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It can be challenging to obtain one of the strongest regional variants of Pokémon Sword and Shield. The following is the procedure for transforming a Galarian Farfetch’d into a Sirfetch’d.
Like the other games in the latest generation, Pokémon Sword and Shield features several new regional variants of fan favorites from previous generations. Farfetch’d, the bird that wields a leek, has a Galarian counterpart that was introduced twenty-five years ago.Not all Pokémon with regional variants have new, distinct evolutions, but some do, and Galarian Farfetch’d is one of them. This is a walkthrough for obtaining Sirfetch’d and explaining why players would want to do so, beginning with the steps necessary to acquire your very own Galarian Farfetch’d.

Galarian Farfetch’d

If you want a Sirfetch’d but don’t want to go through a Max Raid Battle to get one, the first thing you need to do is catch a Galarian Farfetch’d, its pre-evolution. You can only catch a Farfetch’d in the wild if you have Pokémon Sword, not Pokémon Shield. To acquire a Shield, one must engage in a trade with a player of the corresponding game. During the day, you can find Farfetch’d on Route 5 or in the Wild Area (more specifically, in the Giant’s Mirror area). You can expect them to be between levels 19 and 21 on Route 5, and between 28 and 30 in the Wild Area.

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Kantoian Farfetch’d still can’t evolve into the Fighting-type Galarian variant, which is the only significant difference between the two forms. And while the new form is slightly slower overall, it more than makes up for its reduced speed with a whopping 95 base attack. Steadfast is its default ability, and it gains speed whenever it flinches. Scrappy is a hidden ability that allows Normal and Fighting type attacks to hit Ghost type Pokémon, which would normally be immune to such attacks.

While Farfetch’d is capable of learning moves from any type, it has a strong preference for Fighting, Normal, and Flying moves. Because of its high attack stat, most of Farfetch’d’s powerful moves will involve direct physical contact, so this is a boon. Since Farfetch’d can never learn special moves on their own, it is best for players to aim for capturing one with an Adamant nature, which boosts the effectiveness of physical attacks at the expense of special moves.

Fifty percent of wild Galarian Farfetch’d carry the Leek, an item that doubles their critical-hit ratio. Catching one while it’s holding a Leek is ideal, as that will speed up the evolution process significantly.


Once you have captured a Galarian Farfetch’d, the next step is to evolve it. It’s easier to say than to actually do this. Unlike most other Pokémon, Galarian Farfetch’d doesn’t evolve as it gains experience, and instead evolves through a method that is specific only to it. When fighting a Galarian Farfetch’d, you must score three critical hits in order to evolve.

If you want to help your Galarian Farfetch’d out, give it a Leek. Finding a Pokémon with a high defense and attacking it with low-power moves can help you land three critical hits without worrying that your Pokémon will die. You can catch Farfetch’d and Wobbuffet on Route 5; the former are immune to the Fighting-type move Rock Smash, while the latter will take little damage from your Farfetch’d. As a result, they are ideal fodder for practicing landing critical hits. You can end the fight once you’ve scored three, and your Farfetch’d will level up as a result.

It’s no change for Sirfetch’d that it’s a Fighting-type Pokémon or that it has the Fighting Ability. Huge improvements to its base statistics mark a decisive break from its evolutionary ancestor. Sirfetch’d has an incredible 135 base attack; to put that in perspective, a fully evolved Pokémon typically has only 90 base attack; and an equal boost to its defense, bringing it up to a respectable 95. At level 70, it learns the devastating Fighting-type move Meteor Assault, which has a total attack power of 150. You can also use the move tutor to show it Grassy Glide and Coaching if you have the Isle of Armor downloadable content.

Where to catch a Galarian Farfetch’d

There are only two known locations in all of Galar where you can find the elusive Galarian Farfetch’d. You can find it by heading east from Turffield on Route 5. You’re most likely to encounter one near the path that descends into a small valley just below the Pokemon Day Care Centre.

The Giant’s Mirror is another interesting feature of the Wild Area, though it can only be seen when the sky is overcast.

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Evolve Galarian Farfetch'd (& 9 Other Things You Need To Know About It)

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Evolve Galarian Farfetch’d (& 9 Other Things You Need To Know About It)

It Evolves By Getting Three Critical Hits In Battle

One of the most compelling elements of the Pokemon games is the Pokemon’s ability to evolve into new forms, and this ability has changed and expanded over the years. While most Pokemon still evolve when they reach a certain level, Galarian Farfetch’d is one of the few that can change its appearance based on the damage it deals in battle. Oddly enough, a Galarian Farfetch’d will transform into a Sirfetch’d if it scores three critical hits in a single battle. The Pokemon’s combative nature is reflected in these unusual conditions.

It And Its Evolved Form Are The Only Pokemon That Can Use The Leek

There are some Pokemon whose designs suggest they would look better with accessories, but this is by no means universal. Both iterations of Farfetch’d are primarily distinguished by the enormous leek they use as a weapon. In-game, this leek is a special item that only Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d can use. In keeping with the character, many captured Galarian Farfetch’d will be seen grasping a leek.

It’s Endangered Because So Many People Hunt It

There’s been lots of back-and-forth about whether or not regular animals can coexist with Pokemon, or if Pokemon are just the replacement for animals in that universe. Farfetch’d is one of the most frequently used Pokemon that is shown being cooked for consumption.

According to the Pokemon anime, Farfetch’d is one of the most elusive creatures in the Pokemon world because of how frequently it is hunted for its meat. It’s a revolting idea, especially considering how much more desirable a Galarian Farfetch’d would be as a delicacy thanks to their chiseled physique.

It’s A Fighting-Type Pokemon

This idea of creating regional variants of classic Pokemon may seem simplistic, but it has many advantages. Changing a Pokemon’s appearance or giving it the ability to evolve are both big news, but many players may not realize that the Pokemon’s classification type can also shift. While the original Farfetch’d is a hybrid of the Normal and Fighting types, both Galarian Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d are strictly Fighting types. This transformation is largely attributable to Galarian Farfetch’d’s new environment, but it is beneficial for the Pokemon.

Its Especially Resilient Against Ghost Pokemon

While a Pokemon’s moveset is arguably its most important tool for success in battle, it’s worth noting that some Pokemon also come equipped with special abilities. Galarian Farfetch’d has a secret ability called Scrappy, which is a bit more specialized than its other abilities but nonetheless helps it stand out from the crowd. Due to Scrappy, Ghost-Type Pokemon are now vulnerable to attacks of the Fighting and Normal types. In his efforts to safeguard others, Galarian Farfetch’d is thus well-suited as a fighter of the supernatural.

It Can Evolve Even If It’s Fainted In Battle

Though the conditions under which each of the many Pokemon in existence can undergo an evolutionary change vary, the common denominator is a successful battle between the two parties.

Unlike most creatures, Galarian Farfetch’d has very specific requirements for its evolution that depend on the course of the battle itself rather than the battle’s final result. This means that Galarian Farfetch’d has a chance at getting the three critical hits it needs to evolve into Sirfetch’d, and that evolution will occur even if it loses the fight.

Galar’s Leeks Are Responsible For Its Changes

It’s always a thrill to meet brand-new Pokemon, but the most recent games have also dabbled in introducing variants of existing Pokemon native to exotic locales like Alola and Galar. By reducing Farfetch’d to Galar’s hardier variety of leek, the alterations made by Galarian to this Pokemon are explicated. The Farfetch’d gains muscle, sharpens its focus on battle, and can’t fly because of the extra weight of the leek. To see the impact that something so small can have on a species in the wild is fascinating.

It Shares A Lot In Common With Galarian Corsola

It’s fascinating to see how different regions in the Pokemon series have come up with their own unique takes on classic Pokemon; in some cases, like Farfetch’d, these regional variants actually evolve when the original Pokemon didn’t. The course taken by the Galarian Farfetch’d is strikingly similar to the one taken by the Galarian Corsola after its modifications are implemented. There appears to be a deliberate link between these Pokemon because their Galar counterparts evolve into completely different types and are used by trainers in the Champion Cup Finals in Sword and Shield.

It’s More Likely To Get Critical Hits In Battle

A critical hit is one of many ways to gain an upper hand in a Pokemon battle, and it can often prove decisive in a tight fight. While some trainers may never witness a critical hit, Galarian Farfetch’d is one Pokemon that cares greatly when it happens. It is common practice for trainers to equip their Farfetch’d with a leek, a Pokemon-specific item that increases the creature’s chance of landing critical hits. This, along with the rest of Farfetch’d’s Fighting-Type moves, increases the likelihood of landing a critical hit.

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It Has Incredible Courage

Despite its diminutive frame, Galarian Farfetch’d is armed to the teeth with a ferocious appetite for adventure and a burning desire to prove itself on the battlefield. Galarian Farfetch’d is proud of its Fighting type and does its best to play the part of the noble savior whenever it arises. When fighting, Farfetch’d leads with the massive leek it carries, treating it like a mighty sword. Sirfetch’d cements the Pokemon’s status as a chivalrous and courageous hero.


When compared to its previous iteration, Sirfetch’d is a huge step forward. It raises its overall stats, and it can pick up the same moves plus a few more. If players like the way Farfetch’d looks, that’s the only reason to keep it in their game instead of evolving it.