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Don’t waste too much time in Minecraft Dungeons farming emeralds. With the information in this book, you can start emerald farming immediately.

Spending emeralds at the Blacksmith (for weapons and armor) or the Wandering Trader (for artifacts) is the quickest way to upgrade your equipment and power level in Minecraft Dungeons.

However, as your character levels up and becomes more powerful, the prices at both merchants will rise, necessitating the use of more emeralds.

Emeralds are the game’s primary currency and can be obtained through various means, such as opening chests, killing enemies, and reselling or crafting weapons. The emerald mining process can be tedious without the right tools and strategy in place.

This tutorial will teach you the best methods, tools, and level ranges for farming emeralds in Minecraft’s dungeons.

Best Gear For Farming Emeralds

To get the most out of your emerald farming setup, it’s important to have the right armor and weapons, preferably ones that can quickly kill mobs. Artifacts that provide passive buffs or a companion should be used as well. If you want to make your own emerald farming structure, we’ve included detailed instructions for doing so down below.

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Find pieces of armor that can either fully or partially negate hits, reduce damage, or both to maximize your survivability. The Reinforced Mail and Plate Armors are the two that we suggest.

Even if the armor slows you down and increases the cooldown of your roll, you can still farm emeralds without too much trouble.

Weapons like sickles and daggers, which have a high attack speed, will come in handy. Using Claymores and Great Hammers, which are both slow-attacking weapons, will only cause the process to drag on and may even lead to your death if too many mobs surround you.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to avoid the trap of using armor or weapons that are significantly weaker than your current power level, as doing so can severely reduce your damage output.

Maintaining your own health is of equal importance to dealing constant damage. The best way to accomplish this is to equip yourself with a healing artifact.

While the Soul Healer collects souls from defeated foes, the Totem of Regeneration creates a healing circle to help you and your allies recover from wounds. While your healing potion is cooling down, both artifacts can do a lot to keep you in the fight.

You should also think about recruiting an ally to help you in battle. You can summon a wolf with Tasty Bone, a llama with Wonderful Wheat, or an Iron Golem with a Golem Kit.

Companions not only deal additional damage, but they also frequently aggro enemies, diverting their attention from you.

An abundance of enchantments are available, many of which perform the same function in slightly different ways. Weapon and armor enchantments are typically determined at random, making it difficult to specifically request a desired enchantment.

There are many abilities to watch out for, but two that stand out are Echo, which allows you to quickly follow up certain attacks, and Thorns, which deals damage back to enemies whenever you are hit. The Prospector enchantment, should you be so fortunate to obtain it, will increase your chances of discovering emeralds after killing an enemy.

Echo is not required if you use the Deathcap Mushroom artifact to increase your speed.

Best Levels For Farming Emeralds

There are a total of 14 levels in the game (not counting hidden areas), but only two of them are particularly good for farming. The first is an early zone called Pumpkin Pastures. The second is called Creepy Crypt, and it can be accessed once a different route through Creeper Woods has been discovered.

It’s best to set the level’s difficulty to its maximum or minimum before beginning play, depending on your current strength. The more difficult the game is, the more enemies will appear, and the more emeralds will drop.

A lower difficulty setting will result in fewer enemies, but you might be able to make up for it by salvaging dropped goods. We’ll explain why and where on the map you should focus your attention in order to maximize your emerald farming success below.

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Pumpkin Pastures

Get to the area with the drawbridge where the Arch-Illager will try to ambush you with mobs by working your way through the map. Avoid pulling any levers after they’ve been vanquished.

Since more monsters will keep appearing, this is a bad idea. Keep fighting until you have amassed an amount of emeralds or loot that satisfies you.

Creepy Crypt

Creepy Crypt is another option; its short length makes it a great farming location. Even more so, you may discover that the actual number of chests in the level is higher than the one displayed on the map screen.

No one spot should be prioritized over any other; just kill any mobs you come across as you travel.

Top 5 emerald farms in Minecraft

#1 – Sugar Cane Farms

Emeralds are typically farmed with the help of local villagers. As a rule, villagers will offer a set price in emeralds for a predetermined number of unnamed items. Paper is chosen at random as the one item.

To begin developing the sugar cane-based emerald farm, a sizable sugar cane farm must be established. They want it to be a large, convenient farm from which they can regularly harvest sugar cane.

After building up a sizable sugar cane farm, the player will need to locate a sizable number of librarian villagers to engage in trade with. The local librarians are proposing a deal: one emerald for thirty-five sheets of paper. Given the size of the player’s sugar cane farm, they will have no trouble producing enough paper to barter with the village’s librarians. The amount of emeralds a player has will quickly exceed their ability to count.

#2 – Raid Farm

A pillager tower, oceanic open space, raids, numerous chests, and a wealth of Redstone make up the raid farm. In order to construct the raid emerald farm properly, players must carefully observe the video.

The player can also use this raid farm to gather totems and Redstone. After a lengthy and intricate construction process, the massive operation appears to function flawlessly.

This raid farm employs pillagers to participate in raids in order to acquire rare resources. When a pillager is killed, they leave behind valuable items such as totems and emeralds. When the farm is operational, it collects the dropped items and stores them in hoppers, chests, and pillagers.

#3 – Fun with a Fletcher

The Fletcher resident is involved in yet another emerald farm with local ties. Players will need to construct a simple four-by-four house and place a common villager inside to begin this emerald farm. It is imperative that the players seal off the top of the structure so that the villager can’t escape.

Following that, it’s recommended that players make a fletching table. Two flints and four planks of any kind are all you need to construct this simple structure. The fletching table should be brought into the villager’s four by four hut. As soon as the player interacts with the villager, he or she will become a Fletcher and offer trades.

Fletcher will initially offer the player a trade of 32 sticks in exchange for an emerald. For more emeralds, the player can keep making this trade.

#4 – Weaponsmith

The weaponsmith is yet another recommended villager trade for an emerald farm. The villagers here have very straightforward exchanges, such as 15 coals for 1 emerald. Since coal is so easily accessible, this is a breeze for players to obtain.

The weaponsmith will trade one emerald for twenty-four flints, making this a simple and repeatable transaction if the player comes across a large supply of gravel.

The weapon smith’s deal of six iron ignots for one emerald is also great for more experienced players who have access to iron farms. The creation of an iron farm in Minecraft is a simple process, and typically involves an iron golem that drops iron at a high rate.

#5 – Mason Expert

Many seasoned Minecraft players have experienced the frustration of having an entire room full of chests containing nothing but cobblestone. If the heroes happen upon a mason villager, they won’t have to worry about running out of emeralds for very long.

Since cobblestone is so abundant in Minecraft, the 20-blocks-for-one-emerald trade offered by masons is ideal. After smelting the cobblestone in a furnace, the player can kick back and enjoy the game. In no time, the player will have more emeralds than they know what to do with. If the player also has silk touch on their pickaxe, the process of exchanging cobblestone for silk is greatly simplified.

Craftsmanship with stone is important, but masons have much more to offer the Minecraft community. The trade of making masonry clay is very useful for adventurers who live in or near a swamp. Masons will trade one emerald for ten chunks of clay. When broken, clay scatters numerous shards, making this an easy swap for most players to make.

Enchantments and unique items that give more emeralds

Some effects of enchantments and rare items can improve your odds of finding a large number of emeralds. You’ll find listed below the various enchantments and rare items that are known to increase the amount of emeralds you gain from killing foes.

  • Hunter (Enchantment, Melee)
  • The Diamond Pickaxe is an Uncommon Tool.
  • Final Laugh (Special Weapon)

Minecraft Dungeons emerald build

The Last Laugh is a unique weapon that, when enchanted with the Prospector melee enchantment, gives the wielder a significant advantage in their quest to quickly amass an emerald harvest. The Last Laugh is a sickle weapon with an impressive attack speed; if you plan on using it, you should probably investigate enchantments that boost your attack speed.

Check out our Minecraft Dungeons best builds guide if you’re in search of hero builds that prioritize damage over emerald farming.

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Minecraft Dungeons emerald grinding tips

We’ll wrap up this guide with our top five emerald grinding tips so you can get rich as soon as possible.

  1. Always play at the highest possible level of difficulty. More foes will be visible at once, giving you more opportunities to gather emeralds.
  2. Additionally, I suggest picking a difficulty where the enemies are straightforward to defeat. More emeralds are not awarded for vanquishing more difficult foes. Creeper Woods, Soggy Swamp, and Pumpkin Pastures are the best areas to farm emeralds, though Desert Temple is fun due to the abundance of vases to smash.
  3. You can also try playing through the game again at easier difficulties if you’re having trouble late on. The goal is to collect a large quantity of items and then sift through them for emeralds. It makes no difference that the item is weaker in terms of power because the price is determined solely by its rarity.
  4. Given the expansive nature of the Creepy Crypt secret mission, this is also a viable choice for emerald sizing. If there are more chests in this area than shown on the map screen, then you’ve found the secret level. Check out our guide to the hidden levels of Minecraft Dungeons to learn how to access it.
  5. If you equip a Death Cap Mushroom, your attack speed will increase even further. This will make short work of your foes.
  6. Find every vase and treasure chest in every level. An abundance of emeralds can be obtained from each one. For even more emeralds, crack open the one pig chest on each level.

Tips For Farming Emeralds

To help you get the most emeralds possible in a single level, we’ve compiled this data and compiled some general tips for emerald farming. The following are the items:

  • If you want more enemies and a better chance for emeralds to drop, you should stick to playing on higher difficulties.
  • If you want to quickly progress through levels and collect emeralds from lower-tier loot, playing on easier difficulties is the way to go.
  • Levels without boss fights or with easy enemies are recommended.
  • Discover and smash all vases in a level, as they always conceal valuable emeralds. (The number of vases in Desert Temple is highest.)
  • Be on the lookout for the pig chest, which appears once per level and fires emeralds when destroyed.