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After enabling multiplayer mode, you and your friends or a random team of teammates can explore Minecraft Dungeons together. In order to help you out, I have compiled a quick tutorial below.

You can play Minecraft Dungeons solo if you like, but it’s a lot more fun with a group of people.

Because Mojang prioritized cooperation and dialogue in the game’s design, this is the case. Setting up a multiplayer session is a simple process, but there are a few things to consider.

This tutorial will show you how to set up Minecraft Dungeons for local and online multiplayer play.

We’ll also go over the impact of multiplayer on the game and the cross-platform compatibility of Minecraft Dungeons. Just a few simple commands and you and your team will be slaughtering Redstone Golems in no time.

Minecraft Dungeons Multiplayer Explained

Dropping in and out of a multiplayer session with up to three other players is a breeze in Minecraft Dungeons thanks to the game’s drop-in, drop-out multiplayer system. Every member of the party will spawn at the camp of the party host, where they can buy and sell equipment for emeralds and take on story missions.

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Mission difficulty scales automatically with the number of players in a given party, and the difficulty slider can be adjusted manually from the mission select menu. You have to beat the game on the easiest setting before you can unlock the higher difficulties.

Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize the following distinctions between solo and multiplayer modes:

  • With more than two players, the mission’s default difficulty level rises.
  • The Chat Wheel allows players to quickly and easily relay information to one another. To access the Chat Wheel, hit [T] on a PC keyboard or the ‘left trigger’ on a gamepad.
  • The Ender Pearl allows for instantaneous teleportation between players. You can teleport to another player by pressing [F1] on a PC keyboard or [R3] on a gamepad and then selecting that player.
  • When a friend is killed in combat, night falls on the remaining fighters. At night, whenever an ally falls, monsters will begin appearing at random nearby.
  • There is a 30-second window after an ally dies during which the team can attempt to revive them.
  • To bring back a downed teammate, simply stand next to their body and press left click on a computer keyboard or ‘A’ on a gamepad.
  • Allies that have been revived will have very little health, so they should be quickly healed with a potion.
  • Emeralds and loot drops are not shared and will be unique for each player. However, the arrows and food are pooled among the group.

How To Set Up Multiplayer

In order to play Minecraft Dungeons with a group, one player must take on the role of host and invite the others. Mojang says “at launch, local co-op and online multiplayer cannot be played simultaneously,” but up to four players can play together online or locally.

The steps required to initiate or join a multiplayer session are detailed below.

Local Co-op

All you need is a group of friends and their own gamepads to set up a classic session of couch co-op. That’s because in Minecraft Dungeons for PC, only one player can use the controls at once.

Once everyone is settled in, go to the main menu and select “Offline Game.” After that, everyone should activate their handheld gaming devices. Before spawning into your camp, they will be given the option to customize their character appearance.

Minecraft Dungeons ditches the split-screen method of co-op play in favor of a dynamic camera that zooms in or out depending on the player’s relative proximity to the party leader. If a team member gets too far away, the game will teleport them back to the leader.

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Online Co-op

Select “Online Game” from the main menu to begin setting up online multiplayer. Then, after setting up your base camp, you can start an online session for other players to join by clicking the “Start Online Game” button. To access your friends list, either press [F] on a PC keyboard or ‘Select’ on a gamepad and you’ll be taken there.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to add a player’s gamertag as a friend before they can join your session. When a player joins your session, their avatar should automatically teleport to your base. In addition to completing quests, players can barter with camp merchants, go on expeditions, and discover new areas.

You may be able to play Minecraft Dungeons on multiple devices at once if you are using a shared family account with multiple accounts linked to it. For the second player, the setup process can be particularly challenging. Microsoft, thankfully, has a tutorial available to help you bring in the rest of the family.

The ability to see your character in its entirety at all times and the flexibility to use your preferred controls are two of the most obvious benefits of online multiplayer over local co-op.

How to join friends in Minecraft Dungeons online multiplayer

The vast majority of users will be linking up with their pals for some cooperative online gaming. Unlike local multiplayer, you can use whichever control scheme you prefer and you can follow your own hero around each level without being limited to (splitscreen/a small area).

If you want to play with other people, you’ll need to add their Xbox gamer tag as a friend before starting the game. Once you’ve completed this, you can enter Minecraft’s underground levels.

Choose “online game” from the main menu to begin setting up a multiplayer game over the internet. View the online and offline statuses of all users here. Click “Start Online Game” to enter the base. In this window, select the Friends tab (F on most keyboards). In this section, you may request the presence of up to three additional players.

Having a family sharing account and linking your Xbox accounts with some friends makes it possible to play Minecraft Dungeons online on multiple devices at the same time. One of our shared accounts had trouble connecting, but another could play without any problems, so it’s not perfect. Here is a guide from Microsoft on how to accomplish this.

Unfortunately, you can’t yet play Minecraft Dungeons with your friends who have the Xbox One, PlayStaiton 4, or Nintendo Switch. However, there are things you can do in advance that will help. The prerequisites for cross-server play in Minecraft Dungeons are outlined in our handy setup guide.

Doe Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay?

Unfortunately, cross-server multiplayer is not available in Minecraft Dungeons at this time. Dungeons only allows you to play with people on the same system, whereas Minecraft has had cross-platform multiplayer for a while, allowing players across multiple devices to play together. However, cross-server play is coming to Minecraft Dungeons in an upcoming update, the timing of which is currently unknown. Check out our crossplay guide if you want to learn more about the many ways in which Minecraft Dungeons can be played together.

Minecraft Dungeons Crossplay Explained

Many players want to know if Minecraft Dungeons allows for crossplay, the feature that connects players on different platforms for live co-op gameplay. The game was released for Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, but it did not initially support cross-play between the platforms.

Eventually, Mojang has promised to release a free update that will bring crossplay support to Minecraft Dungeons.

Once implemented, the feature will enable cooperative play between up to four players using any combination of supported devices. Keep checking back for updates once we learn more about the cross-play capabilities of Minecraft Dungeons.

Does Minecraft Dungeons Have Split Screen?

There is no split-screen mode in Minecraft: Dungeons. Local multi-player support for up to four players on the same device remains, though the action will be centered on the designated leader. You can get a little farther away from player one because the camera zooms out a bit when there are multiple players, but the screen never splits. Someone will be teleported back to the first player if they stray too far from the starting location.

Minecraft Dungeons Guide: How To Set Up Multiplayer [Simple]


Does the game have online and local multiplayer functionality?

Up to four players can work together in Minecraft Dungeons, whether they’re playing online or locally. Each session can be customized to the number of players by adjusting the level of challenge, the number of enemies, and the amount of loot available.

It is not possible to engage in both local co-op and online multiplayer at the same time.

Does Minecraft Dungeons support cross-platform saves and multiplayer?

Join forces with your pals on Windows PCs and consoles. Join forces with players from other platforms in this free update to Minecraft Dungeons. For more information, read our piece on online multiplayer games that support multiple platforms.

You can also use Cloud Saves to store your Heroes in the cloud, making them accessible from any device that supports Minecraft Dungeons. For more information on using this function, check out Cloud Saves and Backing Up Heroes.

How can I get Minecraft Dungeons?

Aside from Minecraft, you can play Minecraft Dungeons on the following devices:

  • “Nintendo Switch,”
  • PlayStation®4,
  • OS X and later
  • Xbox, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass

The retail price for Minecraft: Dungeons: Standard Edition is $19.99 USD.

Minecraft: Dungeons is also playable on PC and Xbox One via Xbox Game Pass’ Standard Edition.

You can also purchase the Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition for $39.99 USD.

All of the following are included in this category:

  • The original Minecraft: Dungeons
  • DLC: The Jungle Awakens
  • Downloadable Content: Creeping Winter
  • To the Peaks of Howling DLC
  • The DLC, Flames of the Nether
  • DLC: Hidden Depths
  • Additional Content: The Void Reverberates
  • Authentic Hero Gear: Pass Skins, Cape, and a Chicken as a Pet

If you have the Standard Edition and want to get all the extras that come with the Ultimate Edition, you can do so by purchasing the Ultimate DLC Bundle for $19.99 USD.

Don’t lose track of us, as we have many free updates in the works.

What is included in the Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate DLC Bundle?

All six expansion packs, plus the Hero Pass skins, are included in the Ultimate DLC Bundle.

Is a physical release of Minecraft Dungeons available?

For the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One, you can pick up Minecraft: Dungeons: Hero Edition at a number of “brick and mortar” retailers. For more details, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for the Retail Release.

What is the difference between the “Win7 and up” version and the “Windows 10 (and above)” version of Minecraft Dungeons?

The two versions of the game are identical in terms of gameplay; the only differences lie in the means by which the game can be accessed, downloaded, and updated.

WARNING: Buying the game in one digital store does not give you access to it in another (i.e., buying on minecraftdungeons.net does not mean that you own the game on Windows Store, and vice versa).

Minecraft Dungeons for “Win7 and up” can be obtained by means of a launcher program that runs only on those systems.

There is no separate launcher for the “Windows 10 and above” version of the game, as it is distributed solely through the Microsoft Store app.

Is Minecraft Dungeons included in Xbox Game Pass?

If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, you can play Minecraft: Dungeons on your console and PC with the Standard Edition at no extra cost.

I want to be a part of the Minecraft Dungeons community, where can I find that?

Join the Minecraft Dungeons community by following @dungeonsgame on Twitter and checking out the Minecraft Dungeons official social channels.