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Check out our in-depth review of the Lenovo L24q to see if this stylish QHD IPS laptop is right for you. You get a lot for your money with this.

If visuals are your number one concern when playing games, the Lenovo L24q is a great option. For the price, this QHD IPS monitor offers mediocre panel performance, isn’t VESA-compatible, and doesn’t have any particularly impressive features.
However, if a QHD monitor is what you’re after and you’re on a tight budget, this one more than delivers.

The Pros:

  • Stylish exterior construction
  • Incredibly narrow frames
  • Stunning Full HD IPS Display
  • Superb cost-effectiveness

The Cons:

  • The lack of VESA support
  • Poor pixel refresh rate
  • There are no distinguishing qualities.

True 4K UHD displays shouldn’t break the bank, right?

For many, this is the Lenovo L24q’s main selling point: an affordable IPS QHD monitor with a reliable display that successfully combines high resolution and vivid colors.

To find out if the Lenovo L24q deserves your attention as a gaming monitor, we’ll be taking a closer look at it today.

The Design

Lenovo L27q

The L24q, as you can see, has a sophisticated appearance thanks to its aluminum-like high-quality plastic exterior. The L24q makes a great first impression thanks to this and its nearly invisible bezels.

It’s true that the aesthetic doesn’t scream “gaming,” especially in comparison to other monitors that feature eye-catching design elements and bright accents to make it clear that they’re meant for gamers. However, this may be for the best, as some consumers may prefer a more understated presentation to the usual spectacle of video game merchandise.

The stand is standard issue and rather unremarkable, featuring only a circular base, a clip for cable management, and the ability to tilt to different angles. Now, a simple stand like this is par for the course with budget monitors, but the L24q is not VESA-compatible, so swapping out the stand or mounting it on the wall could be a pain. Either way, it’s a major flaw for a 2022 display.

The Display

Lenovo L27q Review

What exactly is so great about the L24q’s screen that it would make you want to buy it?

As was mentioned at the outset, the screen is ultra-high definition (QHD). Many gamers have pointed out that even this relatively minor step up in resolution can be a significant boost in terms of graphics fidelity, and a 1440p resolution makes the image look noticeably sharper than what a regular 1080p monitor can produce.

Of course, the display’s resolution isn’t the only thing worth noting; this is an IPS panel, so it has benefits and drawbacks unique to that technology. First and foremost, it has superb color accuracy. The hues are spot-on, vivid, and practically jump off the screen. It’s not as good as some more expensive IPS monitors, but for under $200, it’s impressive.

However, not everything about IPS panels is perfect, and the L24q’s subpar pixel response time stands out as a major drawback. Even though this monitor has a 4ms response time—the fastest that an IPS panel is capable of providing—you may still experience some motion blur if you’re used to faster displays.

Not much else needs to be said. The panel only has a refresh rate of 60 Hz (QHD, IPS, etc.), which is the standard.andFor the price, 144 Hz is asking a lot, but the display has the contrast and brightness you’d expect from an IPS panel.


Aspect Ratio 23.8in
Panel IPS
Resolution 2560×1440
Brightness 350 cd/m2
Contrast 1000:1
Refreshing Speed 60 Hz
Reaction time 4 ms
Colour range 99% RGB
Speakers N/A
Connectors 1x HDMI 1.4 1x DisplayPort 1.2
Standardization on VESA N/A

Our Thoughts

Lenovo L27q 27 Monitor

Taking into account the foregoing, what are our final thoughts on the Lenovo L24q, and do we recommend it?

The stunning screen is, without a doubt, the monitor’s strongest selling point. The IPS panel’s resolution and color accuracy allow games to feel more realistic. However, if you’re the type of gamer who values aesthetics above all else, this display could be perfect for you.

However, the L24q’s panel performance and stand reveal the severe cost cutting that is inevitable in a product of this price range.

The speed with which one receives a reply comes first. To restate, the L24q is respectable for an IPS panel but may feel very slow if you are used to faster TN displays. In addition, if you play competitive multiplayer games, a TN monitor is likely the better option because of the increased responsiveness.

Lenovo L24q Review

There’s also the stand, of course. It’s a good stand in its own right, but its lack of height adjustment is a major drawback. In addition, the L24q is not VESA-compliant, as was previously mentioned.

VESA compatibility would have made swapping out the stand or mounting the monitor to the wall a breeze, as it is the industry standard for both. While it’s true that not everyone will want to or use a third-party stand or mount, the lack of VESA compatibility in a QHD monitor like this one is noticeable.

If you’re looking to make the jump to 1440p on a budget without sacrificing visual quality, the Lenovo L24q could be a good option. There are undoubtedly superior options available, but for the price, the L24q is a no-brainer.