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As long as you can maintain your computer working properly, PC cooling can increase the life of your system.

The majority of computer casings have a number of inbuilt fans that run on their own when purchasing or assembling a PC. PC fan controllers provide you complete control over how your fans operate.

Here are some of the top PC fan controllers that will help you keep your computer cool.

Kingwin Fan Controller 4 Channel W/ LED

  • ABS Plastic is the material of choice.
  • 3-Pin Connector
  • There are four channels in total.
  • 8 Watts of channel wattage
  • Form Factor: 3.5-inch Single Bay

In terms of low cost and performance, the Kingwin FPX-001 is a great choice for controlling fans. For four fans, there are speed control knobs on this device. This controller only accepts 3-pin fan connections, which is a pity.

LED lights that indicate whether or not the fans are running are a pleasant, but totally unnecessary, quality-of-life element on the plus side of things.

Corsair ICUE Commander PRO

  • Using plastic
  • A 3-Pin and 4-Pin Connector
  • In total, there are 6 channels
  • Power Consumption Per Channel: 12 W
  • Surface Adhesion: Flat and thin, with an adhesive backing

When it comes to PC case fan controllers, the Corsair Commander Pro doesn’t look like much, but it packs a powerful punch in terms of functionality and customizability. You can fully manage and regulate your case fans with Corsair Link software. However, we choose to use a strong, feature-rich program instead of a real display.

Additionally, this controller can accommodate up to six fans and two RGB channels as well as four temperature inputs. This fan controller is the best in terms of connectivity.

Even better, it comes with a few extras, such as four thermal sensors and more. Both 3- and 4-pin fans can be used with the connectors.

NZXT SENTRY LX Aluminum Dual Bay Fan Controller

  • Composition: Aluminum.
  • 3-Pin Connector
  • The number of channels: 5
  • 8 Watts of channel wattage
  • Dual 5.25-inch bay form factor

An RGB led display is included with the NZXT Sentry LX, a two bay fan controller with increased capacity from NZXT. When it comes to changing the fan speed, there are both automated and manual options.

As an added bonus, it contains a temperature alert that will sound if the temperature rises above a preset threshold. Even when the controller is turned off, the fan and calendar settings are saved. The biggest drawback is that only 3-pin connectors are supported.

But there’s a catch: it requires two 5.25″ bays. Disk drives are less helpful than ever before, so this might not seem like a huge concern at first. The difficulty, of course, is precisely this. Many cases no longer feature 5.25″ bays, and those that do rarely go to great lengths to include two of them. This is due to the fact that they are less useful.

Thermaltake Commander FT Touch Screen 5 Channel Fan Controller

  • Steel and plastic.
  • 3-pin and 4-pin connectors are available.
  • The number of channels: 5
  • Input power: 10 watts.
  • Single-Bay 5.25-inch Form Factor

For those in need of options, the Thermaltake Commander FT’s 5.5-inch touchscreen gives enough.

Using the Thermaltake Commander FT case fan controller, you have the option of running the fan in auto, manual, or silent mode. It can control up to five fans at the same time using 3-pin and 4-pin connectors.

NZXT GRID+ V2 Digital Fan Controller

  • Using plastic
  • Connectors: 3-Pin or 4-Pin
  • In total, there are 6 channels
  • 5 Watts of channel power
  • The body shape is slim.

The NZXT Grid+ V2 is another plain-looking fan controller that makes use of CAM software to regulate and modulate fans finely. It has the ability to manage up to six 3-pin or 4-pin fans at the same time. To speed things up, the software comes with pre-configured fan profiles.

Those wanting for precise control over their fans, but who aren’t too bothered with touchscreens or digital displays, will find this fan controller ideal.

Corsair Commander Pro

When it comes to quality PC components, Corsair’s fan controllers are no exception. The Corsair Commander Pro, their top-of-the-line fan controller, is undoubtedly one of the most potent cooling devices on the market.

This controller is a big hit with the HGG staff. Because of its near-perfect control of six PWM-enabled case fans and internal RGBs, we don’t shout its praises. The Commander Pro’s best feature is its four repositionable temperature sensors, which let you keep tabs on the temperature of your PC’s internal components in real time. Use the iCUE program to manually modify fan speeds, or create custom profiles that automatically alter fan speeds!

ARCTIC Case Fan Hub

ARCTIC’s fan controller is a good option if you’re on a budget. The ARCTIC provides a solid foundation for your PC fans, despite its basic functioning and lack of additional features offered in more expensive models. For the most part, this is due to the PWM support and external power supply (which plugs into your current PS via SATA) providing synchronized, steady cooling under severe loads.

NZXT RGB & Fan Controller

Up to three 4-pin case fans and up to 80 RGB LEDs are supported with the NZXT RGB & Fan Controller. With the NZXT CAM app, you can easily modify your rig’s internal temperature and lighting effects, and the independent 10W channels provide consistent airflow no matter what you’re playing. You’ll never have to worry about performance drops again.

What about the din? During the final loop, you can listen for footsteps using the controller’s built-in noise detection module, which automatically lowers the RPMs.

Its sole flaw is that it can only support a maximum of three fans. You could buy a splitter, but that’s a lot of effort, and all of those fans would function at the same settings if you did that. Nonetheless, if you simply need a few case fans, you can’t go wrong with this NZXT model.

Kingwin Performance 4

The Kingwin Performance 4 is one of our favorite fan controllers. Turn dial controls on this 4-channel controller allow you to regulate individual fan settings and monitor interior temperatures. Overheating alarms will alert you if your chassis becomes too hot during a game!

Kingwin is great for gamers and techies who want to fine-tune control and precise information about the general health of their system.

What you gain in terms of performance, you lose in terms of physical space. One of your precious chassis slots will have to be sacrificed for the Kingwin Performance 4, which demands a 5.25′′ drive bay. However, when you consider how this device contributes to the overall safety of your vehicle, it’s a tiny price to pay!

Cooler Master MASTERFAN Hub

As a company that started out as a case cooling firm, Cooler Master continues to create great products in the category. The Cooler Master MASTERFAN Hub is here for you. Big things come in little packages, as demonstrated by this 3-by-4-inch gizmo.

The MASTERFAN Hub comes with six 4-pin fan connectors for manual and PWM-enabled case fans as a starting point for the system. It also has six RGB headers that may be used to create stunning lighting effects in your gaming environment. In terms of installation, the built-in magnet attaches to your PC case with a simple snap, and the space-saving design allows you to lock in any place you want to be.

The MASTERFAN Hub is also powered by SATA, which means it doesn’t rely on your motherboard’s power source to give a constant output.

The ARGB connectors on this gadget are quite small, which is the main drawback. They’re compatible with Cooler Master’s connectors, but if your third-party connector has any extra plastic around it, you’ll have to push your wires in.


What Is The Point Of A Fan Controller?

Internal or external fan controllers allow you to monitor and manage your PC’s temperature. If you have a fan controller, you can usually alter the fan speeds using software or an LCD screen that comes with it.

Do You Need A Fan Controller For Fans?

A PC fan controller isn’t necessary, but it does make it easy to keep tabs on how well your PC is cooling. Fan controllers let you adjust the speed and direction of your fans while also providing a visual representation of the temperature in your room.

Do I Need A PWM Fan Controller?

For case fans, you don’t need a PWM, but it’s a matter of personal preference. Only 4-pin fans can use PWM, which has additional features. Before purchasing a fan controller that supports PWM, make sure your fans are working properly.

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