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Are you trying to compile a complete Grounded armor set but don’t know where to start? This guide will teach you how to make the finest armor in all of Grounded.

The different types of armor in Grounded each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and mastering their respective crafting processes can be time-consuming. The recipe for armor is unlocked once the required materials are gathered.

Gathering the materials for a complete set will net you a bonus that will come in handy as you investigate the backyard.

Here, we’ll walk you through the steps of making armor in Grounded and explain the resources you’ll need as well as the individual attributes and bonuses you’ll gain from each type of armor. Check out our beginner’s guide to Grounded if you’re unfamiliar with the game.

How To Craft Armor

Making items that will help your character survive is an important part of the gameplay in Grounded, as it is in most survival games. Aside from fending off various predators, you’ll also need to keep an eye on your hunger, thirst, stamina, and health levels.

Armor is useful in this situation because it reduces your vulnerability to attacks and often comes with its own unique benefit. Some items of equipment can be crafted on the fly, but most types of armor will require access to a workbench.

Grounded Guide: How To Craft Armor (All Armor Materials, Stats)

Moreover, the recipe for making armor is unlocked at one of the map’s many Field Stations, where players can collect and analyze materials. Once a recipe has been unlocked, the required items can be gathered and the armor crafted at a workbench.

All Armor Materials, Stats, And Bonuses

What enemies you can face, what areas you can access, and how well you perform various tasks all depend on the type of armor you have equipped.

The first few minutes of the game will have survival as your top priority. On the other hand, as you progress and become more proficient, you’ll want more advanced equipment for dealing with more challenging foes and venturing further into the backyard.

This article contains a complete catalog of all armor in Grounded, including their known attributes, effects, and bonuses. We have also listed the ingredients needed for each armor recipe and the various ways to gain access to the necessary materials.

Standard Armor

All sorts of armor that doesn’t fit into any other category are displayed here. Each piece grants a small but significant bonus that can help a lot when you’re just starting out.

It’s important to remember that you’ll need to forge superior equipment in order to face the toughest dangers in your backyard.

Name Materials Buff Disable Lock on Recipe
Veiled Insect Sleepwear Raw Aphid Meat, Doubled
Fuzziness Multiplier: 10 Times More Than a Mite
The Velocity:
Boosts your sprinting rate
Meat Analyzed for Aphids
Eyepatch One-Time Woven Fiber
A Double Pack of Fiber Bandages
• 1x Sap
Strengthens Attack
damage from an attack
Determine the Properties of Weaved Material
Mite Hat Increased by a Factor of Five: Fuzz from Microscopic Pests
Insect Hide, 5 Pack
Increased speed of regaining strength
Gather Dust Mite Fur
Gas Mask One Nose of a Weevil
Increased Fuzz by a Factor of Four for Gnats
Twice-Weaved Fiber
Includes 1 x Stinkbug Mechanical Component
Guard Gas:
Protected against the effects of gas
and results
Dissect a Stinkbug
Weevil Nose, Gas Sack;
assemble a Stinkbug from its Parts
Shooter’s Helmet Cover 3 x Crow’s-Feather
The 5x Berry Leather
Spider Web, 5 Times Stronger
Bow Attack – Boosts damage dealt with a bow

Clover Armor

Utilizing the Clover Armor set will help you keep track of your hunger and thirst early on in the game. In-game, Fuller grants a slower rate at which your hunger bar will deplete with each piece consumed.

In addition, if you equip the full set, you will gain the bonus effect Moist, which increases your character’s hydration for a longer period of time.

Name Materials Buff Unlock Recipe
Symbolic of Hope • Four-leafed Shamrock
One-Time Woven Fiber
Fuller Consider the Lucky Clover
Shirt-like Clover Poncho * Six-leaf-clover
Triple-Weaved Fiber
Fuller Take a Closer Look at That Lucky Clover
Guards for the Shins, in the Shape of Clovers 3 Leaf Clover
Double-Weaved Fiber
Sprig 3x
Fuller Clover Leaf Analysis

Acorn Armor

The Acorn Armor set, requiring a large number of Tier 1 materials, is a great starting point for players who are just getting familiar with Grounded’s crafting system.

Each of these items grants a bonus that raises your maximum health. In addition to the normal benefits of wearing the full set, you will also gain the ability Uncrackable, which increases the number of attacks you can block before being stunned.

Name Materials Buff A Locked Recipe
A Cover for Your Face Made of Acorns • 1 Acorn Capsule
Three-ply Woven Fiber
• 5x Fuzz from Microscopic Insects
Plus Maximum Health Examine the Acorn’s Outer Shell
Protective Armor with an Acorn Design Three Cones of an Acorn
This Fiber Is Four Times Stronger Than Normal Weave
Six-leafed Shamrock
Bonus Vitality Examine an Acorn Cap
The Acorn-shaped Foot Covers • Double Nut Cone
Fiber Density: 4x Woven
• 4x Sap
Health Booster Max Examine an Oak Nut Shell

Ant Armor

The Ant Armor set is a good early game build to prioritize. Reason being, you’ll be able to carry more Weed Stems and Grass Planks thanks to the Hauling Strength perk you’ll gain from wearing each piece.

All Armor and Armor Set Bonuses in Grounded - Pro Game Guides

To top it all off, having the whole set will unlock the HumAnt bonus effect, which will make Soldier Ants treat you as an ally when you encounter them.

Name Materials Buff Activate Recipes
Ant Protective Headgear One Ant’s Head
3x Ant Part
5x Fuzz from Microscopic Insects
Towing Capacity Trap Ants for Their Parts
Arm Protection for Ants Insect Multiplier:
Two Acid Glands
• 2 times the fuzz of a mite
Power for Hauling Gather Ant Body Parts
Knee Pads for Ants Six Times the Number of Ants in a Part
• Double-Weaved Fiber
• 4x More Flea Fuzz
Strong Ability to Pull Things Gather Ant Body Parts

Grub Armor

The Grub Armor set isn’t the bulkiest Tier 1 armor you can make, but it still does a good job of protecting its wearer. Your character will be able to take more hits and run farther before tiring thanks to the Max Stamina buff provided by the equipment.

The full bonus’s effect is currently unknown, but its name—Plump & Juicy—suggests hunger and thirst play a role.

Name Materials Buff Activate Recipes
Sunglasses for Sniping • Triple Grub Hide
• Weevil Meat, Raw, One Unit
Power Up To Its Fullest Potential Dissect the Crawler’s Den
Grub Vest 5-Pack of Grub Hide
This is a double dose of Grub Goop.
4X Dried Grass Pieces
Ultimate Endurance Examine the Crawlers’ Lair
Pants for Grubs 4x Grub Hide
• Fourfold Dry Grass Piece
Two Times the Fuzz of a Mite
Superhuman Endurance Dissect the Crawler’s Den

Ladybug Armor

In terms of Tier 2 armor, the Ladybug set is currently among the best available. You take less damage when you successfully block attacks thanks to the Blocking Strength granted by each piece.

Scarlet Embrace, available only when you purchase the entire set, grants your character the ability to gradually regain health.

Name Materials Buff Unlock Recipe
Mask of a Ladybug 1. a Female Ladybug Head
Ladybug Components, Two of Each
(3) Three times as much Berry Leather
Strength in Impediment Research Berry Hide;
An Insect’s Body, or Ladybug
Butterfly Breastplate The Double Petal Flower
4x Ladybug Replacement
To that end, we offer: • 4x Berry Leather
Strength in Impediment Research Berry Hide;
Female Ladybug Body
Spider-Women’s Shin Guards The Ladybug Replacement Kit Contains:
A: 4x Berry Leather
Flower Petal Multiplier: 4
Protective Forces Plus Think About Berry Leather;
Specifically, the Ladybug’s Part

Spider Armor

The Spider Armor set, Tier 2, is what you want if you’re brave enough to face off against Grounded’s spiders.

When you equip a piece of equipment, you gain Hyperstamina, which makes your stamina bar refill at a faster rate. Hunter’s Prowess is a set bonus that, when activated, increases your character’s base movement speed.

Name Materials Buff Unlock Recipe
Spider’s Web Cap • Spider Fang, Doubled
• Triple Spider Nugget
Berry Leather Double Pack
Hyperstamina Examine the Chunk of Spider Web
Spider Web Shoulder Protector • Chunky Spider 5x
Multiply by Three: Berry Leather
4x Spider Silk
Hyperstamina Examine the Chunk of Spider Web
Knee pads shaped like spider webs 4x Spider Chunk
Four Times the Quality of Spider Silk
To double the Berry Leather
Hyperstamina Look into the Chunks of Spider

Bee Armor (Rotten Bee Armor)

Despite the lack of standard Bee Armor, the Rotten Bee variant can be obtained by scavenging the Ant Hill for bones.

This set of Tier 2 armor grants you Sprint Distance, allowing you to run faster while expending less stamina. The full set bonus’s function is currently unknown; however, the name Fuzzy Cushion suggests that it may mitigate fall damage.

Name Materials Buff A Locked Recipe
Ugly Mask of a Rotting Bee 2. Raw Aphid Meat, Twice as Much
10x More Flea Fuzz
Distance Running Time Piece together the Ant Hill by retrieving its internal components.
Stale Bee Shoulder Pads 1x Woven Fiber
2 Fiber Bandages
• 1x Sap
Quickness Running Dist. Get inside the Ant Hill and get some supplies.
Shoes with Moldy Bee Shin Guards • 5x Fuzz from Microscopic Insects
Insect Hide, 5 Pack
Distance Running Time You need to go into the Ant Hill and get some of the parts.

Best Armor, Ranked

Black Ant Armor Set

  • Strength of Protection: 3.5
  • Plus: a pincushion
  • The components needed to make this item are as follows: 12 black ant heads, 11 pieces of bee fuzz, 3 black ant parts, 2 strands of silk rope, and 3 black ant mandibles.

One of the best sets of relatively easy-to-obtain, powerful equipment is the Black Ant Armor. You can find all the materials you need to make it while adventuring in the Backyard, especially if you make a habit of killing every enemy you come across. When fully equipped, Black Ant Armor provides 3.5 defense, making it significantly stronger than other sets.

Wearing Black Ant Armor also grants you the Pincushion effect, increasing your chance to deal damage to attackers. Collectively, these pieces of armor pack a serious punch.

Termite Armor

  • Protection Level: 3.5
  • Gained benefit from quicker rock and grass harvesting
  • Using three lengths of lint rope, four termite king carapaces, and five termite body parts, one can create a working swarm trap.

Using the Termite Armor is a fantastically entertaining experience. It provides substantial protection from harm and makes gathering rocks and grass much quicker. If you need to gather many resources quickly, this is a helpful method.

The Termite Armor, as you might guess, requires a large number of termite parts, but it is much simpler to make than other useful armor sets. Termite Armor is a chest piece, so it’s ideal if your character already has a complete set of armor and just needs a shirt to complete their look.

Marksman’s Cap

  • Immenseness of Protection: 2.5
  • Benefit: Higher bow damage.
  • Method of Acquiring: Make it out of 10 pieces of silk rope, 5 pieces of berry leather, and 3 crow feathers.

In addition to looking great, the Marksman’s Cap is one of the most effective pieces of equipment for an archer, increasing the damage done with bows by a significant amount. Furthermore, this one piece of armor provides you with a whopping 2.5 defense against the hazards of the Backyard.

Even though the Marksman’s Cap requires crow feathers, it is well worth the trouble if you regularly use bows as a weapon due to the added protection and damage boost it provides.

Firefly Head Lamp

  • Strength of Protection: 3.5
  • As an added bonus, you get a flashlight.
  • Method of Obtaining: Concocted from five vials of bioluminescent goop, three squares of berry leather, and four shards of iridescent scales

At night or in low light conditions, the Firefly Head Lamp comes in very handy around the Backyard. It’s a permanent flashlight for adventuring, so you’ll never be in the dark again.

With its one-of-a-kind feature and 3.5 armor rating, the Firefly Head Lamp stands out among other pieces of equipment. The Firefly Head Lamp is a must-have if you enjoy nighttime exploration.

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Bubble Helmet

  • In terms of protection, the rating is zero.
  • The Veteran Diver Bonus
  • Instructions: Constructed from two strands of eelgrass and one sunken bone.

The Bubble Helmet may not be the best choice for those seeking increased defenses, but it is ideal for intrepid explorers who plan to venture beneath the waves. The use of this helmet extends the amount of time you can stay submerged from 40 seconds to 80 seconds. The Bubble Helmet, alas, provides no protection from harm.

In spite of the fact that the Bubble Helmet isn’t the simplest piece of armor to obtain due to the rarity of its component parts, it’s still a fantastic helmet that you should strive to obtain if you enjoy diving underwater in search of uncharted territory.

Spider Armor Set

  • Safety Level: 1.5
  • Extra: Skill as a Hunter
  • Spider chunk, spider fang, silk rope, and berry leather are the materials needed to make this item.

When compared to ladybug armor, spider armor has a lower defense rating. However, its effect of making the wearer faster makes it useful in many situations. If you are trying to escape from an enemy that you know you can’t defeat, for instance, you may need to increase your speed or face certain death.

Even though the crafting difficulty of spider armor is higher than that of other sets of armor (due to the need for actual spider parts), the Hunter’s Prowess bonus is well worth the extra work.

Bee Armor Set

  • Defense Value: 2.5
  • As an added bonus, we offer the Pollen Shot.
  • Bee fuzz, bee stinger, web fiber, and berry leather can be used in a DIY project to create this item.

The Pollen Shot effect of bee armor is incredibly useful for bowmen. If you prefer to fight from a distance, this special effect will make your bows more effective.

It’s best to avoid close combat with enemies like spiders in Grounded, a perilous survival game, if at all possible. The bee armor set is ideal if this is your preferred style of play.

Koi Scale Armor Set

  • Protection Level: 1.5
  • In addition: a brilliant comeback
  • Instructions: Constructed from lilypad wax, a sunken bone, a koi fish scale, and a strand of eelgrass.

The koi scale armor set is potent due to its special bonus, but it provides little in the way of defense. To those who are proficient in perfect blocking, this effect makes it so that their defense drops whenever they successfully block an enemy’s attack.

While the koi scale armor is difficult to make, it is well worth the effort when facing off against multiple foes, as you can quickly and easily block their attacks and then quickly dispatch them.

Fin Flops

  • Deflection Value: 0
  • Plus: increased swimming velocity
  • Made with eelgrass, lily pad wax, and the fin of a water boatman.

A pair of fin flops can be considered a separate piece of armor that increases movement speed while swimming. This effect can be used on its own; the only additional props needed are the fin flops.

The fin flops have no defense rating, but are still beneficial due to their increased swimming speed.

Mask Of The Mother Demon

Resistance to Attack: 3.5

The Bonus Toxic Encasing

Method of Acquisition: Make it out of some silk rope, a broodmother chunk, and a broodmother fang.

If you’re looking for a single piece of armor that will stand out from the rest, look no further than the mask of the mother demon. A single layer of this armor provides protection equivalent to that of a level 3.5 helmet, and it also protects you from poison.

Securing the necessary components to create the mother demon’s mask can be difficult, but an experienced Grounded player with a wide arsenal of weapons and armor should have no trouble doing so. In order to get the materials, you have to kill the broodmother boss. There’s more than one good reason to seek out this mask; it also has a distinct design.

Which Armor Is The Best?

Depending on the circumstances, your character’s performance may be bolstered or hampered by the armor set he or she is wearing. It’s important to think about your playstyle, the materials you’ll need to gather, and the aspects of your game you’d like to strengthen before deciding what kind of armor to craft.

You can get pretty far in the game with just the Ant and Ladybug Armor sets, though. If you’re an advanced player who has progressed to the point where you want to explore the entire backyard, the Spider and Rotten Bee Armor will expedite your travels.

Given that Grounded is still in Early Access, players can expect the meta to evolve over time. To maintain a sense of equilibrium, we may add new sets of armor or modify existing buffs. Do yourself a favor and save this manual so you can return later for updates.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still unsure of what gear to use in-game after reading this, consider your play style and prioritize the areas where you spend the most time or have the most fun. If you’re out on an exploration mission, you might want to equip yourself with the Grub Armor, which can lessen the impact of a fall, or the Rotten Bee Armor, which can help you move more quickly over longer distances. However, the Ladybug Armor is the better choice if you want to spend time killing insects.

Having a complete set of each type of armor will allow you to use its benefits whenever you see fit. If you’re having trouble fitting all of the materials for these armor sets into your base, check out our guide on how to stack chests in Grounded.

Last but not least, the Spider Armor is our go-to protective suit. Why? For us, part of the fun is in the pursuit. Then, the added benefit is useful when we’re engaging in a battle with various insects in Grounded’s backyard garden.