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Discord makes text formatting simple. This is the most comprehensive and user-friendly resource for formatting text in Discord, including the use of code blocks.

You’ve signed up for Discord, connected with your preferred servers, and begun participating in community discussions, but why stop there? Using Markdown text formatting in your messages can help get your point across even more effectively.

Markdown is a markup language for enhancing the appearance of plain text with formatting and other stylistic flourishes. The basic idea is to enclose the text you want to change in Markdown syntax, changing its appearance when sent.

Read on to find out how to make use of Discord’s text formatting options to make your conversations more interesting.

How to use Discord’s text formatting tools

Italics, Bold, Underline, Strikethrough, Code Blocks, Block Quotes, and Spoilers are just some of the text formatting options available in Discord.

Most of these formatting styles can be applied quickly by highlighting some text, moving the mouse pointer over the highlighted text, and clicking the website or desktop app. By doing so, a secondary menu will appear from which you can choose various formatting options.

To italicize, bold, or underline selected text, simply press Ctrl I, Ctrl B, or Ctrl U, respectively.

If you want to format as you type or use the mobile app, however, you’ll need to know which characters cause which formatting options to appear.

Discord Fonts and Text Formatting: Strikethrough, Bold, Underline and Italics

Style Formatting


To create an italicized effect, enclose your text in asterisks (*text*) or underscores (_text_).


Text enclosed in double asterisks (**text**) will be displayed in bold.


Put two underscores (__text__) around your message to make it stand out.


Add two tildes (text) to either side of your message to make it strikethrough.

Style Formatting Combinations

In addition, you can mix syntaxes to create your own unique style of formatting.

Bold Italics

Underline Italics

Underline Bold

Underline Bold Italics

Underline Bold Italics

You can use code blocks of one or more lines in length with Discord. Sending quotes to the rest of the chat group is easiest when done using code blocks.

Single-line Code Blocks

Code for your message can be contained in a single line by enclosing it in backticks (‘text’).

Multiline Code Blocks

Use multiple lines of code blocks if you need to share a lengthy quote from an article.

Discord Text Formatting: Writing In Color

We use syntax highlighting as a workaround for Discord’s lack of support for colored text formatting. You can change the color of your text by entering the name of a syntax language after three of those backticks.
Although Discord does not natively support text highlighting, we are able to add some color to our messages by having Highlight.js run in the background.

The available color palette is restricted because we are making use of the syntax highlighting.

Each shade requires the same sequence of characters: three backticks (“‘), a return, the color name, the text, a return, and three more backticks(“‘).

Discord Markdown 101 | Text Formatting & Syntax Guide - YouTube

How To Color Text In Discord Red

We’ll be using “Diff syntax highlighting” to turn Discord text red. It’s important to remember to preface your text with a hyphen(-).

How To Color Text In Discord Orange

Using “CSS syntax,” which entails using square brackets on either side [], we can make the text in Discord orange.

How To Color Text In Discord Yellow

Fix syntax will be used to colorize discord text to a bright yellow.

How To Color Text In Discord Cyan

We’ll employ “JSON syntax” to turn Discord text cyan. You must use double quotation marks (“”) with this syntax.

How To Color Text In Discord Blue

We’ll use “Ini syntax” to turn Discord text blue. In the ini syntax, the text must be enclosed in square brackets [].

How To Highlight Text With Color

We’ll be using “Tex syntax” to highlight text in a way that’s distinct from the block codes. The formatting instructions for this syntax are the same as for the previous one, with the addition of a dollar sign ($) before the text.

Can You Circumvent The Discord Text Formatting

It’s helpful to have a workaround for the different syntax that some Discord users may use, such as asterisks and underscores, in their everyday chat.

In such cases, the aa backslash () can be used to undo the effects of the various syntax languages.

How do you make fancy text in discord?

You may be wondering how to make different types of text from the standard font in Discord, whether to emphasize a point, outline a title, or just add a little bit of character. The good news is that Markdown, which allows for the formatting of text in a variety of ways including italics, bold, and more, has been developed by the Discord developers. Here’s the procedure:

How to bold text

To make text bold in a Discord chat, just use two asterisks at the beginning and end of the passage you want to emphasize (for instance, **bolded text**). Pressing the shift key followed by the number 8 key produces the asterisk on a standard keyboard.

How to italicize text

Italicized text is the epitome of the term “fancy font.” Italics can be used to make your writing seem more casual and conversational, or to emphasize a specific word or phrase. To make a section of text italic in Markdown, you’ll need to use asterisks, just like you would to make text bold. To make something look like this: *italicized text*, for example, you need only place one asterisk on either side of the selected text instead of two.

How to underline text

Discord also gives you the option to highlight specific phrases or articles. Markdown can be instructed to underline a selection of text simply by appending a pair of ___ to the beginning and end of the text in question. If you’ve done everything right, it should resemble this: Text highlighted

Markdown Text 101 (Chat Formatting: Bold, Italic, Underline) – Discord

How do I change the font in discord chat?

Although the Discord app itself does not currently support changing the font (as this feature has not yet been developed), there are workarounds available. Finding a Discord font generator online and then copying and pasting the generated font into your chat is the most common method people use to change the font in their Discord conversation.

How do you color text in discord?

Be aware that Discord does not support full-text highlighting; you cannot choose a highlight color from a menu. However, there are workarounds. Creating a code block and pointing it to highlighting code entered into Highlight.js (a syntax highlighter) is the primary way to achieve syntax highlighting. As a result, the words will take on a new hue as they become “wrapped” in the syntax language. To get you started, here’s an example of how to make your Discord text red using the appropriate syntax highlighting language:

To make your text appear in red using the syntax highlighting language, you should type three backticks, a dash, your text, and then three backticks again. If you want to change some text to red, you would write “‘diff-the text you want to turn red”’. The next step is to simply send the message.

How do I hide text in discord?

If you want to warn your readers about something that might be a spoiler, you can do so by typing ‘/spoiler’ before and after the text you want to mark as a spoiler. If you right-click the text containing the spoiler and choose “Mark a spoiler” from the context menu that appears, the text will be formatted in such a way that the reader must press on it to reveal it.

What is code block discord?

Code blocks allow you to divide text into distinct sections in Discord, making it easier to read and more visually appealing. The selected text can have its background color altered using code blocks without affecting any other text in the post.

What font is discord text in?

The Discord app makes use of Uni Sans throughout, with weights ranging from thin to heavy. In addition, Svet Simov slightly modified Uni Sans Heavy to create the now-iconic Discord logo in 2009, using Uni Sans as a foundation.

However, that isn’t Discord’s only built-in font. You may have noticed a slight change in the font style on the desktop version of Discord if you use it regularly rather than just through the app. This is because the desktop version of Discord uses four different default fonts: Whitney, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, and Arial 2.

How do you paste codes in discord?

Code copying and pasting in Discord is a breeze. The two most typical approaches are as follows:

Code that is too long to fit on a single line can be displayed in blocks using this method.

  1. To start a new line in Markdown, type three backticks, then paste your code into Discord while holding down the shift key.
    • Aside from that, it’s possible that Discord will immediately recognize the code you’ve entered and begin the new line automatically; in that case, you won’t need to press shift; otherwise, you will.
    • Three backticks are used to close the pasted code.
    • When you send, the selected code block will replace your text.
  2. Displaying code on a single line is useful for showing off smaller chunks of code or for casually discussing programming concepts.
    • Paste your code into the text box after typing one backtick.
    • The code is terminated with a single backtick.
    • Sending the message will include the code you pasted into it.

Can you use HTML in discord?

Yes, you can send an HTML code to another user in Discord by following these instructions:

  • Make a copy of the HTML document you want to send around.
  • Copy the HTML and then go to Discord and paste it into the chat box there.
  • In order to send an HTML link, you must first enter three backticks (”’) at the beginning and end of the link’s address.

How do you do syntax highlighting in discord?

Syntax highlighting is an option if you want your code blocks to stand out visually. Discord’s own Highlight.js syntax highlighter is what you need for this. It’s web-based availability and simple syntax highlighting make it a must-have.

Bonus: How To Hide Spoilers

Many gamers on Discord haven’t played or completed specific games. Spoiler information should be enclosed in double vertical bars (|| Spoiler ||) if you must discuss certain plot points of a game.

Users will not be able to see the spoiler section unless they click the black bar hiding it.


Discord is a cutting-edge hub for gamers to connect with others who share their passion for the games they play.

However, since most interactions take place through text chat, keeping the conversation interesting and making your point can be difficult tasks. The good news is that you can fix this by using Markdown text formatting to inject some personality into your communications.

Discord’s Markdown text documentation is available on the Discord Support Page.

Now that you know how to use these features, you’ll have more freedom of expression in your preferred Discord servers.