, Hello Puppets: Midnight Show takes place in the 1980s on the set of a children’s television show.

You take on the role of a puppeteer whose most prized works, the Handeemen, come to life thanks to a magical spell and begin displaying murderous rage toward their master.

With only one night to undo the spell and leave the Handeemen Sound Stage, you and four powerful foes will have to play a dangerous game of hide and seek.

Large, complex levels with multiple areas to explore and puzzles to solve will keep you on your toes as you try to unravel the game’s convoluted plot.

Dead Static Drive

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Systems: PC and Xbox One

Dead Static Drive, a horror survival adventure developed and published by Reuben Games, is the latest game to draw inspiration from Lovecraft.

Players assume the role of a lone explorer making their way from one location to the next as civilization crumbles under the assault of extraterrestrial invaders.

They’ll have to avoid the massive tendrils and other horrors that roam the world while they sneak, scavenge, fight, befriend, and steal from other people.

Our curiosity has been piqued by the novel’s intriguing combination of Lovecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and a pick-your-own-path narrative structure.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Microsoft Windows and Xbox One S

Following the reveal of the Xbox Series X’s name and design, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II was announced at the 2019 Game Awards.

Anyone who played the first game will be impressed by how much darker and more atmospheric the sequel is thanks to Ninja Theory’s return to the helm.

The announcement trailer doesn’t reveal much beyond the game’s Series X and PC portability.

The story centers on a ritual, a journey through breathtaking scenery, and a confrontation with a monstrous beast.

Quantum Error

When it will be released: Not Yet Determined

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One X/S

Quantum Error, a cosmic horror game, will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019.

The first-person shooter, created by Teamkill Media, casts you in the role of Captain Jacob Thomas, a firefighter tasked with entering a burning research facility.

While trying to determine the fire’s origin, you and your team must save as many lives as possible.

We’re willing to take a wild guess and say that maybe things aren’t as cut and dry as they appear and that something more sinister is going on.

System Shock Redux

Discharge Date: Not Yet Determined

Distribution Method: Still Undetermined

Reviewers of the original 1994 System Shock praised the game for its expansive 3D environments and realistic physics.

Although the show’s popularity didn’t last long, it will be remembered for the way it improved the first-person genre.

Thankfully, a remake of the original being developed by Night Dive Studios is being funded by backers.

The intrepid creator is taking their time with the project, consulting with former Looking Glass Studios employees to get the look and feel just right.


Date of Publication: Not Currently Known

Windows Is The Platform

In the upcoming survival horror game Saturnalia, you’ll take control of a cast of characters who find themselves trapped in a village during a mysterious ritual.

You’ll be chased by creepy shadow creatures as you explore a vast labyrinth whose paths are different every time you play. However, as you progress through the maze, you’ll gain access to new areas and find useful items along the way.

While the game’s core mechanics are those of a roguelike, Santa Ragione is known for sprinkling in elements from a variety of genres.

The ‘pencil sketch’ art style used in Saturnalia really stands out and helps to give the game’s characters and environments a sense of depth and atmosphere.

The only confirmed platform so far is PC via Epic Games Store.

The Outlast Trials

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

System: To Be Announced

The Outlast Trials is a multiplayer-focused entry in the series rather than a third game that follows in the footsteps of the first two games’ single-player designs.

The game’s setting is currently unknown, but it is known that it will take place during the Cold War era.

In it, you and your friends are coerced into participating in a secretive company’s mind-control experiments.

The players’ morals, stamina, and sanity will all be tested, and they’ll need to work together to come out on top.

Once Upon A Time In Roswell

Awaiting Announcement of a Release Date

Windows Is The Platform

There are plenty of first-person psychological horror games out there, but not many that deal with alien conspiracies, especially in a non-modern era.

You play the role of a hapless detective in 1947 Roswell, New Mexico, who is looking into the disappearance of a family.

As you delve further into the case and begin to unearth clues, hidden memories from your past will surface, triggering disturbing flashbacks and flashforwards.

You must find the answers before it’s too late, whether the culprits are little green men or something else.


Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Microsoft Windows

The incredibly intriguing premise of Duality Games’ upcoming survival horror game Unholy caught our attention.

You take on the role of Saidah, a human in a world where monsters hold higher status than people.

One day, these creatures abduct your kid, and you have to start looking for them.

Unholy is primarily a stealth game in which you must rescue your daughter without drawing attention to yourself from the dangerous monsters roaming the streets.

Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare

Time of Publication Announcement

Windows and Mac OS X

Italian filmmaker and screenwriter Ruggero Deodato has written the upcoming horror point-and-click adventure game Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare.

Deodato’s most famous film, Cannibal Holocaust, is emblematic of his style, which combines realistic elements with extreme violence.

It has players retracing the steps of a doomed expedition through the dense jungles of Borneo in Southeast Asia.

Even though Borneo is still in its early stages of development, the game’s announcement trailer reveals some striking similarities to Deodato’s previous works.

Martha is Dead

The final years of World War II in German-occupied Italy serve as the backdrop for the survival horror game Martha is Dead. The game was released in February 2022, but its main claim to fame is that it was banned from PlayStation consoles. Some of the game’s bloodier moments were cut from that release. On both Xbox and PC, you can play the game uncensored. The censorship of the game resulted in a Streisand effect, and more people learned about it as a result than otherwise would have. Martha is Dead is truly horrifying (in the best way) apart from the censored (or un-censored on Xbox and PC) content.

Evil Nun: The Broken Mask

  • Glowstick Entertainment, the developer
  • Keplerians, Glowstick Entertainment, is the publisher.
  • PC-Based System
  • Availability: 2022

What better way to spend your summer break than at a camp where you can learn about God and have fun with other believers? It turns out this is all a ruse, and the players must find a way to get away from Sister Madeline and her enormous hammer. You never know where she might show up.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

  • Sumo Digital, the creator
  • Gun Interactive, the publisher
  • Hardware Type: Personal Computer
  • Availability: 2022

No, this isn’t the Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game for the Atari 2600 from 1983. Based on the 1974 horror film, this asymmetrical game challenges eight players to stay alive while they try to outwit the killer. According to Sumo Digital, this will be a fresh take on the asymmetrical genre, focusing on the family unit instead of the two equal sides. There will soon be additional details.

Dark Moonlight

  • Studio Silent Bear, the Developer
  • Black Rose Projects, the publisher
  • PC-Based System
  • Due out in 2022

There is a good balance of action and horror in Dark Moonlight. Players will assume the role of Dave Kellerman, a man with a wide variety of phobias, in this near future RPG. Things don’t go as smoothly as he’d hoped at the psychiatrist, with a new experimental therapy taking him to a terrifying parallel universe.

Dark Moonlight on Steam


  • Hashbane Limited, the creators
  • Hashbane Limited is the publisher.
  • System Requirements: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, and PS3
  • Availability: 2022

In Instinction, players won’t have to worry about ghosts or zombies because they’ll be facing off against a cast of murderous dinosaurs instead. Stay away from them as you discover a massive story, puzzles, and breathtaking environments. Turning around to see a T-Rex’s teeth is pretty horrifying to us, even if the game doesn’t look like a survival horror title at first glance.

State of Decay 3

  • Undead Labs, Inc., Developer.
  • Xbox Game Studios, Publisher.
  • PC and Xbox X/S as the platform.
  • Q4 2022 Release Date

The zombie horror genre is served well by the State of Decay series. Although the third game hasn’t been shown off much, players can anticipate fortifying their strongholds and rescuing survivors as they try to outlive the hoard. You shouldn’t expect to kill zombies if this is your first State of Decay game. The key is to avoid them.

Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel

  • Pulsatrix Studio, Inc.
  • Maximum Games is the publisher.
  • System Requirements: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S
  • Official Launch: 2022 (Free Demo: Now)

Intense psychological horror awaits you in Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel. Taking place in a luxurious hotel under the control of a mysterious religious sect, players soon discover that the strange group engages in cruel human experimentation. If you want to escape from these monsters alive, you’ll have to put up a fight.

Nemesis: Distress

  • Ovid Works and Awakened Realms Digital are the developers.
  • TBA Publisher
  • PC-Based System
  • Availability: 2022

In 2022, fans can look forward to a first-person horror multiplayer adaptation of the Nemesis board game from indie developers Ovid Works and Awaken Realms Digital. Each player will be given a mission to complete on a ship that has been infiltrated by a deadly alien species, and they will have 40 minutes to do so. Sounds familiar, for sure, but the horror element is what sets this apart.

The Invincible

  • Starward Industries, the creators
  • Production House: Starward Industries
  • System Requirements: Windows PC, PS5, or Xbox Series X/S
  • Availability: 2022

The Invincible is a retro-futuristic first-person science fiction thriller in which players must locate their missing spaceship’s crew on an alien world. Keep your wits about you as you face alien danger and explore the terrifying mysteries of this desolate land.

Evil Dead: The Game

  • Saber Interactive, Inc.
  • Boss Team Games is the publisher.
  • System Requirements: PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XB Series X/S, Xbox Switch, Nintendo Switch
  • Dissemination: May 13th, 2022

Saber Interactive has created a fantastic tribute to the Evil Dead series. Over 25 weapons (including Ash’s chainsaw) and multiple maps (including the cabin in the woods from the Evil Dead film series) will be available in Evil Dead: The Game, which will support both cooperative and competitive play.


  • ONE-O-ONE GAMES, the creators.
  • META Publishing, Inc., Publishers
  • PC, PS5, and Xbox One S are the supported platforms.
  • Due out in 2022

In Aftermath, Charlie Gray, an engineer and astronaut, leaves Earth for the first time. However, everything goes wrong upon her return to Earth, and she finds herself all alone in a desolate landscape. Players will control Charlie as she braves alien hordes and her inner demons to save her daughter Sammy.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl

  • GSC Game World is the developer.
  • GSC Game World is the publisher.
  • PC and Xbox X/S as the platform.
  • Publication Date: December 8, 2022

After 13 years, fans of the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game will finally be able to play the sequel. Post-apocalyptic horror and the same tactical role-playing action as the original game are coming to Heart of Chernobyl. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong before the end of the year.

Afraid of Playing Horror Games? Here’s 5 Things You Can Do

1. Play during the day for more courage

The bright and comforting midday sun is the one thing that makes horror games (and horror, in general) easier to take in. How? Well… There is a biological as well as a psychological basis for this. First, if you’re scared of scary movies or video games, you probably have a similar aversion to the dark. You feel uneasy about it, at the very least.

Second, our bodies naturally react negatively to the nighttime. Wild animals constantly posed a threat to our ancestors in the past. This meant that nighttime vigilance was essential to their survival. The passage of time has not diminished our natural vigilance.

What happens, then, if you play horror games late at night? The situation deteriorates dramatically. It’s all because of the outside influences. The game is only part of it.

Neither of these considerations is relevant when the sun is up, giving you undivided attention for the duration of the horror game. However, this reduces the effectiveness of turning on the lights. After all, the night has just begun.

2. Increase the brightness of your game/screen to reduce the scare factor

In horror video games, darkness is the primary setting for suspense and fear. , a lack of sight, sight, or visibility. It’s covering up scary monsters, broken features, or subpar visuals. On the other hand, the ominousness is amplified by the darkness, which plays into our irrational fears and primal instincts.

Because of this, there are screens where you can adjust the brightness so that the right logo is barely visible and the left logo is completely unreadable. To which I reply, “nonsense.” Instead, let’s ensure that both logos are clearly visible.

Because of this, some previously terrifying games have taken on the feel of simple walking simulators. Keep in mind, though, that some scary games will still have maze-like layouts, so it might not be the darkness that throws you off, but rather the difficulty in keeping your bearings.

3. Lower the volume to prevent jumpscares

Jumpscares rely heavily on unexpected noises, another common scare tactic in horror video games. It could be anything from a loud bang to a shrill scream. In addition, it is guaranteed to work every time. That is, if you can hear it.

The idea is that a loud, unexpected noise will catch everyone off guard. So it’s the same whether you’re in a horror game or the real world. Now, however, comes the exciting bit.

Because of the way our ears and brains process information, loud noises are especially effective when combined with low visibility. Our visual processing time is only 20–40 milliseconds. while it only takes 8-10ms for sound to reach your brain. Therefore, if something is nearby, you will always hear it before you see it.

If you’re already scared by the noise, the terrifying visuals that follow will really drive the point home. Then, how about you just turn down the volume? Less likelihood of unexpected occurrences. And you’ll be less affected by creepy environments and music.

4. Don’t overthink, start playing before fear paralyzes you

Perhaps, like me, you have a vivid imagination that gets the better of you. To add to the fear, I’ve found that the longer I wait to play a horror game, the scarier it ends up being. I ponder it, imagine scenes, remember past characters, and speculate on the story’s future.

But the more I do it, the more warped, distorted, and terrifying the mental image becomes. Naturally, this makes me too nervous to even attempt playing. The simple trick, then, is to notice when you’ve begun to overthink the game. And start playing the game the second you start to feel nervous about doing so.

Just concentrate on the act of moving forward in the dark corridor and ignore the fact that you’re watching a horror movie with scary monsters. Push through the anxiety; it will fade as you progress.

5. Don’t play alone to avoid paranoia

Being alone in your house can be very unsettling. You become more aware of your immediate environment. Your ears perk up at the slightest sound. And the paranoia only grows.

This is accentuated by the nighttime hours. And it gets even worse when you’re in a scary video game. But there’s no good reason to put yourself through this. Unless, of course, you want to be named Bravest Person of the Year.

Put another player in the same room as you, or at least have them sit next to you. Being in the company of another person will not only boost your confidence but also put you at ease. Put it to the test!

Start playing those horror games!

When faced with a terrifying video game, I always follow these five guidelines. It’s not like flipping a switch and suddenly feeling brave. However, it assisted me in completing many scary games. And I seriously doubt that I would have read even half of that without your help!

Leave a comment telling me how you deal with scary video games. If we combine our expertise, we might be able to create something even more fantastic. So long for now, Kiri