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Hogwarts Legacy is one of many games that has been delayed for a long time recently, but it finally looks like it will be released for consoles later this year, and we can’t wait.

Several characters from the Potter series will make appearances, including Nearly Headless Nick, but Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the rest of the gang won’t. This is to be expected, given that the game is set in the 1800s.

Recently released gameplay footage for Hogwarts Legacy demonstrates the game’s emphasis on character customization, including the ability to change a player’s protagonist’s appearance and assign them to a Hogwarts house of their choosing.

What do we know about the release date for Hogwarts Legacy? The more you read, the more you’ll find out about this magical adventure.

When is the Hogwarts Legacy release date?

The developers have confirmed that the Hogwarts Legacy release date will occur at the end of 2022, during the holiday season, and that pre-orders are currently available at retailers such as GAME and Argos.

Hogwarts Legacy finally gets a release window and trailer at Sony's latest  State of Play - Xfire

The connection between Harry Potter and the Christmas season was emphasized in each of the books and films, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the film was released in December, close to Christmas.

What do we know about Hogwarts Legacy gameplay?

On Thursday, March 17, 2022, during one of Sony’s PlayStation State of Play live-stream events, the team from Warner Bros. Games, which will publish Hogwarts Legacy under its Portkey Games label, revealed a 14-minute gameplay video.

Check out the video below to see actual gameplay from Hogwarts Legacy. Prepare to be astounded with a cup of tea and a chocolate frog. Avalanche Software’s developers have been very productive recently.

Combat appears to be a major part of the game, with the above trailer showcasing a variety of encounters in which the player can use spells, environmental aids, and magical plants to achieve victory.

You can also go beyond the castle walls and investigate the grounds, even reaching the neighboring village of Hogsmeade. There are perilous dungeons to explore and puzzles to solve that might have been put there by Merlin himself.

You can visit the Room of Requirement to stock up on useful items, and there will be a series of skill trees for upgrading your magic spells and improving your abilities. It seems like a nice touch that you can personalize your own den-like space according to your preferences.

The developers have recently stated that there will be no multiplayer in Hogwarts Legacy, so players should not count on that feature.

Is there combat in Hogwarts Legacy?

There appears to be a great deal of fighting in Hogwarts Legacy. Even though you’re only a student, you’ll have to face off against magical beasts, duel fellow students, and even adult wizards up to no good.

In the gameplay reveal, we saw a wide variety of spells that you can learn for use in battle. It’s possible to stun foes with certain spells, draw them closer, or even toss them into the air. Fire is an element that can be called upon via magic for use in area spells. It looks pretty action-packed, with lots of spells and effects flying around as you use your wand to battle multiple foes at once.

There will be additional resources available to you, such as rare plants and animals. Screaming Mandrakes, as demonstrated by Portkey, can be used offensively to stun enemies, and other small plants can be used to keep an enemy’s attention while you attack.

There is also a stealth system, which has been used to surprise enemy wizards.

What’s the Room of Requirement for?

There is a hidden room in Hogwarts called the Room of Requirement, and it only appears when someone has an urgent need for its contents. You are apparently qualified as a fifth-year transfer student. The Room of Requirement seems to serve as your student’s personal crafting hub and adjustable home base.

Unlocking these stations will allow you to make items like potions and food for your companion animals. It seems like time is needed to create potions, plants, and other stations, but it isn’t clear if this is actual world time or just in-game time.

Can I pre-order Hogwarts Legacy?

The Hogwarts Legacy preorders have officially started. You can guarantee yourself a copy of the game on its release day this coming winter by preordering it from either GAME or Argos. As the date gets closer, more stores should add product pages.

Hogwarts Legacy New Trailer Details And Release Date Appear Online

The next-gen version of Hogwarts Legacy is expected to retail for £69.99 GBP, while the previous-gen version is predicted to retail for £59.99. Differences between the two versions are likely to include improved loading times and visuals in the next-gen release.

What platforms can I get Hogwarts Legacy on?

Hogwarts Legacy has been confirmed for release on the PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy has also been confirmed. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to play on Google Stadia or Amazon Luna, you’re out of luck.

What is the Hogwarts Legacy story?

‘Explore Hogwarts in the nineteenth century,’ the official synopsis reads. You play a student who knows an ancient secret that could destroy the wizarding world. Gather support, engage in combat with evil wizards, and determine the future of the magical community. ”

This is basically Hogwarts, except it takes place centuries before Harry Potter was even born! Also, while this is clearly influenced by the books we’ve all read for years, J.K. Rowling has no hand in it and this is not a brand new story.

The recent gameplay trailer revealed that both the player’s character’s appearance and gender would be modifiable. They will enter Hogwarts as a fifth-year student, and they will be the only ones who can use the lost magic that they possess.

Your character will encounter Dark Wizards and look into rumors of a goblin uprising throughout the course of the game. Your plate will be full as you try to keep up with your studies and play catch-up with your more seasoned classmates, among other things.

Which locations are in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy may not feature any recognizable characters because of the time period in which it is set, but it appears that we can look forward to seeing all the usual hangouts and classrooms. Avalanche claims it’s an open world game, so expect to do a lot of adventuring both inside and outside the castle walls. Seasons change and you get to see the world beyond the castle as you go through the academic year.

Hogwarts Castle

It should come as no surprise that as students, we will be spending a great deal of time inside Hogwarts Castle. The reveal trailer gave us a glimpse of the familiar exterior as well as the massive great hall.


Hogsmeade, a small town close by, appears to play a significant role. There, you can also buy ingredients for potions and clothes for your character, and there will be some action in the story.

Forbidden Forest

The trailer also shows a student venturing into the Forbidden Forest to battle the shadowy sorcerers.

What spells and abilities will be in Hogwarts Legacy?

These are the confirmed spells and abilities for Hogwarts Legacy; more will be announced as the game gets closer to its release date.

  • Accio, the ability to attract nearby objects.
  • The killing spell known as “Avada Kedavra.”
  • Drop something heavy on the ground after picking it up.
  • Diffindo means to sever, separate, or break into pieces.
  • Want to be hidden? Cast the Disillusionment Charm! If you need a spell, this is it.
  • Expelliarmus is a spell that can be used to disarm an opponent or remove an item from their hands.
  • Incendio: to set something ablaze.
  • Create a ball of light (a “Lumos”) to illuminate your surroundings.
  • The use of Petrificus Totalus renders an adversary helpless.
  • Protego – Converts into a shield, deflecting any incoming damage from spells or weapons.
  • Repair – to make whole again; to fix.
  • To stun an opponent for a few seconds.
  • Lets you float! Wingardium Leviosa.

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Is Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy?

Nope! The story takes place in the 1800s, so the kid who made it isn’t even born yet. Even though you won’t be able to play as Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy, the game’s character creator should make it possible to make a wizard student who resembles Harry.

Given the time period, players shouldn’t expect to see many familiar faces, but a brief clip of a student chatting with Nearly Headless Nick the ghost was shown during the gameplay reveal. Possibly some other non-physical characters should make an appearance.

Here’s what we know about character creation

So far, the gameplay demonstration has only shown a small sample of the character customization options available. These options include different hairstyles and colors, skin tones, and scars. After finalizing your character’s physical attributes, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose the student’s Hogwarts house.

In addition, Portkey Games discusses the ability to change your character’s appearance mid-game with the clothes you find in Hogsmeade’s shops.

Creating a student at Hogwarts Legacy in 2021, according to a Bloomberg report, will allow you to independently select a male or female voice, body type, and dorm placement as a “witch” or a “wizard”.

In an effort to make Hogwarts Legacy as welcoming as possible, Bloomberg reports that “some members of the development team have fought to make the game as inclusive as possible,” advocating for features like character customization and the inclusion of a transgender character. People with knowledge of the project have said that there was initial resistance to adding character customization, but that it is now a part of the game. ”

Who are your companions?

Portkey Games has stated that you can become involved with the stories of a select group of students in the story, and that these characters will eventually be able to travel with you and fight alongside you. So far, we have identified the following individuals:

Natsai Onai is a Gryffindor, which means she is a courageous adventurer who is motivated by a desire to do what is right. ”

Poppy Sweeting is a Hufflepuff with a “good nature” and a passion for mystical creatures. ”

A Slytherin who is “unafraid of detention or breaking the rules” is Sebastian Sallow. ”

Hogwarts Legacy trailer

When the first trailer for this game was shown at the PlayStation 5 showcase event, fans of the wizarding world went wild with anticipation. Check out the stunning Hogwarts Legacy trailer for yourself while you wait for the official release date to be announced.

Rumoured Harry Potter game is reportedly set for 2021 release date | London  Evening Standard | Evening Standard

There’s reason to be skeptical of Hogwarts Legacy’s attempts at inclusive representation

Although the focus of Hogwarts Legacy is on the history of the wizarding world, it will also include some interesting facts about the real world.

J.K. Rowling’s connection to Hogwarts Legacy has been called into question in light of her recent transphobic remarks(opens in new tab), which have angered many lifelong Harry Potter fans. WB Games says in a frequently asked questions section on its website that while Rowling “is not directly involved in the creation of the game,” her “extraordinary body of writing is the foundation of all projects in the Wizarding World.” Portkey Games is responsible for the story of Hogwarts Legacy. ”

In response to Kotaku’s inquiry (opens in new tab), Warner Bros. declined to comment on whether or not Rowling would receive royalties from sales of Hogwarts Legacy.

Concerns were also raised by some fans about videos made by Hogwarts Legacy lead designer Troy Leavitt, who previously hosted an anti-social justice channel on YouTube. In his videos, Leavitt expressed views favorable to Gamergate and dismissed the #MeToo movement as a “moral panic.” ”

Leavitt said in a video from 2018 that he was relieved to report that disclosing his YouTube channel to WB Games had not caused any problems. Not that they agree with anything I’ve said, of course, but at least they seem to care more about creating entertaining games than advancing some sort of social justice agenda, so there’s that. ”

Two weeks after the videos surfaced online again on March 4, Leavitt announced his decision to leave Avalanche Software in a tweet(opens in new tab). The game, the development team, and WB Games have all earned my highest praise. ”