Updated at: 05-05-2023 - By: Leo Hall
You can find a simulation game for just about anything these days. The top oddball simulation games available right now are listed below.

Games in the simulation genre are particularly good at turning routine activities and jobs into compelling game loops.

Some simulations attempt to replicate reality as closely as possible, while others take a completely different approach. The end result is a surreal satire of a real-world event that mocks the simulation genre.

If you’re looking for a break from real life and more serious simulation games, we’ve compiled a list of the top weird simulation games for you to check out.

Keep coming back because we’ll be adding more games here, and while you’re at it, check out some of our other curated lists:

House Flipper

Empyrean, the creator

Available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

House Flipper is both a spoof on the genre of home improvement TV shows and a realistic simulation of the process of buying and selling houses. You can try your luck at making a profit by buying and selling digital real estate. Homes can be “flipped,” or sold for a profit, but only after they have been renovated and improved to attract buyers.

15 Simulator Games That Scratch Our WTF Itch - Funny Article

Not only are there extreme problems like roach infestations and piled-up trash left by squatters, but there are also urgent needs like rewiring sockets, changing fuses, and cleaning windows. Demolition, painting, and the purchase of new furnishings are additional options for those who want to go all out. Success requires the ability to adapt to the preferences of a wide variety of customers.

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Studios, the designers.

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Two Point Hospital manages to keep things light despite the fact that running a hospital might not seem inherently funny or all that weird at first. The streamlined systems for managing employees, decorating, and upgrading remove a lot of the randomness that is common in management simulations. Instead, you can do whatever you like in your hospital, including watching people get treated for completely implausible conditions.

In the case of the medical condition known as “lightheadedness,” the patient’s brain literally begins to glow. To treat it, you’ll need to have a doctor who has been trained to use a specialized machine that unscrews the patient’s light bulb and attaches a new, 3D-printed skull. The campaign features 15 different scenarios, each of which introduces a new and increasingly bizarre illness.

Job Simulator

Creation of Owlchemy Labs, Inc.

PC, PlayStation 4, and Meta Quest

The typical 9-to-5 workday is turned upside down in Job Simulator. In each section, you’ll try your hand at a new profession, from mindless office worker to unclean grill master to careless mechanic. You’ll be at the mercy of the game’s hilarious and unpredictable writing as you try to please your superiors and customers.

Each position you fill was created by robots that, at first glance, seem incapable of understanding human office dynamics. Nothing in Job Simulator works how you would expect it to, from a microwave that allows you to combine items to produce strange foods to a garbage can that shoots out confetti whenever you land a paper ball inside.

Slime Rancher

Created by: Monomi Park

PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Getting into ranching and making a living off of cattle seems like the ideal career path. The same, only on a strange planet inhabited by cute slime-based life forms. Slime Rancher is a farming simulation game in which you raise an army of adorable slime monsters to collect valuable resources.

You can improve your ranch’s living quarters, furnishings, and tools by accumulating and selling more materials. The strangest part of the game is that players can cannibalize each other by feeding their slime monsters to each other. Producing novel slime variants with the potential to produce high-value materials is an advantage of this approach. But if you make the wrong choice, you could end up killing everyone.

My Summer Car

Amistech Games, the Developer

PC-Based System

My Summer Car is the answer to the question, “What was summer like in Finland in 1995?” if you’ve ever found yourself sitting and wondering. The game is advertised as a simulation of working on cars, but its controls and artificial intelligence are some of the worst we’ve ever seen. Everything looks very deliberate, we think.

The goal of the game is to methodically construct a car from scratch using various components found in your garage and at a nearby shop owned by a jerk named Teimo. Your character’s hunger and thirst gauges will steadily decline, and random NPCs will try to run you off the road.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Landfall Games, the creator

Xbox One, and Personal Computer

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a game in which you, as the name suggests, simulate battles with the help of a less-than-optimized physics engine. You can fight battles from all periods of history, from the Middle Ages to the present day, and even interact with witches and skeletons if you so choose. In exchange for resource points, each faction offers a wide variety of bizarre units.

The idea of devising a ridiculous strategy, such as using seven wheelbarrows to defeat an army of Roman soldiers, is appealing, but it is even more exciting to actually see the chaos unfold. You can take control of one of your units at any time, greatly improving or drastically worsening your chances of victory.

Overcooked 2

Team17 and Ghost Town Games are the developers.

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

In Overcooked 2, the concept of a cooking video game is blended with multiplayer and a healthy dose of mayhem. Up to four players compete against the clock to see who can get the most plates through the kitchen’s production line. The result is a mad dash to finish meal preparations before everyone goes crazy.

As more orders come in, the difficulty of the various stations on each map will rise, such as those for chopping, frying, boiling, and plating. The ability to hurl ingredients at other chefs from a distance is a welcome addition to the sequel, providing yet another means of venting anger.

Moving Out

SMG Studio & Devm Games

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Like Overcooked 2, Moving Out takes a mundane activity—rearranging your furniture—and turns it into a chaotic multiplayer experience. In this cooperative game, up to four players take on the role of trainee “Furniture Arrangement Relocation Technicians,” or “FARTs,” who are notoriously incompetent furniture movers.

After a few routine moves, you might find yourself transporting furniture across a factory, a moving airplane, or even meteors in space. The ridiculous physics simulation and awkward controls only add to the surreal atmosphere of the game. Because of its emphasis on cooperative play, you can count on arguing and laughing with your friends throughout the entire experience.

Viscera Cleanup Detail

RuneStorm, the programmer

Software: Personal Computer

You play the part of a janitor on a space station in Viscera Cleanup Detail, and your job is to clean up some truly disgusting messes. The game equips you with the usual janitorial implements like brooms and buckets, as well as some unusual ones, like a laser gun that seals off bullet holes, to help you accomplish your goal.

Most rooms have mangled corpses and alien intestines lying around, so you may want to remove your shoes before entering. In order to get the best possible score, you should clean thoroughly before each level’s conclusion. If you consistently perform poorly, you risk being sent to the garbage heap of space.

Surgeon Simulator

Bossa Studios, the creators.

PC, PS4, Switch, Android, iOS

Even though a sequel is long overdue, the first Surgeon Simulator is still good for a few laughs as you clumsily pry open a corpse. Even though it’s not the best choice for preparing to become a real surgeon, it’s some of the strangest fun you can have if you’ve ever wanted to perform a heart transplant on an alien or that one dude from Team Fortress 2.

Surgeon Simulator puts you in the role of a surgeon and tasks you with performing delicate procedures on patients while minimizing their blood loss. The controls in this game are notoriously difficult, making it all too easy to drop your tools, accidentally poke an artery, and generally turn every procedure into a bloody crime scene, making this a particularly challenging task.

Cultist Simulator

Weather Factory and Playdigious are the creators.

Systems: Windows, Android, and iOS

If you’ve ever wanted to become a master manipulator and usher in a new age apocalypse, Cultist Simulator gives you that chance. You play the role of a Seeker, a member of a 1920s-era secret society that sacrifices its members to ancient gods for the benefits of increased influence, intelligence, attractiveness, and vengeance.

The game is a roguelike card RPG in which you combine cards to increase your power and the power of your allies. There are numerous options, each with potentially different results, from converting your neighbors into minions to obstructing investigations into your clan’s activity to engaging in sacred rituals. You can see every move you’ve made and use that information to make predictions about the future.

PC Building Simulator

Claudiu Kiss and Irregular Corp.

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

The following example might not be strange in terms of gameplay, but it is certainly out of place in a video game. You can customize your virtual PC tower down to the power supply and individual components with PC Building Simulator. Options for personalization, such as liquid cooling, RGB lighting, and more, are surprisingly abundant.

Consider that this is being rendered on a game console, or more likely a gaming PC, and the whole thing takes on a meta level of significance. However, you can go the extra mile to ensure that your virtual PC is malware-free by running 3D benchmarks, an operating system simulator, and an antivirus program.

DEEEER Simulator

Produced by: Gibier Games

PC-Based System

Developer Gibier Games noticed a fundamental flaw in the Grand Theft Auto series that Rockstar was ignoring: there aren’t enough deer. Instead of spending their time lamenting the game’s lack of deer on GTA 5 message boards, the developers behind DEEEER Simulator created their own masterpiece.

You take on the role of a seemingly harmless deer with the goal of causing mayhem and amassing a devoted human following. You must navigate the city, converting humans to the deer religion using only the deer’s natural abilities, such as its sharp antlers and flexible neck, while avoiding encounters with the law enforcement. You can defend yourself with the weapons you find, drive vehicles, and even web swing between buildings like Spider-Man.


Washbear Studio, the creators

PC-Based System

The dinosaurs have not fared well in history, so it’s high time that humans do something fitting to honor their memory. These animals don’t need fancy museum displays to be remembered forever; they need their very own theme park. Not the Jurassic Park catastrophe you’re probably picturing, but rather a thriving environment in which they can flourish naturally while still making bank.

Parkasaurus is a tycoon management simulator in which players construct a dinosaur theme park from the ground up, complete with a variety of attractions and visitor services. There are more than 24 species to find and take care of in the game’s base game, which is still in Early Access on Steam. Or you could just let the AI loose in the park and see what happens.

The Strangest Simulator Games You Can Play

Hatoful Boyfriend

Mediatonic, Inc.

PC, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS

Hatoful Boyfriend is the best and weirdest bird dating simulator out there, if we had to make a bet. This is a bold claim, but we’re confident in our ability to back it up. In this game, you play as the game’s lone human student at St. PigeoNation’s Institute, a school for talented birds where they can learn to fly and find love in their spare time.

Many of the many bird friends you meet will try to woo you with romantic overtures and positive vibes. The choice of which birds are worth risking heartbreak for is ultimately yours to make. The game is surprisingly well-written, despite its strange premise and offbeat humor, with a plot that crosses over into other genres, hidden subplots to uncover, and multiple outcomes.

WWE 2K22

  • 2K Games is the publisher.
  • Visual Concepts, Inc., Developer.
  • Games can be played on the PS5, PS4, Xbox S/X, Xbox One, and PC.
  • Due out in March of 2022

With its stunning visuals and immersive gameplay structure, WWE 2K22 immerses players in the world of professional wrestling. WWE 2K22 is an exciting and enjoyable take on the long-running wrestling game franchise. It features a massive (and growing) roster of superstars and legends from the world of WWE and beyond, making wrestling simulation come to life. This installment of the wrestling game features significantly upgraded character models, providing a more realistic simulation experience. For those who enjoy fighting games with a strong connection to real-world entertainment, WWE 2K22 is a must-have.

Cowboy Life Simulator

  • RockGame, Oaza Games, Inc.
  • RockGame is the publisher.
  • PC-Based System
  • To Be Announced

Players of Cowboy Life Simulator are transported to the Wild West of the 19th century. Players will take care of their farms, gather materials, visit saloons, engage in gambling, defend themselves from bandits, and go on adventures. Not as good as the Red Dead games, but westerns don’t get made very often in video game form. Therefore, when it releases later this year, you should seriously consider purchasing this game if the setting and theme appeal to you.

Spaceflight Simulator

  • Stefo Mai Moronjna, the programmer
  • Stefo Mai Moronjna, Publisher
  • Operating System: Personal Computer
  • Drop Date: 2022

The primary goal of Spaceflight Simulator is to launch a rocket into space. It’s not as polished as the Kerbal Space Program series, but if you like tinkering with rockets and seeing what works, this could be a fun simulator. Each player will construct a rocket, fire it into space, and hope that it returns to Earth intact. We anticipate this game’s release this year, but it will be an early access version. As the game nears its full release, players can anticipate a steady stream of content patches and new features.

 Outlaw Driver Simulator

  • T-Bull, the creator
  • T-Bull, Inc.
  • PC-Based System
  • Publication Date: Not Available

In the Outlaw Driver Simulator, you take on the role of a dangerous street racer. You’ll be competing with other street racers as you speed around the city’s various roads. In addition to beating the competition, you’ll have to outrun the law if they find out about your illegal activities. The development team is also focusing on allowing players to customize their vehicles to give them an edge. The vehicle’s visual design and its working parts are both open to player modification. This may involve upgrading the intercooler or the brake discs, or even replacing the engine entirely.

I Am Jesus Christ

  • SimulaM, Inc.
  • PlayWay, Inc., Publisher.
  • PC-Based System
  • Availability: 2022

I Am Jesus Christ is a role-playing game in which you assume the persona of the historical Jesus. Players of this simulation game will experience several of the New Testament’s most memorable tales. Throughout the game, players will be able to perform miracles, spread the gospel, and save people’s lives. This game offers a fresh perspective on the fantastic tales they tell.

Thief Simulator 2

  • MrCiastku, the programmer
  • PlayWay, and Ultimate Games are the publishers.
  • Formats: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and XBox One
  • Not Available.

Maybe you’re thinking of Thief Simulator. The name of the game pretty much sums up the whole thing. The player assumes the role of a thief and must explore the city in search of valuable loot. For instance, players might explore a neighborhood, locate a house, sneak inside, loot it, and then escape without being discovered. However, there will be a continuation of the story. More of the same can be expected from Thief Simulator 2. You’ll be able to break into more houses, steal more valuables, and visit more locations. Players will keep plotting their assaults, eliminating guards, improving their equipment, and securing their loot as quickly as possible to avoid being caught by law enforcement.

Not For Broadcast

  • TinyBuild, Inc.
  • Creator: Game Maker
  • Digital Personal Computer
  • Official Publication Date: January 25, 2022

While it’s true that many games stick to a “basic mold,” it’s also true that occasionally games do something different. One excellent case in point is the series Not For Broadcast.

As the news anchor for the evening broadcast is in your hands in this game. It is your responsibility to maintain a fun atmosphere while also satisfying your superiors and the event’s sponsors. You’ll need to keep an eye on what’s happening in real time, censor inappropriate material, prioritize ads of the “highest quality,” and keep your audience engaged.

The game is darkly comedic and illustrative of certain aspects of working in television today. So give it a shot and see if you can keep the power on at the station.

Homeworld 3

  • Blackbird Interactive, the creators
  • Gearbox Publishing is the publisher.
  • Computing Device: Personal Computer
  • Due out in 2022

Later this year, Homeworld 3 will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For those unfamiliar with the series, this is a real-time strategy game taking place after the events of Homeworld 2. After a period of relative calm, trouble is on the horizon. Finding Karan is our last hope after discovering that the Hyperspace Gate Network is malfunctioning. The developers are also releasing a co-op mode where you and a friend can play the campaign together. If multiplayer isn’t your thing, you can still have fun with this game on your own. We’ll have to wait a while longer to see when exactly we can get our hands on this game, as its current release date isn’t until the end of 2022. However, since this game is a direct sequel to Homeworld 2, playing that installment first might be in your best interest. You should have plenty of time to finish the campaign before this release reaches stores.

Park Beyond

  • Limbic Entertainment, the creators
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc., Publishers
  • Hardware: X/S, PS5, and PC
  • Availability: 2022

There have been previous theme park simulator games. A traditional theme park is one that you help construct from the ground up, complete with rides, shows, and various services like food stands and decorations. From there, you’ll oversee the staff and make sure both customers and workers are satisfied. In contrast, in Park Beyond, players are tasked with creating their own version of a theme park. Game designers will give players carte blanche to build any kind of vehicle they can imagine, even if it’s physically impossible in the real world. That sounds like a fun and novel setup that will let your imagination run wild.

Medic: Pacific War

  • Hypnotic Ants, the Creators
  • Games Operators, Inc., the publisher
  • PC-Based System
  • Availability: 2022

There will soon be a military strategy game called Medic: Pacific War. You aren’t a regular soldier heading into battle against an enemy army. Instead of being a soldier, players become a medic in this third-person action game. Prepare for the next battle like it’s your job, and then jump right into the action. You must find wounded soldiers on the ground to aid while avoiding explosions and firefights. Getting them the care they need on the field is essential before bringing them back to a secure location. The creators, however, assure us that tough decisions, like which soldier to help, will be presented to the players. It’s possible that some of these decisions will affect the course of the fight.

Night is Coming

  • Wild Forest Studio, the creators
  • Ravenscourt Publications, Inc.
  • Machine Type: Personal Computer
  • Due out in 2022

In Night is Coming, the protagonists are immediately transported to a fantastical realm. The player is in charge of a settlement, which they develop by constructing buildings, gathering supplies, populating with new settlers, cultivating land, and eventually expanding. The game’s fantasy setting, however, means that players will also encounter fantastic beasts. These monstrous critters can suddenly appear and start attacking your people and property. It is up to you to strengthen your defenses, construct new buildings, and discover new strategies to keep the various beasts at bay.

Viking City Builder

  • Created by: Roslagen
  • Roslagen, Publisher.
  • PC-Based System
  • Not Available.

The player assumes command of a small band of Vikings who have recently pillaged a European town in Viking City Builder. Players who are ready to call one place home must start anew by constructing a Viking settlement atop the rubble of an earlier one they destroyed. This includes securing the safety of the community, securing supplies, and deciding where to construct various buildings like longhouses. The Europeans could return at any time and try to reclaim what was once theirs. To protect your community from harm, you must organize an army and train for conflict.

Men of War II

  • BestWay, Inc., Developer.
  • 1C Entertainment is the publisher.
  • Technology Used: Personal Computer
  • Availability: 2022

The upcoming real-time strategy game Men of War II is set in World War II. Players will engage in combat against enemies in the game through story-driven campaigns or in intense player versus player encounters. Both the Allies and the Soviets will be major players in this campaign. The game will have full mod support, which is great for giving it a new lease on life as time goes on. Because of this, anyone who wants to can make their own content and scenarios for the game. If you don’t want to play competitive online matches after completing the campaign, you can always look for new exciting adventures made by other players. It is currently expected that the game will be released this year, though we are still waiting for an official release date to be announced.

Terra Invicta

  • Pavonis Interactive, the creators
  • Hooded Horse is the publisher.
  • PC-Based System
  • Launch Date: 2022

A new 4X grand strategy game called Terra Invicta is on the horizon. The storyline of this game is rooted in the science fiction genre. The news of an impending alien invasion has reached Earth, and there seems to be no way to stop it. As word of the event spreads, different camps begin to form around how to respond. There are groups that are afraid and want to leave the planet, groups that want to go to war and repel the invaders, and groups that are excited about the invasion and want to welcome them with open arms. You’ll have to choose a stance on the political spectrum and fight to maintain your faction’s dominance. There will be competition for authority, supplies, and strategic advantage. Fans should be able to dive into the game sometime in 2022, following a successful Kickstarter campaign and a few years of waiting.

The Ranchers

  • RedPilzStudio, the designers.
  • RedPilzStudio, the publisher
  • PC-Based System
  • Not Available.

The premise of The Ranchers is not new. The player assumes the role of a protagonist who previously worked in the city but now prefers the rural lifestyle. The player’s farm will be a blank slate upon which they will build. Gathering materials, clearing land, building structures, planting crops, talking to locals, buying animals, gathering food, and making more improvements are all part of this process. After all, on a farm, there is always work to be done. Luckily, though, you can do it with your pals. In this game, up to four players can work together to run a farm.


  • The BlackMill Games Development Team
  • M2H, the publisher
  • Playable on PC, PS5, PS4, X/S, and Xbox One.
  • Due out in 2022

The military simulation Isonzo is set in the context of World War I. You’ll do battle with the bad guys across beautiful settings in Italy. The simulation genre, however, necessitates a greater commitment to historical accuracy. Thankfully, the studio behind this is well-known for its historical war games, such as Tannenberg and Verdun. As a result, the game’s uniforms, weapons, and environments should all be spot-on. In addition, there is online player-versus-player (PVP) for those who prefer more competitive matches, fitting for a war game.

The Strangest Simulator Games You Can Play

Occupy Mars: The Game

  • Created by: Pyramid Games
  • PlayWay, Inc.
  • PC-Based System
  • Not Available.

In Occupy Mars: The Game, the player assumes the role of an astronaut attempting to establish a colony on Mars. But you’ll find that this is a difficult test to pass. Players will explore the planet and need to construct various structures in order to survive. This entails amassing supplies and expanding your current stronghold. The end result will be habitat construction, water collection, energy harvesting, and crop production. That includes fixing any issues that crop up in your constructions that endanger your access to oxygen and food.

Two Point Campus

  • Two Point Studios, the creators
  • Author: Sega
  • Systems: X/S, PS4, PS5, XBO, NS, and PC
  • Availability: 2022

The creators of Two Point Hospital also released Two Point Campus. Almost certainly, you’ve heard of this game before. Players are constructing and managing their own unique university, much like Two Point Hospital. But it’s a funny game where you put together makeshift classrooms. These establishments will provide training for a wide variety of professions, from knighthood to gourmet cuisine. Then there’s the matter of expanding the campus with dorms and recreational facilities. The current plan is to have players take on the role of a school dean later on this year.

Frostpunk 2

  • 11 Bit Studios, the creators.
  • 11 Bit Studios, the publisher
  • PC-Based System
  • Not Available.

The exciting strategy game Frostpunk put players in charge of a band of civilians braving a brutal winter storm. With humanity on the verge of extinction, these remnant populations’ last chance lies in constructing a town around a massive coal generator. The city will be heated and powered by this. In the sequel we’re planning, oil will replace coal as the primary energy source. To keep the generator running, you’ll need to find nearby sources of oil while also continuing to construct new community infrastructure and new employment opportunities. Improvements to the town can be made in the same ways as in the original game. There will likely be ethically challenging options to consider, and if the citizens of your town don’t think you’re doing a good job as leader, you may find a mutiny has formed.

 Kerbal Space Program 2

  • Squad, Intercept Games, the developers.
  • Printing House: Confidential
  • PC, XBox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3
  • Release:

Playing as one of these itty-bitty critters in the exciting game Kerbal Space Program. The main objective is to construct rockets, and advanced rocketry is possible. The game relies heavily on trial and error as you try to construct a rocket without it exploding before launch, while in flight, or when attempting to land. The developers are working on a sequel, which will provide players with some additional reworked mechanics that will make constructing easier. Gamers can even set up space colonies. However, this also necessitates the collection of resources and the construction of new forms of infrastructure.

How To Bet Madden Simulations

1. Mobile Quarterbacks

How mobile is the team’s quarterback also matters. As a game, Madden is skewed toward quarterbacks with mobility. While passing has become more important in the NFL, a quarterback’s scrambling ability is still important in this game.

Mitch Trubisky is an excellent case in point. Honestly, he’s pretty terrible. (I apologize to Bears fans, but you must admit I’m correct.) He could be mistaken for Mitch Vick in Madden sims.

It is not reflected in their score how much of a boost Trubisky’s scrambling ability gives that offense. So keep that in mind as you make your choices.

2. Recognize The Glitches

The artificial intelligence is smoother than in NBA 2K, but there are still plenty of bugs to drive you crazy. It seems like poor clock management and failing to spike to halt the clock during two-minute drills are the most common, while the 60-plus yard field goal is my personal hell. (Greg Zuerlein is the only kicker I’ve seen make field goals from beyond 60 yards.)

If the teams I backed punted instead of trying hopeless 65-yard field goal attempts and giving the ball back at midfield, who knows how much better off I’d be. The Philadelphia Eagles are the most likely team to attempt this for some reason. As a lifelong supporter of the Giants, I’d love it if coach Doug Pederson used this tactic for real games.

Furthermore, the other team almost always scores a touchdown when this occurs.

3. Momentum Is Real

There’s a lot riding on momentum, like those missed FGs from 65 yards out. You can get the best odds by betting in real time. I’ve made a few bets where I doubled down on dogs that were trailing and was rewarded for doing so.

4. The Game Adjusts at Halftime

I’ve seen teams that dominated the first half suddenly go cold in the second half many times. The Kramer System, which recommends betting on unders in the first half and overs in the second, has a decent win percentage.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of The Dog

My best winning wager was on Detroit 420 against the Patriots. The Lions’ consistent failure to win this matchup in the real world has little bearing on the simulation. In fact, a team like the Lions is extremely dangerous because of the lack of Matt Patricia’s influence on the outcome.

6. Never Pay for Picks

Don’t pay any of these touts in the chat for their picks, as this is the last and possibly best piece of advice I can give you.

Since it is a simulation, random and unusual events are to be expected. Sports simulation has no equivalent to the Vegas Dave. Neither I nor you should have to spend money on picks, and I didn’t. If you’re not sure what to expect from the tournament, now is the time to learn the rules and get some practice in before it starts.