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Which of For Honor’s characters do you consider the best? The best players in Dominion, Duel, and Brawl are all ranked on our For Honor tier list.

Who do you think are the best heroes in For Honor and why? In this article, we present tier lists for the best characters in For Honor’s Dominion, Duel, and Brawl modes.

The unique fighting styles and diverse cast of characters in For Honor demand extensive trial and error to master.

If you aren’t up-to-date on the game’s meta, choosing the best hero for a given situation can feel like an uphill battle.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of the best and worst heroes to prioritize training.

This list is based on how well each hero performed in every For Honor game mode.

Moreover, we must acknowledge that there is no unplayable unit in the game. If you are just starting out, keep this in mind.

For Honor – A Quick Introduction

Ubisoft’s For Honor is a competitive multiplayer action game. The 14th of February, 2017, saw its release. Knights, Samurai, Vikings, and the Wu Lin faction are just some of the playable classes, and they engage in a lot of melee combat.

My For Honor Tier List [Duels] : r/forhonor

Play in ranked matches or experiment with the various game modes like dominion, duel, skirmish, and more. It also has a leveling system so that your characters can improve over time. The rewards shop in For Honor’s PvP mode is stocked with cosmetic items that can be used to alter your character’s look.

For Honor’s mechanics deviate greatly from the norm for Action video games. It’s not a hack-and-slash, but melee combat is central, and you can block or parry attacks to defend yourself or launch your own. For this reason, every match is a high-stakes thrill ride. This also slows down the process of learning the game’s mechanics.

Playing a lot of matches in PvP mode is the best way to get used to For Honor’s combat system, which is novel and different from those of other games.

Each playable character in For Honor has their own unique set of abilities, and there are plenty of them to choose from. Because of their varied strengths in combat, players are compelled to experiment with different classes.

If you’re new to For Honor, you can find the best hero or warrior to play as by consulting the tier list. You can research the stats of your preferred character before purchasing them to make sure they fit your preferred playstyle.


These characters are the game’s top picks. Make use of them immediately upon acquisition because they will unquestionably facilitate matches.

Hero Faction Different Heroes Description
Conqueror Knight Heavy For good reason, Conqueror is one of the game’s most challenging heroes to face. The damage from his attacks is respectable.

Even though it’s rarely done, shield bashing is a great way to start a fight. Having two Conquerors in your squad will allow you to take advantage of their remarkable zoning abilities and seal off an area.

Warmonger Knight Vanguard The warmonger is elite due to its corruption skill. It serves both individuals and groups well.

No effective countermeasure exists at this time. The zoning features significantly improve its usefulness. The warmonger is a common hero in tournament play.

Kyoshin Samurai Hybrid Kyoshin is capable of lightning-fast light attacks, which, when coupled with his unblockable moves, can produce devastating combos.

The fact that he recovers well is a major plus. Kyoshin shines in ganking situations, but he can be difficult to control when facing off against multiple foes at once.

Jiang Jun Wu Lin Heavy The Jiang Jun’s utility is extensive, particularly after a parry.

Sometimes the amount of damage he does to stamina feels so great that it borders on oppressive. Jiang Jun’s defensive prowess is a major factor in his inclusion in our elite group.


These heroes are top-tier and, with the right equipment, team composition, and practice, they can beat S-tiers.

Hero Faction Hero Archetypes Description
First Black Knight Heavy Players who prefer to queue alone will find the black prior to be a welcome addition. It can stand on its own and move swiftly across the landscape. When it comes to offensive capabilities, the black prior stands out thanks to his or her unblockable attack and shield-busting prowess.

This synergy turns him into an offensive juggernaut. The Black Prior’s steep learning curve is its one and only drawback.

Berserker Viking Assassin Once a dominant hero, Berserker has had his heavy attacks toned down in recent patches. Despite this, it is still a potent hero thanks to its spammable light attacks that can put the pressure on opponents right away.

While the berserker’s speed has been reduced, it is still among the game’s most agile fighters. This hero is perfect for those who enjoy a high rate of movement and frequent enemy contact.

Nuxia Wu Lin Assassin Nuxia is a wonderful helper. The ability to lay traps in any given lane is its greatest strength.

These will either improve your team’s defense in that lane or set up advantageous initiations. Quite a few battles could benefit greatly from this.

Kensei Samurai Vanguard If an enemy squad is trying to ambush you, the Kensei is your best bet for survival. When it comes to team battles, he is also considered a top hero.

This reliable all-arounder’s adaptability and usability earn him a spot in the top tier.

Shaolin Wu Lin Hybrid The Shaolin is a support unit hero who needs to be developed. The fact that it can also teleport and heal significantly increases its value.

Due to its lack of combat prowess, this unit requires constant protection.

Raider Viking Vanguard In four-on-four team battles, the raider is a strong choice. The fact that even novices can pick up and play with this hero is one of its many strengths. He plays with a straightforward but effective style, ideal for novices.

The raider is useful to veterans because of his or her ability to start and end fights. Additionally, it has passable zoning abilities for defensive use.

Nobushi Samurai Hybrid Due to its high damage output and ability to inflict bleed damage, Nobushi is ideally suited for use in ambush squads. It can effectively clear out zones and large groups of people.


These heroes can improve the quality of any game. Some of them are simple to pick up and play, making them ideal for players of all skill levels.

Hero Faction Personas de héroe Description
Warden Knight Vanguard The Warden’s shield bash is powerful, provided that you can land the attacks necessary to set it up. The warden’s limited range makes him predictable, but it’s powerful when it gets going.

If your team is good at setting up quick ambushes or you feel comfortable fighting in close quarters, this hero is for you.

Gryphon Knight Hybrid The attack animations of a Gryphon, especially its bash, are fast and erratic.

In the heat of battle, Gryphon also has an impressive repertoire of moves at his disposal. It can be difficult for the opponent to keep up with Gryphon’s move chain.

Hitokiri Samurai Heavy The Hitokiri’s spamming strategies are guaranteed to completely derail their foes. It’s formidable, and you can’t stop it.

In a one-on-one fight, or when your team needs to track down a lone fugitive, this hero shines. It’s a good choice with few drawbacks.

Zhanhu Wu Lin Hybrid The Zhanhu is a quick and nimble fighter with powerful, spammable light attacks and a counter that can’t be predicted.

If you like to keep your opponent guessing by constantly switching up your attacks, this hero is a good choice.

Shaman Viking Assassin The shaman is a competent hero, but he or she will perform better if everyone on your team works together. The assassin class can benefit from its anti-ambush, anti-chain, and chasing abilities.

However, its pace is a little sluggish, so prepare yourself accordingly.


Heroes in this tier are generally strong, but they don’t have any distinguishing characteristics.


Hero Faction Avatars of Various Heroes Description
Highlander Viking Hybrid Unfortunately, Highlander only has one real strong suit. Its light attacks, which can be spammed, are insanely powerful, but that’s about all it can do offensively.

His defensive value increases thanks to his ability to reset fights and dodge attacks.

Warlord   Viking Heavy The Warlord has plenty of tools at his disposal to counter ambushes. The equipment it comes with ensures the highest levels of both survivability and power.

It is not particularly vulnerable due to the animations of its attacks.

Orochi Samurai Assassin The orochi’s storm rush is the precursor to its other unstoppable chains.

This hero doesn’t particularly stand out, but they have everything they need to win in the clutch.

Valkyrie Viking Hybrid The Valkyrie is a versatile hero who can contribute on both offense and defense. Her attack can be used to start or reset fights because it is so difficult to defend against.

The Valkyrie’s lackluster damage output hinders her usefulness in either solo or team situations. If you don’t have a good team behind you, none of your individual efforts will amount to much.

Shugoki Samurai Heavy If you want to spring an ambush, Shugoki is your man. Why? Hugs with a bear? Why, yes! This clever maneuver can effectively incapacitate your foe, allowing your teammate to pounce and deal devastating damage.

Furthermore, the shugoki’s even distribution of offensive and defensive capabilities gives it an edge in direct team battles.

Gladiator Knight Assassin In a lone player queue, Gladiator is a safe bet. Its pressure in one-on-one situations is enhanced by the fact that its attacks cannot be blocked.

Its damage is not to be underestimated in team fights either; if unchecked, it could become a major issue for the other team.

Lawbringer Knight Hybrid Even though lawbringer isn’t used by many players, it’s still a good hero choice. The damage and switching are both solid.

As a mid-lane offensive hero, this is an excellent pick. The lack of useful abilities during team fights is the hero’s biggest weakness.

Shinobi Samurai Assassin The Shinobi’s severe nerf has caused it to fall to the bottom of this tier. Its only use now is in its ranged attacks, which are largely ineffective.

This hero may find play in higher tiers after the rework is released.


Superheroes who fill a specific niche. Use them if you’re looking for a certain combination of players on your team. They are not great for arranging dates on your own.

Hero Faction Varieties of Heroes Description
Tiandi Wu Lin Vanguard Tiandi is given a greater chance to survive thanks to its newfound health and protections. As an added bonus, it has smooth dodging animations that can be used to get out of sticky situations.

If you want to avoid unnecessary risk while still making a meaningful contribution to team fights, the Tiandi is a good choice.

Centurion Knight Hybrid It has reliable moves that can’t be countered by enemies if timed properly. All these things make the centurion a good unit with a relatively low skill ceiling.
Jormungandr Viking Heavy The Jormungandr has solid survivability. Its defensive capabilities are bolstered by its health, shield, and damage reduction bonuses.

Its offensive capabilities, however, are merely adequate. It’s enough to keep the peace in a fight, but it won’t necessarily win the day.


At this time, they are the worst heroes available. Use them if you’re looking for a test of your abilities or just want to show off to others.

Hero Faction Hero Archetypes Description
Peacekeeper Knight Assassin Unfortunately, Peacekeeper is essentially a glorified servant. There is nothing special about this hero. Although it helps in team damage, its poor defenses make it a liability.
Aramusha Samurai Hybrid Aramusha’s attacks are powerful. The problem is that it lacks moves that would allow it to set up those attacks.

Its animations are similarly sluggish and clumsy, as if it were walking through mud.

This stalwart individual once held a position of prominence. We need a major balance patch from the developers before Aramusha can be used again.

Bringing Some History to the Fantasy of For Honor


The common conception of a Viking is that of a shirtless, hulking brute armed to the teeth with an axe and a horned helmet. Despite what Hollywood, fantasy, and video games (including For Honor) force down people’s throats, this is completely false (except for the axes). The Vikings were a resourceful people who happened to be great at adventuring, raiding, and, ultimately, fighting. They are the least well-equipped of the three warrior groups because their heyday was between 800 and 1000 AD. A Viking’s standard equipment included an axe, spear, and a large round shield. They would probably use a lightly padded helmet or armor. Swords, chain mail, and massive helmets would be standard issue for the Viking upper class. Some may be armed with bows and arrows, knives, or even the dreaded Dane axe.

According to historical accounts, the Vikings were highly productive as warriors for their era, developing innovative strategies and tools. In contrast to the Samurai and the Knight, however, they are historically and technologically quite behind. Compared to the sophisticated plate armor of the knight or the intricate and protective suits of samurai armor, I seriously doubt that many of their arms or armor would be up to the task. Similarly, weapons like the longsword, poleax, and nodachi would make short work of their armor. Therefore, I must say that the Vikings have very little chance of winning this battle. It’s cool in theory, but you’ll probably get killed a lot if your weapons and armor are from 500 years ago. At the very least, the Vikings can take pride in the fact that their influence led to the development of the Normans, who in turn gave rise to Chevaliers, the original Knights.

Since the Vikings are obviously not a factor, the discussion narrows to the Knight vs. Samurai dichotomy. Let’s examine the Knight’s contributions to the table.


The Knight’s armor is the most important asset he brings to the fight. The quality is amazing. There is a common misconception that plate armor is cumbersome and difficult to maneuver. Wrong. Really wrong. Plate armor, with chainmail underneath, is about 65 pounds. Considering the tremendous safety it affords when spread out over the entire body, that’s not too bad. The plates are fitted to the man and articulated, so he has a lot of freedom of movement. A knight could sprint, crouch, climb, get back up, and even somersault if he needed to. Plate armor, once again, is not clumsy.

Let’s examine its benefits now that that’s out of the way. To put it plainly, the knight is almost completely protected from harm. Even without additional protection, a well-padded gambeson can deflect some arrows and spears. Underneath the knight’s articulated steel armor is a gambeson, which is covered in chainmail. Almost nothing can penetrate that. The steel plates are useless against slashing weapons, and even the sharpest and heaviest blades would have a hard time cutting through the gambeson and chainmail beneath. In order to kill each other, many knights relied on specialized weapons such as the mace, poleax, and warhammer. This is, in my opinion, the most crucial reason why the Knight can win (more on this below).

The main disadvantage of plate armor is the loss of visibility. Since many knights would be mounted, they would only need to look in front of them as they charged, lances blazing. However, in order to better see incoming attacks while engaged in foot combat, a knight may be required to remove his helmet. Many helmets included this feature, but it presented a minor vulnerability.

Checking out the arsenal. The longsword, poleax, and mace/flail were common weapons carried by knights. Others would have shields with them. Most of these weapons were created with one thing in mind: killing other knights in battle. One common misconception about these weapons is that they are cumbersome and difficult to use. It’s also not totally accurate. It’s true that weapons like the mace are bulky, but that’s because they’re designed to bash and crack through solid steel. On the other hand, it may come as a surprise to learn that weapons like the longsword are surprisingly light and agile weapons that can slash, stab, and bash. There were even variants that put more emphasis on one of the aforementioned methods of harm. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that, at 2.5–3.5 lbs and an average of around 48 inches in length, they are comparable to the katana used by Samurai in terms of perceived “lightness” and agility. This is a point worth remembering for the future.

In addition, Knights would begin training at a young age to become experts in a wide variety of weapons and fighting styles, such as grappling, wrestling, and unarmed combat. In the Middle Ages, knights served as the elite fighting force. The knight’s primary role was atop a charging horse, but they were also highly trained in the art of foot combat. While they are not portrayed as such in For Honor, it is impossible to ignore. A charging knight clad in steel armor would be difficult to dismount from a horse, and even if he did, the Knight would be just as effective with a sword, shield, mace, or poleax when fighting on foot.

So the Knight is a walking steel killing machine, and the Samurai have no chance against him.


Samurai are unrivaled when it comes to their proficiency with bladed weapons. It appears that the katana, nodachi, and possibly the naginata are their only weapons of choice. The bow and the kanabo club are two other options. Considering the scarcity of available natural mineral resources, the Japanese smiths’ ingenious design of these weapons is all the more impressive. However, contrary to popular belief, katanas are not unstoppable death machines that can slash through anything with a single blow. Like any sword, they are merely a blade attached to a handle. They are not magic, but their beauty and elegance in design cannot be denied. They were made to be the Samurai’s primary weapon, whether fighting against other Samurai or common soldiers. They have kept the same basic structure for centuries, so they must be doing something right.

A completely unbiased tier list : r/forhonor

In passing, I’d add that the katana and the longsword are, without a doubt, the two most well-known swords in the world. What they accomplish and who wielded them are very similar. The katana, in my opinion, is a much more standard weapon in that it always produces the same results. It is sharp, quick, and incredibly durable. The longsword is more versatile but just as lethal as shorter swords. Both are about the same size and weight (longswords tend to be longer) and serve the same cutting and stabbing purposes. When it comes to cutting, the longsword is unquestionably superior to the katana, while the katana has a slight advantage when stabbing. In terms of overall efficacy, they are on par with one another.

The form and function of samurai armor are works of art. It’s not as solid as a knight’s armor, but the extra space between the plates lets you move around the battlefield with ease. The Samurai wear cloth and silk garments underneath their armor, much like the Knight does, but without the chainmail. The trade-off for this increased mobility (and chic) is heightened susceptibility. Some Samurai armor has been found with dents from musket balls fired from the Portuguese Arquebus, proving that it can take a hit from any weapon used on Japanese battlefields. These battlesuits are nothing to scoff at. It can also be used for mounted archery when worn on a horse.

Who Would Win?

Now the only remaining question is who would emerge victorious. Well, after much thought, I’ve decided that the Knight is the winner. Both the Knight and the Samurai are formidable warriors, so it’s a tough choice. Both are highly skilled warriors with nearly identical swords and protective armor. But I’ll explain why I think the Knight is the better choice here.

The Knight’s armor is the primary differentiating feature. I just don’t see the Samurai being able to consistently breach the Knight’s plate armor. There are openings, but the katana, the Samurai’s primary weapon, is nearly useless because it cannot even cut through chainmail, much less steel plate. Samurai lack a reliable method of penetrating Knight armor, which has traditionally been breached by stabbing a hole in it or crushing through the plate. The bow and arrow was the Samurai’s most reliable piercing weapon, and they were experts at using it while mounted on their horses. The Samurai have never faced an opponent as heavily armored as a Knight, so they have never had to modify their weaponry to counter it.

However, the Samurai’s armor is so sturdy that the Knight would have a hard time harming him as well. The problem is that Knights have experience fighting other Knights. The Samurai’s armor wouldn’t be as effective as designed because their enemies would be equipped and trained to use weapons capable of penetrating it. Samurai armor is superior to that of the Knight in deflecting blows from katanas, nodachis, and naginatas, but it has weaker protection for the gaps. While the Samurai would be doomed by a well-placed longsword stab or crushing hack from a poleax in an unarmored location, a well-placed slash from a katana or naginata would likely leave the Knight unhappy and hurting, rather than cleaved and gushing blood, as is the purpose of the weapon.

Since neither warrior had ever met the other, it’s a bit of a silly question. I have no doubt that if hostilities broke out, both sides would quickly adjust their arsenals and defenses to counter the other. In their current forms, the Knight’s weapons have the upper hand, but after a long battle, many Samurai would likely modify their weapons in order to “crack open” the Knight, to use a phrase coined by Europeans centuries ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are action video games?

Video games classified as “action” are those in which the player carries out difficult actions, typically physical stunts. In these games, the player must react quickly to on-screen prompts and have excellent hand-eye coordination in order to succeed.

2. Why should I use For Honor tier list?

The For Honor tier list is a fantastic resource for learning about the game’s many heroes and their unique abilities. You’ll be able to win even when facing opponents using weaker heroes, and learning the optimal combos will make your attacks more effective overall.

3. How to use For Honor tier list?

You should begin using the For Honor character tier list by picking a hero from the top tier. Then, study their moveset and combos to improve the effectiveness of your attacks. You can get used to using this hero by playing online matches against computer-controlled opponents or another player.

4. Which For Honor tier list includes the best heroes?

Only heroes of the S rank or higher make it onto the list of the best in For Honor. It’s recommended that, when competing against other players online, you give these fighters a high priority.

5. Which For Honor tier list includes the worst heroes?

As far as For Honor goes, E-tier heroes are the worst of the best. When competing against other players online, you should avoid using these characters.

6. Who made this For the Honor tier list?

Multiple players worked together to compile this For Honor character tier list. It is the result of countless hours of study and practice, as well as hundreds of virtual duels with other players.

7. What is the purpose of this For Honor tier list?

The goal of this For Honor character tier list is to clearly demonstrate which heroes are the best and which are the worst. By learning the strengths and weaknesses of each hero, you can improve the effectiveness of your attacks in battle.

8. How often is this For Honor tier list updated?

This For Honor character tier list is regularly updated to take into account balance patches and other game-changing events. It should be noted, however, that as more people play and learn new strategies, the rankings may shift.

Final Words

If you want to get the most out of your For Honor experience, you should familiarize yourself with the game’s tier list, as is the case with any competitive game. Players can use this tier list to better understand how each character functions and which movesets they should prioritize in order to achieve victory against other players in competitive online play.

If you’re new to For Honor and want a quick reference guide for which movesets to prioritize learning or which ones might be considered weaker than others in combat, we hope this tier list helps you out.

This is also useful as a reference when testing out new heroes, as it will help you get acclimated to them faster and determine which combos to focus on first.