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Over the past four years, Dead By Daylight has become a standard in the streaming community because it makes video games that gamers desire to play, but also watch other gamers play. The game’s premise is simple enough. The game’s murderer must be avoided and five generators must be turned off in order for the players to escape. The killer has to eliminate the survivors before they can flee.

Last Year: The Nightmare

Based on the most common horror movie tropes, this multiplayer game is a blast to play. The valedictorian, the animal-loving dork, the smart leader, and the violent jock join forces with the valedictorian’s prom queen and the valedictorian’s prom queen to defeat the evil that afflicts their high school. For good measure, Halloween is just around the corner.

Last Year’s one-vs-many dynamics will be recognizable to Dead By Daylight players. It’s up to one player to assume the role of a killer and choose from one of three gruesome murders. Their bloody killer can be thwarted if the other players who take on the roles of their students work together to attain the aims.


Abducted and confined to an isolated area, six people are forced to obey the odd psychopath who has placed them there. The mutant virus has infected two of them. When the lights go out, they morph into a hideous monster with a taste for human flesh; however, when the lights come back on, they revert to their human selves. Those who are not affected must work together to destroy the secret offenders and escape from prison before the infected bite their faces to death.

In this list, Deceit stands out because of its brilliant usage and application of social deductions. When you’re a mutant, you have to be able to fool the uninfected into thinking you’re one of them while avoiding scrutiny and the fear of gunshots.

Identity V

Coraline meets Dead by Daylight in this free Android or iOS horror game. An officer from the local law enforcement is hired by James Reichenbach to seek for the decaying mansion in which his daughter was last seen, and he has a past that has been spotted and acute amnesia.

There are four-on-one matches where you play as either the hunter or the survivor, and you must work together to escape from the dungeon. In a similar vein to Dead by Daylight, the survivors find that the road to atonement isn’t as straightforward as they’d hoped. Survivors must be able to secure cipher towers dispersed over the map in order to escape the hunter’s trap. Once all the cipher towers have been decoded, the portal will be unlocked, forcing the team to flee quickly before they are arrested.

The dark, desaturated colors and the scary, button-eyed character provide Identity V an unsettling atmosphere which is a perfect match for the tense gameplay. The clever use of audio signals enhances the immersion and keeps you engaged.

Secret Neighbor

An unnerving mood is created by the game’s gloomy, desaturated colors and the frightening, button-eyed protagonist in Identity V. As a result of creative utilization of auditory signals, immersion is enhanced and your attention is kept focused.

They must break into their creepy neighbor’s house in order to rescue him from his basement in the game Secret Neighbor. They must find six keys spread about the house in order to get access to his basement. In sharp contrast to the game’s whimsical and vibrant appearance, it’s a scary premise that’s much more horrifying.

In an unexpected (but not surprising) turn of events, the group member has been revealed to be none other than the neighbor. Neighbor may transform into any of the youngsters in the rescue group, username and all, according to some esoteric power. Using this skill correctly, the neighbor can inflict havoc, causing the group to divide and allowing him to abduct the children one by one.


It’s up to four players in this gothic local multiplayer dungeon crawler to hold on to their humanity and defeat the final foe. During the game, one player assumes the role of a hero while the other three players assume the role of ghosts. Unintentionally generated dungeons are loaded with strange creatures and perilous traps, and the hero must overcome them to get to the exit. It’s possible that a ghost will kill the hero and then transform his body into an unidentifiable ghost in order to steal his soul. A new hero is born from the corpse of the murderer.

Our brave dungeon delver can’t be immediately harmed by ghosts because they don’t have physical bodies. In the dungeon, however, they can be inhabited by monsters, traps, and even objects that have been placed there. A protagonist can be burned or dismembered in gruesome and inventive ways by allowing the spirits to do so.

In Depth, a four-person asymmetrical multiplayer game, players control a robot diver as it attempts to collect treasure at the ocean’s bottom, while two sharks controlled by the player seek to obstruct the diver.

Because sharks are inherently stronger and more adept at swimming underwater, it’s more fun to be the villain in this film than it was in Dead by Daylight.

Using sonar pulses and scent capabilities, they may sneak across the surroundings and find their prey before charging in for the kill with speed.

Secret Neighbor

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch are all supported platforms.

When a group of kids infiltrates their neighbor’s house to prove that they’ve been holding other children as prisoners, it’s called Secret Neighbor.

There are a slew of keys hidden around their neighbor’s house that they need to find in order to get into the basement, where the kids are being held.

An unexpected twist occurs when the neighborhood kid pretends to be a neighbor in order to prevent the gang from reaching the basement either by causing chaos or by killing off each player in turn.

Light Bearers

Windows is the operating system of choice.

A free-to-play horror game that shows adorable bears being followed by the awful shadow monster is our next recommendation for Dead by Daylight enthusiasts.

When the portal is opened, the Light Bears can use statues and other artifacts spread about the map to hide from Shadow until they can get out.

Some unexpected twist: Those infected with sickness can return in case any Light Bears reach the gateway, which is quite a remarkable development.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Based on the popular Predators film series, Predator: Hunting Grounds is an asymmetrical online multiplayer video game. A formidable alien hunter is being pursued by a select group of warriors.

At the same time, each of the four players assumes the position of an insurgent hunter who is being pursued by an extremely dangerous creature in a lonely woodland.

Predators are equipped with cutting-edge weapons and equipment that allow them to blend into their surroundings, travel great distances, and take out anything in their path.

White Noise 2

Although White Noise 2 is slower than Dead by Daylight when it comes to playing an asymmetrical multiplayer experience, it nevertheless provides the same level of horror as its predecessor.

For the monster’s only weakness to be light, you’ll need a flashlight and a supply of incense and batteries to keep you going in the dark.

In order to make life difficult for survivors, the person in charge of the monster could have unique skills allocated to each of the eight enemy classes.

Dread Hunger

Dread Hunger, which takes set on a ship in the frigid Canadian Arctic, is another game for social deduction that divides your crew into harmless people and terrible monsters.

In the game, you and your teammates are attempting to conquer the wilderness by remaining warm, battling off wolves, and foraging for food, all the while your team members are working against you.

There are a few ways traitors can use to their advantage, such as building a barrier between the players or laying traps, but they also have the ability to kill their victims.


Windows is the operating system of choice.

You can play Phasmophobia with as many people as you like in a cooperative survival game that takes place in a variety of environments.

Coordination and communication are essential to the game’s progression and everyone’s safety because each participant can only carry so much.

Phasmophobia prevents you from controlling the monster, but you can still help your team by impeding their methods.


Windows is the operating system of choice.

In Devour, four players work together to stop a malevolent character known as Anna before she sends them to hell in a survival game.

Players must escape and hide while searching every Map for hidden doors and other important resources like fuel, a fire pit and goats that can be sacrificed to cleanse Anna’s spirit.

However, you cannot play as a monster in this game. In addition to the challenging Nightmare mode, it has an in-game voice chat system and a server browser.


A cooperative horror shooter, GTFO pits you against a swarm of terrifying monsters in a large research facility full of four other inmates.

Together, you’ll plan your escape using just your brains and a few random weapons and gadgets that are dispersed across randomly created stages.

Along the road, you’ll come across a wide array of terrifying animals, each with their own unique traits and skills, necessitating the use of various tactics to overcome them.

Hunt: Showdown

Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

The final game we recommend for Dead by Daylight gamers is Hunt: Showdown, a first-person shooter in which you assume the role of a bounty hunter and compete against other players.

You’ll be traveling in a trio across a muddy Louisiana Bayou with a slew of grotesque residents in a group of three.

Prior to eradicating these monsters from the ground and handing up your loot, the goal is to acquire experience points and rewards on your own character.

Killing Floor 2

Because you can team up with your pals to take down waves of opponents in Killing Floor 2, this FPS is a good fit for this list. Loot is also available for you to take home. You don’t have to have played the first game to enjoy this sequel, which is based on the same events.

The Evil Within

To survive in the world, you need to decide which battles to fight and when to flee, trying to find supplies all the way. As opposed to DBD and many other games on this list, there are multiple different enemies in The Evil Within.

Dead Space

To survive in the world, you need to decide which battles to fight and when to flee, trying to find supplies all the way. As opposed to DBD and many other games on this list, there are multiple different enemies in The Evil Within.


To survive in the world, you need to pick which battles to engage and when to leave, trying to find supplies all the way. This is a far cry from DBD and many of the other games on this list, which all have a single enemy.


This book was written and published by 2K. It’s a lot like DBD in that there are four Hunters and one Monster in Evolve. The goal here, unlike in DBD, is to kill the opponent before it has a chance to grow into a formidable foe.

Emily Wants To Play

As a pizza delivery person entering a disorganized home, your task in Emily Wants To Play is to sort out the mess. The door is shut behind you, and you must spend the night learning about each horrifying doll from 11 pm to 6 am.


Are you able to get Dead by Daylight for free?

This is the 22nd downloadable content pack for the critically acclaimed online slasher. With pals, it’s a lot of fun and pretty imaginative, and now you can get the base game for free on Epic Games Store!

What is your loudest person who was the dead of night?

“Distortion,” on the other hand, allows Jeff to avoid leaving any marks on the Killer’s aura. Jeff can only see the auras of other Survivors who helped him during the game through “Aftercare,” and it doesn’t give him any other advantages. However, Jeff is the most audible musician on the Dead by Daylight soundtrack.

How many murderers are dead by daytime?

The vile creatures have the tools needed to ensure that their victims are actually dead in the early morning hours. There are currently 26 murderers to pick from, each offering something unique to the table.


The heinous monsters possess the necessary equipment to ensure that their victims are dead by the time the sun rises in the morning. Right now there are 26 different assassins to choose from, all of whom bring something different to the table.

Survival horror games like Outlast and Hello Neighbor are included in this list, which includes both hyper-realistic and cartoon-style titles. Furthermore, this article demonstrates that the video game genre is full of high-quality titles.

In light of this news, more games like Dead by Daylight based on other horror movie titles are in the works. As a survival horror film, Predator: Hunting Grounds is a great example of how a film can be transformed into one. For example, the horror game based on Jurassic Park would be ideal.

The genre is set to grow with new, original intellectual property (IP). For those who enjoy horror and survival stories, there is a lot to look forward to.