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Over 20 unique minigames await you in Fall Guys. If you want to know the ins and outs of how to win every game, check out this guide.

Over the course of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, you’ll compete in over twenty-five different “rounds,” or mini-games, each of which features a unique platforming or sports-themed challenge.

Furthermore, there is a different set of guidelines and strategies to remember for each round.

In this walkthrough, we’ll show you the best methods for conquering each Fall Guys minigame.

As more minigames are added to the game in future updates, be sure to return here for updated strategies.

Everything to Know About Fall Guys Free-To-Play

Back To Season 1

The release of Fall Guys on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch marks a new beginning for the series. This effectively makes the new season Season 1: Free for all.

There will be a large number of first-time participants in the battle royale. Mediatonic intended for first-time users to feel like they were in the thick of things. That’s why the upcoming June release of the free-to-play version of Fall Guys will feature a brand new season to ease players into the game.

Tips and tricks to winning in Fall Guys - Dot Esports

CrossPlay & Cross Progression

The goal of this updated version of Fall Guys is to foster unity among locals. Cross-platform play will allow gamers to compete with their friends from any platform. The ability to form a gaming party with friends across platforms is now a reality. Cross-development is a natural byproduct of incorporating cross-play. Transferring FallGuys progress from PS4 and PC to Xbox One and Switch is now possible.

Season Pass

The season pass is a new feature in Fall Guys. Show-Bucks, the game’s new currency, can be used to buy this updated function. With the Season Pass, you can unlock new outfits and other bonuses. At launch, there will be 100 levels in the Season Pass to complete, and once those are all unlocked, the next Season Pass will become available.

Release Date

The 21st of June sees the release of Fall Guys for free on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Scheduled availability of Season 1: Free For All is detailed below.

  • U.S. Eastern Time: 8:00 a.m.
  • Pacific Coast It’s 5 a.m. in the US, Pacific Time.
  • Time in the UK: 1 PM BST
  • Europe – 2:00 pm CEST

Prior to the start of the Free For All season, anyone who registered will receive rewards based on the following community benchmarks:

  • 500,000 Player Nameplate for Keen Bean
  • 3.5 thousand kudos (1,000,000 users)
  • Skin with a Burger Design – (1.5 million users)
  • Muscleman GIF – 2 million users
  • Costume: a melonhead (2.5 million players).

Fall Guys Season 1 Mini-games

The first season of Fall Guys aired from August 4, 2020, to October 8, 2020, and it featured the following minigames.

Dizzy Heights

Sorted By: Race

Dizzy Heights is one of the less difficult obstacle courses, but its many rotating platforms can still throw you off balance.

Jumping on and off the platforms at strategic times can help you gain speed, which is why we recommend doing so.

When you get to the parts of the level where the balls are moving, you’ll want to pay attention to the direction from which they’re coming so you can avoid getting hit.

Door Dash

Label: Ethnicity

In Door Dash, you have to avoid the false doors and make your way to the end zone by jumping through the real ones. However, if you make the incorrect decision, you may quickly fall behind.

It’s in your best interest to take it easy for a while and let the people in front of you do the heavy lifting. Because of this, you’ll have an easier time identifying fake doors.

When you’re down to the wire, it will help to push yourself forward and recover more quickly if you jump and dive down the big drop.

Fruit Chute

Label: Ethnicity

The sheer number of obstacles in Fruit Chute makes it one of the more challenging racing minigames.

After all, you’re on a moving conveyor belt that’s slanting downwards, there are no walls, and enormous fruit is being fired at you from above.

Don’t worry; there’s an easy way to ensure your success and reach the goal. Keep to the left and right sides, close to the pink bumpers, and avoid the middle lanes.

These spots are safer from falling fruit, more private, and less busy than the rest of the park.

Gate Crash

Label: Ethnicity

The challenge of Gate Crash lies in timing your jumps through the various gates, each of which follows its own unique pattern.

It may take some practice before you find your rhythm, but as long as you keep in mind to utilize your jump and dive skills to close the gap, you should be fine.

When you reach the slick ramp, rather than taking a step down, jump right away. If you do this before the final jump, your character will gain speed and momentum in preparation for the landing.

Hit Parade

Label: Ethnicity

Hit Parade’s opening stages have you traversing blue and orange beams to get to the other side. The blue ones won’t slow you down, but the orange ones, when hit at the right angle, will cause your character to bounce off and continue moving.

The best strategy for the rotating walls is to coordinate with other players to spin it in the desired direction. After that, you’ll have to squeeze between two more moving walls. If you find that the primary entrance is too congested, you can use the side doors on either the left or the right.

Walking in a straight line will guarantee that you get knocked down at the swinging balls area. Instead, move in time with the balls so that you can sneak past each one.

To get past the final challenge, you’ll need to navigate your way through the slime while avoiding the pillars and other players.

See Saw

Label: Ethnicity

See Saw can be a breeze or a nightmare, depending on the people you play with. If there are too many people on one side of the see-saw, it will begin to tilt, causing your character to slip and fall off.

Don’t forget to do what you can to help out. If you notice that one player is tipping the board too far in one direction, you should move to the opposite side. However, you should take advantage of any chance you get to advance to the next checkpoint.

Slime Climb

Label: Ethnicity

When compared to the other minigames in Fall Guys, Slime Climb stands out as one of the most difficult. You must make your way through a horde of hazards as they gradually dissolve into a slimy puddle. Fortunately, there are a number of quick wins to be had in this game.

If you can get your character onto the bumper near the wall in the first section, they will bounce up to the next level, bypassing the ramp entirely. The next part of the level contains rolling balls, and a shortcut can be found by entering the final opening before the turn and jumping onto the platform.

To get to the other side of the conveyor belt, just keep heading right and forward while avoiding the pillars. When you reach the ramp, jump onto the bumper beams and walk across them carefully so that you don’t land at an angle and bounce off.

Avoiding the spinning hammers on the slime ramp is the key to success. From the top, make your way through the slime while avoiding the moving pillars, and take a right turn when you reach the final stretch. Keep in mind the cadence of the swinging balls as you make your way around them.

The Whirlygig

Label: Ethnicity

The Whirlygig is like a lot of other minigames in that its difficulty rises as you progress through it. Since the barriers prevent your character from going off the edge of the map, the first part is nearly foolproof.

Once you install the propellers, however, you’ll notice a marked increase in speed. Jumping and diving will give you the best chance of slipping between the blades of each propeller.

If you plan on staying in the middle lane for the remainder of the race, this is a must. Take it slow and watch the rotating beams on each step carefully.

Tip Toe

Discourse: racial

While the mechanics of Tip Toe aren’t as involved as those of some other minigames, your success or failure is still partially determined by the choices made by the other players.

When one person uncovers a section of the secret passageway, it becomes visible to everyone else. This can make it all too easy to sit back and hope that things work out for the best.

If you don’t want to risk being knocked off by other players, you might want to consider sticking with the pack as they slowly advance and reveal more of the path.

You can always take a chance and jump onto a nearby tile if you’re in a hurry. If the other players are getting close to the end, make sure you leave yourself enough time to catch up.

Block Party

Aspect: Making It Through

The game of Block Party is simple, but there are a few strategies to remember. For one, you want to give yourself as much space as possible to avoid colliding with other players in midair and fumbling the ball.

If you want to avoid the crowds, it’s best to stand at either end of the platform. If you stand at the front, you’ll have more time to fix any mistakes you make, while those in the back will have more time to get ready for the next block.

Jump Club

Classification: Thriver

You can play Jump Club either by standing still and waiting for the green beam to come to you, or by running in circles and desperately trying to outrun it right up until the very end.

It can be difficult to judge how much room you have to clear the jump when the speeds of the two beams are deliberately offset to throw you off. Our research suggests that the best tactic is to adapt to changing circumstances.

If you find a large opening, you can wait for the beam to find you. When the clearance between you and the beam begins to narrow, make sure you have room to maneuver by moving closer to or farther from it.

Fall Guys Guide: How to win at Jump Club | GINX Esports TV

Roll Out

In the realm of survival

Roll Out is likely the least difficult of the Fall Guys minigames. If a platform begins to tilt to one side, all you have to do is get off of it as soon as possible.

There are a few gaps in the floor that should be noted, but they’re not hard to spot. Since the middle of the stage is typically occupied by players, you may want to consider standing on either end to give yourself some space.

Tail Tag

In the realm of survival

When the round is almost over and you still don’t have a tail, it’s normal to feel some anxiety while playing Tail Tag. The worst case scenario is when your tail is snatched at the very last second.

To avoid this tragedy, you should grab onto someone’s tail and race to the central platform where the giant spinning hammer is located.

When you get here, you can either hide under the bridge platforms and make a break for it if anyone spots you, or you can wait by the hammer’s pole and hope no one comes your way.

Never forget that pressing L2 will spotlight the names of nearby players, revealing the hotspots.

Perfect Match

Aspect: Making It Through

Unless you’re the type of person who struggles with memory games in general, Perfect Match shouldn’t present too much of a challenge. Then it’s as simple as observing other players to determine the correct move.

The game gives you a brief window of time after the fruit reveal to get to the correct tile. You can usually tell which tile is the correct one by looking at where the most people are standing.

Egg Scramble

Group: Sports Teams

To succeed at Egg Scramble, you must have a firm grasp on the idiosyncratic grab mechanics employed by Fall Guys. In addition, having your teammates help you steal eggs and defend your nest is crucial to winning.

However, the odds can be tipped in your favor if you join forces with an adversarial group to annihilate a third. If you’re on Blue and you see that Red is way ahead, you should probably work together to bring Yellow down instead.

Last but not least, remember that gold eggs are worth twice as much as regular eggs and should be snapped up immediately.

Fall Ball

Group: Sports Teams

One of the more forgiving team minigames, Fall Ball is essentially soccer with giant balls and multiple balls in play at once.

You need to pay attention to both nets if you want to win this match. Players’ natural tendency is to try to score as many points as possible, even if doing so means they neglect their own net.

Two defenders and a full offensive lineup is the ideal formation. If you’re looking for an easy way to score, just headbutt the ball in the direction of the enemy goal as soon as it spawns.


Label: Group Work

Like Egg Scramble, Hoarders is simplified when you and one of the other two teams have something in common.

If you’re on Red and you notice that Blue has more balls, you should avoid their area and concentrate on taking out Yellow.

Keep an eye on your balls and make sure the other teams don’t steal them once you’ve moved into first or second place.

Hoopsie Daisy

Group: Sports Teams

Spread out across the playing field and use the jump-dive technique to get through as many hoops as possible; this has proven to be the most effective method we’ve found for winning Hoopsie Daisy.

Your team’s odds of victory will increase, and rival teams won’t be able to establish themselves as easily.

Keep at least two players on the move to cause trouble for the opposing teams even if you have control of a large portion of the map.


Group: Sports Teams

You play Jinxed with the intention of not getting jinxed by the other team while simultaneously jinxing every member of the opposing team.

It all comes down to personal preference and how you like to play the game.

Hide in inaccessible areas, like the spinning platforms on either side of the map, to avoid being jinxed.

Rock’ N’ Roll

Group: Sports Teams

To win Rock’n’Roll, you and your team must work together to either be the first to get your ball into the goal or to stop the other teams from doing so.

Keep in mind that you can prevent an opposing player from interfering with your ball by grabbing them with R2 or simply blocking their path.

Team Tail Tag

Group: Sports Teams

In Team Tail Tag, there are more tails to steal, making for much more chaos than in the solo version.

Having a single tail isn’t enough to win; instead, your team needs to have the most or second-most tails to claim victory.

You can only trust other players if they also have tails, so once you do, it’s in your best interest to band together with them.

Fall Mountain

Tags: Conclusions

The final minigame on Fall Mountain is among the most challenging because of how difficult it is to recover from a poor start.

If you want some protection from the roving balls, we recommend sticking close to the left or right wall.

Your character is safe from the hammers if he or she can either swerve to avoid being hit or cause the hammers to strike the character from the front. Don’t forget that you need to seize the crown with R2 (touching it won’t do anything).


Label: Conclusion

Your first inclination may be to play Hex-A-Gone for as long as possible at the highest level possible, but there’s a better strategy.

If you let yourself fall to the very bottom, you can start removing tiles as you walk around. There will be no other players left when you run out of ground to walk on.

Jump Showdown

Tags: Conclusions

Similar to Jump Club, however, the stage in Jump Showdown gradually disintegrates as the round progresses.

If you want to avoid getting too close to other players, the edge is where you want to be. Risky as it may be, one strategy for eliminating competitors is to grab onto them just as the beam is about to pass overhead.

Royal Fumble

Label: Conclusion

Considering that Royal Fumble is merely Tail Tag played solo on a different map with new obstacles, the strategy is identical. You should just try to anticipate the tail’s movements so you can avoid them.

If you’re in the lead, it’s best to use ramps and spinning platforms to confuse your opponents.

Fall Guys Season 2 Mini-games

All of these minigames debuted in the first season of Fall Guys, which aired from October 8, 2020, to December 7, 2020.

Knight Fever

Label: Ethnicity

One of the new Season 2 minigames is called Knight Fever, and it involves completing a long obstacle course. The first part is simple; just wait for the spinning blades to pass you by before proceeding, and steer clear of the holes.

When you get to the spinning cones, raise the camera for an elevated perspective. Focus on the nearby cones only and hold off on moving forward until the way becomes clear.

There’s just enough room to jump (or jump and dive) down the slime between the blades’ paths to get over the next section of spinning blades. Thicc Bonkus, a huge wooden log with spikes along both sides, awaits you in the next section, and you must avoid it at all costs.

Each of the two of them acts like a slow-moving pendulum, swinging back and forth. Both can be avoided by staying on the outermost path and waiting for the log to pass before continuing forward while keeping an eye out for holes.

The remaining challenges are the elevating bridges. It’s tricky to time, but whichever bridge is up when you get close is the one you want to go for, as the other one will likely be flat by then.

Wall Guys

Type: Race

The objective of the racing minigame Wall Guys is to use movable blocks to scale castle walls. This round is unusual in that it requires players to work together. However, if you strike out on your own, you’ll greatly increase your odds of coming in first.

Since each section typically has a distinct path by default, our first piece of advice is to refrain from moving any pieces. Instead of jumping down from the castle wall, you can gain height by climbing onto the green gaps that run along the wall.

Examining the adjacent blocks can help you determine the best route to jump on. If you are unable to reach the next block by simply jumping, try holding R2, or the right trigger. If all else fails, join the herd and go where they go.

Hoopsie Legends

Group: Sports Teams

In order to advance to the next round in Hoopsie Legends, you must complete a certain number of jumps through hoops before any of the other players. Like in the classic game of Hoopsie Daisy, regular hoops are worth one point, while gold hoops are worth two.

You need six points to make the cut, so speed is of the essence. To begin, try to avoid other groups of players as you concentrate on any nearby hoops.

Most hoops can only be accessed by blocks or bridges, so it’s best to be up high. The central bridges are a good place to look for hoops if you’re not sure where else to look.

Egg Siege

File under: Team

Egg Siege is essentially an advanced version of Egg Scramble. The objective remains the same, albeit with much larger environments and higher stakes, to collect eggs and bring them back to your team’s nest.

At first, it shouldn’t be too difficult to transport an egg or two from the map’s center to your nest. When you’ve successfully relocated all of the eggs from the hub, you can turn your attention to the edges of the board in search of any remaining eggs.

If you can’t find any, you can always steal eggs from the nest of the opposing team. It’s more fun to form a mob and attack the group with the worst score than it is to try to win.

If your team is currently in last place, however, you should do everything in your power to prevent the theft of your gold eggs and to steal from other players.

Fall Guys Season 3 Mini-games

The third season of Fall Guys aired from December 15, 2020, to February 1, 2021, and it featured the following minigames.

Ski Fall

Label: Ethnicity

Like the classic children’s game Hoopside-Daisy, Ski Fall has you jumping through rings to score points, with the value of each ring changing based on its color.

The catch is that you need to time your jumps precisely because both the rings and your character are in constant motion if you want to earn enough points to advance.

Since you will be resurrected whenever you reach the bottom of the hill, you should aim for the final gold hoop, which is worth five points.

If you manage to do this three times in a row, you’ll have a significant advantage over the competition.

Freezy Peak

Discourse: racial

We see many parallels between Freezy Peaks and Slime Climb, another elaborate racing minigame. The objective is to reach the peak of a massive mountain while avoiding obstacles such as flippers, punchers, fans, and snowballs.

If you don’t want to be thrown backwards and have to dive past the flippers, it’s best to stay on the paths between them.

After reaching the snowball ramp, move slowly along the path closest to the punchers to avoid being hit.

In the final segment, you’ll want to get on the moving platforms as soon as possible, then quickly navigate through each gate until you reach the fan and are propelled to the icy finish line.

Snowy Scrap

Group: Sports Teams

In Snowy Scrap, players collaborate to grow a ball by rolling it over snowy areas. The majority of the snow patches are located in the game’s central hub, which can be accessed by starting on a ramp and pushing the ball down.

Fall Guys - Season 3 - Snowy Scrap - YouTube

Your progress in this team-based minigame will, of course, be limited by the abilities of your fellow players. The punchers along the wall are a great asset, as they can propel your ball for longer distances and at higher speeds than your character can travel.

Tundra Run

Discourse: racial

One of the simpler new Season 3 minigames is Tundra Run, in which you must avoid snowballs, punchers, flippers, and fans on your way to the finish line.

There are two possible routes through certain areas; one is slightly safer but takes longer to complete, while the other is shorter but contains more perilous obstacles.

When possible, we recommend taking the slower but safer option, especially at the beginning of a project before anyone has qualified.

Thin Ice

Tags: Conclusions

Thin Ice is a Hex-A-Gone-inspired game in which you must stay alive until all of your opponents have perished.

The main difference is that instead of separate tiles, there is one massive block of ice composed of three levels, all of which shatter underfoot.

The key to victory is to explore the board until there are only a few other players left.

Select a region of the platform to concentrate on, ideally the one with the most ice tiles still available. You should grab tiles close to other players to hinder them and cut off their escape routes.

Pegwin Pursuit

Group: Sports Teams

In the team minigame known as “Pegwin Pursuit,” players work together to capture and hold on to evasive penguins for as long as possible.

The stakes are high, as your team will earn points for every second member who is holding a penguin.

If your team is ahead, you should focus on preventing the other teams from capturing a penguin rather than trying to catch one yourself.

If you and the opposing team decide to band together and attack a single color, you have a much better chance of winning the minigame.

Roll Off

Tags: Conclusions

The Roll Off minigame is the third and final new addition to the season. The basic premise remains the same: avoid the slime by constantly moving to new platforms.

It will become increasingly difficult to maintain your position on the rotating platforms as the speed of the platforms increases and the level of the slime rises.

To win this minigame, you should constantly be on the move to higher ground. Instead of worrying about what’s happening right now, you should think about what you’ll do next.

When does Fall Guys free-to-play launch?

The premiere of Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All is scheduled for June 21 all over the world. Launch times vary by region, but knowing when to expect it can help you prepare. You can check them out down here:

  • In the United Kingdom, at 1 PM BST
  • Europe – 14:00 CEST
  • Time: 8 a.m. on the US East Coast
  • U.S. Pacific Time Zone: 5 a.m.

What platforms will the free-to-play version be available on?

Fans can rejoice, as Season 1 of Fall Guys: Free For All will be accessible on PC and every major gaming console. This means the game will be available for free on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

This will be the first time the game has been made available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox, and it will also be the first time the PC version has been made available through the Epic Games Store.

The PS5 release will also feature streamlined loading times and improved performance.

What’s changing with free-to-play?

Since Fall Guys is now available exclusively through Epic Games, it has been removed from Steam. But have no fear!

Nothing will change for current franchise owners or players. Those who prefer to play on a personal computer can do so by purchasing a copy from the Epic Games Store.

The addition of cross-play and cross-progression has been confirmed by Mediatonic. As a result, you can now get together with your pals to play together regardless of the system they’re using.

What’s new?

On June 21, in addition to the re-release of Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All, the Legacy Pack will also be made available to players.

The Legacy Bundle grants access to the first season of the game as well as a Veggie Dog costume, a Feisty Dwarf costume, a Regal costume, a nickname, and a nameplate.

A new form of payment called Show Bucks is being introduced alongside the Season Pass. Pre-registrants for the game will also receive a set of bonus items.