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When it comes to Minecraft Dungeons, not all structures are created equal. To compete at the highest levels of Minecraft Dungeons, check out this compilation of the top creations by the game’s most skilled players.

Minecraft Dungeons encourages player experimentation with a wide variety of weapons, armor, artifacts, and enchantments, unlike the majority of action role-playing games.

Unique builds, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, are the result of combining these various parts.

Since most loot is random, it can be difficult to determine which configurations are best for your preferred playstyle.

This guide will show you the best Minecraft Dungeons builds that will help you win more often and play to your strengths.

Warrior Tank Build

  • Claymore, Gauntlets, and Hammer: Three Melee Weapon Options
  • Mercenary Armor, an Armor Type
  • Heavy Crossbow – an Effective Ranged Weapon
  • Items: Wind Horn, Flame Quiver, Shock Powder, Wind Boots, Death Cap Mushroom

This build is designed to take hits and then return them to the enemy. Claymores and hammers, which typically deal the most raw damage, are the best melee options for this setup because of their ability to push enemies back.

When your health is low or you’re facing waves of enemies, a Heavy Crossbow can be a useful ranged weapon for holding them off while you heal or use up other cooldowns.

This build is great for dealing high damage and one-hitting most enemies, but it reduces your mobility. The Death Cap Mushroom and the Boots of Swiftness are two examples of useful artifacts that can help you make up for this lack of stationary movement.

The Wind Horn can be used to create a safety zone around yourself or to knock enemies off of ledges, where they will likely perish.

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Soul Reaper Build

  • Soul Knife, Soul Scythe, and Other Melee Weapons
  • Defense: Soul Robe
  • Soul Bow and Soul Crossbow – Ranged Weapons
  • Soul Healer, Torment Quiver, Tormented Beacon, Tormented Arrow, and Lightning Rod are all artifacts.

Despite its greater adaptability, the Soul Reaper build is almost entirely dependent on souls gathered from defeated monsters. The Soul Knife or Soul Scythe are the best melee weapons for this task, as they both drop additional souls upon killing an enemy.

In addition, Soul Armor will help you collect the most souls possible in each encounter. When it comes to ranged weapons, the Soul Bow and its crossbow variant are your best bets for bringing in a large number of souls.

If you’ve been following along so far, you probably collect a lot of souls with each new encounter. If you want to put them to good use, try out an artifact like the Lightning Rod or Harvester, which will deal area-of-effect damage to nearby enemies based on how many souls you’ve collected.

Corrupted Beacon is another option for directing a powerful beam of energy at a particular target. Finally, if your healing potion is out of commission, you can use Soul Healer for an instant healing boost.

Speedy Assassin Build

  • Bladed and Swordlike Melee Weapons
  • Protection: Spider Armor and Ember Robe
  • Auto Crossbow, Rapid Crossbow – Ranged Weapons
  • Boots of Speed, a Light Feather, an Amulet made of Iron Hide, and Shock Powder are all magical relics.

This build will help you become a nimble rogue who can sneak up on enemies and deal steady damage. Daggers and Sickles, or other fast-attacking weapons, are a good place to start.

Then, put on an Ember Robe to deal fire damage to nearby foes and increase your movement speed aura. The superior choice is Spider Armor, which not only increases your attack speed but also provides a passive lifesteal. Feel free to try out various permutations and settle on your favorite.

You should avoid being surrounded by enemies unless you have a backup, such as a Rapid Crossbow or its Auto variant, because this build is much weaker than others. Both are effective for quickly eliminating threats, but they can also rapidly deplete ammunition supplies.

If you’re lacking in some other department, like defense, try to round out your gear by equipping an artifact that helps make up for that. The Iron Hide Amulet is a good choice for this, though the Light Feather or Boots of Swiftness are better if you’re looking to avoid detection.

Healer Build

  • You can use any melee weapon that has healing properties.
  • Mysterious Armor
  • Sabre, a Long Range Weapon
  • Artifacts: Love Medallion, Totem of Shielding, and Totem of Regeneration

This is an excellent build for both high-death-rate solo players and those whose primary goal is to protect their teammates. To begin, equip a melee weapon with a healing enchantment, ideally Radiance, which has a chance to create a healing circle around the user and their allies.

Second, if you want a 33% chance to revive if you die in battle, you should farm the Desert Temple level until you find Mystery Armor. The Sabrewing is the final rare bow, and it’s the only one of its kind that can heal its allies in addition to shooting super powerful arrows.

More healing enchantments significantly boost the effectiveness of this build. However, if you want to err on the side of caution, it’s best to choose defensive artifacts.

A healing ring is provided by the Totem of Healing, a protective bubble is generated by the Totem of Shielding, and hostility is replaced by love in the form of a medallion from the Love Medallion. The most challenging aspect of this build is successfully farming for each item.

Master Archer Build

  • Melee Weapon: Anything enchanted with “Chains.”
  • Frost Bite Armor, and the Evocation Robe
  • Scatter Crossbow, Feral Soul Crossbow, and other ranged weapons
  • These items are works of art: Shock Powder, a Wind Horn, fireworks arrows, and a flame quiver

The amount of arrow ammunition you have on hand will determine how effective this build is. Therefore, it is advised to make use of enchantments such as Recycler, which, upon being struck by projectiles, grants the user a small quiver of arrows.

Ricochet is another possibility; it permits you to shoot an arrow and have it bounce off multiple targets. To make killing foes with a bow easier, you should equip your melee weapon with enchantments that slow them down.

When you have covered all of these bases, using this build’s artifacts—the Firework Arrows and the Flame Quiver—will be a breeze. In their own ways, both are capable of inflicting unfathomable damage.

As for damage, Fireworks will deal a lot of instantaneous damage, while Flame Quiver will slowly burn down your foes. Whenever your artifacts are ready, you can unleash a barrage of explosive or fire arrows with the help of your Scatter Crossbow.

Hunter Companion Build

  • Confrontational Attacks: Any Melee Weapon
  • Protective gear: Spelunker Armor
  • Hunter’s Promise, a Promising Ranged Weapon
  • The Golem Kit, the Totem of Regeneration, some tasty bone, and some wonderful wheat are all artifacts.

While not the best build for dealing or healing damage, it can be useful on teams with other roles covered. There is an emphasis on using your allies’ artifacts as weapons and distractions.

You can use any melee weapon with this build so long as you have Hunter’s Promise as your ranged weapon, making it a lot more versatile than other builds. This potent bow allows you to direct your allies’ attacks, allowing you to concentrate on bosses and more difficult enemies like Endermen.

You should use at least two companion artifacts, such as Tasty Bone to summon a wolf or Wonderful Wheat to gain a llama companion. Totem of Regeneration provides instant health restoration, while Golem Kit allows you to bring along a second companion.

At long last, the Spelunker Armor provides you with a small bat that will help you fight off enemies. Since this build’s efficacy is situational, we recommend trying out various combinations of armor and melee weapons to find the one that works best for you.

High DPS gauntlets build

  • Wearing gauntlets as a melee weapon
  • Weakening and Critical Hit enchantments for melee weapons.
  • Any Scatter Crossbow will do as a ranged weapon.
  • Multishot, Bonus Fire, and Fuse Bolt are all enchantments for ranged weapons.
  • Protection: Robe of Evocation
  • There are two types of cooling down enchantments and a protection enchantment that can be placed on armor.
  • Toys: Firecracker Arrows, a Wind Horn, and a Cap of Death Mushroom

The High DPS gauntlets we recommend require some unusual enchantments, but once you obtain them, you’ll be an unstoppable punching machine. Only after you have completed the game once will you be able to obtain the Gauntlets and Powerful enchantments.

The goal here is to use the Evocation Robe’s natural cooldown ability and several stacks of the Cool Down enchantment to waste the Death Cap Mushroom’s timer. The mushroom’s beneficial effects will persist even after repeated activation.

The Critical Hit chance of the gauntlet will activate more frequently as a result of the increased attack speed. You can use fireworks arrows to deal with enemies far away, and the Wind Horn to keep a crowd of them away if you happen to take damage.

Healing gauntlets build

  • Gauntlets, a melee weapon
  • Enchantments for melee weapons: Radiance, Leech, and Critical Hit/Echo
  • Scatter Crossbows are the best ranging weapons.
  • Multishot, Bonus Fire, and Fuse Bolt are enchantments for ranged weapons.
  • Body Armor: Invocation Robe
  • Cool Down (twice) and Chilling are enchanted pieces of armor.
  • Artifacts: Bow and Arrows that Shoot Fireworks, a Wind Horn, and a Mushroom that Capsizes You to Death

This is a slight modification to our high damage per second gauntlets build that addresses its primary vulnerability to arrows by requiring special enchantments on the melee weapons. Since it constantly heals itself by activating Radiance (thanks to the increased attack speed from the Death Cap Mushroom), it will take no damage from arrows.

For each foe you slay, Leech will restore some of your health, though it won’t be nearly as much as the health restored by Radiance. The Wind Horn can fling away smaller foes and slows down all enemy attacks, including those from bosses, making them easier to deal with, while the Firework Arrows are great for clearing out large groups of enemies.

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Firework ranger build

  • Multiple-target melee weapons, such as a Great Hammer, Axe, or Claymore, fall under this category.
  • Charms for melee weapons: Chains, Committed, and Freezing
  • The Scatter Crossbow, or any other ranged weapon with “multiple projectiles,” qualifies as a “ranged weapon.”
  • Multishot, Fuse Bolt, and Accelerate/Rapid Fire are all enchantments for ranged weapons.
  • Armor: Evocation Robe or Hunter’s Armor
  • Charms for armor include “Cool Down,” “Snowball,” and “Flexibility.”
  • Pieces of art: fireworks arrows, shock powder, and a death cap mushroom

The Firework Ranger is a beginner-friendly option for those who want to make a grand entrance. It is possible to improve artifacts by combining them with specific kinds of weapons. The Firework Arrow is an excellent addition to any arsenal of ranged weapons, as is any artifact that increases the number of arrows in the quiver. This configuration makes a single explosive arrow into a veritable fireworks show, dispersing large groups of foes in all directions.

The remainder of this build is focused on decreasing cooldown to increase the frequency with which fireworks can be launched, and on using artifacts to prevent enemies from getting too close. Armor options include Hunter’s Armor, which increases your arrow count, and Evocation Robe, which decreases cooldown times.

Soul Mage build

  • Soul Knife, a mighty melee weapon
  • Leeching, Echo, and Weakening are all enchantments for melee weapons.
  • Soulbow or Soul Crossbow, a ranged weapon.
  • A few examples of weapon enhancements for long range combat are Multishot, Infinity, and Piercing.
  • Protection: A Soul Robe
  • Health Synergy, Fire Trail, and Potion Barrier are three examples of enchantments for armor.
  • Artifacts include the Soul Healer, the Death Cap Mushroom, and the Corrupted Beacon or Lightning Rod.

This Soul Mage is optimized for soul collection, and its goal is to collect as many souls as possible from its enemies. All three of these items—the Soul Knife, Soul Crossbow, and Soul Robe—will quickly restore your soul. Then, you can use the Corrupted Beacon or Lightning Rod to unleash your magic upon your foes. The Soul Knife is a relatively slow weapon, but the Death Cap Mushroom greatly increases your attack speed.

The rest of this build was chosen with your health in mind. Health Synergy restores some health after using artifacts, and Potion Barrier provides a significant defensive buff after using a potion. The Soul Healer artifact can draw on souls collected to heal you.

Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds

1. Warrior Tank Build

  • Claymores, gaugets, and hammers are all examples of melee weapons.
  • They wore mercenary armor
  • A heavy crossbow is a type of longbow.
  • Boots of Swiftness, Flame Quivers, Wind Horns, Shock Powder, and Death Cap Mushrooms

This build is meant to take hits and then return them to the enemy.

The best raw damage can be done with a Claymore or a Hammer, two of the melee weapons available.

When you’re down to your last few health points or are facing a horde of enemies while your cooldown resets, the Heavy Crossbow can be a lifesaver.

Reduced mobility is the price to pay for that “kill with one shot” capability. This build is excellent at both dealing massive damage and achieving one-hit kills, but it has a lower damage output overall. To make up for it, we advise you to equip yourself with mobility-enhancing items like the Death Cap Mushroom and Boots of Swiftness.

To buy yourself some time or send an enemy careening off a ledge to their death, use a Wind Horn.

2. Soul Reaper Build

  • Melee weapons such as the Soul Knife and Soul Scythe
  • Armor of the Soul Robe variety
  • Soul Bow and Soul Crossbow
  • You can get your hands on the following relics: Soul Healer, Harvester, Torment Quiver, Corrupted Beacon, and Lightning Rod

Soul Reaper builds are more adaptable than others, but they rely heavily on souls collected from killed monsters. More souls will be gained whenever you use a melee weapon, like the Soul Knife or Soul Scythe, to defeat an enemy.

In addition, the Soul Armor improves your odds of finding all the souls at once, which should make it easier for you to collect them all at once. It has been found that ranged weapons, such as the Soul Bow and its crossbow variant, are very effective at soul collection.

If you’ve been following along, you might notice that you’re running into lots of people. Use artifacts like the Lightning Rod and the Harvester, which deal area-of-effect damage based on the number of souls gathered, to put these collected souls to good use.

A corrupted beacon can also fire an energy beam in a specific direction. Soul Healer is able to perform a short healing burst during a cooldown.

3. Speedy Assassin Build

  • Swords, Knives, and other Melee Weapons
  • Wearing a cloak of embers and spiderwebs for protection.
  • Ranged weapons include both the rapid crossbow and the auto crossbow.
  • The player uncovers a variety of artifacts, including shock powder and boots of swiftness.

You’ll transform into a stealthy rogue who can quickly enter and leave combat while still dealing out substantial damage. First, you’ll need a fast weapon like a dagger or scythe.

Here you can find out more information about Ember Robes. In addition to increasing your mobility, this armor causes nearby enemies to catch fire. To speed up your weapon attacks, Spider Armor is your best bet. You can learn which combination works best for you by trying them all out.

The power of this build skyrockets when supplemented with more healing enchantments. Even so, think long and hard about how much protection your artifact will actually provide before making a final decision.

If you find yourself surrounded by enemies, you should have a backup weapon like the Rapid Crossbow or its Auto variant ready. You can quickly dispatch of enemies either way, but your supply of ammunition will deplete rapidly.

4. Hunter Companion Build

  • Any Weapon Designed to Cause Massive Casualties
  • Spelunker Helmet is the name of the headgear in question.
  • The Hunter’s Word: A Long-Range Threat
  • Symbol of rebirth and Delicious Bone!

In multi-role teams, this isn’t the best build for dealing damage or healing, but it can still be useful. The purpose of using companion artifacts is to divert attention away from your character.

Hunter’s Promise is both a ranged weapon that complements any melee weapon and a weapon that can be used in place of any melee weapon. If you can direct your allies to attack specific bosses or tough enemies like Endermen, you’ll have a much easier time of it.

Choose artifacts that grant you access to two animals as companions, such as Tasty Bone for a wolf or Wonderful Wheat for a llama. Use the Golem Kit to summon a new friend, or the Totem of Regeneration for instantaneous health restoration.

5. Master Archer Build

  • Chain-enchanted weapons are designed for close-quarters combat.
  • Evocation and Frost Bite, a matching set of robes and armor
  • The scatter crossbow and the feral soul crossbow are just two of the available ranged weapons.
  • Among the artifacts unearthed were fireworks arrows, shock powder, wind horns, and flame quivers.

You’ll need an endless supply of arrows for this setup to be effective. When struck by a projectile, enchantments like Recycler increase your chance of receiving an arrow quiver.

You also have the option of using a ricochet to shoot multiple arrows at once. To make effective use of your bow, your melee weapon should also have enchantments that slow down enemies.

You’ll have an easier time using the Firework Arrows and Flame Quiver that come with this build if you protect these zones first. The amount of damage inflicted is similar, but the methods are very different.

With Flame Quiver’s slow-burning burn effect, you can inflict significant damage on your foes with every swing. You can unleash a barrage of explosives as long as the Scatter Crossbow is in close proximity to your artifacts.

6. Healer Build

  • These tools are enchanted with the ability to heal: Melee
  • Armor, Speculative Armor
  • The Sabre Is a Long-Range Weapon
  • You’ll need a Totem of Regeneration, a Love Medallion, and a Shielding Totem

This is a fantastic build for players who frequently die while playing solo or for those who prioritize the safety of their teammates. To begin, acquire a melee weapon enchanted with healing properties; Radiance is preferred. In a circular radius around the user, allies receive healing from Radiance.

It takes a lot of time spent grinding the Desert Temple level to acquire Mystery Armor, but the rewards are worth it. The Sabrewing, last but not least, is a powerful bow that can also heal allies.

The power of this build skyrockets as more and more healing enchantments are added to it. It is best to err on the side of caution when choosing your artifacts.

Love medallions, healing rings, and shielding rings can all be obtained from the corresponding totems. Getting all the gear for this build is extremely difficult.

7. The Swift Rogue

  • Melee attack does 41 health.
  • Those in large groups need to be slowed down.
  • Cannabinoid pair

The northern mountains’ twin daggers usually render their foes immovable blocks of ice when they strike.

A lot of the success in a dungeon crawler, especially in MD’s Apocalypse Mode, comes down to how fast you can move.

Players can deal with the build’s weakness by avoiding attacks and counterattacking quickly.

Spider Armor Unique sets are among the most common and widely used armor types in the game. Shock powder and fishing rods are ideal for this kind of pretend play because they allow for the quick and painless disabling of an opponent.

Shock powder and fishing rods are ideal for this sort of game because they allow for the easy and quick disabling of an opponent. Light-Feather Artifacts and Boots of Swiftness are useful tools for developing these abilities.

8. Pet Summer

  • Summoning damage of 73
  • There will be a pause of 30 seconds.

This item gives off a pleasant aroma reminiscent of freshly cut grass, freshly baked bread, and ripe harvest fruits and vegetables.

Due to the random nature of your familiars’ actions, you may run into trouble while attempting to summon them in Minecraft Dungeons.

This is exacerbated in the apocalyptic setting. However, players who want a break from feeling like they have to constantly defend their character in co-op may want to give this a shot.

One can call upon a wide variety of creatures with the right bow and artifacts. If you have a Tasty Bone, you can call upon a wolf, and if you have Wonderful Wheat, you can call upon llamas. As an added bonus, the Totem of Regeneration can heal nearby allies.

Ultimately, Hunter’s Promise will lead these creatures to the intended enemies. This strategy is especially helpful in Apocalypse Mode, where hordes of enemies can spawn all at once.

9. Elemental Archer

  • 3X piercing
  • A smoke path can be seen.
  • Electricity
  • enhanced by a factor of two

Combining powerful bows (learn more about Minecraft dungeons armor) with destructive artifacts is a possibility in Minecraft Dungeons.

If you alternate between arrows and Souls, you won’t run out of either resource anytime soon.

Two tools that complement these skills are the Soul Crossbow and the Voidcaller. When using these weapons to deal damage, the player will gain Souls.

The Corrupted Beacon and Lightning Rod are two artifacts that can boost your elemental, long-range DPS output.

If you want to collect souls while you fight, you can do so by donning a Soul Robe, but if you want to deal real elemental damage to your foes, you can do so by donning armor with the Fire Trail and Chilling enchantments.

10. The Human Tank

  • The current condition of 77
  • Boosts weapon damage by 20% in a radius
  • Health potions in the area heal nearby allies.

Wearing a wolf’s head is a common tactic used by warriors to strike fear into the hearts of their foes.

In the cutthroat environment of Minecraft Dungeons, tanker builds can be a significant advantage. Learn more here about Minecraft’s Survival Servers.

There are many more bosses (including the Arch Illager) and tougher enemies in Apocalypse Mode.

Stalwart Armor or Mercenary Armor (which both reduce damage taken by 35 percent) are the best pieces of armor you can find.

Hero’s Armor is another great option because it heals and decreases damage taken.

This Boot of Swiftness, in this beefier construction, can mitigate some of the clunkiness. Furthermore, this bulkier frame is well suited for wielding a formidable melee weapon.

The Golem Kit allows you to call forth a similarly tanky pet in order to provide additional meatshields.

With this build, you’ll have plenty of health and your weapon’s effectiveness will be enhanced by an aura.

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11. Explosive Long-Range Ranger

Given its explosive power, its long-range attacks are particularly impressive. It places more value on DPS output from ranged weapons than it does on melee ones.

Initially, you should employ a ranged weapon, like a Scatter Crossbow, that fires a barrage of projectiles.

Some effective Artifacts for this purpose include Shock Powder, Firework Arrows, and the Death Cap Mushroom. These assaults are improved by the use of Fusion Bolt, Multishot, and Rapid Fire.

Cool Down and Swiftfooted are two useful traits that can be added to armor. Large melee weapons, such as the Great Hammer or the Claymore, can be used to fend off the oncoming hordes of people.

12. Soul-Gathering Mag

  • 1173-2793
  • Multi-shot
  • Psychic Get-Together

The use of offensive magic, buffs, debuffs, and damage over time is crucial in MD.

This is especially useful in Apocalypse Mode, when there are many more spellcasters for you to counter with your own abilities.

There is no single piece of equipment that must be used in each slot, as is the case with the majority of the items on our list. Melee weapons like the Soul Knife and Soulbow (which siphon Souls when used) and Enchantments like Leeching and Weakening are ideal, but this is a generalization.

Switching between arrows and Souls shouldn’t leave players short on either resource.

Critical artifacts like the Health Synergy and the beam-blasting Corrupted Beacon can be reliably nourished in this way.

This build’s massive strength makes it useful for fending off hostile monsters.