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Here is the simplest and most effective method for starting a Minecraft server on a personal computer. This is compatible with Minecraft: Java Edition, Minecraft Realms, and local and online servers.Thanks to a robust modding ecosystem and a friendly player base, playing Minecraft in 2022 on PC is just as enjoyable as it was when it launched in 2009.The sandbox survival game created by Mojang is a wonderful way to express your imagination and meet new people.Local Area Network (LAN), online servers, Minecraft Realms, and local split-screen play are just some of the options for multiplayer in Minecraft.We’ll show you the ropes on how to get Minecraft’s multiplayer up and running on your personal computer, complete with tips and tricks. Since Minecraft: Java Edition’s multiplayer functions slightly differently than the Windows 10 version, it’s best to know which edition you own before diving into the game.

You can start new adventures in Minecraft with your friends with only rudimentary computer skills and a few clicks of the mouse.

The basics of Minecraft multiplayer

There are four distinct methods of interacting with other players in Minecraft, each with its own set of pros and cons. Before jumping into a multiplayer session with your friends, though, you should make sure you’re all using the same build of the game. Therefore, before meeting up with friends, make sure that your version has all the latest content patches installed. You can do this by visiting the app store for the platform you’re using, or by visiting the Minecraft Help Center on a personal computer.

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Also, everyone should be using the same version of Minecraft (Java or Bedrock) for the best experience. If you’re playing on a mobile device or console, you don’t have to worry about installing Java because it’s only available on personal computers. After ensuring that everyone is using the same version and edition of the game, the group can begin its quest.

Local Area Network (LAN)

If you want to play Minecraft with friends who are also on the same network, a LAN is your best bet. The procedures you must follow will change depending on the game’s version and whether you’re the host or a guest.

Minecraft: Java Edition


  • To get started, you’ll need a PC with enough processing power to run the game itself and a server for other players to connect to.
  • Select the pen icon to create a new world or make changes to an existing one.
  • After booting up, hit Esc, and then pick “Open to LAN.”
  • Choose between Survival, Creative, and Adventure play.
  • Choose “Begin LAN World” from the menu.
  • Your game is now accessible to other players on the same network.


  • Join the same online group as the participant you want to team up with.
  • Find the “Play” option.
  • Pick “Multiplayer” and look for local area network options.


Minecraft: Windows 10

  • Make sure everyone is using the same network and the exact same game build.
  • Pick the player who will serve as host.
  • Choose ‘Play,’ then either tap the pen icon to modify an existing world or make a brand new one from scratch.
  • Make sure “Visible to LAN Players” is checked off in the Global Options.
  • To begin, choose either “Create” or “Play.”
  • When you click the “Friends” tab, other players on the same network can join your game.

Online Server

If you want to play a game with other people over the internet, joining a server or hosting your own is a great option. The file is required if you want to try setting up your own Minecraft: Java Edition server. Just follow these steps to connect to a server:

Minecraft: Java Edition

  • Launch the game while in the “Multiplayer” mode.
  • Click “Add Server,” then type in the server’s IP address or web address.
  • Activate the music player

Minecraft: Windows 10

  • You can automatically connect to one of these three official Minecraft servers: A Trifecta of Online Role-Playing Games: Mineplex, InPvP, and Lifeboat
  • The ‘Add Server’ option and the server’s details are what you need to do in order to connect to a server outside of your network.
  • Turn on the music.

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Minecraft Realms

You and up to nine other players can join forces in private Minecraft servers thanks to Minecraft Realms, a paid subscription service developed by Mojang.

Even if you log out, other players can still access the realms you’ve created. Depending on the size of your party and the edition of the game, you can take your pick from a number of different paths.

Minecraft: Java Edition

  • Turn on Minecraft and go to the “Realms” menu.
  • Follow the prompts under “Realm Configuration.”
  • Make a new world, give it a name, or use an existing one as a jumping off point.
  • Double-clicking your Realm will kick off Survival mode.


Minecraft: Windows 10

  • Launch the game and select the “Play” option.
  • Click “New” and then “New Realm” to start making a new world.
  • Put together a realm and give it a title.
  • Recruits companions to your Realm


You may be curious as to whether or not PC versions of Minecraft support split-screen co-op play. Unfortunately, the PC version lacks the local multiplay feature that allows for up to four players on consoles at once.

  Troubleshooting Multiplayer Connection Issues

  • Save your work, then close Minecraft: Java Edition and load it back up again.
  • Try giving your computer or other device a restart to see if that helps. A simple restart usually fixes connection problems.
  • Close the game and log out of your Microsoft or Mojang account.
  • If you’re connecting wirelessly, make sure your connection is reliable. Your router might require a restart or reset.
  • If you notice that your Internet connection is slow, it may be because you have some programs open that you don’t need.
  • Whether you’re behind a firewall, using anti-virus software, or a virtual private network (VPN), you should double-check your security settings to make sure they’re not throttling your connection.
  • Set up your router for Network Address Translation (NAT) with access controls that are moderate to open.
  • Connect via Ethernet cable instead of wireless if you’re using a stationary device.
  • You could try going back to an earlier save of your world to see if that helps.
  • It’s time to open a new world, so we’ll need to swap slots.


How do I get Honeycomb in Minecraft?

Use a pair of Shears on a Bee Nest or Beehive to obtain Honeycomb in Minecraft. Get your hands on three pieces of Honeycomb by cutting into a Bee Nest that contains honey. Bees may suddenly emerge and chase after you, so tread carefully.

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How do I make a map in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you need to mine nine Sugar Canes and put them into a Crafting Table. Pull up the crafting grid and whip up a batch of nine papers. Create a compass and set it in the center of the work area, then add eight sheets of paper around it. A blank Locator Map will be added to your collection.

How do I make a saddle in Minecraft?

It is impossible to craft a saddle in Minecraft. Find saddles by exploring, trading, or fishing instead. If you want to test if a saddle drops when you kill a mob that is wearing one, you can kill the mob while it is wearing the saddle.


When played with other people, Minecraft becomes a much more rewarding experience. Easy game setup and entry make multiplayer gaming a breeze, whether you’re playing with friends in the same room or across the world. Try it out!