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The scope of Genshin Impact is impressive. Get started with Genshin Impact right away with this comprehensive beginner’s guide.

There’s no time like the present to pick up a copy of Genshin Impact and start playing.

After all, new updates only make the game more extensive and enjoyable. To be honest, we’re a little bit jealous of all the new players who are joining the game now that so many improvements and additions have been made.

However, the game, like most RPGs, overwhelms the player right away. The sheer volume of data and game mechanics you’re expected to retain at once can be overwhelming. Here’s a rundown of the essentials for newcomers to Genshin Impact.

What are Genshin Impact codes?

Genshin Impact codes are redeemable for a wide variety of rewards. Primogems and Mora, which are required for recruiting new characters and leveling up existing ones, can be obtained from them. However, on rare occasions, you may obtain items such as Cooking, Mystic Enhancement Ore for upgrading weapons, or Adventurer’s Exp for gaining experience. These perks are essential as you travel across Teyvat in Genshin Impact.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a free-roaming action role-playing game that makes use of “gacha” mechanics (which we’ll get into later). Chinese developer and publisher miHoYo is responsible for the game. It lets players take charge of a large party of characters, each of whom has their own unique set of skills, arsenal, and playstyle preferences. Players engage in real-time combat with a wide variety of enemies in both the game’s open world and dungeons, using a wide variety of ranged, melee, and elemental attacks.

Beginner's Guide Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an MMO that can only be played online, with a focus on both story and multiplayer, and many of the same features that make popular games as a service so appealing.

Genshin Impact has been likened to an anime version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by critics and players alike. Many of the settings and locations are similar between the two games, so it’s a valid comparison. The ability to climb almost any surface in Genshin is most similar to Breath of the Wild, with the amount of climbing determined by a stamina meter. Another parallel is that once you reach the peak of your destination, you can simply glide off and continue your rapid exploration of the world below.

While there are similarities to Breath of the Wild, calling Genshin Impact a “Breath of the Wild clone” is an oversimplification.

Now we can get into the game’s meaty “gacha” features. The “gacha” component refers to the game’s method of monetization, which functions similarly to random loot boxes or a slot machine in terms of player interaction. You can purchase random characters, loot, and equipment of varying rarities in packs with in-game currency or real money.

It’s possible to get the desired character on the first try, or it could take hundreds of hours (and a lot of money) to get them. There’s an element of “drawing lots” because the probabilities of getting different characters and items vary. You can, of course, get characters just by playing the game normally. However, players will spend hundreds of dollars on currency to get their hands on the most coveted items or characters.

Banners for your favorite characters will change as the game progresses. This means that certain characters have a higher chance of dropping, which keeps players around. Sometimes after a character has been heavily pushed during a Banner, a re-roll will occur, giving the community a second chance to obtain that character. In a nutshell, this is the game’s primary means of making money, as the element of surprise is what keeps players coming back.

What platforms is Genshin Impact available on?

Genshin Impact is currently playable on PC, Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, and PS Vita, with a Nintendo Switch port in the works. The fact that people who play it on PS4, PS5, PC, or mobile can all join in on the fun together is a big reason for the game’s popularity. Genshin Impact combines the best features of both console gaming and mobile gaming, which together have millions of fans.

However, if you own an Xbox, you won’t be able to play Genshin Impact, as the studio miHoYo has no plans to port the game there. We wouldn’t rule out a port just yet, though, as Xbox’s popularity has skyrocketed thanks to its first-party output and Game Pass.

At launch, it was clear that mobile was the game’s primary focus, as the controls on console often felt clumsy. The game’s design clearly prioritized touch screens, as evidenced by the multiple screens required to access the map, the confusing menu structure, and the inability to map the controls (at least on console). Fans are anticipating the Nintendo Switch release because it has the potential to add touch screen controls and even gyro support.

Is Genshin Impact multiplayer?

In a nutshell, online co-op multiplayer is supported in Genshin Impact (again, across PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices). It supports four-player squads, so you and three friends can have a blast competing against each other. The vast open world can be explored, quests can be taken on, and dungeons can be entered in this game. In many zones, you’ll encounter formidable monsters that are much simpler to take down with a group.

However, if you don’t play very often, getting to Adventure Rank 16—the minimum requirement for playing with friends—can feel like a bit of a grind. After that, you can invite three other people to play or start your own game with them. However, you are not limited to playing in groups of four. In co-op mode, only the host can open chests and collectibles, and you can’t participate in story quests. Therefore, it is not without defects.

What’s the gameplay like?

Genshin Impact’s moment-to-moment gameplay involves a wide variety of quests that send you scouring the expansive world map, completing dungeons, and, of course, fighting enemies. With the ability to instantly swap between party members, players have access to a wide variety of attacks with which to dispatch their foes. When it comes to fighting, some characters are better at close quarters than others are at long range.

It is in your best interest to venture out and discover everything the game has to offer, from fast-travel nodes and upgraded equipment to hidden collectibles and secret dungeons. When you clear one of these dungeons, you’ll be rewarded with rare loot. There are usually prerequisites for entering a dungeon, and once inside, you’ll find a wide variety of enemies and simple puzzles to solve.

A unique feature of the game is the ability to chain together different types of elemental attacks (called “Elemental Reactions” in-game). Use Hydro and Cryo together, for instance, and your opponent will be frozen in place. You could also try using the fire-based elements Pyro and Dendro. Players are encouraged to try out a variety of permutations by tinkering with these variables.

Crafting equipment that will help you in your quests is strongly encouraged as you amass resources. Food, crafting materials, weapons, equipment, and more are all available for purchase. It has everything a player would want in a massive open-world role-playing game.

A party system, complex elemental-based combat, and a vast world are all present, making this an intense JRPG. Quickly swapping between party members is essential, as they can be used in succession to unleash devastating combos on your enemies. This is true whether you’re preparing for a dungeon or a story mission in the open world; knowing the types of enemies you’ll face will help you select the best party members.

Is Genshin Impact free?

We brought up the game’s gacha mechanics, which are similar to loot boxes and would normally be a cause for concern, but given that Genshin Impact is free to play, players have been understanding of this method of monetization. It’s true that you can enjoy the game in its entirety without spending a dime. Genshin Impact does a great job of providing in-game purchases as an option without making you feel like you have to spend real money, in contrast to many free-to-play games.

So when players say it’s free-to-play, they’re not exaggerating; that’s not true of all games that label themselves as such.

Does Genshin Impact have DLC?

In Genshin Impact, you can purchase downloadable content like new currencies, characters, and equipment. All of this content is completely optional and not mandated in any way. However, as a GAS, it receives free, consistent content updates on a regular basis. There are new zones to discover, more missions to complete, and special events available for a limited time only. It’s got everything that players want in a service-based game, including both free and premium content.

Generally speaking, new content appears on Genshin Impact every five or six weeks. In fact, everyone is getting ready for the launch of Genshin Impact Version 2.3 at the end of this month. If you’re thinking about diving in, now is a great time because it coincides with the release of fresh content like new characters, weapons, and events.

What is the Battle Pass?

Last but not least, let’s talk about the battle pass in Genshin Impact since it’s such a crucial part of getting new equipment. You should have some idea of how a battle pass operates if you’ve played games like Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s essentially a seasonal leveling system that resets at the start of each season and awards bonuses at higher ranks. You earn cosmetics, weapons, and other gear as you progress through the levels of a battle pass.

There are two distinct varieties of battle passes in Genshin. The free Sojourner’s Battle Pass is one option, as it grants benefits every ten levels. For an additional ten dollars, you can purchase the Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass, which includes everything in the Sojourner’s Battle Pass and more, including additional upgrade materials, Hero’s Wit, Mora, and Mystic Enchantment Ores. Offering both a free and a paid version of the battle pass is another sign that miHoYo cares about its customers. Many games as a service charge for battle passes, so players are grateful that Genshin offers them for free.

You’ll need to level up your character to Adventure Rank 20 before you can use the battle passes in Genshin. But the payoff is great once you get there. Your progress in a given battle pass will only be saved for the duration of that season, after which your rank will be reset (though you’ll keep any rewards you’ve earned). Seasonal content may change over time as the game develops, as is common in games of this type.

Everything Levels Up Separately

All you have to do to progress in most role-playing games is gain levels. The tiers of most weapons and armor are unchangeable.

This is not the case in Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact, you raise each stat independently of the others.

The following are the main features that are intrinsically linked but require separate leveling or unlocking:

  • Degree of Thrill
  • Global Scale
  • Rank of the Persona
  • Skills and Abilities
  • Constellations of Personality
  • Power of Weapons
  • Grading Artifacts

Let’s examine the tiers and rewards for each of these individual game elements.

Adventure Rank

Your Adventure Rank (AR) comes first. You can think of this as your “Account Level,” if that makes things clearer. You can raise your AR by doing Daily Commissions, completing Quests, or anything else that costs Resin (we’ll get into that in a second).

Certain levels of Adventure Rank are required to access many game features. Check out the table below to see what game features become available at different Adventure Levels:

AR Media Player
8 Breaks in the Ley Line (The X-Men Adventure Books)
12 Gold Outcrops Along Ley Lines.
Paid Every Day
14 Expeditions
16 Teamwork Mode
Domains of Counterfeiting: Weapon-Grade Materials
20 Deepening Abyss
Conquest of the Pass
22 Domains of Happiness (Material Relics)
25 Reputation
26 Story Elements
27 Expertise Areas (Develop Your Skills)
35 Household Serenitea Brewing System
35 Fishing

To maximize your ability to spend Resin on Leylines to level up more characters and to complete Daily Commissions for free Primogems needed to obtain new characters, you should get to AR12 as quickly as possible.

Genshin Impact Beginners Guide | GameGrin

World Level

If your AR is high enough, you will unlock the ability to raise your WL. This will increase the strength of every enemy in the open world, but it will also improve the loot they drop.

When the game begins, your WL is 0. At AR20, it advances immediately to WL 1. After that, you’ll only be able to raise the World Level every five Adventure Ranks. You can reach the maximum WL8 level at AR55.

How far your characters and their abilities can advance in level depends on the World Level. There are several tiers where you can choose not to increase the World Level, but doing so is not recommended.

Taking our advice into account, you shouldn’t have any trouble dealing enough damage to enemies of higher levels. The downside of receiving inferior loot is significant, after all.

 Characters – How To Spend Your Resources?

There are more than 50 playable characters in the game, but you can only have four on your active team at a time. And each player character has their own leveling system.

Characters can gain experience and level up when you give them Experience Books. Killing enemies grants them a tiny amount of experience, but it would take many lifetimes of grinding for a single character to advance in level.

Ascending your character is required at level 20, level 40, level 50, level 60, level 70, and level 80. Access to Ascensions is restricted to World Levels. In addition to gold and unique materials, some of which are only obtainable by defeating World Bosses, are needed to craft these items.

There aren’t enough items in the game to level up every character! Players who invest a lot of money into the game still need to give serious thought to which characters they want to focus on.

If you’re just starting out, it’s best to focus on learning one or two characters at a time. The Influence of Genshin Tier List will tell you which characters are worth investing in most.

You’ll be able to level up more characters and more weapons if you play for a longer period of time. However, it is a common problem for newcomers to spread their limited resources too thin. Focus your resources on your primary damage dealer and dispose of the obsolete equipment from your other characters.


As a character levels up, they gain a small bonus to their base statistics. Strengthening their attacks requires raising their talent levels. You can advance your character’s level in Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst. Obviously, you can’t level up multiple characters at once. Some resources, most notably Talent Books, are also needed for this.

Talents have varying benefits for different characters. Check out our build guides for the characters you’re most interested in if you need help deciding where to put your focus. Both new players with few 4* characters and veteran players with an abundance of 5* characters will find useful information in these guides, as we cover talent priority, constellation value, best weapon and artifact choices, and recommend some ream composition.

Thankfully, you can’t start farming Talent Books until you reach AR 27, so this isn’t something a noob can mess up. You should have a good understanding of how things function by AR 27.

Constellations – What Happens When You Get A Character Duplicate?

Obtaining a second copy of a character grants access to that character’s constellation, which can be used to gain special abilities. Some upgrades are merely minor buffs, while others grant access to entirely new mechanics.

Some characters have game-changing constellations, while others have constellations so useless they can’t even be considered consolation prizes. Make sure the characters’ constellations are worthwhile before pulling for copies of them.

Also, some 5* characters have amazing first constellations to entice you into trying to get their duplicates, but this is not something you should do if you’re just starting out. There isn’t a constellation that’s worth as much as a brand-new 5* character, but they both require the same investment.


You must also raise the level of each weapon separately. This makes use of unwanted weapons or Enhancement Ore obtained through crafting or as rewards from events and quests. The same level progression requirements that apply to characters also apply to weapons.

Since you can’t possibly level every weapon in the game, you should consult our Weapon Tier List to determine which ones are worth your time and effort. We made sure to rank all 3* weapons so that even newer F2P players can benefit, unlike most other Tier Lists of its kind online, which only consider 5* and 4* weapons.


Artifacts are the second most common type of equippable item, after weapons. They must be individually leveled up by expending unused artifacts. The maximum level is much lower in this region. The maximum level for a 1* artifact is 4, and it increases by 4 levels for each subsequent star rating. That means the highest level a 5* artifact can be is 20.

If you’re interested in learning more about artifacts, including which ones are ideal for which characters, take a look at this handy reference. The truth is that artifacts aren’t all that crucial at the start of the game, but they become increasingly so as you progress through the World Levels.

However, unless you’ve already reached AR 45, you shouldn’t bother grinding for artifacts. This is due to the fact that after this point, all artifacts that are not 5* will become worthless fodder and can no longer be obtained. In other words, your time and effort spent leveling up 3* and 4* artifacts will be for naught when it comes to obtaining 5* artifacts.

Up until now, you’d be better off investing in your characters’ level, skills, and equipment. After AR 45, artifact grinding becomes the primary focus, so settling any outstanding issues is essential.

Resin – What Is It And Why You Should Care!

Genshin Impact’s Stamina system, like that of many freemium mobile games, restricts how far you can get each day. This is called “Resin” in the game.

Up to the maximum of 160, you gain 1 Resin every 8 minutes. Rewards from Ley Lines (costing 20 Resin), Domains (costing 20 Resin), World Bosses (costing 40 Resin), and Weekly Bosses (costing 30 Resin for the first 3 Bosses, then 60 Resin per Boss) all require you to spend Resin.

You can play the game for several days and get quite far into the story without ever spending any Resin. This is acceptable if your only goal is to complete the story and move on to the next game. This is undesirable if productiveness is a priority.

If you wait to spend it, your characters and weapons won’t advance as quickly.

Try to put aside some of your Fragile Resin, though. Consuming Fragile Resin will replenish 60 Resin. Fragile Resin is abundant early on in the game but becomes scarce later on. Resin is most useful once you reach AR 45 and begin grinding for artifacts.

Collect Anemoculi And Geoculi

Once you start playing Genshin Impact, you’ll quickly find yourself sidetracked by the game’s plethora of collectibles. Oculi are the most crucial sensory organs.

Gain strength by bringing Anemoculi to the Statue of the Seven in Mondstadt. Make collecting Oculi a top priority if you want to increase your climbing ability, speed, glide distance, and so on.

In Liyue, Geoculi will have replaced Anemoculi, but they perform the same function.

You’re no longer a novice once you reach Inazuma, but the electroculi there won’t help you gain strength.

Instead, a good number of Primogems can be obtained from the Electroculi in Inazuma. Primogems are the most valuable currency, but since they don’t add to your Stamina cap, they aren’t as crucial as the other Oculi.

You can use the official Genshin Impact Interactive Map to help you track down these collectibles if you’re having trouble finding them. It can be used to track down any hidden chests or other collectibles in the game.

Elements And Elemental Reactions

Genshin Impact’s playable characters each have special abilities related to one of the Seven Elements.

  • Fire, or Pyro.
  • H2O (Hydro)
  • The Wind God, Anemo
  • Words that mean “Electricity” or “Electro”
  • Icy (Cryo)
  • The planet Geo
  • Dendo

We anticipate that Dendro’s main focus will be Flora, but she is not yet playable, so we don’t want to include any potentially misleading characterizations of her.

If you or your opponent take damage from an element other than Anemo, you will gain the status effect associated with that element. These conditions have no or very little effect on their own, but when an enemy who is already afflicted with one element is hit by another element, an Elemental Reaction will occur. Cryo, for instance, has the effect of Freezing an opponent who is already afflicted with Hydro.

Even though you’ll probably trigger a few Elemental Reactions without giving them much thought, mastering them to their full potential is no easy task.

A quick rundown of all the Elemental Reactions follows:

Primary Ingredient Component Two Reaction of the Elements
Pyro Hydro Vaporize
Produces a 1.5 Pyro DMG.
Pyro Electro Overloaded
Inflicts Area-of-Effect Pyrodamage and causes an explosion.
Pyro Cryo Melt
Distributes 2 Pyro DMGs.
Pyro Dendro Burning
Continually deals Pyro DMG damage.
Hydro Pyro Vaporize
Gives out 2 Hydro DMGs.
Hydro Electro Electro-Charged
Electric damage that can ricochet off of nearby water. The victim is temporarily rendered immobile after taking damage.
Hydro Cryo Frozen
Target is frozen solid.
Electro Pyro Overloaded
Causes an area of effect explosion dealing pyrodamage.
Electro Hydro Electro-Charged
Electric damage that can ricochet off of nearby water. Each attack causes the victim to be temporarily stunned.
Electro Cryo Superconduct
Cryogenic damage is dealt in an area of effect, and the target’s resistance to physical damage is halved for 12 seconds.
Anemo Any of the four (Pyro, Hydro, Electro, and Cryo) Swirl
Deals Anemo damage and the elemental damage of the target’s status to nearby enemies.
Cryo Pyro Melt
1.5 Cryo DMG is dealt.
Cryo Hydro Frozen
Induces a state of complete suspension in the target.
Cryo Electro Superconduct
Deals area-of-effect Cryo damage and lowers the target’s resistance to physical damage by 40% for 12 seconds.
Geo Fire, Water, Electricity, or Cold Crystallize
Produces a crystal of the specified element, which, when picked up, grants the user a Shield of that element.

The effectiveness of Elemental Reactions is largely dependent on the character’s Elemental Mastery. It should be noted that when determining damage, only the attributes of the character applying the 2nd Element are considered.

Elemental Resonance – Picking The Right Team Member

You should use four characters in your line-up even though, as a beginner, you will only have the resources to devote to one or two of them. If they can trigger Elemental Resonances, then even the lowest-level ones will be useful.

Elemental Resonance is a party-wide buff that activates when your roster contains at least two characters of the same element.

Having four different types of personalities with their own elements also adds resonance. In this manner, you can gain a lot from retaining certain low-level characters in your party.

Genshin Impact Beginner's Guide 2023 - Green Man Gaming Blog

The complete catalog of Elemental Resonances is as follows:

Requirement Buff
2 flaming personalities raging fires
Cryo’s effects last for 40% shorter. Raise in attack power of 25%.
Hydro and its Counterpart Water That Soothes
Pyro’s effects will wear off 40% faster. 30% more healing will be received.
Two of the Anemo cast Strong Breeze
Reduces the need for Stamina by 15%. Added 10% to your base movement rate. Reduces the cooldown of a skill by 5%.
Two Different Electro Stars High Potential
Hydro’s effects shorten the process by 40%. An Electro Elemental Particle (Cooldown: 5s) is always possible thanks to Superconduct, Overload, and Electro-Charged.
Two Frozen Individuals Breaking the Ice
Reduced by 40% in time when electrocuted. Against enemies frozen or affected by Cryo, your CRIT Rate is increased by 15%.
2 Geographical Signs Stable Foundation
Increases protection by 15 percent. In addition, the following bonuses will apply to shielded characters: The damage you deal increases by 15%, and any damage you deal to an enemy lowers their Geo RES by 20% for 15 seconds.
Choose four different things Canopy of Safety
Physical RES 15, all Element RES 15.

How To Break Enemy Shields?

Some foes will use elemental shields to defend themselves.

While some shields are only partially effective, others completely nullify the threat. The shield must be eliminated in either scenario. You’ll have to use countermeasures against it. The only exception is geo shields, which are easily defeated by weapons of the same Element (Geo) or a good old-fashioned Claymore.

How F2P Is The Game Really?

Every game just wants to get their hands on your money. This is one way in which free-to-play games can end up costing more than their more traditional counterparts. Ghosts of Tsushima may cost $60, but once you’ve paid for it, there’s nothing else to do with it. It’s even better if you can get a discount on it.

However, free-to-play games constantly attempt to drain your resources. However, not everyone does it the same way. Genshin Impact provides you with everything you need to beat all of its content, unlike many other F2P games which severely limit your progress unless you pay up.

There is a minimum of one character from each of the five Elements and each of the weapon types. All of the game’s toughest challenges are within reach for these tried-and-true protagonists.

While the $10 Battle Pass locks away some incredible weapons, being a purist Free-to-Play player won’t leave you with an insurmountable obstacle course. The Spiral Abyss, on the other hand, is extremely frustratingly hard to clear quickly enough to receive all rewards even for players who spend money in the game.

Primogems are the in-game currency used to buy new characters, and they can be earned by completing daily commissions, completing achievements, discovering new areas of the map, taking part in events, and redeeming codes. To help you determine how many Primogems free-to-play players can acquire, we’ve done the math for you.

As a result, if you’re careful with how you spend your Primogems, you can get the game’s strongest S-Tier 5* characters even if you’re a completely free-to-play player. Check out this manual to find out how to acquire the desired characters.

In-Game Currencies

Genshin Impact has an absurd number of in-game currencies for the sole purpose of making it impossible to determine the actual value of in-game items. The next chart illustrates the various denominations of these currencies.

Currency Explanation
Primogems Primogems serve as the game’s primary currency. They typically pay 160 Primogems for a single Fate.
Fates Fate is used on gacha (banners) to wish for weapons and/or characters. There are two distinct Fates.
Used for the standard, permanent banner characters and weapons with which you are already familiar.
Fate and Destiny are entwined in the banners that advertise the limited-time characters and weapons.
Without a Leader, Stardust Stardust is awarded whenever a 3* weapon is acquired from a banner. Rare materials are available for trade in exchange for stardust.
Importantly, each month you can spend Stardust to buy up to five Acquainted Fates and five Intertwined Fates.
Starshine Without a Commander Starglitter is rewarded each time you acquire a coveted 4- or 5-star item. Duplicate characters that you already own are worth more Starglitter because of this. Starglitter can be traded for Fate without any restrictions. It can be traded for specific 4* heroes.
Origin Stones Genesis Crystals are the in-game currency that can be bought with real cash. Genesis Crystals can be exchanged for Primogems at a one-to-one ratio.
In addition, Genesis Crystals can be spent on skins for your characters and special bundles that are unavailable for purchase with Primogems.
Mora Mora serves a similar purpose to gold in this game. You spend it when you level up your character, your weapon, your artifact, etc., and when you buy stuff from the in-game shops.
Sigils For example, Anemo Sigils can be found in chests in Mondstadt, Geo Sigils in Liyue, and Electro Sigils in Inazuma; these are the respective regional currencies.
Materials and Mora can be traded for Anemo and Geo Sigils.
The Sacred Sakura Tree will reward those who bring it Electro Sigils.

Don’t Rush

Genshin Impact, despite being a free-to-play gacha game, features an open world that is both massive and rewarding to explore. Similar games, especially massively multiplayer online games, tend to get interesting toward the game’s end. However, the best parts of Genshin Impact are its story and its potential for exploration.

After completing the story and discovering all there is to see and do in Genshin Impact, the only things left to do are endlessly grind for perfect artifacts, hunt down achievements, save Primogems for future characters, and decorate your in-game home.

Most players only play this while waiting for new story quests and explorable areas to drop, even though each patch adds new events and sometimes some mini-games. As a result, we suggest that newcomers to Genshin Impact take their time learning about the game’s ecosystem.

With the information in this guide, even a novice player can get the most out of Genshin Impact. However, keep in mind that optimizing is not the same as speedrunning. Enjoy the early going at your own pace, as that is when Genshin Impact shines brightest.