Updated at: 13-03-2023 - By: Leo Hall
At some point, every gamer has pondered what the ultimate gaming weapon could be. We conducted the necessary analysis and located them.

Video game weapons can take the form of anything from a sword to a gun to an ability with extraordinary power levels.

With these deadly weapons, players can deal massive damage to both the computer and other players. Certain arms are inherently superior to others.

We made this list of the most powerful video game weapons to commemorate the thrill of wielding the ultimate tool of destruction in a game.

In this list, games from all generations will be ranked from least powerful to broken.

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Hidden Blade – Assassin’s Creed

The Hidden Blade is more than just the Assassin Brotherhood’s trademark weapon; it’s an ancient artifact that dates back to the time of the Achaemenid Empire. Throughout the series, it has undergone various redesigns to better suit various characters’ fighting styles, such as Shao Jun’s Hidden Footblade from AC Chronicles: China and Shaun’s Shock Blade from AC: Syndicate.

Assassin's Creed: Everything You Need to Know About the Hidden Blade

The primary objective is the swift and silent elimination of targets. A lightweight build keeps the user mobile and undetected by the enemy until the final blow is dealt. Although the Hidden Blade is one of the best concealable stealth weapons due to its retractable mechanism, we can only imagine how difficult it is to avoid being spotted by metal detectors.

Blue Shell – Mario Kart

Anyone who has played Mario Kart at all is likely to instantly recognize the sound of a spiny blue shell hurtling towards them at high speed. In Mario Kart 64, the Blue Shell made its debut and quickly became one of the most hated item drops due to its limited utility beyond screwing over the current leader.

As of Mario Kart 8, the Blue Shell has undergone some minor changes from previous iterations. Super Horn has rendered the item vulnerable for the first time since its introduction. However, it now moves along the racetrack itself, eliminating any competitors who dare stand in its way. The only thing keeping us from moving up this list is its diminished potency.

Striker Handgun – Hitman

The Striker is a handgun that deals increased damage and can penetrate multiple enemies if aimed correctly; it was inspired by the high-powered revolvers commonly seen in old western films. It’s also one of the noisiest and most easily spotted weapons, which is strictly forbidden in Hitman.

It’s still impossible to deny its practicality and badass visuals. Certain objectives in Hitman’s The Dexter Discordance Escalation and Hitman 2’s Hokkaido Escalation can be completed to gain access to the weapon. And in Santa Fortuna, you can pick up a special golden version of the pistol known as El Matador.

Prismatic Hammer – The Outer Worlds

The Prismatic Hammer is a two-handed melee Science Weapon that can cycle between four different elemental properties (shock, plasma, corrosion, and radiation) and has one of the funniest histories of any weapon. Unfortunately, a mishap in the workshop rendered its manual switch ineffective, so the user now has to swing the weapon to cycle through the various damage settings.

When the player’s Science skill reaches 80, they gain access to all types of elemental damage and keep the hammer’s unique knockdown effect, making this weapon extremely useful. Even though it’s satisfying just to swing the Prismatic Hammer wildly and cycle through its elements, charging it up and unleashing its power attack causes a powerful burst of energy that can reach distant targets.

AWP – Counter-Strike

The Arctic Warfare Police (AWP), formerly known as the Magnum Sniper Rifle, is a devastating sniper rifle in Counter-Strike. You might think the AWP isn’t worth it because of its abysmally low fire rate, molasses-slow reload speed, and reduced movement while equipped, but all it takes is one pull of the trigger to see its superb stopping power.

The sniper rifle was modeled after one made by the British company Accuracy International and used by the police. The high-powered bolt-action sniper rifle’s reputation as Counter-Strike’s best “high risk, high reward” weapon endures, despite visual changes over the years.

The Service Weapon – Control

Only one weapon is available to players throughout the entirety of the story in Control, but luckily it is a firearm that can take on various forms. The Service Weapon is a supernatural handgun that can transform into the Grip (a standard pistol), Shatter (a shotgun), Spin (a rapid-fire SMG), Pierce (a sniper), and Charge (a rocket launcher) in an instant.

While seemingly versatile, this handgun is picky about who gets to own it. The stakes are extremely high when proving your proficiency with the Service Weapon; the test entails a game of Russian roulette in which the pistol itself decides whether or not you pass.

Heavy Bowgun – Monster Hunter: World

There are 14 distinct weapon types in Monster Hunter: World, ensuring that there’s something for every play preference. The Heavy Bowgun is one such weapon, a devastating piece of artillery that is less mobile but deals even more damage.

The HBG is a powerful weapon that can quickly break monster parts and keep them staggered, but it is not as user-friendly as the Light Bowgun. Besides having access to rare, high-damage Wyvern and Cluster ammunition, the weapon can be upgraded with a wide variety of add-ons.

Scorpion’s Kunai – Mortal Kombat

You probably know what’s going to happen when Scorpion says, “Get over here!” in any Mortal Kombat game. If you hear this famous catchphrase, it’s a good bet that Scorpion is about to throw his harpoon-like Kunai blade at someone’s body and reel them in for either a big hug or a major whooping.

Once Scorpion hooks you, you’re pretty much at his mercy until the reel animation is finished, making this a very potent move in fighting games. However, in most games, you can prevent Scorpion from executing his strategy by simply blocking.

Even though his appearance has been updated with each new game, his Kunai is still as effective as it was back in the early ’90s.

Golden Gun – Goldeneye 64

The Golden Gun was one of the first overpowered weapons in video games, so it’s only fitting that it makes this list. This pistol has made appearances in multiple 007 games, most notably Goldeneye 64, and was inspired by Ian Fleming’s novel The Man with the Golden Gun and the film of the same name.

The Golden Gun is a legendary handgun that can supposedly be assembled from a pen, a lighter, a cigarette case, and a cufflink. It is so powerful that a single shot will kill most of your enemies.

Even a smooth-talking spy might find this weapon a little impractical due to the need to reload after each shot.

Ray Gun – Call of Duty Zombies

The Ray Gun from Call of Duty is one of the most recognizable and effective weapons in the world. This atomic-powered handgun, which debuted in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: World at War and is still obtainable as recently as Black Ops 4, belongs to the category of powerful and fictional “Wonder Weapons.”

Because it could perform one-shot kills up until rounds 18 to 22, it quickly became the Zombies’ preferred weapon despite being available only from Mystery Boxes at first. It was one of the most powerful firearms in the series because of this, as well as its high rate of fire and splash damage upon impact.

Sting Ray – Splatoon 2

In Splatoon 2, the Sting Ray is a unique weapon that allows the user to fire a continuous laser that can penetrate walls and other obstacles. This comes at the expense of reduced maneuverability when aiming and turning, but these shortcomings are easily overcome by the Sting Ray’s incredible destructive power.

You need to spread ink around the map and rack up kills in order to fill your Special Meter and activate the Sting Ray. Once it’s ready, find a safe location close to your team’s spawn point. For maximum squid carnage, activate your special and aim it wherever you think enemies may be congregating.

Home-Run Bat – Super Smash Bros.

To what extent are you interested in discussing agony? Let’s talk about how terrible it feels to take a Home-Run Bat swing in Super Smash Bros. Whether you’re playing the original Smash or the latest Smash Ultimate, this baseball bat will bring nothing but misery to your day unless, of course, you’re the one wielding it.

While the Home-Run Bat can be used in the same way as other battering items, it has the unique ability to completely change a character’s forward smash. When a character performs a forward smash, they will wind up and swing with such force that they may instantly knock out their opponent.

Ultima Weapon – Kingdom Hearts III

Of all the keyblades in Kingdom Hearts III, there is one that stands out as the most powerful and the hardest to obtain at the same time: the Master Sword. The Ultima Keyblade is unlocked late in the game and requires the player to synthesize a wide variety of uncommon materials.

Still, with a Strength and Magic score of 13, it’s definitely worthwhile.

With the highest base stats of any keyblade and the abilities Combo Boost and Air Combo Boost, it is the best option for dealing the most possible melee damage.

Additional Strength and Magic are available in its Ultimate form change against a formidable foe thanks to abilities like Teleport, Combo Master, Leaf Bracer, Second Wind, Withstand Combo, MP Hastera, and Overcome.

Leviathan Axe – God of War

Although Kratos is more commonly associated with his dual Blades of Chaos, the Leviathan Axe was introduced in the 2018 God of War soft reboot.

Although its attack speed is lower than that of Kratos’ older blades, like Thor’s hammer Mjölnir, it can be recalled when needed.

Just as you’d expect from a weapon in the God of War’s arsenal, the Leviathan Axe is incredibly lethal, able to easily chop trees, cut through an enemy’s head, and launch their body into the air.

BFG 9000 – Doom

The BFG 9000 is a legendary weapon in the gaming community, featured in multiple id Software titles and frequently imitated by competitors in the first-person shooter genre. As the most powerful weapon in the Doom games, it is best known for its ability to launch 40 cells’ worth of green plasma in a single blast.

It’s also the biggest gun in the game, with most versions depicting a model that’s too big to fit on screen without the help of a camera editor. The player must usually complete a number of puzzles in order to acquire this weapon, but one shot into a room full of demons will convince them it was well worth the effort.

Master Sword – The Legend of Zelda

The Master Sword is universally recognized as one of the most recognizable symbols in popular culture, making it one of the most recognizable video game weapons of all time. But since we’re talking about the strongest weapons here and not the most recognizable ones, let’s quickly run down the Master Sword’s achievements in The Legend of Zelda.

In Ocarina of Time, Link used it to go back in time and defeat Gannon. Second, the sword can be rammed so hard into the Evil King’s skull that he turns to stone in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Finally, in Skyward Sword, Link, with the help of Fi, uses the sword to permanently banish the influence of evil. Finally, it has infinite durability, making it the best end-game weapon in Breath of the Wild.

Gunblade – Final Fantasy 8

The Final Fantasy series is known for its extensive arsenal of unusual (and occasionally bizarre) weapons. One character even used a ball as a weapon, and we’ve seen guns strapped to people’s arms and giant stuffed puppet creatures. Yet, Squall Leonhart’s Gunblade in Final Fantasy 8 is one of the most fascinating and potent weapons in the entire series.

This weapon defies logic in every possible way. A pair of blades and a pistol? It’s the kind of weapon concept a young child of seven might come up with, but in a video game, anything is possible. Both close- and long-range attacks are possible with Squall’s Gunblade, giving him an advantage against any foe. Due to the overwhelming positive response to Squall and his weapon, the character has returned in subsequent Square Enix games like Kingdom Hearts.

Operator – Valorant

Valorant is one of the newest games available, at least in comparison to the others highlighted in this post. Riot’s competitive first-person shooter, set to release in 2020, combines the aim-and-fire precision of Counter-Strike with the power-ups of Overwatch. On the other hand, if you’re on the receiving end of an Operator, you might not have a good time.

The Operator, also known as “the Op,” is a heavy-duty sniper who can kill agents with a single bullet. Which brings us to the worst (or best) part of it all. The Operator’s attacks always deal 150 points of damage and a guaranteed kill, regardless of where they land. Considering its status as Valorant’s most potent firearm, it comes at a hefty price of 4,500 credits.

Golden Gun – GoldenEye 007

You probably had GoldenEye 007 if you had a Nintendo 64 and liked first-person shooters. GoldenEye 007, a first-person shooter based on the 1995 film of the same name, was a landmark of the early FPS genre and the multiplayer scene. In addition to being a legendary game, “Goldeneye” features a legendary weapon that is still considered one of the best in history.

James Bond - The Golden Gun Limited Edition Prop Replica

There are two types of golden weapons in the game: the regular Golden Gun and the Gold PP7. Both the original Golden Gun and the PP7 variant are one-shot kills due to their 100 damage output, but the PP7’s larger magazine makes it the superior choice. The PP7 has seven rounds of ammunition rather than just one. While the regular Golden Gun only appears in the Egyptian mission (and can be obtained through cheats), the PP7 is unlocked at the start of the game. In multiplayer games, you can also use the Golden Gun.

Portal Gun – Portal

The Portal Gun, or Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, is Chell’s primary weapon in Portal. The Portal Gun is the most compelling example of the idea that not all superweapons have to be destructive in order to be considered such. Chell is able to move around the facility thanks to the Portal Gun’s portal creation capabilities. The inbound portal is colored blue, while the outbound one is colored orange.

The Portal Gun isn’t just useful for making portals; it can also grab things thanks to its gravity manipulation feature. Chell’s ability to lift heavy objects is reminiscent of Half-Life’s Gravity Gun, and she uses it primarily to advance her escape mission. The Portal Gun may not cause any harm, but its capabilities are so great that it deserves to be ranked among the most potent tools ever created.

Lancer – Gears Of War

The 2006 release of Gears of War revitalized the third-person shooter subgenre with its blend of action and horror as humankind fights to survive the onslaught of the Locust. The Locust emerged from their underground homes after years of hiding and immediately set about destroying the world above ground. Marcus Fenix and the other Coalition soldiers rely heavily on the destructive and effective Lancer to fight off the invading horde.

Even though we’ve seen a lot of hybrid weapons, the Lancer is arguably the most impressive one yet. The Lancer was developed primarily as an assault weapon, but it also comes equipped with a chainsaw attachment for use in close quarters. There is little room for doubt that the Lancer is a highly lethal and effective weapon after watching the animation of Marcus sawing through a Locust enemy, which is one of the most gruesome scenes in the history of video games.

Poke Ball – Pokemon

The all-powerful Poke Ball is proof that not all weapons are designed to inflict suffering, death, or devastation. To defeat wild Pokemon, nothing beats a standard trainer’s tool. Any pocket monster, from a flopping Magikarp to a lumbering, sleeping Snorlax, can be contained by this easy-to-use device.

There were only four Poke Ball varieties at the start of the series in 1996: the regular Poke Ball, the Great Ball, the Ultra Ball, and the Master Ball. There are now 27 unique varieties of Poke Balls, each with its own set of advantages when used to capture wild Pokemon. More iterations of the Poke Ball will likely be introduced as the franchise develops.

Blades Of Chaos – God Of War

The concept of killing the Greek gods blew people’s minds, but anything having to do with Greek mythology is bound to attract a large number of players. Kratos, a Spartan, seeks vengeance against the God of War, Ares, for taking the lives of his loved ones and turning him into a slave. Considering that Ares was the one responsible for creating the Blades of Chaos, the fact that Kratos used them to kill the God of War is a poetic irony.

These blades, forged by Ares, are enchanted with a fire that instantly ignites upon contact, making them deadly to any adversary. Kratos’s forearms now feature chains of unbreakable blades that were burned onto them by Ares. The Blades of Chaos are best used at close range, but they are still effective at medium and long ranges. Any way you slice it, these blades can kill gods, so they must be pretty formidable.

Keyblade – Kingdom Hearts

Some people thought Square Enix was completely crazy when they decided to combine the colorful, delightful, heartfelt characters of Disney with the rugged, overly emotional heroes of Final Fantasy. However, after its 2002 release, Kingdom Hearts quickly rose to prominence as one of the best PlayStation 2 games and spawned a massively successful franchise. As the Heartless devoured world after world, a young boy from the Destiny Islands named Sora was chosen to wield the legendary Keyblade and fight for the forces of good.

While Sora initially equips a relatively weak Keyblade, he eventually strengthens it to the point where it can deal devastating damage. Sora, Donald, and Goofy use the Keyblade to seal the light of each world they visit, protecting it from absorption by the Heartless. Sora can adapt his fighting style to any situation thanks to the Keyblade’s versatility. Without the Keyblade, the forces of evil would triumph and destroy the world as we know it.

FG 9000 – Doom

Doom fans know that the BFG 9000’s real name is the Bio Force Gun 9000, or BFG 9000. You won’t find a more devastating weapon in any first-person shooter than this one. Since Doom’s initial release in 1993, the BFG 9000 has been a staple of the series.

The BFG 9000 can instantly wipe out any foe that isn’t a boss by blasting them with plasma energy. Argent Energy is a form of renewable energy discovered by the Union Aerospace Corporation, and it powers the weapon in Doom 2016. There is only room for three shots in the BFG 9000’s magazine, so make them count.

Energy Sword – Halo 2

Halo 2’s perspective-switching between the Master Chief and the Arbiter (a unique title for a Covenant Elite in perilous times) was a novel addition to the series. The game’s cannon of Covenant weapons was thus greatly augmented, with the deadly Energy Sword serving as the undisputed highlight.

Despite the sword’s limited utility, it can easily cut through any material and quickly dispatch any threat it encounters. The Energy Sword was made playable in Halo’s multiplayer mode, adding to its reputation as a terrifying weapon not just in the Halo series but in video games generally.

Hidden Blade – Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft may not have realized it at the time, but their 2007 release of Assassin’s Creed would become one of the best-known video game franchises ever. The story of Assassin’s Creed revolves around an ongoing rivalry between two shadowy groups: the Assassins and the Knights Templar. Assassins prioritize liberty, while Templars prioritize order. Their feud has lasted for centuries, and now, in the present day, the Templars have founded a corporation called Abstergo Industries to create a device called the Animus to relive memories.

Every time you play an Assassin’s Creed game, you’ll take control of an assassin who is the progenitor of a specific person in the present day. Even though assassins have access to a wide variety of weapons, the Hidden Blade is their trademark and most lethal tool. The Hidden Blade is slotted up the assassin’s sleeve and, once activated, shoots out, bringing about a swift and painless demise. The Hidden Blade is so powerful that it can usually instantly kill an opponent, but there are always exceptions. The Hidden Blade’s stealth is its saving grace, but its devastating speed and accuracy make it a clear frontrunner.

Blue Shell – Mario Kart

If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a powerful weapon, don’t worry too much about trying to survive it. It’s not very likely, but it’s not impossible either, and that’s what makes the Blue Shell in Mario Kart so unique. The Blue Shell is the Holy Grail in nearly every Mario Kart game, and it’s especially useful for those finishing in last place.

When activated, the Blue Shell will destroy everything in its path before crashing into the racing vehicle. The racer’s green or red shell won’t be able to stop the Blue Shell from hitting, and neither will the racer’s body. The Blue Shell will crush anything in its path, but there is a warning sound you can listen for to give yourself a chance to escape. Only by becoming invincible (through activating the Star) or invisible (through the use of Boo) are you capable of completely avoiding the Blue Shell’s destructive force.

Master Sword – The Legend Of Zelda

The Master Sword is one of the most famous and potent weapons in video game history. Link has been using the legendary weapon for decades to thwart Ganon’s plans to conquer Hyrule. The Master Sword is a weapon of unfathomable power and reliability in most Zelda games. In Breath of the Wild, however, the Master Sword will lose its charge and become useless for a while.

The Master Sword is still among the most potent gaming weapons despite the new design twist. It is said that the Master Sword, forged by the goddess Hylia, is the only weapon capable of vanquishing Ganon. The sword can do more than just defeat evil; its specific abilities change from Zelda game to game. In Ocarina of Time, Link travels to and from the future with the Master Sword to stop Ganon from destroying Hyrule. Hyrule is lucky to have Link, who possesses the qualities necessary to wield the Master Sword: a pure heart, a strong body, and a reputation for bravery.

Halo Array (Halo Franchise)

We’re going back to the Halo universe now to check out a weapon that makes the Energy Sword look like a kid’s plastic knife with Barney the Dinosaur’s cute face on the side, as promised earlier. Sure enough, it’s the Halo array.

You can’t afford to take your time with isolated foes. There will be no explosive projectiles that may kill some friendly soldiers along with the bad guys. It would be an understatement to call the Halo Array anything less than a massive collection of weapons and structures that function together to form a single entity of unprecedented size and lethality. Darth Vader would be halfway to commanding the sheer might the Halo Array represents if he had two Death Stars and each of them had several pet Death Stars of their own. It can halt the Flood by wiping out all life in its path, rendering the Flood incapable of further survival. The ultimate gaming weapon, or something less impressive? Maybe that’s the case.

God Mode (Rise Of The Triad 13/Rise Of The Triad 95)

Obviously, turning on God Mode in a video game grants you ridiculously powerful weapons. In contrast, Rise of the Triad 13 and Rise of the Triad 95 take the premise to a whole new level of absurdity.

Players will receive this boost extremely infrequently. Upon acquiring it, the player’s character grows in size, gains invulnerability to damage (except from falling in Rise of the Triad 95), and can shoot energy balls that instantly kill any foes they come into contact with. The situation is frightening, but there are still two weapons that are superior to God Mode.

Death Penalty (Final Fantasy VII)

In this slot, picking between the Golden Gun and the Death Penalty was a difficult task. Ultimately, we decided to go with Vincent Valentine’s deadliest weapon. Those who invested countless hours as kids trying to conquer Emerald and Ruby Weapon will understand.

Every game’s ultimate weapon has a unique quality, and Death Penalty in Final Fantasy VII was no exception. Each of Vincent’s foes that he was able to kill gave it more strength. Curiously, an overflow glitch eventually let Vincent deal (invisible) damage numbers that the game simply couldn’t calculate. In other words, with a single blow, he could destroy the powerful Emerald Weapon. This was certainly not the intent. But this still only affects a single target, unlike the previous entries which caused widespread destruction.

Kelbi Bow (Monster Hunter Franchise)

The Kelbi Bow may seem ordinary to some. In the Monster Hunter series, this bow is incredibly useful because of the variety of status coatings it can provide to the team.

Is this the case, though? If you’ve ever attempted an Alatreon speedrun, you’ll know that the Kelbi Bow truly comes into its own when multiple players are using it simultaneously, spamming regular shots to constantly apply the Slime effect. In this manner, the game’s most dangerous monsters are permanently weakened to the point where they can hardly move at all. Since it’s a fairly uncommon option, it falls in the middle of the pack.

Cerebral Bore (Turok Franchise)

Of course, the Cerebral Bore lacks the capacity for mass destruction possessed by some of the very strongest weapons on this list. The tool is not the quickest or most useful one a gamer can use. But do you know what effect it has? It works by drilling into the skulls of angry dinosaurs before detonating, blowing out their brains and removing their heads. That’s a lot of guts, anyway you look at it.

It made its debut in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, and its effects are so graphic that they would make the Scorpion from Mortal Kombat throw up his demon-magma lunch. Though it deals massive damage, the Cerebral Bore is only effective against a single foe at a time and can be awkward to use. An impressive seventh-place finish.

Infinite Launcher (Resident Evil 4)

All fans of the series know that Resident Evil 4 moved away from the survival horror formula and into the third-person shooter genre (Resident Evil 5 and 6 made an even bigger zero-gravity moon jump). The focus was squarely on high-stakes, high-intensity battles.

The game’s completion grants access to the Infinite Launcher, which can be purchased from the Merchant. It’s a Rocket Launcher, which, as the name suggests, fires an infinite supply of rockets. Rocket Launchers are typically extremely powerful, extremely expensive, and used only once. Any enemy in the game will be quickly dispatched with this, and Leon will only take damage from splashes if you fire at him at close range. This one ranks ninth because these explosions are relatively minor.

Gnasher (Gears of War)

It seems like a lot of shooters have trouble mastering shotguns. These weapons are characterized by being extremely ineffective at close range but deadly at greater distances. When brought close, how lethal should they be? Can you describe the player’s movement options? If these are overlooked, equilibrium is likely to plummet.

The Gnasher shotgun from the video game Gears of War is a prime example of a fantastic weapon. All Gears of War fans have experienced the wrath of the Gnasher, one of the series’ most potent (and divisive) weapons. However, it is the most complete solution, despite its flaws, and thus it is presented first.

Gears 5 Nerfs Gnasher Shotgun

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find the Sword of Night and Flame

Although any weapon in Elden Ring has the potential to be upgraded into something truly powerful, I believe the Sword of Night and Flame is the most “broken” weapon currently available.

You can use this sword to launch a sweeping fire attack or a devastating magic beam, thanks to its incredible dual-use capabilities. In addition to covering some of the most common weaknesses in the game, those abilities allow you to deal absurd amounts of damage to single targets and groups of enemies alike. I’ve witnessed players using only this sword’s special attack to dispatch even the hardest bosses, and it’s about as effective in PvP as it is in PvE.

Due to its unusual stat distribution requirements (Strength 12, Dexterity 12, Intelligence 24, Faith 24), very few players will be able to effectively wield this sword. Nevertheless, there is no denying that it is an incredible overall option that will have you laughing and throwing your hands in the air.

This weapon can be found in Caria Manor, specifically in the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace. In order to reach the nearby roof, you will need to run across the bridge and use the hole in its side. The next roof over is where you’ll find a ladder and a chest, so descend there. That chest is where you’ll find the sword.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find the Winged Scythe

When it comes to dealing Holy damage and complementing the playstyle of certain builds, the Winged Scythe is a monster, but I’m hesitant to recommend it because its physical damage is relatively weak compared to the other Faith-based melee weapon options in the game (though its built-in Bleed effect is certainly nice).

Certain builds (most notably, appropriately stated, Confessors and Prophets) can make quick work of anything that is even slightly vulnerable to Holy damage with this weapon’s potent skill and the lingering Holy effect it produces, all while taking advantage of the surprisingly powerful protection enhancements this Scythe offers.

It’s a fantastic weapon that you’ll use for the rest of the game if you’re a Faith/Strength build that wants to be able to use melee attacks occasionally without sacrificing your casting rotation.

The Winged Scythe can be found in Tombsward Ruins surprisingly early in the game. Find the stairs in the center of the rubble, descend them, avoid (or overcome) the foes you meet, and enter the door at the bottom. On the other side is where you can pick up this weapon.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find Carian Regal Scepter

While there are many powerful magical staffs to choose from in Elden Ring, the Carian Regal Scepter stands out as the undisputed king of the Elden Ring arsenal.

The results are well worth the high Intelligence requirement of this weapon (60). When upgraded, Elden Ring’s already-powerful Intelligence-based spells become nuclear weapons, and no other staff scales with Intelligence quite like this one does. The “fastest” spells can be transformed into devastating weapons with this.

You will need to rely on the Meteorite Staff and Azur’s Glintstone for a long time due to this staff’s high stat requirements (Azur’s Glintstone is actually a great endgame option in its own right), but it will be difficult to find a replacement for what you get from this staff.

To obtain this staff, you must present the Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen to Enia in Roundtable Hold. Once you have vanquished Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, you will be granted the Remembrance.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find the Horn Bow

I wouldn’t tell the truth if I said the Horn Bow is the most awesome bow in the game, but it is becoming clear that many players are using it because it is the only bow that can support ranged builds across the vast majority of Elden Ring.

As a result of its design, the Horn Bow enhances the power of any magic-based projectiles you have equipped and adds a small amount of magic damage to every shot you fire. Even if you don’t use a bow very often, this buff will make your first shot more effective, which is why it’s a good choice for builds that rely on them.

One might want to consider heavier alternatives if they need a Strength-based ranged weapon, but the Horn Bow is hard to criticize otherwise.

In Siofra River, just below the stairs that lead to Hallowhorn Grounds, you’ll find the Horn Bow.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find the Hand of Malenia

The Hand of Malenia is a ridiculously potent weapon that very few Elden Ring players will ever get to use, but there is another Katana in the game that I think some builds will get more mileage out of (more on that in a second).

Obtaining the Hand of Malenia requires defeating Malenia, arguably the toughest boss in Elden Ring, and increasing your Dexterity to a whopping 48 points, but the weapon’s incredible attack speed, amazing special ability, and strong Bleed effect mean that you can deal an absurd amount of damage during even the smallest of windows. To begin a battle with this sword’s unique ability is to have already won the conflict.

While not the best sword for PvP due to its vulnerability to characters with high defenses or heavy armor, it is one of the fastest swords in the game and is capable of dealing powerful melee hits.

You must first defeat Melania (good luck with that) and then give the Remembrance of the Rot Goddess to Enia in Roundtable Hold in order to receive this blade. As a possible reward, she will present you with this sword.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find the Moonveil

The Moonveil is one of the few “early” weapons in Elden Ring that is good enough to justify centering a character around it.

The magical Katana Moonveil has the incredibly useful Bleed effect and is endowed with Transient Moonlight, one of the game’s best skills. This ability generates a barrage of magical blows powerful enough to vaporize almost any opponent in the game from a safe distance. You’ll be glad you did once you get a taste of this weapon’s incredible upside, but be warned: building your character around this weapon requires a balance of Strength, Dexterity, and Intellect.

It’s hard for me to think of too many melee weapons that are so good that you should level up your Intelligence and Mind so much just to use their special skills, but Moonveil is definitely one of them. For some character creations and players, it may be the single most effective weapon in the game.

The Magma Wyrm in Gael Tunnel, in the always dangerous region of Caelid, is the source of this weapon.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find Ghiza’s Wheel

It appears that many players have yet to uncover this weapon, which essentially means that those who prefer to play with a Strength/Dexterity build are unaware of one of the best weapons in Elden Ring, which also happens to be one of the most novel and entertaining weapon choices in the game.

Informally referred to as the “pizza cutter,” Ghiza’s Wheel is essentially a chainsaw mounted on a staff. If you use its special ability (which basically just keeps the wheel spinning and allows you to deal nearly constant Bleed damage), your enemies will start bleeding quickly.

While it isn’t the best choice against faster or smaller foes, Ghiza’s Wheel can absolutely rip through bosses that are vulnerable to Bleed damage. So much more exists than the meme weapon that it’s sometimes portrayed as.

Locating Ghiza’s Wheel requires you to travel to Volcano Manor and vanquish the invading NPC that appears there. They’ll put down the weapon and run away.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find the Sword of St. Trinia

Finding a weapon with the “sleep” effect that you actually want to use is difficult in Elden Ring. The Sword of St. Trinia is unique for this very reason.

The fact that even the game’s toughest enemies can be put to sleep with only a handful of hits makes this sword even more ideal for Bandits than its low attribute requirements and quick attacks already do. While its utility in PvP is obvious, you’ll be shocked by how many foes this incredible weapon stuns in PvE.

The way this weapon wears down enemies over time and creates attack windows that otherwise wouldn’t have existed is perfect for any build that prioritizes quick strikes.

This blade is located in the Forsaken Ruins, not far from the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace. Stonesword Keys are required to gain entry.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find the Black Knife

While Reduvia is a superb early dagger that will see you through to the end of the game with little difficulty, those looking for a change of pace may be interested in the praise heaped upon the Black Knife.

The Blade of Death ability on this dagger is what truly separates it from the Black Knife, which is still a formidable weapon in its own right. That one-of-a-kind ability not only deals decent initial damage but also gradually weakens your opponent’s health bar.

This feature not only makes the Black Knife a formidable PvP dagger, but also a surprising PvE option for builds that have the necessary stats and equipment.

The Black Knife Assassin guards the entrance to Sainted Hero’s Grave, so if you think you deserve this dagger, you’ll need to go there and kill him. After he falls, he’ll put down that incredible weapon.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find the Coded Sword

There’s a reason why Faith players seem to have access to the best and most unique melee weapons in the game: they do. In Elden Ring, however, the Coded Sword stands alone as the only Faith-based melee weapon of its kind.

You’re using this blade for its incredible Unblockable Blade ability, even though its basic attacks can deal a lot of Holy damage. This special attack can’t be blocked, and it has such a huge range that it’s easy to keep heavily armored foes at bay for as long as you have the FP to maintain this skill.

Any Faith-based melee build would be remiss if it didn’t eventually involve picking up this sword.

The Royal Capital of Leyndell is where you’ll find the Coded Sword. It is necessary to ascend a horse stable close to the city gates in order to gain access to the next building. You can expect to find the sword behind a set of double doors in the immediate area.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find the Starscourge Greatsword

After initially doubting the usefulness of this sword due to its high Intelligence prerequisite, I’ve come to appreciate its unique qualities after spending some time with it.

The Starcaller Cry ability is built into this sword, and it creates a gravity well that stuns foes and pulls them into melee range, where you can unleash a flurry of strikes. The sword’s physical and magical damage are both ridiculously high, and the ratio between the two is surprisingly close.

This Greatsword requires a lot of time and effort to obtain, and its stat requirements can be unbalanced for some character builds, but the investment is well worth it.

Once General Radahn is vanquished, he will drop the Remembrance of the Starscourge, which can be traded to Enia in Roundtable Hold for the weapon. The irreplaceable blade is one of the rewards she’ll give you.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find the Treespear

The Treespear is one of many spears and great spears available in Elden Ring, but it provides the best overall balance of range and damage.

The Treespear deals incredible amounts of damage to undead and other creatures vulnerable to Holy damage, and its effectiveness increases with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith (already a nice combination of stats). The range of this weapon, however, is what sets it apart from some similarly potent alternatives.

Get a solid shield, level up to where you can use the Treespear effectively, and then spend the rest of the game laughing at your foes as they try in vain to get close to you or survive more than a few of your blows.

Just outside Stormveil Castle, you’ll find a caravan at the end of a collapsed bridge, where you can retrieve the Treespear.

Elden Ring’s Most Powerful Weapons: Where to Find Golden Halberd, Reduvia, Bloodhound’s Fang

Because we already discussed them in this guide to the best early weapons in Elden Ring, I’m going to group them together. If you need assistance locating these weapons, refer to this guide.

Even if you don’t, know that you can get your hands on these three weapons early on and use them effectively right up until the very end. My personal favorite weapon is Bloodhound’s Fang because of its low stat requirements, incredible scaling, and Bleed effect, but Reduvia and Golden Halberd are both excellent options for any build that can make use of them.

Is there a potent Elden Ring weapon you think we’re missing? Tell us all about it in the comments section!