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In Doom Eternal, you’ll face a wide variety of enemies. We’ve compiled and ranked every enemy in Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal’s cast of enemies is definitely unique. While many of the demons from Doom 2016 return, id Software has also included some that first appeared in Doom II: Hell on Earth, as well as a couple that have never appeared in a Doom game before.

We’ll be ranking every enemy in Doom Eternal, from the easy ones that can be taken out with a single shot or two, to the toughest, most unforgiving monsters Hell has to offer in this fantastic 2020 bloodbath.

What are Doom Eternal Enemies (Monsters)?

Now let’s get to the article’s first proper section. The Doom Eternal monsters that you’ll be facing in this section. As is well-known, Doom Eternal has punched its way into the hearts of gamers, but the game’s ten distinct enemy types have frequently put players to the test. Now let’s get to the first part of this piece. Here we will examine the Doom eternal monsters used by the evil forces.

My Doom Eternal enemies tier list. This is my opinion, and is no more  right/wrong than yous is. : r/Doom

Category 1 – Fodder Demons

As their name implies, fodder demons are the most ineffectual of your enemies and should be treated as such. Their main function is to divert the player’s attention from the main enemy, and they only become dangerous in large numbers.


In Doom Eternal, these are your very first foes. They can only attack in close range with a slow shambling gait, making them weak and unthreatening foes. While they do have the potential to deal significant damage if the player is careless, they are easily avoided and instead serve as sources of health and ammunition.

Lost Soul

The Lost Souls were among the most frustrating foes in the original Doom, but they don’t make a significant appearance in Doom Eternal. If you do, it’s because the Pain Elementals are creating and wielding such creatures as weapons.

They have a straightforward pattern of play in which they charge the player and deal explosive damage on hit; however, their low health and the fact that they fly backward and explode on impact when shot can be used to your advantage.

Possessed Soldier/Shield Soldier

The possessed soldiers’ blaster rifles mean the player will have to constantly be on the move. They are easy targets for the combat shotgun due to their slow movement speed, low resistance to being stunned, and cumbersome build.

Possessed soldiers are more formidable when they have access to energy shields. The Plasma Rifle can overcharge the shield and cause it to explode, turning shield soldiers into walking grenades for you to use, and explosive weapons like the Blood Punch and the chainsaw can easily penetrate their defenses.

Mecha Zombie

The Mecha Zombie is just a mechanical take on the classic zombie. But its flamethrower attack from medium range deals decent damage, and it can take more punishment than the rest of the fodder lineup while still holding its own. But like the possessed soldier, it can be easily outmaneuvered due to its slow movement speed, and most weapons will have little trouble dispatching it.


We decided to combine these two separate enemies because their behavior is so similar despite having different models. Because of their mobility, ability to attack from a distance, and close quarters combat skills, imps and gargoyles pose the greatest threat of all fodder demons.

They tend to spawn in packs, and when they do, they rush you in melee, making it easy to get cornered and caught off guard. Imps and gargoyles will launch fireballs and acid spit, respectively, when attacking from a distance. Gargoyles, like imps, can fly and use a ranged attack of their own, but they are slightly easier to kill because they frequently jump into the air and leave themselves vulnerable.

However, neither imps nor gargoyles should be taken lightly, even if most weapons will slice through them like tissue paper.

Maykr Drone

You won’t encounter many Maykr Drones until the very end of the game. They use a simple melee attack, but their true strength lies in a barrage of energy shots they fire from a distance, which can easily kill the player if they aren’t avoided.

The drones are the toughest fodder demons, and they have a remarkable capacity for survival. The Heavy Cannon, however, has little trouble blowing off their heads. Killing a drone with a headshot will have the same effect as chainsawing it, causing it to drop health and ammo, which could come in handy in the game’s later levels.

Category 2 – Heavy Demons

Heavy demons are significantly more dangerous than their less numerous fodder demon counterparts. They pose a greater risk overall because of their increased durability, increased damage, and special abilities.


Even though they’re back in Doom Eternal, Pinkies and Spectres are easier to kill than ever before. Their primary attack is a very dangerous charge, and they are protected by thick bone plates on their front and sides. This can make them seem quite menacing. However, such a charge would expose their most vulnerable area—their unarmored backs—to enemy fire.

Doom Eternal’s new dodge system makes dodging Pinkies’ and Spectres’ charges much simpler, and the Blood Punch can now one-shot them from the front, making quick work of them. If that doesn’t work, explosives will hurt them, and an Ice Grenade will render them immobile so you can move in for the kill.

The Spectre acts the same as the Pinky, but its camouflage can make it more difficult to spot in crowded arenas.


While not particularly dangerous on its own, the Carcass can become a major problem if used to back up more powerful demons. It protects other demons by spawning energy shields in front of the player at random. These can be overloaded with the Plasma Rifle and used to your advantage, but they can be a real problem if you’re pressed for space.

A Carcass’s own energy waves can be used to launch attacks from a distance, and its simple melee attacks at close range can inflict significant damage if it feels threatened. However, it can be killed quickly with any weapon.


No Doom game would be complete without the Cacodemon, which has become something of a mascot for the series. These floating red blobs are armed to the teeth and will charge at the player, firing energy blasts at them and attempting to close in for a devastating melee attack.

In comparison to Doom 2016, they move much more quickly and have an abundance of health. Luckily, they are easy prey for the sticky grenades of the Combat Shotgun and can be swiftly dispatched by the Ballista or the Chaingun.

Hell Knight

The Hell Knights are relatively simple foes that will simply charge you and attack in melee using a variety of powerful melee attacks. They have a lot of health and no obvious weakness like the Cacodemons do, but once you get the Chaingun and Super Shotgun, they can be taken care of without too much trouble.

Dread Knight

The Dread Knight is an upgraded version of the Hell Knight, boasting increased speed, aggression, and the addition of new attacks. They have a variety of offensive capabilities, including ranged energy waves and a ground attack that coats the area in a damaging field of energy if the player remains inside it. The good news is that Dread Knights have the same low tolerance for damage as regular Hell Knights.


Demons with the ability to move quickly and far thanks to their jetpacks and dual rocket launchers are called revenants. Even though a Revenant’s health isn’t as high as that of some of the other heavy demons, it’s still dangerous due to its missile volleys and homing rockets.

When the turrets are disabled, the Revenant becomes little more than a simple melee combatant, making it easier to take them out with stronger weapons. However, actually hitting the turrets is usually more trouble than it’s worth.


The Prowler is like a cousin to an imp, but bigger and meaner. Like the imp, they are quick on their feet and can either rush the player in melee or attack from a distance with fast-moving purple fireballs. Their health is much higher than that of imps, and they can teleport around the arena, making them difficult to catch.

It is recommended to use ice grenades to stun prowlers before killing them, though the Meat Hook can be useful for getting close enough to deal a killing blow.

My personal tier list for Doom Eternal enemies, ranked by threat level for  me personally. (Yes, whiplashes are that deadly to my playstyle) : r/Doom


The Arachnotron is an early-game foe that will make your life a living hell. They move quickly, have a lot of health, and, if their plasma turret isn’t disabled, can deal a lot of damage.

Disabling their turret with the Heavy Cannon or the Sticky Bombs is a must, as they have significantly more firepower than the Doom Slayer does in the early game. Granted, they become easier to deal with once you acquire some heavier weapons.


The Mancubus is an enormous demon that has an abundance of health and will repeatedly fire fireballs from its hand cannons at the player. At the same time, if the player gets too close, it can use a flamethrower to either directly attack the player or engulf the area around it in flames to create a defensive buffer and keep the player at bay.

Thankfully, its cannons are easy targets because of their size and fragility. Without its cannons, a Mancubus loses the ability to use its flamethrower attack and suffers a reduction in the effectiveness of its other ranged attacks.


The Whiplash, like the Prowler, is a tough and quick foe meant to keep the player on the move. It lacks teleportation but makes up for it with more lethal melee and ranged attacks, unpredictable movement, and a fragile build.

Whiplashes are best dealt with using the Ice Grenade and the Meat Hook, though the Rocket Launcher’s Lock-on Burst can be effective against them due to their high health.

Pain Elemental

The Pain Elemental may resemble a Cacodemon on the outside, but it acts very differently. In particular, the Pain Elemental will avoid the player by attacking from a distance with fireballs, hurling Lost Souls, or spawning hovering Lost Souls to shield itself from the player if the latter attempts to get too close.

They have a lot of health and no discernible weaknesses, but they are formidable at range and it is risky to get up close and personal with them. The label accurately describes their irritating nature. They are one of the most easily damaged enemies in the game, so it is recommended to use the Ballista or Rocket Launcher to weaken them before closing in with the Meat Hook attachment of the Super Shotgun.

Cyber Mancubus

The Cyber Mancubus is merely a Mancubus outfitted with heavy armor and acid rather than fire as its primary method of attack. Cyber Mancubi can severely impede the player’s ability to move around the arena if given enough time, as the acid attacks create pools on the ground that will damage the player if they set foot in it.

The armor also makes them very tough, though the Blood Punch can easily break through it. The Cyber Mancubus’s area-of-effect acid attacks make getting close to it in melee a dangerous proposition. You can also destroy the armor with explosives or rockets, but the Blood Punch is the most efficient method.

Category 3 – Super Heavy

The game’s hardest and deadliest demons are saved for last, in the third and final category. These appear throughout the campaign and serve essentially as minibosses.

Baron of Hell

Doom Eternal sees the return of the baron class, albeit in a slightly revamped form. This time around, the Dread Knights are essentially just beefed-up versions of themselves; they still attack in melee and at range with energy blades that deal a lot of damage, and they still have incredible health pools.

While they look scary at first, you can easily avoid their attacks once you learn their patterns. If you’re trying to conserve Crucible charges and BFG ammo, the Chaingun is your best bet for killing them.

Doom Hunter

The Doom Hunter appears initially as a boss but later reappears as a regular foe throughout the campaign without diminishing in strength. It has a floating sled that allows it to launch devastating long-range attacks and regenerate its energy shield.

If you want to make the Doom Hunter less aggressive, less of a threat, and more vulnerable, disabling its energy shield should be your top priority.

The sled can be disabled with relative ease, though, thanks to the Rocket Launcher, Super Shotgun, and Blood Punch. Even without its sled, the Doom Hunter is still a formidable foe due to its increased mobility and high damage tolerance during its hit-and-run attacks.


The Arch-Vile, one of the most hated foes from Doom II, returns in Doom Eternal and is more of a pain to deal with than ever.

Specifically, it will constantly summon new foes into the arena while simultaneously strengthening all the demons already there. It has a large health pool, can teleport and use a shield to avoid harm, and can deal out some serious damage with its flame attacks.

The Arch-Vile, however, is no joke, and it is imperative that you eliminate it as soon as possible. If you don’t want to use a Crucible charge, using a close-range Super Shotgun is your best bet; however, a BFG shot could be useful if the Arch-Vile has managed to spawn a large number of demons.

Cyberdemon (Tyrant)

The Cyberdemon, or the Tyrant as it is known in Doom Eternal, is the game’s most durable demon, capable of withstanding massive amounts of damage while also dealing out a large amount of its own. It’s a walking powerhouse, with the only saving grace being that countering it requires no special tricks or knowledge of any vulnerabilities.

Fighting the Tyrant with conventional weapons can be time-consuming and difficult in arenas where it has a horde of fodder and heavies supporting it, making it one of the best ways to spend your Crucible charges alongside the Arch-Vile.


The Marauder is the most feared of the game’s new enemies, and it has finally been introduced. While most foes have exploitable weaknesses that can be used to the player’s advantage, the Marauder has a single weakness that must be exploited in order to defeat him.

In particular, the Marauder is impervious to gunfire, explosives, and superweapons thanks to his indestructible energy shield. However, the player can easily prevent him from doing any damage by interrupting his preparation for a medium-range melee attack.

This makes the Marauder seem more like an empty threat than a genuine one. Every encounter with a Marauder will end the same way, as there is only one strategy for defeating them. Therefore, combating them will become monotonous quickly, and they can be a real pain when they spawn in arenas with other demons.

Even though the Marauder is the most troublesome foe to face, it is for the wrong reasons; he is invulnerable, deals a lot of damage, and you can’t simply blast your way through him with the Crucible or the BFG.

Doom Eternal Explained

For your convenience, we’ve organized Doom Eternal and the events leading up to it into a roughly chronological order, so you can read it like a novel. But if you’re looking for a more specific answer, just click the appropriate question up above, as we’ve chaptered each section with a question many people might have! Moreover, we acknowledge that other people may have different theories or that new information may be discovered, so we will make sure to update this data if necessary.

Who are the Maykrs and Father?

To get started, we need to travel all the way back to… well, the beginning, to a futuristic alien city known as Urdak. We know that some sort of powerful and logical alien entity known as Father constructed Urdak and populated it with divine beings known as Maykrs, but beyond that, the events of Doom Eternal’s backstory are hazy at best. Father paid a physical price for this, and it is unclear whether he then split into the Maykrs or merged with Urdak.

Whatever it was, it had mostly vanished, save for a remnant that the Maykrs would visit in order to find answers and direction: a shrine called the Luminarium. Urdak, however, was not present because he was in a different dimension, one that was supposedly “above” the regular universe.

Who is the Khan Maykr and What is Transfiguration?

Khan is not a name but rather a title in this setting. Once every 10,000 years, the Khan Maykr is formed from the collective consciousness of Urdak and the Maykrs, and acts as their ruler. When her time is up, a new Maykr is made to take her place, and the others are powerless to disobey her.

After a sufficient amount of time has passed, Maykrs undergo a death-like process called Transfiguration, during which they die and are resurrected, or possibly reincarnated. Again, details are sketchy, but we do know that Father’s essence must be present in some capacity for both this process and the creation of the Khan Maykrs.

Naturally, there was an issue. It is believed that the Seraphim, an unnamed Maykr, absconded with Father’s essence from the Luminarium at some point in the past. There was a major issue here, and no one knew what had caused it, who the Seraphim were, or where Father had ended up. The Transfiguration process had been tainted without Father, making it impossible to choose a new Khan. Although we are never told for sure, it appears that the Maykrs no longer experience rebirth or resurrection after death. These once-heavenly creatures had taken human form.

What is Argent D’Nur, the Night Sentinels and the Argenta?

The Argenta, who call Argent D’Nur home, are best conceptualized as “Space Vikings.” The Maykrs took notice of the Argenta because of their noble warrior culture and eventually struck a deal with them in which the Argenta would worship the Maykrs and their Khan in exchange for technology, knowledge, and possibly even the chance to continue living in Urdak after death (though the latter is left vague and may not be true). With their newfound abilities thanks to Maykr technology, the Argenta traveled from planet to planet, preaching the Maykr message and attempting to right all wrongs they came across. The Night Sentinels, a clan of… er, night Knights, who spent their lives guarding Argenta society, led all of these movements. The Maykrs and their Khan, we can only assume, had long since given up hope of reuniting with Father and regaining their immortality, and were instead trying to make a big splash in the brief time their society still had. They were running out of time as a civilization because they couldn’t make more Maykrs or avoid dying.

Who is the Unholy One and What is the Divinity Machine?

The Khan Maykr was uneasy, even though things were going swimmingly for the Argenta. She claimed that the Maykrs’ doom had been predicted by her computers, and that this figure, called the Unholy One or Destroyer, would come from the planet Argent D’Nur. To appease them, the Argenta king agreed to have all his warriors undergo a divinity machine, a device the Maykrs had invented to detect the presence of the Unholy One and prevent it from entering Urdak.

Is the Doom Slayer a Night Sentinel?

Both, actually. You see, one day a portal opened up and dumped an armored figure on Argent D’Nur, a figure filled with boundless rage and speaking an alien language, and practically dripping in weaponry and armor the Argenta had never seen before. This figure came to be known only as “the Outlander”.

You’ve probably already figured out who that is. The Khan Maykr was intrigued by the Outlander’s tales of strange monsters from a fiery dimension, which neither the Argenta nor the Maykrs had ever heard of.

What Happens in the Original Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 64?

In this case, we need to take a detour even further back in time, all the way to 1993, when the original Doom was released. There is a wealth of readily available information about Doom and its sequels, so we’ll keep this brief. In the 2100s, scientists on Mars opened portals to Hell, and Doom Guy was a security guard at the facility. In Doom 64, a new level reveals that the Mother Demon’s sister tried to get rid of Doom Guy by teleporting him away, most likely putting him on Argent D’Nur, which has filled him with unending rage ever since the demons killed his pet rabbit Daisy (no, really). The Doom Guy had long since gone completely bonkers, his insanity defined by boundless rage and a deep-seated aversion to all things demonic.

So Does Doom 3 Matter?

No. No one is excited for Doom 3. If id has already forgotten about it, then we can too.

What Happened at Sentinel Prime?

Argent D’Nur’s Night Sentinels are headquartered in a massive coliseum called Sentinel Prime. The Doom Guy was also exiled there, and he quickly became a celebrity thanks to his violent prowess and his incessant yelling of “Rip and Tear.” This caught the attention of King Novik of Argenta. Doom Guy was recruited into the Night Sentinels on a whim by King Novik, and despite initial skepticism from his fellow recruits, he went on to become one of the organization’s finest warriors.

What Happened to Argent D’Nur?

The demons attacked Argent D’Nur shortly after Doom Guy arrived through mysterious portals because, well, that’s what demons do. Although the specifics of their journey to and discovery of Argent D’Nur remain unclear, it is widely believed that they were not merely lucky stumblers. Whatever the case, “The Unholy Wars” began, a multi-year conflict in which the Maykrs and the Argenta alliance fought together against the demons.

And things started off pretty badly. The demons were using a form of dark magic that the Maykrs and the Argenta had never encountered before, leaving them defenseless. This is made even worse by the fact that demons are fearless and seemingly countless at the outset of the war.

Doom Eternal Hardest Enemies Ranked [Ultimate List]

What Does Argent Energy Do?

However, things changed when a group of Priests captured several demons for study, and from this research they discovered the existence of a mysterious energy they dubbed “Essence,” which powered both the demons and their magic. ” It’s a nearly limitless power source that can do practically anything if used properly, from enhancing technology to healing, resurrecting, altering matter, and even improving one’s sense of taste. The Priests and Khan Maykr were intrigued by this newfound ability, and the Argenta began employing it to strengthen their own weapons, effectively turning the demons’ power against them. Argenta, aided by the Doom Guy, resisted the demons and began to fight their way into Hell. The Night Sentinels were wary of this new “Argent Energy,” so they kept it at arm’s length even as it spread throughout Argenta and Maykr society.

Why Does the Khan Maykr Want Argent Energy?

While the invasion was taking place, the Khan’s Priests on Argenta were busy constructing factories in Hell to send Argent Energy to Urdak. The Khan Maykr found out that by consuming Argent Energy, they could delay the dreaded Transfiguration that all Maykr dread. Although the effect wore off after a while, the Maykrs could stay alive indefinitely on a steady diet of Argent, though they would need more of it over time.

What Happened to Taras Nabad and the Divinity Machine?

The demons regained the upper hand in the war when they discovered a portal to one of Argent D’Nur’s most important cities, Taras Nabad. They razed the city under the command of a titanic demon, wiping out everyone who wasn’t a Night Sentinel or the Doom Guy. When everything looked like it was about to end for the worst, a Seraphim Maykr named Samur appeared to have a private conversation with Doom Guy. Samur, who was the Khan Maykr’s personal assistant, guided Doom Guy to the Divinity Machine against orders and with the promise that it would help him. Doom Guy was supposed to be cleansed by the Machine, but instead he was mysteriously endowed with immense power, strength, and speed to match his ferocity.

Is Doom Guy the Same Person as the Doom Slayer?

In a word, yes. For all intents and purposes, the moment he ascends in the Divinity Machine is when he changes from the Doom Guy to the Slayer. No one knows why this happened, but despite Khan Maykr’s mistrust, the new champion used his newfound strength to help drive the demons back into Hell, killing the Titan with a thrust from the Crucible Sword. The tide of war had turned back in favor of the Argenta, though it should be noted that Samur disappeared without a trace; it is unclear whether he fled the Khan or was exiled for his disobedience. It is speculated, though not confirmed, that Samur was the Seraphim who abducted Father from the Luminarium and placed him in the Doom Slayer before passing both devices through the Divinity Machine.

What is Argent Energy?

After being pushed back into Hell, the Sentinels launched a new bloody campaign under the direction of the Doom Slayer. The Priests’ discovery of portal creation gave them an additional advantage. It all went wrong, though, when the Sentinels uncovered one of the Priests’ factories and learned that Argent Energy was essentially spiritual Soylent Green.

Yes, human beings, or more accurately human spirits, are the raw material for Argent Energy. It would appear that in the Doomiverse, all souls go to Hell regardless of their goodness, and that extreme torture can cause a soul to crack open, releasing pure Argent and spawning a demon. Because they didn’t want the Argenta to know that their culture ran on the eternal suffering of their friends and loved ones, the Priests and the Khan Maykr knew this from the start but kept it hidden from Argent D’Nur.

Sadly, they didn’t have anything to worry about. The people of Argent D’Nur were so reliant on Argent Energy that they were unfazed by the revelation of where it came from, if only because doing so would allow them to maintain their way of life. The Doom Slayer, the Night Sentinels, some dispersed Argenta, and the Priests of the Order of Deag aren’t happy about this development.

Why is the Khan Maykr Controlling Demons?

The Khan and the demons made a deal that ended the war, and the Argenta agreed to leave the demons alone in exchange for the Maykrs giving them access to any world they knew of (except Urdak), which was the final straw for this resistant group. In exchange, the demons would keep expanding their factories and supplying Argent Energy to both Argent D’Nur and Urdak, ensuring the continued success of both civilizations indefinitely.

It wouldn’t happen, not with the Slayer, Sentinels, and Priests around. After the end of the Unholy Wars, a new civil war broke out as rebels attempted to topple the Maykrs and eliminate all Argent Energy and the demons.

What Happened to the Night Sentinels?

After years of fighting, the rebels came up with a plan to end the civil war once and for all: they would storm the city of Nekroval in Hell, where all the Argent Energy was channeled to Urdak, and destroy it. This would deprive the Khan of his power forever. They fought their way into Hell, only to be ambushed by hordes of enemies, split up, and ultimately destroyed. Someone had warned the demons about their arrival. The Priests of Deag were behind this treachery, and as a result, they have gained favor with the Khan and been promoted to the rank of lieutenants. All three of them eventually evolved into the priests of Hell.

Who is the Betrayer?

The Priests’ betrayal did not end the conflict, however. Commander Valen, a member of the Setinel, was haunted by demons after his son died and was damned to Hell. Valen, lured by the demons’ promise of his son’s resurrection, divulged all the Sentinels’ strategies and weaknesses to them.
Valen the Betrayer, a disgraced Sentinel, accepted his fate as an eternal damnation in Hell. | Joel Franey/USgamer, id Software/Bethesda Softworks

What is the Icon of Sin?

As soon as he realized the demons had tricked him, Valen began to deeply regret his choice. His son was indeed resurrected. but only in his legendary demon form as the Icon of Sin, with his severed, still-beating heart serving as a conduit for the Icon’s will. Whoops. After his deed, Valen was known only as the Betrayer, and he committed suicide rather than leave Hell.

How Did the Doom Slayer Get to Mars?

With the other Sentinels dead, the Doom Slayer survived the ambush, but he was tricked into entering a large sarcophagus and lost his armor in the process. Until the events of Doom (2016), he remained there, probably because no demon was willing to risk opening it.

On Mars itself, the UAC corporation was conducting research into Hellgates at a new facility when a heavily armed expedition uncovered one of the Argent factories. They had no idea what this energy was or why it was there, but they began harvesting it anyway in an effort to make up for the depleting resources on Earth and avert a construction crisis. They also brought back the sarcophagus that contained the Doom Slayer. Sadly, a scientist by the name of Olivia Pierce gave in to the demons’ temptations and became cultishly obsessed, opening enough portals for the demons to overrun the facility and kill everyone inside.

What Happened in Doom (2016)?

Samuel Hayden, chairman of the UAC (and also a man’s mind inside a robotic body; go with it) awoke the Doom Slayer to deal with the demon threat when he realized that things were about to get very bad. After killing Pierce, the Doom Slayer destroyed the Argent collectors, much to Hayden’s chagrin, and kidnapped a potent artificial intelligence (AI) named Vega to aid him in his quest. After capturing the Doom Slayer, Hayden took another Crucible sword from him, which was charged with a great deal of Argent Energy, in an effort to resume their work and end the crisis. He teleported the Doom Slayer away because he didn’t want him to get in the way.

What Happened Between Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal?

The passage of time between the two games is made abundantly clear, but the story at the heart of Eternal is deceptively straightforward. Khan Maykr needs more and more Argent Energy to halt her Transfiguration, but people just aren’t dying fast enough. Following the Doom Slayer’s trail back to the planet, she orders the Hell Priests to open massive portals connecting Earth and Hell, where she can slaughter billions of people and provide fuel for the factories. The Doom Slayer returns to Earth in a Sentinel ship known as the Fortress of Doom from… well, wherever Hayden sent him. He has returned with a plan to save the planet by eliminating the Priests and the Khan, who betrayed him and the Sentinels. Everything that occurs in the game is geared toward achieving those objectives.

Doom Ending Explained

With this knowledge, the final moments of Doom Eternal leave little to the imagination. In an effort to free a fellow Sentinel, the Doom Slayer destroys the beating heart holding the Icon of Sin in place, prompting the Betrayer’s demonized son to launch an attack on Earth. King Novik’s voice echoes in the Doom Slayer’s mind as the Icon crumbles and he surveys the aftermath, reiterating the Doom Slayer’s role as the protector of humanity from demons and, if the Maykrs are still around, from the end of the world.

You are now fully prepared for any unexpected in-game paperwork or cryptic dialogue that may come your way. It’s a pity that not everyone has an expression as pithy as “rip and tear.” ”


And that is the order in which we would place all of Doom Eternal’s foes! Naturally, the list is based on our own personal experience with the game, so your mileage may vary depending on your playstyle, the difficulty setting, and how well you adapt to the new formula.

If the Marauder is already at the top of your list of least favorite characters, please tell us about your second choice.