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How reliable is Green Man Gaming? Here you can read our comprehensive and unbiased assessment of Green Man Gaming (GMG).

Since Steam became the dominant gaming distribution platform, its competitors have been fighting over scraps. CD Projekt Red’s efforts to steer customers away through channels such as GoG.com, Humble Bundle, and even Discord make barely a dent in Valve’s seemingly unstoppable empire.

Even though these sites only command a small share of the digital distribution market and aren’t as influential as Steam, they shouldn’t be disregarded because they frequently entice players with lower prices on AAA titles.

Certain games, like CD Projekt Red’s Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, are available exclusively on GoG.com.

Humble Bundle, on the other hand, stands out because of its monthly subscription service that gives users access to a random collection of old and new games. The Steam strategy is the best.

Green Man Gaming has been the subject of much speculation recently, and we’re here to finally answer the question of whether or not this online casino is a genuine operation or just another elaborately crafted hoax.

While the internet is no longer as dangerous as it was a decade ago, consumers still need to exercise caution when making purchases from unfamiliar websites.

What Is Green Man Gaming?

Green Man Gaming, founded in 2009 and headquartered in the United Kingdom, is an online video game retailer that sells downloadable games for the PC, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation 4 in 195 countries and 16 different currencies. Green Man Gaming supports multiple language options for its written content by providing links in English, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Over seven thousand video games are available for purchase, with developers as diverse as small indie studios and multinational conglomerates like Nintendo and Sony.

All of Green Man Gaming’s game keys can be used on Steam, but the company also sells keys for games on other platforms, including those owned by publishers like Ubisoft. Green Man Gaming is equally accessible through both publishers and independent distributors.

In the beginning, Green Man Gaming provided a digital trade-in service, wherein used game keys were deactivated and resold as “pre-owned,” but were in fact identical to purchasing a new copy of the game.

In the past, it also sold consoles, controllers, and PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One video games in physical form.

Former Take-Two and Sony employees populate Green Man Gaming’s board of directors and executive team. In addition to its official partnerships with Nintendo and Sony Interactive Entertainment, it also has partnerships with other companies in the gaming industry.

The service has been self-publishing games for Windows and macOS since 2015, with the most recent being the open-world coastguard rescue simulation Stormworks: Build And Rescue.

Unauthorized Keys Controversy

In 2015, allegations emerged on Reddit (of all places) that Green Man Gaming was peddling pirated copies of game keys. It has been claimed that Green Man Gaming bought keys for their games from unofficial, possibly shady third-party distributors.

Major publishers such as Activision, CD Projekt Red, and Ubisoft all confirmed that Green Man Gaming is not an official distributor of their games.

The CEO of the platform, Paul Sulyok, quickly issued a statement to dispel the rumors after the controversy made headlines in the gaming press.

To satisfy customers’ needs on a game-by-game basis, Sulyok said, “We reiterate that we source our keys from a range of over 400 publishers, developers, and distributors.”

Let’s be clear: selling keys that have been sourced responsibly through authorized third parties with revenue going back to the publisher is different from being an authorized retailer for some titles. Unlocking indicates the key is genuine.

Human error can have an impact on the supply chain, so this isn’t an exact science. To give our customers the best service possible, we try to coordinate directly with publishers and distributors whenever possible.

In addition, Green Man Gaming has chosen to disclose where each game on the platform came from, whether directly from Green Man Gaming, an authorized third-party reseller, or directly from the publishers.

In sum, Green Man Gaming received unwelcome negative press because of angry users and overly cautious publishers who labeled the platform with derogatory epithets implying nonexistent shady actions.

The confusion caused by the controversy is the legacy that lives on today in the form of you reading this article, and it’s responsible for a lot of the negativity directed at Green Man Gaming.

Green Man Gaming: Where do they get their keys?

If the claims are true, we don’t know it yet. The articles, Reddit threads, and email screenshots that we used to compile our research were all publicly available. This entire section consists of inferences drawn from the available data and evidence. We suggest investigating this further if it piques your interest.

In 2015, Green Man Gaming only resold keys from publishers or authorized third parties who returned revenue to publishers, according to CEO Paul Sulyok.

Yet that was back in the day, and a lot has changed for Green Man Gaming in the meantime. Now, any doubts about the site’s legitimacy are dispelled by the bold banner “Official Retailer-Every Game Comes Directly from Publishers.”

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The veracity of Keys will be discussed below. Keys can be classified as either “white,” “black,” or “gray” depending on where they’re being used.

White market keys are those that can be traced back to the original publisher through official channels. Keys sold on the black market are frequently duplicates or stolen copies. The keys sold on the black market are frequently stolen or used in illegal ways. As soon as publishers become aware of them, they are deactivated.

As the name suggests, the Gray Market Keys are similarly cryptic. They might be real or they might not. It may be difficult to ascertain the key’s origin or verify its legitimacy for use in the given region.

Official statements for this purpose are extremely rare. Executives claim that more than 400 software makers, publishers, and retailers have legitimate keys available to meet consumer demand.

Is Green Man Gaming safe to buy from?

The risk of receiving a non-working code after buying a digital game is one of the most annoying things about buying video games online. As many websites offer game activation codes, this is a legitimate worry. If you’ve only ever shopped at the Origin or Steam stores, you might not know how to go about purchasing a game key.

A 15-character alphanumeric code used to activate a digital video game. New video game releases can be purchased at discounted prices if you look online. You may find out your money was lost after you have paid and received the key.

You can trust Green Man Gaming to deliver your game keys quickly and without any hassle, whether you’re looking to buy a new or used game. Sites like SCDKey and Kinguin raise questions about the legitimacy of the game keys they sell. However, all of the game keys sold by Green Man Gaming are 100% legit.

These keys are typically provided by the game’s publisher. Green Man Gaming likely received the keys for games like No Man’s Sky and Cuphead from the developers themselves. Hopefully this will give you peace of mind that the code won’t be used without your permission. When it comes to distribution, anyone other than the publisher has only Green man Gaming to turn to as their official representative.

When it comes to purchasing game keys, Green Man Gaming is the safest and most reliable option. Still, issues are possible. Green Man Gaming, like most other key sellers, has a finite supply. This means that by the time you go to buy a key, they may be hard to come by. In most cases, this problem can be fixed in a day or two.

During large-scale third-party game launches or releases, Green Man Gaming has been forced to make customers wait several days for a key to their game. There are a small number of such instances. It has happened recently with Star Wars Battlefront and Dark Souls 3. Although these keys were promised to those who preordered the games, they were not made available until a few days after the release of the titles.

Although Green Man Gaming is not as well-known as Kinguin or other game key sites, it is completely legitimate and secure.

What Deals Does Green Man Gaming Offer?

Throughout the year, Green Man Gaming hosts a number of sales. Price reductions start at 10% and go up to 75%. Much like other retailers, Green Man Gaming has a holiday season that lasts for a couple of months. Hundreds of games, including some that are several years old, are available at steep discounts during holiday sales across many platforms.

Their websites also feature coupon codes for even deeper markdowns. Don’t miss out on the best prices by not checking their website often. As a result of the 2018 holiday season, the total price was discounted by an additional 12%. Don’t miss out on these fantastic savings opportunities by waiting to use your coupons.

You won’t be sorry if you buy from Green Man Gaming, if their website appeals to you.

Not only do they have a partnership with Steam, Ubisoft, Sony, and many other publishers and developers, but they also use keys from a third party. The game you just purchased will work as advertised.

Prices aren’t the best when compared to Steam and other industry leaders, but they’re not the worst, either.

The fact that Green Man Gaming consistently provides sales on newer games is its best quality. Pre-ordering, on the other hand, is not a bad idea.

Legit or Not?

Briefly put, the answer is yes; Green Man Gaming is 100% legit. As secure as using Steam, the platform is a good place to buy games. The catalog may not yet have as many games as Valve’s, but it’s always growing and features a wide range of vibrant options.

The platform’s customer support is more effective than Steam’s by a wide margin, and the support team responds quickly to requests for help in the event of game key issues, which can arise due to the random nature of the service.

In addition, Green Man Gaming frequently offers games at significantly lower prices than competing platforms. You can save some money by pre-ordering upcoming games instead of buying them at full price.

The handy “Lucky Dip” service is another perk provided by Green Man Gaming. If you pay 99 pence (or the equivalent in your currency), you can pick a game at random from a list of 45 games. Similar to “a Kinder Surprise egg; you don’t know what you’ll get inside until you buy it!” the platform is described as a “surprise” upon purchase.

Similar to Steam’s annual sales, Green Man Gaming has seasonal sales that offer even deeper discounts.


Is green man gaming a scam?

No. It’s not a hoax to play at Green Man Gaming. It’s a legit marketplace for trading video games that helps players find deals on video games. Various retailers and resellers around the world sell digital game codes, vouchers, and other payment methods to gamers. Players can purchase games they’re interested in from the market using credits earned through transactions.

What are the advantages of using green man gaming?

Green Man Gaming’s excellent support staff is one of the service’s many benefits. Each inquiry will receive a response within 24 hours, and the company is available at all times. You won’t find customer service like that anywhere else, and it will give you peace of mind when shopping for video games and accessories from that store.

What are the downsides to playing at green man gaming?

Green Man Gaming isn’t without its drawbacks, so be aware of them before you start playing. Users are restricted to playing only the games available on this platform. Green Man Gaming does not provide any first-person shooter games. For those who prefer first-person shooters, this could be a dealbreaker.

How do I register for an account with green man gaming?

The registration process at Green Man Gaming is quick and straightforward.

  • You’ll need to sign up with your email address and a password first.
  • After that, you’ll be asked for some personal details like your birthday, home address, contact number, and payment details. Your email address may also require verification.
  • Please complete the registration process by entering the captcha.

Is it worth buying from GMG?

Authorization is one thing. However, a shop needs to provide more to keep customers coming back. Consider using a service like Steam or Epic Games Store to acquire your games digitally.

Green Man Gaming is a legit shop, so their prices on full games are usually on par with Steam. As they are not bound by the same sales restrictions as Steam, using their promo codes and deals is well worth your time.

A game that is normally sold at full price on Steam may be discounted by as much as fifty percent (or more) if you purchase it from Green Man Gaming (GMG).

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Steam has implemented country-specific pricing. Depending on your location, Steam could offer cheaper prices than GMG. You can also use Steam.

The XP loyalty program that Green Man Gaming provides is just one more reason to shop there. Gaining experience through playing GMG games allows you to advance to new account levels. As you progress, you unlock more benefits like increased savings and free content.

Conclusion: Is green man gaming legit?

Thanks to this article, you should be able to evaluate Green Man Gaming’s legitimacy with more certainty. You can feel secure making a purchase from Green Man Gaming, but it’s important to remember that they aren’t the only legitimate option for buying video games online. Don’t shop there if you haven’t heard about the fraud.

When compared to Steam, Green Man Gaming’s customer service is a clear winner. In the event that you have any problems with your game key, the dedicated support team is here to help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Use the comments section to ask any questions that you may have. Please forward this on to anyone you think could benefit from it.