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If you want to upgrade your Pokémon or outfit your character in the latest gear, you’ll need some cash. In Sword of Pokémon and ShieldObtaining game money (Poké Dollars) can be done in a number of different ways. Here are the best methods for getting it done quickly.

Beating the game

To win the game is to automatically win a substantial sum of money. Fighting trainers and grabbing loot inDragon Sword and Shieldare mutually beneficial. In order to boost earnings, you can equip a Pokémon with an Amulet Coin and have it hold it throughout the game. After you finish the main story, you’ll unlock more of the Wild Area and receive a larger quantity of Watts (the Wild Area currency).

The Wild Area

After you’ve completed the game, the Wild Area will be your best bet for monetary rewards. The Wild Area is rife with rare and valuable items like stardust, star pieces, mushrooms, and rare bones. You can battle a Pokémon Breeder for 24,000 Poké Dollars if you can defeat her. Luxury Balls are highly sought after and can be purchased with Watts from Watt Traders.

Max Raid Battles

If you can prevail in Max Raid Battles, you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. These rewards are yours for the taking regardless of whether or not you catch the Pokémon during the raid. The Technical Records (TRs) you obtain from this practice can fetch high prices when sold to retailers.

The Tournament

Once you have defeated the game, you are free to enter the Wyndon tournament as often as you like. Profits can be maximized by inviting Hop or Leon, who both give much more than the competition. The Ball Guy will give you a surprise prize if you win the tournament. His rewards can be quite worthwhile.

How to Get the Amulet Coin

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Amulet Coin is a type of Held Item. If the Pokemon held enters the battle, the prize money is doubled.
The Amulet Coin is for sale at a shop, but don’t spend too much. There are other occurrences of the Amulet Coin. We snatched it from a Galarian Meowth (located on Route 4) who was carrying it. Behind the “Outskirts of Motostoke” sign is, however, an Amulet Coin.
Once you have it, have the Pokemon it is equipped with enter the battle whenever possible against another trainer to increase your winnings by a factor of two.

Battle Every NPC you find

Although you can avoid some fights, battling NPCs is the most efficient way to make money.
You should revisit the Wild Area frequently because items reappear there daily. The best items to sell are those you’ve found, but anything you don’t use can bring in some cash.
Tip!Once a day, a man in Stow-on-the-Side will pay twice as much for a Treasure. Since they occur at random, you should keep one of each Treasure stashed away to ensure daily double sales (unless you need the money, of course).
As an alternative, you can use Watts to purchase Luxury Balls and then sell them for real money, which is probably the best conversion rate, but this requires you to constantly interact with Pokemon Dens in order to earn enough Watts.

Do Poke Jobs

There have been instances where Pokemon have returned from Poke Jobs with cash or ingredients. Although it’s rarely a large sum, every dollar helps.

Shop Wisely

Don’t buy everything you see at once; every Boutique Clothing Store has different items in it (we don’t follow our own advice on this one). There might be an opportunity in the future that justifies putting money aside.
The Salon’s character-editing options will always be the same. Check out our character customization guide for both male and female avatars in advance to plan out your look.

Make Money Fast in the Post Game

There is a fantastic opportunity to quickly amass a large sum of money after completing Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  1. Get your Gigamax Meowth Mystery Gift!
  2. Get EXP Candies from Max Raid Battles and level up your Meowth to 100; the higher its level, the more gold you’ll mine with G-Max Gold Rush.
  3. Afford Meowth the protection of an Amulet Coin.
  4. Take part in a Tournament led by Meowth in Wyndom.
  5. Use Giga Meowth’s Mega Evolution, G-Max Gold Rush (a Normal-type move).
  6. Perform the G-Max technique three times.
Using G-Max Gold Rush alone will net you $99,999 per battle, while using the Amulet Coin will net you an additional $19,000. One tournament of three fights should take about 20 minutes to complete, so you’ll make a little over $350,000 in 20 minutes using this method.

Battle Chloe in the Wild Area

You can always count on strong training from Chloe, who you can find in the wild. If you use a Pokemon equipped with an amulet coin, your chances of winning increase significantly. She’ll offer advice on how to make money even if you lose.

What to Spend Your Money On (EV Training)

You’ve probably heard of EV training if you’re keen on equipping your Pokemon with impressive abilities. For EV training in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you need only visit Wyndon and stock up on vitamins.
Remember that once Hammerlocke University is unlocked, you can send your Pokemon there to save money while still getting them the EV training they need.


What is the fastest way to get sword and shield money?

The Post-Game of Pokemon Sword and Shield offers a fantastic opportunity to quickly amass a large sum of money after the game has been completed.

  1. Come get your Gigantamax Meowth surprise gift.
  2. Get it to level 100 with EXP Candies from Max Raid Battles; Meowth’s G-Max Gold Rush earnings scale linearly with its level.

Which Poke Ball sells for the most?

Which Pokeballs are the most popular, then? The most useful Poke Ball available today isGala of Extravagance. With only 100 Watts of electricity use, you can produce enough Poke Balls to sell for $1,500 each.

What item sells for the most in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

If you believe Bulbapedia,Piece of cometBig Nuggets fetch 20,000, while Relic Gold (which is not currently playable but has sell data) fetches 30,000. It retails for 10,000 ORAS (something I confirmed by checking my own OR and UM). The most popular products are these.


The value of currency inSword of Pokémon and Shieldin comparison to earlier games. The main reason for this is that, as of recently, vitamins, which are very expensive, can be used to fully EV train a Pokémon. Numerous high-priced beauty products are also available. Use every one of these strategies to increase your bank account balance.