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If you’re interested in catching a Toxel, the most comprehensive guide ever written on how to evolve your Toxel Pokémon is right here.

New and interesting Pokémon, exclusive to Pokémon Sword and Shield, can be found in the Galar region. Many of them have unusual appearances, use novel combinations of types, and need specific environments to evolve.

Toxel is one of these Pokémon; it has two possible evolutions, one of Electric type and the other of Poison type, and it evolves at level 30. Applin, Milcery, Sinistea, Galarian Farfetch’d, and Galarian Yamask are a few more Pokémon in Gen 8 that have unique ways to evolve.

Obtaining Toxel and evolving it into either the Amped Form or the Low Key Form of Toxtricity are both covered in depth here.

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Where To Find Toxel

After you’ve defeated Milo, the Grass-type Gym Leader in Turffield, you can gain access to the Pokémon Nursery on Route 5, where you can pick up a Toxel quickly and easily. Once you’ve found the Nursery, enter and speak with the woman on your right; she’ll be holding a Toxel. Talk to her, and she’ll give you the Toxel she’s holding as a gift because it has just hatched from an egg.

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The following locations are good places to try your luck at catching a Toxel:

Location Method Weather Rarity
Route 7 Meeting by Chance Any 25%
A Natural Area, The Bridge Field Overworld Normal/Rain/Thunderstorm 5-15%
Wilderness Location: Giant’s Cap Chance Encounter Thunderstorm 30%
Area of Wilderness: Hammerlocke Hills coincidental meeting Thunderstorm 40%
Motostoke River Wilderness Area Overworld Thunderstorm 5%
Granite Wilderness is a protected wilderness area. Random Encounters/Overworld Thunderstorm 10-40%

Toxtricity forms and their differences

After reaching level 30, Toxel begins evolving. Toxtricity and its evolutionary precursor, Toxic, are both Poison and Electric-type Pokémon. One of my favorite things about them is that they play air guitar before each fight. To put it simply, they’re the biggest names in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Your Toxel’s personality will determine which form this Pokémon evolves into. The two diverge primarily in their final attacks learned at level 52 and the Hidden Abilities they might know, rather than in their appearance.

  • Toxtricity’s offensive and speedy capabilities are amplified by the Steel-type attack, Shift Gear, which the Amped Form learns.
  • Magnetic Flux, an Electric-type move learned by Pokémon in the Low Key Form, boosts the defense and special defense of a single party member. However, the Pokémon in question needs to have the Plus or Minus Ability for this to take effect.
  • Hidden Ability, Plus, for Amped Form; Hidden Ability, Minus, for Low Key Form.

Also, Toxtricity has the ability to Gigantamax. A Gigantamaxing Pokémon can be obtained from a Pokémon Raid Den in the Untamed Wilds.

If Sableyes actually evolved, they might look something like Gigantamax Toxtricity. This colossal Toxtricity produces an electric guitar and displays a rainbow of “protrusions” on his chest. Both the Amped Form and the Low Key Form appear to have this design when Gigantamaxing at the moment.

How To Evolve Toxel Into Toxtricity

At level 30, your Toxel will evolve into either an Amped Form or Low Key Form Toxtricity, depending on its original nature. If the Pokémon you caught had at least 30 levels when you got it, it will evolve the next time it gains a level.

Just select the Toxel in your party or on your computer to see its nature. To access the page where a pencil and paper icon are located, click “Check Summary” and then scroll right. Here you can learn the Pokémon’s (blue-highlighted) characteristics, as well as where and on what level you first encountered it.

Amped Form

One of the following traits will be inherited by your Toxel as it transforms into Amped Form Toxtricity:

  • Adamant
  • Brave
  • Docile
  • Hardy
  • Hasty
  • Impish
  • Jolly
  • Lax
  • Naïve
  • Naughty
  • Quirky
  • Rash
  • Sassy

Low Key Form

A Toxel may also develop into a Low Key Form Toxtricity, taking on any of the following traits if this occurs.

  • Bashful
  • Bold
  • Calm
  • Careful
  • Gentle
  • Lonely
  • Mild
  • Modest
  • Quiet
  • Relaxed
  • Serious
  • Timid

Toxtricity Form Differences

Not only do Low Key and Amped Toxtricity look different from one another, what with Low Key being yellow and purple and Amped being blue and purple, but they also have different move sets available to them at level 52.

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Shift Gear is a Steel-type status move that raises the user’s Speed and Attack by two stages. Amped Toxtricity can learn it by leveling up its Speed and Attack.

Magnetic Flux is an Electric-type status move that raises Low Key Toxtricity and any friendly Pokémon that shares its Ability by one stage in Defense and Special Defense, respectively.

How to check your Toxel’s nature

  1. To access the game’s menu while it’s running, press the X button.
  2. When the following screen appears, choose Pokémon.
  3. If you have Toxel in your party, you can use the A button to target him. If it isn’t in your party, you can find it by pressing R and then clicking on Boxes.
  4. To do so, go to Summary and click it.
  5. To get to the notepad icon, move the joystick or press the right Joy-Con button. The characteristics and description of your Toxel will be shown.

To have a secret method for completing the Pokédex is something I enjoy and despise in equal measure. My inner completionist can’t wait to round them all up, but my inner lazy gamer just wants everything to be easily catchable. Happily, Toxel isn’t a difficult Pokémon to catch or evolve. Moreover, I think he and his ultimate forms are pretty neat-looking.

About Toxel

Premiere in an anime series Pokémon: Twilight Wings
This is their first appearance in the game. Armor and weaponry
Region Galar
Evolution –>Toxtricity
Level 1 of Evo 30
Up to the Second Stage of Evolution N/A
Pokemon Data Entry It has a poison sac inside of it and secretes the poison out of its skin. This Pokémon gives off a tingling feeling if touched. It generates electricity by altering the poison’s chemical composition. Although the voltage is low, it is powerful enough to paralyze the victim.

Toxel Base Stats

HP 40

Appearance of Toxel

Toxel is a baby Pokemon that resembles a purple lizard and has four spikes and a white protrusion on its head that looks like a lightning bolt. Toxel has white circles on its cheeks that look like blush and a tongue that sticks out of its mouth. Toxel is a tall, upright creature with a lavender-white spot on its chest and a light purple, striped lower half. The bottom half is a light purple color, and it tapers into a sharp point at the end of the tail. These brighter parts of its body are reminiscent of a baby’s bib and diaper. Toxel has three spots on the underside of each finger and toe. To round things out, Toxel’s back features two white spots.

Behavior of Toxel

Toxel’s reputation for temper tantrums only adds to the similarities between it and a human baby. Toxel keeps its venom in a poison sac under its skin, which also aids in poison secretion. A small amount of paralysis can be induced by secreting electricity through its skin, which can be made to conduct by modifying the poison.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Toxel, like the majority of other young Pokemon, isn’t meant to be particularly powerful. A powerful special attack stat gives Toxel, for a Pokemon of its age, the ability to effectively use electrical and poison attacks. Despite this, Toxep has poor defense, both normal and special. Toxel may have a shaky foundation, but its evolution into Toxtricity more than makes up for it. Toxel, being of the poison-electric type, is resistant to attacks from the fairy, grass, flying, and water types but vulnerable to those from the ground and psychic types.

Shiny Toxel

When compared to regular Toxel, the variant known as “Shiny Toxel” appears pink. Toxel in its Shiny form still has white features and a purple diaper, but the purple is a darker shade.

Toxel’s Evolution

After reaching level 30, a Toxel can evolve into a Toxtricity. There is the yellow, Amped Form of Toxtricity for those who are bold, lonely, timid, relaxed, modest, mild, serious, quiet, calm, bashful, careful, or gentle; and the blue, Low Key Form for those who are hardy, adamant, brave, docile, naive, impish, lax, hasty, jolly, rash, or quirky. This unconventional method of determining your transformable form makes it harder to guess which variant you will get until you actually acquire a Toxel. Toxel and its evolved form, Toxtricity, are the first Pokemon to feature a poison and electric type combination.

Best Moveset

Until it evolves into Toxtricity, Toxel is, like most baby Pokemon, not expected to be particularly powerful. Toxel can only learn Belch, a move with a high STAB (same-type attack bonus), by eating a berry before or during a fight. Fortunately, Acid and Nuzzle are both useful STAB moves that can be used before a berry is activated to make up for this shortcoming. Finally, until Toxel evolves, Endure can be used to help compensate for its low defense.

Belch Acid
Nuzzle Endure

How to catch Toxel in Pokemon Go?

The Pokemon Go app does not currently include Toxel.


  1. Toxel’s characters include a variety of lizards and frogs, including a poison dart frog and a human infant.
  2. There are no other Pokemon types besides poison and electricity, so Toxtricity and Toxel are unique.
  3. For the first time since Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum debuted in Generation IV, there is a baby Pokemon to catch your eye: Toxel.
  4. Toxel will always evolve into Lowkey Form Toxtricity if its nature reduces its Attack stat, and it will always evolve into Amped Form Toxtricity if its nature reduces its Special Defense stat.
  5. Toxel looks like an Ankylosaurus, a type of armored dinosaur, because of the spikes on its head.
  6. Toxel could be an anagram for toxic, toddle, electric, or a diminutive of little.


Q. Is Toxel a good Pokemon?

Toxel, like most baby Pokemon, isn’t meant to be very strong, but its powerful evolution, Toxtricity, more than makes up for its meager beginnings. While still a baby Pokemon, Toxel’s high special attack stat makes it useful for electrical and poison attacks. Despite this, Toxel’s defense is subpar across the board, both in terms of regular defense and special defense. Its evolution greatly improves all of these statistics, making up for Toxel’s inherent weakness.

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Q. How do you tell what Toxel will evolve into?

There is the yellow, Amped Form of Toxtricity for those who are bold, lonely, timid, relaxed, modest, mild, serious, quiet, calm, bashful, careful, or gentle; and the blue, Low Key Form for those who are hardy, adamant, brave, docile, naive, impish, lax, hasty, jolly, rash, or quirky.

Q. What level does a Toxel evolve?

Beginning at level 30, Toxel will evolve into Toxtricity.

Q. Is Toxel a rare Pokemon?

Toxel isn’t that hard to come by, especially considering you can get one as an egg from the Route 5 Pokemon Center’s nursery. After this battle, Toxel can be found in the Max Raid Battles in Hammerlocke Hills and in random encounters in Route 7, Giant’s Cap, Stony Wilderness, Bridge Field, Motostoke Riverbank, East Lake Axewell, North Lake Miloch, Motostoke Riverbank, Giant’s Cap, Lake of Outrage, and Giant’s Mirror.

Q. Is Toxel worth using?

Although Toxel, being a baby Pokemon, is not very powerful, its powerful evolution, Toxtricty, more than makes up for this.


Both Toxel and Toxtricity are groundbreaking as the first Pokemon of either type to combine poison and electricity. Toxel and its evolution are the most distinctive new Pokemon in Sword and Shield, thanks to the fact that they can only evolve into two different forms through exposure to nature rather than through training.