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You probably use a mouse pad on your desktop computer, whether you’re a gamer or an office worker, to help you better control your mouse movements and reduce the strain on your wrists. Mouse movement issues can arise if the mouse mat is dirty. Gamers and office workers who rely on mouse pads regularly have a serious problem on their hands. While those who work at a desk typically have limited space for their mouse, PC gamers need a lot of it to move around the screen. Due to the high frequency with which mouse pads are touched and the ease with which desktops attract dust and germs, using a dirty mouse pad is a simple way to spread germs. Thus, you should always use a clean mouse pad. But, what’s the best way to clean a mousepad? There are a number of strategies and recommendations for maintaining a neat mouse pad and office space.

What is a mouse mat?

Another name for aPC Gamer’s Mouse Pad or desk pad, a mouse matresembles a mouse pad but is much larger so that it can house a keyboard as well. The larger surface area, non-slip bases, and generally higher quality of mouse mats make them a favorite among gamers. In fact, you can buy mouse mats with colored LED edges.

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Should I use “mouse pad” or “mousepad” in my writing?

It is common to see both “mouse pad” and “mousepad” used interchangeably, and both are correct. Which version you use is determined by the guidelines you’re following. Computer Hope has decided to always use a space between the words “mouse” and “pad.”

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mouse Pad

1. Mouse Pads Are More Comfortable

Do you find that after a day of mouse use, your hand becomes stiff? If so, it could be due to your wrists being forced into an uncomfortable position at your desk.

Even a basic mouse pad is great because it’s more comfortable for your wrist to rest on a pad than on a hard desk.

Nonetheless, if you want to take things to the next level, an ergonomic mouse pad is a great investment. Cushions at the base of each of these promote a healthier wrist position. Because of this, you won’t need to stoop over to use your mouse, making for a more relaxed and pleasant experience overall.

2. Mouse Pads Protect Your Desk

Wear and tear on a desk surface can be caused by repeatedly moving a mouse across the same spot for long periods of time.

You might never experience this issue if you have a high-quality desk surface, such as thick wood. However, the cheaper your desk’s materials are, the more likely it is that your mouse will scratch or wear down the surface.

But even mouse pads have their limits. You may also find scuff marks on these over time, but unlike your desk, a mouse pad can be replaced with minimal effort and expense.

3. Mouse Pads Keep Your Mouse Clean

Your mouse will gradually become covered in the dust, skin, and other debris from your desk. Either this will adhere to your work surface or the underside of your mouse. The mouse’s precision will suffer in any case.

Not to mention, it stinks.

We can aid this process with the use of mouse pads. Your mouse can only move within the confines of the pad. Using a pad won’t magically remove the dust and grime, but it will make you more likely to remember to clean it regularly.

An additional perk of using a mouse pad is how simple it is to keep it clean. Most of them require you to get your hands dirty and use some water, soap, and time to get them clean again. You should wash it and let it dry for at least a day. Check the care instructions on your mouse pad before throwing it in the washing machine.

4. Mouse Pads Improve Your Gaming Performance

You can benefit from using a mouse pad if you play a lot of games like first-person shooters that call for quick and precise mouse movements. There are even mouse pads designed specifically for gamers.

Different textures are fine for mouse pads, as long as optical mice can reliably “read” them. Pads eliminate the possibility of mouse movement interruption due to imperfections on your desk.

To prevent your aim from veering off suddenly because of the smooth desk surface, mouse pads are also designed to stay in place and provide necessary friction.

Of course, a mouse pad isn’t going to magically transform you into a professional gamer, but you might be surprised at the difference it makes.

5. Mouse Pads Can Wirelessly Charge Your Mouse

Historically, the slower response times of wireless mice have been seen as a major drawback compared to their wired counterparts. These days, that is not a problem at all, provided you are willing to pay for it. Wireless options for both the keyboard and mouse are also available.

Wireless mice are great because they eliminate the need to deal with the cable drag that typically comes with mice, adding extra weight and reducing their smoothness. They can go anywhere with you and serve multiple purposes.

However, the major drawback of wireless mice is that they have to be constantly charged. If you don’t remember to charge the mouse the night before, you’ll be stuck using a wired mouse for as long as you’re at your computer.

A mouse pad is useful for this purpose. There are mouse pads on the market that can wirelessly charge your mouse while you use it, eliminating the need for you to ever plug it in again.

There are pads such as the Corsair MM100 and the Logitech G Powerplay (though the former is only compatible with certain Logitech mice). The mouse pad serves as a charging pad for your phone, so you can use it for both purposes at once.

Do Mouse Pads Have Any Downsides?

The use of a mouse pad is not without its benefits. If they do, you might be able to handle them just fine.

As for the first, it’s all about looks. When using a large mouse pad for a keyboard and mouse, it can take up most of the space on your desk. There is no point in hiding a nice desk under a mouse pad if you have one.

Second, mouse pads aren’t exactly ideal for people on the go. If you do most of your work on the go while carrying around a laptop, a mouse pad is probably not something you need. After that point, it’s pointless baggage and an unnecessary hassle to bring along.

In conclusion, mouse pads do require upkeep. Maintaining a clean mouse pad is a must, as it is with any computer accessory. However, you may be dissatisfied to find that some mouse pads wear out quickly and require frequent replacement.

It might not be a big deal if you’re using a low-quality one, but it certainly is if you’re working with a large, specially-made pad.

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How to Wash a Mousepad

When it comes to keeping your mouse pad clean, nothing beats good old-fashioned hand washing. A few drops of soap, some water, and some time are usually all that’s needed to clean up a cloth pad after it’s been used. However, you shouldn’t wash your RGB mousepad if it has a USB port or lights, as doing so increases the risk of water damage. This is the recommended method for cleaning and maintaining large gaming pads and custom mouse pads.

Step 1

You can clean your mouse pad in the sink or, if it’s particularly large, in the bathtub. Simply use water and some mild shampoo or hand soap to lightly dampen your pad and get it ready for use. Hot water can ruin your pad’s material and certain custom prints, so always use cold water.

Step 2

You can use a sponge or a brush to scrub any areas that are particularly grimy. Use a gentle sponge or brush to clean. You risk ruining your pad if you use powerful tools on it. When cleaning your mouse pad, it’s important to be as gentle as possible.

Step 3

Rinse your pad in cold water to remove any soap residue. Do not risk damaging your mouse pad by using warm water; rather, run it under cold running water. Be sure there is no trace of soap on the pad after you’ve finished rinsing it.

Step 4

You should dry your mouse pad with a towel. This should also be carried out gently. It won’t be dry enough to use after this, so you’ll need to hang it up for the day. If your mouse pad gets wet, you can speed up the drying process by putting it near a fan.

Step-By-Step Video

Take a look at this video for a hands-on demonstration of how to clean a gaming mousepad:

Can You Put Your Mouse Pad in the Washer or Dryer?

Depending on the pad you have, the answer is yes, you can wash it in a machine. If you don’t have time to hand-wash your mouse pad, you can always throw it in the washing machine, though this isn’t recommended for all fabrics. Washing machines tend to be safe for most cloth pads. Pads made of polyester, nylon, foam, or rubber can be washed in the washing machine. Using a washer could ruin the pad if it’s made of a delicate material or if it’s printed with a unique design. However, you should never dry a pad in a tumble dryer. The mouse pad won’t be able to handle the heat.

Washing Machine-Safe Materials:

  • rubber
  • nylon
  • polyester
  • foam
  • acrylic
  • acetate
  • microfiber
  • polyurethane

Take the Proper Precautions

There are a few things to keep in mind when operating a washing machine:

Make sure you’re using a gentle detergent and not one meant for tough scrubbing.
As was previously mentioned, using warm water in the washing machine is detrimental.
To avoid damaging your mattress pad, wash it on a gentle cycle.
Do not use any specialized cleaners like bleach. You can get by with just the detergent.
Stop using the dryer immediately. Whether you wash your mouse pad by hand or in the dishwasher, always let it air dry.

Pro TipIt’s important to remember that there are a variety of printing methods for making custom mouse pads if you have a pad that has been printed specifically for you. While some printing processes can withstand being washed in a machine, it’s best to wash your custom design’s pad by hand to ensure its longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should one go about disinfecting a mouse pad?

The mousepad should be washed by hand if at all possible. If you want to avoid damaging your mouse pad, it’s best to do it by hand. The types of mouse pads that can be washed in a washing machine are limited, but they include those made of cloth-like materials and those without custom printed designs.

To what extent can a cloth mousepad be cleaned?

A cloth mouse pad can be easily cleaned in the washing machine or by hand. However, remember to be gentle whenever you’re washing your cloth pad. When washing by hand or in the washing machine, go for gentle soaps and shampoos. The use of cold water for cleaning a cloth mousepad is recommended over the use of hot or warm water.

When was the last time you gave your mouse pad a good cleaning?

Every few months, or whenever it seems particularly grimy, give your mousepad a good wash. If you use your pad every day, you can prevent it from becoming too contaminated by washing it regularly throughout the year. In order to avoid permanent staining, the pad should be cleaned immediately after any spills.

15 Tips to Keeping a Clean Desk

You shouldn’t just maintain a spotless mouse pad, but your entire desk or gaming area. Although it may not appear so at first glance, a clean and organized work area is conducive to more productive work and more enjoyable gaming.

1. Keep your monitor and keyboard clean

It is easy for dust to accumulate on a computer, particularly in the spaces between the keys and on the screen. In order to safely remove dust from computer screens and keyboards, a number of specialized cleaning cloths are available. Regular keyboard cleaning is necessary to prevent dust buildup and the subsequent inability to press keys.

2. Wipe your monitors on a regular basis

If you occasionally notice fingerprints or specks on your screen, you can wipe them away with the same cloth designed for dusting your monitor. It’s important to keep your computer monitor spotless so that you can read your screen clearly and maintain a professional appearance.

3. Mount your monitor

Do dust bunnies and crumbs frequently make an appearance on your desk? Mounting your screen on stands is a simple solution for keeping it at a safe distance. This not only makes it possible to see your screen clearly while seated at a desk, but it also makes it simple to clean the desk and keep dust and crumbs off the screen.

4. Get a stand for your headset

A headset may be required for certain tasks or games. If you use a headset at work or while playing a video game, you should invest in a dedicated stand for it. This will ensure that your headset is always in a convenient location while also keeping your work space uncluttered.

5. Manage your cables

It’s no secret that computer cables are a major annoyance at work and gaming desks. Don’t squander valuable desk space by letting cables lay around out in the open. Keep them out of the way, behind and under the desk, and you’ll have more room to move the mouse around.

6. Invest in an l-shaped desk

An l-shaped desk is a straightforward option if you need more room to move your mouse around your desk. If your job requires you to spend a lot of time at a computer, you may find that one of these desks would be more comfortable.

7. Dress up your desk area with plants

Having a few potted plants in the vicinity or on your desk can greatly improve the aesthetics of your office. It is important to pick plants that won’t overwhelm the room. Desk plants like succulents and spider plants are very common.

8. Organize your desk

Your desk, like the rest of your workspace, needs to be kept as clear and uncluttered as possible. This is great news if you’re a gamer, as it makes room for more comfortable gamer pads, and if you’re a worker, as it simplifies the process of keeping your workspace neat and tidy. You can use desktop organizers if you don’t have enough drawer space for your manuals, gaming strategy guides, work folders, and notebooks.

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9. Keep paper stored and organized

It’s not a good idea to pile paperwork on your desk; instead, keep it in a drawer. A filing system with dividers and folders is a great way to keep them structured. This will help maintain a tidy workspace by reducing the need to rummage through drawers.

10. Store things digitally

Paper notes are common in the workplace and among gamers, but try to keep as much as possible in digital form. By storing files digitally, you can free up valuable desk space and reduce paper waste.

11. Use a labeler to identify everything

Use labels and post-it notes to keep track of where things are stored in drawers and file cabinets. If you work with a lot of paper and supplies, labeling your drawers and files creatively will make it easier to find what you need.

12. Store similar items together

If you always store your work or gaming supplies in the same place, you’ll have a much simpler time locating what you need. Keep all of your stationery, file folders, and game cases in one place. This will also let you know if you’re running low on supplies like paper or pens.

13. Display a trash bin close by

Is it common for you to have old trash sitting on your desk? Get a small trash can that fits under or next to your desk at work. You won’t be able to throw away papers, food containers, or broken office equipment as they accumulate on your desk.

14. Keep your pencils and pens within reach

Most likely, you are constantly grabbing a pen or pencil to jot down some notes as the need arises throughout the day. If that’s the case, they’re better suited to a desktop than a drawer. Get a cool pencil case to keep your writing implements organized.

15. Put everything away when you are done using them

I assume you no longer need me to cite a gaming manual. Can you please put down the scissors? When you’re done using them, remove them from your desktop and put them somewhere else. The longer you put off organizing your desk, the sooner it will get cluttered again.
Pro TipAn extended xl custom gaming mouse pad is a great way to maintain a neat and tidy work space.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your mouse pad from time to time will extend its life and improve its performance. Maintaining a dust-free work environment and extending the life of your pad are two benefits of this action. Because of how often we use them, desks are a prime breeding ground for bacteria and dust, making it crucial to practice good desktop hygiene for the sake of one’s health. Because of their frequent use, mouse pads should be kept in top condition.