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The superiority of the Kinsal gaming chair is due to its many features. Despite having some similarities to other chairs in its genre, it also has some features that set it apart. The Kinsal Leather chair has many wonderful qualities, such as:

ID Card The impressive comfort features of this chair are just the beginning. It’s easy to tell your chair apart from the rest of the Kinsal gaming chairs thanks to the ID card that comes with it. The chair’s unique identifier makes it simple to find solutions to problems and order replacement components. The ID card is also a fantastic tool for streamlining processes.

Capped-Wheel Hubs – The Kinsal Leather Chair’s hubcap wheels make mobility a breeze. They are not only quieter, but they won’t damage your floors either. They’re easily broken and easily replaced. They are sturdy and unlikely to crack under normal use.

Help for Health The head and lumbar pillows included with the Kinsal chair are just what your body needs after a long day of sitting. The chair’s pillows are detachable and adjustable so that you can find the perfect position for rest.

Assembly This Kinsal Leather chair requires only three simple steps to assemble, and the instructions are both clear and straightforward. Preparing the chair to be used will take a few minutes.


  • The Kinsal chair is fantastic, and it’s even better with the headrest and lumbar support pillows. The chair ensures you can enjoy your gaming sessions for as long as possible while still receiving the health benefits they provide. Long hours of gaming no longer pose a threat to your health.
  • With its sturdy construction, the chair can support users weighing up to 280 pounds. Gamers of greater stature need not worry that the chair will crack under their weight. A gamer of any size can comfortably sit in this chair.
  • The chair’s wheels are a fantastic feature. They’re silent on the floor and convenient because a player can get to anything they need without getting up.
  • Each Kinsal chair comes with a unique identification card, which is a nice touch. It becomes simple to keep tabs on any chair and to tailor services to each individual user. The ID cards also make it easy to exchange specific chairs when they wear out.


  • When only one step of assembly is required, doing so makes no sense.
Style Bucket Seat with a High Back for Racing
Measurements for a Chair 18’’ x 10’’
Dimensions of a Backrest 22.4’’ x 34.6’’
Limiting Factors 280 LB
Colors Those that are Black, Blue, Red, White, and Blue/White
Fabrication Supplies Materials: High-Density Shaping Foam, Steel, PU Leather, and Plastic
Cost Variation Budget



The Kinsal Gaming Chair takes its cues from the racing profile made famous by the DXRacer series of gaming chairs, which aims to evenly distribute the user’s weight across the chair’s back and seat for maximum comfort.

The chair has a steel frame that, while it is styled similarly to more expensive models, is poorly welded and therefore not as sturdy.

After more than 6 months of use, we discovered that the frame bent and distorted regardless of the user’s weight. The rods probably can cause holes in the fabric by pressing against it.

The high-density shaping form gives the PU leather upholstery a nice appearance, but it fails our comfort test for the reasons we’ll outline below.

The Kinsal is available in a wide variety of colors, and its initially pleasing appearance belies its true nature. However, we noticed that the design is tacky and cheap upon closer inspection.

We’d go so far as to call it a cloaked imitation of more established, higher-priced competitors. The chair isn’t worth the price because of its poor construction and numerous aesthetic flaws, such as loose stitching and PU leather that easily tears under the weight of heavier users.

The diamond-patterned upholstery and rubber PU wheels did little to improve the vehicle’s drab aesthetic.

There’s nothing wrong with this, though, because the Kinsal never claims to be anything other than a cheap and cheerful budget model. If you choose the Kinsal, adjust your expectations accordingly.


Kinsal Gaming Chair Review

Despite the company’s best efforts at marketing spin, the Kinsal remains an unpopular chair. Despite the fact that the chair is advertised as being suitable for heavier users, it is only suitable for those with a weight of 180 to 220 pounds.

After an hour or more of use, we noticed that the padding began to compress, especially in the seat and lumbar support cushion, despite the fact that the former is nearly 4″ deep.

Users with a weight distribution below 150 pounds may experience the unsettling contour of the frame pressing against the pelvis and other bones.

Heavy people sitting in it for any length of time will feel the seat’s hard sidings digging into their thighs and the frame prodding their backs.

There is a very slight forward tilt to the seat’s otherwise flat surface. The effect is unsettling. The chair is not as easy to “get into” as one might think a racing profile chair would be.

The Kinsal makes the same claims about its height-specific design. However, there isn’t enough padding at the front of the seat, so your knees might get sore. The seat and backrest are too large and deep for people of shorter stature to comfortably use the chair.

However, the Kinsal Gaming Chair does have some desirable qualities, most notably a soft and supportive headrest.

The controls are intuitive, and the footrest can be extended for added comfort. Because of its unsettling instability and lack of comfort, we avoided putting our feet up on the footrest for very long.

The resources used to make the footrest could have been put to better use enhancing other, more important features.

Although it suffers from the same collapse as the above-mentioned cushion, the adjustable lumbar support cushion still serves its intended purpose. The massage feature, which only has one mode, is pointless and poorly implemented.

The USB cable used to power the massage motor takes up a USB port that could be used for other, more crucial devices. Because of its length, we were always nervous about toppling our computer tower when we swiveled or shifted in our chairs.

When combined with the creaks and straining sounds made when swiveling or changing positions, the massage mode left us cold and generated more noise than relaxing vibrations.

In general, the chair is pleasant to use for less than an hour, but after that, the Kinsal’s true colors emerge as unpleasant.


Kinsal Chair

The Kinsal, despite being packed to the gills with amenities, fails to impress. The movable knobs are cumbersome and unresponsive even at their smoothest. Getting the mechanisms going may require a few tries.

As time goes on, the bolts that keep the chair together become increasingly lax. The Kinsal is not always the best indicator of dependability.

The backrest can be adjusted to a number of different tilt angles, but finding the one you need can be a pain. Because of its lack of comfort for extended periods of time, the fully reclined position seems unnecessary.

The armrests are not adjustable at all, and it was a complete roll of the dice whether or not the lever would actually raise the seat.

The length of the session is a major factor in determining whether or not the seat would remain at the appropriate height. Over time, the chair would gradually shift downward, causing us to experience a disconcerting sinking sensation.

The swivel works in all directions, but it makes a lot of noise. The tilt feature is so fragile that excessive use could cause serious harm. The wheels do their job but tend to fall off after a few months of regular use.


Kinsal Gaming Chairs

The seat and backrest of the chair are pre-attached before shipping, so there’s no need to spend time doing that when you get the chair home.

Although we had no missing or incorrect parts, we had heard horror stories from others who had to go through a lot of back-and-forth with customer service to get what they needed.

Poor translation from the original language has resulted in instructions that aren’t the clearest, but they get the job done.

The chair required some force to put together because several of the bolt holes were either misaligned or too small. Just like the rest of the chair, it appears the manufacturer skipped quality control before sending it out the door.


The Kinsal gaming chair is a great buy for the price. You should not, however, anticipate the same level of quality as a premium gaming chair. In addition to providing high-quality gaming chairs that are built to last, Kinsal also offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

But that’s not all; the non-artificially damaged or defective parts are covered for free replacement or repair for a full year. The warranty and guarantee policies offered by Kinsal have been satisfactory to us.

Customer Support

You can expect to be let down by the customer service. As many purchasers have noted, Kinsal’s customer service is notoriously unresponsive. You will likely have a hard time getting in touch with customer service if you run into problems with your order’s shipment, refund, damage claim, or anything similar. But it’s not all bad news; the vast majority of people have received their Kinsal Gaming Chair by the promised date. The Kinsal gaming chair additionally features:

  • 30-day money-back/exchange guarantee with no hassles
  • All natural wear and tear is covered by the 1-year, no-questions-asked replacement warranty.

Kinsal Gaming Chairs – Alternatives

No need to weep over the disappearance of the Kinsal chairs; we’ve got superior replacements on hand.

Customers felt that the $100-$200 price tag that was being asked for the chairs was excessive.

We think there are better options available to you at this price point right now, and we’d like to show them to you.

1. HugHouse Musso Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair The Overall Best Kinsal Gaming Chair Alternative

The first alternative on our list that received a five stars rating from our team is the HugHouse gaming chair.

We understand if you haven’t heard of the HugHouse ergonomic chair; its parent company “MUSSO” doesn’t put a lot of resources into marketing, preferring instead to focus on improving the quality of their reasonably priced gaming chairs.

The HugHouse chair is the best gaming chair available. Sadly, only Musso uses high-density thick sponges in their console gaming chairs, but we’ve found that this is one of the best ways to guarantee a comfortable and ergonomic sitting experience for your customers.

With its ergonomic metal frame, 90-170 degree reclining angle, padded headrest pillow, lumbar support cushion, movable armrests, tilt function or rocking function, and metal frame, this chair is a must-have!

To us, it’s reassuring to see that the makers of a reclining computer chair have given careful consideration to every detail by using a metal frame to hold the office chair together rather than wood or some other material.

We were not given permission to embed the manufacturer-created video into the article, but you can check it out on the product’s Amazon page.

Black, Black & Orange, Black & White, Pink & White, and 2 Varieties of Camouflage Patterns are the colors & patterns that can be chosen from.


  • Weight: 49 lbs
  • Optimal levels: Max weight: 300 lbs.
  • Slouching position: 90-(or)-170 degrees
  • Warranty: 365 days
  • Base that rotates a full circle
  • Cushioning for the neck and lower back: Adj. possible
  • Primary Component: High-density, thick sponge and soft PU leather


  • The lumbar and headrest of the racing-style gaming chair can be adjusted for comfort.
  • Useful rocking action
  • One hundred and seventy degrees of recline
  • The armrests on this chair can be adjusted to your desired height.
  • Consistently ergonomic layout
  • Those of a larger stature will find a comfortable fit.
  • It’s stunningly beautiful.
  • Thick, high-density sponge stuffing
  • Wooden back panel is replaced by an ergonomic metal frame
  • Excellent feedback from previous clients.


  • The first 30 days are replacement or money back guaranteed, and the remaining year is a parts-only warranty.
  • The assembly process could be challenging (but shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes).

2. GTRacing Gaming Chair – The Runner-Up Kinsal Gaming Chair Alternative

When we think about a Kinsal gaming chair alternative one of the first options that come to mind at that price is the GTRacing racing chair and for good reasons.

GTRacing has quickly become one of the industry’s most reputable gaming chair brands, and their cult following keeps growing by the day.

The ergonomic gaming chair has a star base with casters for easy mobility, an adjustable rocking angle (from 10 to 20 degrees), height-adjustable armrests, ergonomic styling, and a headrest and lumbar support that can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

When shopping for a reclining computer chair, people who are on the larger side may have concerns that the product won’t be a good fit. This is one that we think big and tall people will enjoy!

There is a rainbow of hues available to you as well! This ergonomic office chair with a lumbar support pillow comes in a variety of colors, including red, black, purple, blue, and gray.

The only thing that could make this chair better is if it had a footrest that could be retracted when not in use.


  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Capacity up to 300 pounds
  • Slouching position: Temperature range: 90-(up to) 170
  • Warranty: 365 days
  • Turnable stand: a full rotation of 360 degrees
  • Pillows for the neck and back: Adj. possible
  • Primary Component: Ultra-Smooth Synthetic Leather


  • The ergonomic gaming chair can be adjusted in height and has a headrest and lumbar cushion.
  • Possibility of rocking, with a range of 10 degrees to 20 degrees
  • One hundred and seventy degrees of recline
  • The effective chair has a height-adjustable armrest to ensure the utmost comfort for your arms.
  • Comfortable ergonomics for long periods of sitting
  • The height-adjustable design of the gaming chair makes it comfortable for those of greater stature.
  • The reasonably priced gaming chair is both stylish and functional.
  • Strong focus on the customer


  • The first 30 days are replacement or money back guaranteed, and the remaining year is a parts-only warranty.
  • After six months to a year of use, the armrests’ comfort may begin to wane.
  • Customers have complained that the wheels aren’t great, making it difficult or uncomfortable to roll the product around the room.

3. Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair– The Best Budget Kinsal ergonomic High-Back Alternative

On our 3rd spot, we’ve got the Homall gaming chair that is available at an incredible price. Homall is one of the most popular gaming chair brands and their line of quality products is not likely to discontinue any time soon.

Among the best low-priced options available, this gaming chair features a durable PU leather upholstery, high-density shaping foam in the back, and a sturdy steel frame that is only 1.8mm thick. It reclines to an angle of 90 degrees to 180 degrees, has an adjustable headrest and lumbar support, an adjustable armrest, an adjustable height/tilt, and silent, high-quality wheels on a star base.

Even if you’re tall, the low-cost gaming chair will provide comfortable support. Customers over 6 feet tall had nothing but praise for the reclining desk chair.

We were unable to locate much information about the warranty beyond the fact that the gents at Homall will replace or refund your purchase in the event of installation issues, damage, or missing components. However, how long does the guarantee last? The truth is beyond our reach.

Combinations of black and gray, red, blue, and green are among the other color options.


  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Absorption rate maxima: A body mass index of 260
  • Slouching position Suggested Angle: 90° to 180°
  • Warranty: A mystery
  • Turnable stand: Completely encircling
  • Cushioning for the neck and lower back: Fully modifiable
  • Primary Component: Synthetic Upper and Molding Foam of High Density


  • The good gaming seat has a movable headrest and padded lumbar support.
  • The rocking mechanism
  • Reasonable Cost
  • One hundred eighty degrees of recline is the limit.
  • Comfortable ergonomics for long periods of sitting
  • It’s stunningly beautiful.
  • Super-sturdy metal construction
  • Gorgeous seating design.


  • The warranty details are unclear.
  • Only during setup are the armrests adjustable.
  • After three to four months, the armrests may begin to wiggle and loosen, requiring adjustment.

4.  Another Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair– The Kinsal Alternative With The Best Star Rating

Our 4 spot is occupied by yet another Homall gaming chair which is even cheaper than the one before. This is a great pick if you prefer a chair that has been tried and tested because it is an Amazon Bestseller with over 52 thousand customer reviews.

The seat of the game chair measures 19.8 inches by 20.5 inches, so you can imagine how spacious and comfortable it is. The high-density shaping foam in the bucket seat is another nice touch.

The ergonomic reclining chair is perfect for long sessions of gaming thanks to its adjustable headrest and lumbar support. The office desk chair is supposedly orthopedically and ergonomically designed and features a maximum reclining angle of 180 degrees, a sturdy heavy-duty base, and high-quality materials.

The fourth iteration of our best gaming chair is not significantly different from the third.

We were unable to locate any details about the warranty, so if you’re interested in ordering this gamer chair, you may want to inquire about it first.

Although the video gaming chair is offered in a variety of colors, only the black and white version is currently available for less than $100 (price is subject to change). Black and Red, Full Black, Black and Blue, Black and Gray, and finally Black and Purple are the other color combinations available.


  • Weight: 52.9 lbs
  • Absorption rate maxima: The 260-pound mark
  • Angle of recumbency: 90 degrees plus or minus 180 degrees
  • Warranty: Not clear
  • Turnable stand: Rotate a full circle
  • Back and neck cushioning: In a word, yes.
  • Primary Component: High-Density Shaping Foam and PU Leather


  • The lumbar and headrest on the gaming chair can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs.
  • The most comfortable reclining angle is around 180 degrees.
  • Outstanding attributes; ergonomic and orthopedic layout
  • Stout metal construction
  • It’s a pretty chair, actually.
  • Significant Cushioning


  • There is no mention of a warranty.
  • Armrests that cannot be adjusted
  • After three to four months, the armrests might begin to wiggle and loosening might be necessary.


The Kinsal Gaming Chair’s primary focus is on providing exceptional value for the money. The problem with this strategy is that it encourages sloppy work and a vague concept of quality.

In general, the Kinsal chair is a letdown and fails to live up to expectations.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a more comfortable chair for the same price.

The Kinsal could work in a pinch, but it’s better to wait until you can afford a more expensive but long-lasting option.

Kinsal Gaming Chair Review 2023 - Why This Chair Is BAD!

Kinsal Gaming Chair – FAQs

Why Choose The Kinsal Gaming Chair Over Others?

Answer You can get a gaming chair with multiple high-end features and a solid build for a low price, and it will last you for years. The design of the Kinsal gaming chair incorporates a number of novel aspects to provide the user with the comfort, durability, and longevity demanded by regular use. You can tell how popular the chair is by reading the reviews.

Answer The Kinsal gaming chair comes highly recommended and is a top choice for many gamers. The chair is a great buy for the money and it would be difficult to find a comparable alternative for the same price.

It’s not the best option for professional gamers or long hours of gaming, but it’s perfect for newcomers or gamers on a tight budget who still have high standards. The Kinsal gaming chair is a solid option, but if you’re hoping for something more plush, you’ll need to either up your spending or lower your standards.

Where Can I Buy The Chair?

Answer The authentic Kinsal gaming chair can be purchased from official sellers on the web and in physical stores. The biggest benefit of purchasing your chair from a physical store is that you can try it out in person to get a feel for the features before you commit to buying it.

In contrast, shopping online lets you examine multiple vendors’ offerings side by side, without ever having to leave your house or office.

What Are Its Shipping Regions?

Answer The gaming chair is available for shipping only within the United States at this time.

Does The Chair Design Feature A Footrest?

Answer The Kinsal gaming chair does, in fact, have a footrest that can be retracted.

Does It Come With A Warranty?

Answer: Yes, a brand-new Kinsal gaming chair is covered by a one-year warranty and is exchangeable or returnable within 30 days.

Whereas, replacements for natural wear and tear are covered by the warranty.

Are Id Cards Unique To Every Single Chair? Can I Customize Them?

Each Kinsal chair has its own ID card, and no, you can’t have them renamed if you don’t like the names on them. The use of ID cards is crucial in facilitating service delivery for Kinsal. The ID card makes it simple to see which chairs require which supplies and locate them quickly.

Would The Kinsal Chair Make Noise When I Lean Back Or Rock?

The answer is (unfortunately) yes, the Kinsal gaming chair creaks when you lean back. The volume is just right; it’s not overbearing, but it certainly stands out in a totally silent room. It’s the same with rocking; you can hear the chair a little bit when you rock, but only if you’re in a very quiet setting. Such sounds are difficult to detect in a busy setting.

Does The Reclining Function Of The Chair Hold Steady?

The Kinsal chair’s recline function is so sturdy, it doesn’t budge even when tipped back 180 degrees. There’s no need to worry about a sudden collapse disturbing your siesta.

I’m 6’2”, Will This Kinsal Chair Be A Good Fit For Me?

Answer: Players who are 6’2″, 6’4″, or taller will have no trouble sitting comfortably in the Kinsal leather chair. The chair is designed to accommodate a wide range of body types and heights.

Can You Still Buy Them?

We looked all over the web, but no one seems to sell their chairs. We doubt you can still purchase their chairs.

Can I Still Get Replacement Parts For My Kinsal Chair?

Since the chair’s production ended in 2017, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find spare parts for your old desk chair.

Can You Still Make A Review On The Kinsal Gaming Chairs?

Since we can’t get our hands on one of their chairs, writing a review of them is out of the question at this time.