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The most popular Dishonored-like games, as well as the platforms they may be played on, and gameplay options, will be the emphasis of this article.

2012 saw the release of the first Dishonored game; the second, Dishonored 2, and an expansion, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, all followed. Originally set in plague-ravaged Dunwall, the game lets players take control of Corvo, a former bodyguard who becomes an assassin after being convicted for the murder of Dunwall’s Empress.

Shadow Warrior 2

In Shadow Warrior 2, you’ll find a wide variety of weaponry, as well as obscene humor and FPS elements. Lo Wang’s efforts to save the world have resulted in a mission that has yet to be completed. BFGs are now a must for the corporate shogun, who must face a bewildering array of humans and demons. Stealth is a strong suit for Wang, who is adept at operating in the shadows and is extremely agile. Combating the unsuspecting foes in this area is a bloody yet rewarding endeavor. SW2’s excellent loot system provides a wide range of weapon customization options, and its procedurally generated designs will keep players coming back for more.

Styx Master of Shadows

A stealth RPG developed by Cyanide Studios, Styx Master of Shadows was released in 2014. You play as Styx, a roughly two-hundred-year-old goblin in the game. He intends to discover the origins of your identity. During your journey, you’ll learn new skills and gather the most scrumptious items you can find. However, the most essential aspect of the game’s stealth is its use of shadows. Players can become the ultimate goblin if they master the game’s lighting and movement systems. Styx offers a wide range of puzzle-solving options with a focus on creativity and a high degree of replayability.


Thief is another video game that utilizes an impressive lighting scheme. When it comes to crime, Garrett is unrivaled. Learning the ins and outs of the game with Erin is how it all begins. After a horrific tragedy, Erin goes missing, and your duty is to find her. As you travel, you’ll learn the city’s secrets. In some cases, you’ll be graded on your ability to avoid detection and the amount of loot you snatch. Despite Thief’s lack of polish, the game makes fantastic use of stealth elements by promoting the use of shadows. Additionally, Garret’s swooping ability is a fascinating way to move around the city.

Quantum Break

In Quantum Break, gamers will be able to experience live-action narrative in a virtual world. People are afflicted with chronon radiation after an unsuccessful attempt to construct a time machine concept. One is on a quest for greatest power, while the other is compelled by his own will to stand in his way. A third-person shooting game with a variety of secrets and plot twists to be discovered, the game also has a third-person shooting system. Quantum Break is an exciting game for gamers searching for something different, thanks to its innovative mix of live-action cutscenes and gameplay, as well as its intriguing sci-fi storyline.

Sword with Sauce

In Sword with Sauce, a stealthy action game, the visuals and gameplay are both shockingly simple and tremendously fluid. You’ll have plenty of time to improve your gaming and have a good time because there’s no plot to tell. The high-resolution surroundings and low-resolution opponents create a zen-like atmosphere as you move through the game’s levels. A deployable black hole is one of the most interesting things ever seen in a video game. There are six weapons and several gadgets accessible. It’s up to you whether you like a gun-spinning type of play or a full-on ninja-style snooping strategy to win.

Dying Light

As a member of the Global Relief Effort sent to the city of Harran, you play Kyle Crane, a member of the Global Response Team, who is tasked with rescuing survivors from a zombie outbreak. In addition to defending your city, the goal is also to retrieve stolen papers from your workplace and to avoid the leak of this critical data. Dying Light is a first-person shooter that utilizes a free-running system that allows the player to feel like they have complete control over their movement. Having to deal with more difficult foes at night and less difficult foes during the day adds variety and excitement to the game. The game’s RPG-like gameplay is enhanced by the game’s extensive skill trees, which allow for a wide range of playstyles. Fans of zombie games are sure to enjoy Dying Light, which was praised by gaming critics and is a horror and espionage thriller at the same time.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

You take in the role of Sekiro, a samurai warrior who was maimed while defending his Kensei. Set out to find your master across feudal Japan with a prosthetic arm that has a wide range of purposes and functions. When using Sekiro’s armed grappling hook, players have more freedom of movement than in previous FromSoft games. Although Sekiro’s combat is expected to be exceedingly difficult, the game’s ability to resurrect players after they die makes it unique. Sekiro is eagerly awaited by the Souls fanbase. It will go live on the 22nd of March in the year of our Lord, 2019.


First-person combat and Arkane Studios’ distinctive visual style make Prey a unique action-stealth game. Morgan Yu, a human being stationed on Talos 1, is the protagonist of the game. The space station Talos 1 is overrun by a species of aliens known as Typhon, which are hostile to humanity.

To destroy the Typhon, you must overcome the challenges you face by gathering the resources and weaponry you need. There are many secrets to be discovered and a distinct atmosphere to enjoy on board.

Metro Exodus

Because the Metro games have gotten better with each new release, Metro Exodus is the most anticipated release to date. Apart from the improved visuals, this game also features bigger sandboxes to explore as well as a more focused narrative and more streamlined gameplay.

Because the Metro games have gotten better with each new release, Metro Exodus is the most anticipated release to date. Apart from the improved visuals, this game also features bigger sandboxes to explore as well as a more focused narrative and more streamlined gameplay.

Because the Metro games have gotten better with each new release, Metro Exodus is the most anticipated release to date. Apart from the improved visuals, this game also features bigger sandboxes to explore as well as a more focused narrative and more streamlined gameplay.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Because the Metro games have gotten better with each new release, Metro Exodus is the most anticipated release to date. Apart from the improved visuals, this game also features bigger sandboxes to explore as well as a more focused narrative and more streamlined gameplay.

It’s clear that the Metro games have become better with each successive release, which is why Metro Exodus is the most anticipated release to date. New features in this game include larger playareas, tighter storyline focus, and a more fluid gameplay experience aside from the enhanced graphics.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

At 12 years old, this is the best-looking iteration of the action RPG genre, and it’s telling a new story set in Ancient Greece that breathes new life into the brand. Both male and female characters are available to play through the game.

Additionally, it intends to do more than last year’s Origins to blur the barriers between reality and power fantasy. For example, changes in stealth and fighting have allowed gamers to experiment with their own style of gameplay.

Far Cry 5

A thrilling first-person adventure awaits players in an open world overflowing with fascinating people and the opportunity to unleash mayhem. In Far Cry 5, you play as the sheriff’s character as a blank slate instead of the protagonist’s name, unlike its predecessors.

Each of the four leaders has their own objectives and personalities, and the story revolves around battling the deadly foursome. For the most part, the game focuses on events that are not scripted and can be encountered anywhere in the open world.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Blending aspects from first-person shooters, role-playing games, and classic stealth games is a hallmark of the Deus Ex series. The fourth game in the series, Mankind Divided, has a more condensed plot but retains the series’ hallmark excellent gameplay.

Playing as Adam Jensen, a sunglasses-wearing, tough-talking figure from a 2000s videogame cover, is the primary mode of gameplay in the game. Jensen is a double agent for the hacking collective Juggernaut Collective, which is out to expose an evil organization two years after Human Revolution takes place. Dishonored-like sandbox environments and difficulties that can be resolved in a variety of ways are present in this game. Players are encouraged to experiment with various tactics in order to determine which ones produce the best results.


One of the first Tenchu games provides the inspiration for Aragami, an action-stealth mix. In this game, you play as Aragami, a shadow assassin with special abilities that allow him to traverse through shadows, build unseen paths, and summon shadow monsters.

The game is broken up into 13 chapters, each of which introduces new foes and difficulties as the player progresses through the game. Complete stealth or eliminating all foes are only two of the many options for completing each level.


Second in this list, SOMA has a unique way of making players afraid that sets it apart from the rest. Similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the game was developed by Frictional Games (the makers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent).

You take on the role of Simon Jarrett, a computer-generated clone who is mysteriously transported to a research facility on the ocean floor. As the plot twists and turns, it becomes one of the best science fiction video game stories ever made.

Dying Light

Dying Light 2 is slated to arrive within the next year, but fans of Dishonored may want to check out the original game to get a taste of what to expect. Due to its excellent gameplay, it is the perfect match for Arkane’s games. Free-running mechanics and close-range combat are also introduced.

Techland, the studio behind Call of Juarez and Dead Island, is behind this one. In this game, you play as Kyle Crane, an undercover agent sent to a quarantined city in the Middle East on a mission. Zombie populations can be found all over the world, and while they are generally dormant during the day, they become more active at night.

As a fan of Dishonored’s rooftop flashing, you’ll be blown away by Crane’s grappling hook’s versatility. The melee weapons in Dying Light are also more diverse, including numerous knives, machetes, and even a replica of Excalibur’s famous blades.


Action-adventure game Aragami uses stealth as its main gameplay mechanics. Playing as an Aragami Assassin with immense strength, players can use supernatural skills to achieve their goals in this ninja-inspired game that is accessible on all major platforms.

One of Yamiko’s creations, a powerful light-wielding weapon that was seized from Kaiho. They control over the realm in which this game is played by the Nisshoku who are thought to be beings who are part of the shadow’s power. Yamiko and her Shadow Empress have been trapped in Nisshoku’s main temple, which has been guarded by the strength of light, and the Aragami players must use their shadow power to free them.

Those summoned from the darkness have one night to fulfill this mission before the light touches them and suffocates them forever. To finish your quest, you’ll need to locate and acquire six talismans that will unlock the prison where Yamiko is now living, which are scattered throughout the region. To learn more about the game’s story, players discover unusual memories in their collection that revolve around five primary characters.

If summoned from the shadows, players have only one night to fulfill this duty before the light touches them and suffocates them forever. If you want to complete your mission, you’ll need to find and obtain six talismans that will unlock the prison where Yamiko is now imprisoned. Each talisman reveals more about the tale of the game as players discover unusual memories in their collections that revolve around five key characters.

As players search for scrolls in the game’s universe, additional mechanics are gradually revealed, and they all use the same energy system in the majority of cases. You can get all your powers unlocked in the shortest time possible by using these scrolls, but you must replay levels to find them all, therefore players should choose between lethal and non-fatal game styles before placing their first scroll points.

Additionally, you have the ability to generate a degeneration, assault invisibility or blindness, and use a variety of shadow strikes to take out adversaries at every level. Swordsmen, archers, and even more powerful foes who necessitate a variety of strategies can all be defeated using a mix of the talents outlined above.


Are there games similar to Dishonored?

In terms of visuals, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is hands-down the best. In addition to giving new life to the 12-year-old series, it tells an original tale set in Ancient Greece. Like Dishonored, the game offers both male and female characters to the player.

What kind of game is Dishonored?

Gameplay. Dishonored is a first-person action-adventure video game that places a heavy emphasis on stealth and the use of weapons and the environment to destroy your foes.


Action-adventure titles are certain to provide the best entertainment. You will also be able to beat your adversaries undetected by utilizing your sneaky tactics. Absolutely, with a fascinating characters and a captivating story, you should take a look at these games if you’re looking for an amazing gaming experience, like Dishonored.