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Since Pokemon: Sword and Shield is no longer being updated, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top games that are similar to Pokemon to tide you over till the next iteration.

Since its inception in 1996, the Pokemon series has maintained a consistent structure that includes catching, fighting, and growing over 800 different species.

When it comes to gameplay, Pokemon: Red and Blue hasn’t changed much since its original release. Players choose their starter Pokemon, set off on an adventure, and fight an evil organization.

We’ve compiled a list of the top video games that are, in some way, similar to Pokemon.

Whenever feasible, we’ve included a playable demo, as well as information about the game’s creator, publisher, and platform support.

Fae Tactics

Endlessfluff Games is the studio behind the title.

Humble Bundle is the publisher.

PC and Nintendo Switch are both supported.

Fae Tactics review | PC Gamer

This RPG has certain resemblances to the well-known Nintendo series, Fae Tactics. As Peony, a young magician, explores a colorful 3D pixel world, she meets new friends and faces off against new foes.

Like Pokemon, combat is turn-based and sees you summoning party members to fight on your behalf. Peony can cast several spells to sway the odds in your favor along as calling allies.

The abilities of your party can be tailored to your satisfaction as you progress through the game. Despite the fact that there aren’t as many allies as in Pokemon, the pixel art in Fae Tactics shines through each one.

Nexomon: Extinction


Vewo Interactive and PQube Limited

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Upon first glance, Nexomon: Extinction appears to be just another Pokemon rip-off. Although we can’t pinpoint the specific reason, it has a strong “predatory mobile game” vibe to it.

A full-on turn-based RPG that borrows from Pokemon while adding some fantastic new elements such as a mini-game whenever you try to get close enough to one of over 300 distinct “Nexomon” is on the market, and it’s worth the wait to get it, download it, and start playing.

When a creature is exposed to specific items, it can evolve into a more powerful version of itself. In Nexomon: Extinction, visiting new biomes is less of a responsibility and more of a real adventure because of the depth of detail in the world design.

Monster Crown

Applicant’s Name: Studio Aurum

Soedesco is the publisher.

PC, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, and Mac are all supported.

It is in the same class as Nexomon but is more concerned on recreating the Game Boy-era Pokemon experience. The sprites and animations are what you’d expect from a current “retro” game, and they’re excellent.

A lot like going back to your old Pokemon haunts, but with far more sinister themes. Trying to stop a bad person, you’re battling monsters, but you’ll have to convince them to join your team if you want them to help you.

In addition, there are a plethora of well-designed sidequests and optional monster breeding that tackles all of Pokemon’s system flaws. Instead of digging through your Game Boy’s drawers in search of an old school Pokemon game, try Monster Crown.

Monster Hunter Stories

Capcom and Marvelous are the developers.

Developed by Capcom

Nintendo 3DS and Android are supported.

A turn-based fighting system and the opportunity to befriend monsters and hatch new ones by stealing their eggs make Monster Hunter Stories radically distinct from the main series MH games.

As you try to stop a strange black blight from devastating the earth, you can name, ride, and teach your monsters to become even more powerful.

It’s hard to miss the game’s Rock-Paper-Scissors fighting system, in which attacks are divided into three types based on their respective attributes: power, speed, and technique.

Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Hammer, and Hunting Horn are all weapons from previous Monster Hunter games that can be used to fight with your monsters.


Applicant’s Name: Chumbosoft

Chumbosoft is the publisher.

PC and Macintosh

When it comes to monster slaying, Heartbeat is a top-down RPG that does things in a unique way. Eve Staccato, a “Conjurer” who hails from a small mountain community, is the protagonist of the RPG Maker-based game.

Violence and strife have plagued Eve’s world for years, as humans and creatures known as Mogwai have been unable to coexist. The Mogwai and humanity’s futures are in her hands as she embarks on a life-altering trip.

You’ll need roughly 20 hours to finish the story, and there are multiple ways to conclude it. Heartbeat’s Mogwai are shown as more ominous and threatening than Pokemon’s “Saturday morning cartoon” style.

Yo-Kai Watch 3

Level-5 is the company in charge of programming.

Publishers include Level 5, Nintendo

Nintendo 3DS is the system used.

Aside from never matching Pokémon’s popularity, Yo-Kai games have always stood out for their joyful tone and offbeat sense of humor. In the extremely underestimated JRPG series, Yo-Kai Watch 3 is the most recent installment.

Nathan and Hailey’s stories are connected in this sequel. While Nathan’s family has relocated to St. Peanutsburg in upstate New York, self-described geek Hailey now lives in Springdale.

Because both protagonists can view, befriend, and summon mystical creatures known as Yo-Kai through their special watches, the vast distance between them becomes an important plot point.

Persona 5

Atlus is the company behind the game.

Japanese video game publisher Atlus, and German video game publisher Deep Silver

PlayStation 4

Tải Persona 5 - Game nhập vai phong cách anime

Persona 5 puts you in the shoes of “Joker,” a rebellious high school student who is having a difficult time adjusting to his new school in Tokyo. Strange and spooky things begin to happen soon after he arrives.

As the only one capable of fending off these dangers, Joker must assemble a team of allies while while juggling the demands of high school and dungeon exploration.

When it comes to scheduling, you have a lot of freedom and flexibility. To keep Joker busy on any given day, he has a wide range of options, from practicing with his allies to working a part-time job after school.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

square enix is the company in charge of this

Japanese video game publisher, Square Enix

The following are the available platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and a 3DS

The long-running JRPG series has a new installment in Dragon Quest XI. A young man discovers he is the reincarnation of an ancient hero in this video game.

When the hero decides to trek into the unknown to learn more about his past, he gathers a band of intrepid explorers to accompany him on his quest. Easy to learn yet hard to master gameplay concepts are the foundation of the game’s turn-based combat system.

About 100 hours of gameplay is required to complete the main storyline, as well as numerous sidequests and minigames. Anyone who’s spent hundreds of hours trying to fill their Pokedex should be able to enjoy this as a walk in the park.


ClanSphere is the developer.

ClanSphere is the publisher of this work

PC is the system I use.

PokéOne is one of the best free-to-play Pokémon MMOs on the market today. Even though the game is still in open beta, it now has every move, ability, and gameplay mechanic from Red and Blue to Sun and Moon.

The game’s most intriguing feature is that it may be played in 2D or 3D, depending on the player’s preferences.. To me, this hits a wonderful middle ground between the older, more vengeful Pokemon games and the more modern, 3D-based incantations.

Microtransactions in the form of cosmetics will be required, although they’re quite easy to avoid. Try PokéOne to get a new take on the classic Pokémon experience with a new appearance and multiplayer features.


Created by: Crema

Humble Bundle is the publisher.

PC is the system I use.

MMORPG Temtem is inspired by Game Freak’s gotta-catch-em-all simulator and is a monster-collecting MMORPG. Catch and fight to your heart’s content to become the ultimate Temtem “Tamer” in the game.

Temtem live in harmony with humans on the six floating islands that make up the Airborne Archipelago of Temtem. The wild Temtem, on the other hand, can be captured and tamed to serve your purposes.

Online multiplayer is where Temtem really shines, providing a totally connected environment where players can battle, trade, and socialize in real-time. The single-player campaign follows the Pokemon structure quite closely (you have to face eight Dojo leaders).

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Unlike Pokémon, South Park: The Stick of Truth chronicles Cartman and his pals’ experiences through the perspective of a custom character. A turn-based battle system pits you against other local kids in an RPG-like medieval setting. Each character has a unique collection of abilities and movesets, including fart assaults, eye pokes, dirty-nail scraping, and more.

The “confused” mechanic in Pokémon is one example of a poison or a buff mechanic in these games, which can cause your opponent to vomit and skip a round by peeing on them. Additionally, there is a ‘Chinpokomon’ side quest where you must collect plushies from all across the world.

Monster Hunter: World

This is a darker spin on the monster-hunting theme, but it still includes all the basics. Monster Hunter: World, Capcom’s latest entry in the series, places players in the huge “New World,” which is full of vicious monsters. Hunting or killing these animals and gathering information or materials for weapon improvements are the main objectives of the storyline, which follows the traditional structure of the franchise.

There are no character qualities or talents in this game, and the player’s abilities are solely based on the weapon they are holding. An addicting gameplay awaits you in this game, where you can collect a wide variety of weapons, face new creatures in epic-scale fights, and gain tons of loot. Palicoes, which are adorable companions/pets, are also included in the game. As if Pikachu were a passenger on your back.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

During the 90s, the Digimon vs. Pokémon rivalry was one of the most memorable to watch. A win for Monster Hunter: World may have been sweet revenge for the franchise, but the digital monsters were never fully defeated. It’s up to the player to decide whether they want to play detective or hacker as they try to solve some of the world’s most sinister digital secrets.

As with Pokémon, you get to choose your initial companion at the beginning of the game. You can choose between Palmon, Terriermon, or Hagurumon. Digimon from a large ocean of 249 can be collected, reared, and evolved to create better results in turn-based combat as you explore new locations. Additionally, there is a new “Game Plus” option that let you to relive the whole adventure with all of your loot and Digimon intact.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher combines the themes of Pokémon and Animal Crossing in the colourful setting of the “Far, Far Range.” With the help of our trusty vacpack (vacuum), Beatrix LeBeau and I set out on a mission to find and collect all the adorable slime blobs bouncing around in the universe.

Slime blobs can be dropped onto ranches to collect materials for the farm. In the game Slime Rancher, a screenshot appears.

These animals can then be plopped into your ranch and fed and cared for to their full potential… In-game cash known as “plorts” is utilized to purchase equipment upgrades. If you raise the slimes correctly, they will either evolve and produce better droppings, or they will turn on you and attack.

Nexomon: Extinction

With its stamina concept, Nexomon manages to avoid being just another cheap knockoff of the popular video game franchise’s most successful iteration, Pokémon. The mechanism encourages players to switch up their playstyles rather than relying on a single strategy. The usage of Pokéballs to capture and tame the 381 Nexomon from nine elemental types is reminiscent to Pokémon.

Nexomon: Extinction- Siêu phẩm thể loại bắt quái vật được game thủ săn đón nhất vào đầu tháng 10.

Instead of a ball, you’ll find a prism that, ironically, has the same red and white color scheme as the previous example. It’s also worth noting that the majority of monsters in this game seem like 2D budget furry art you’d find on websites like DeviantArt. The game succeeds in its intended role as satire.

Monster Sanctuary

Although it began as a Kickstarter project, this 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania has come a long way since then. As a Monster Keeper, you take on the role of exploring a variety of environments, including snowy forests, hidden caves, lava-encrusted passageways, and the bottom of the ocean.

Monster Sanctuary features a special attack menu just for you and your monsters. (Screenshot)

In order to customize their team, players can hatch eggs, gather and train monsters, and participate in combat. There’s also a leveling system that allows you to customize your assaults by unlocking new abilities for each of your beasts as you level up. You can also engage in online PvP battles with your friends or other online gamers. Be like The Witcher 3 and Pokémon with this game.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima

It was developed by Square Enix

Final Fantasy’s world bears a striking resemblance to the Pokemon RPGs of old. You’ll be following the adventures of amnesic twins Lann and Reynn as they try to piece together their lost past. It is revealed to them that they are Mirage Keepers in the kingdom of Gymoire, and they are greeted by a mystery woman. The twins may acquire and train Mirage creatures, which are similar to Pokemon.

Lilikins, the people who live in the country, are the reason why everyone here appears like a chibi version of their Final Fantasy counterpart. To aid in the fight against the Bahamutian Army, the twins travel to Gymoire through a portal. Other Final Fantasy characters from various sides meet them on their quest. Maxima, the latest addition to the World of Final Fantasy series, was launched last year. More Mirages and familiar Final Fantasy characters, such as Noctis, Lightening, and Yuna, can be encountered in the enhanced version.

Yokai Watch 3

Developer: Level-5

Until Yokai Watch 4 arrives on the Nintendo Switch later this year, fans may enjoy the latest entry in this long-running series, Yokai Watch 3, which is a must-have if you’re looking for a game that’s akin to the Pokemon RPGs. Fairies and bunnies, as well as cute cat-like creatures, are all Yo-kai.

Throughout the game, you transition between playing as Nate in the new settlement of St. Peanutsburg and Hailey, a Yo-kai detective in Springdale. More than 600 different Yo-Kai may be found in the third game in the series, featuring wacky Americana-themed spirits like cowboys and cheeseburgers. After a combat, you can choose to become friends with Yo-kai instead of capturing them. Similar to how you train and evolve your Pokemon, you do the same with the Yo-Kai; the only difference being that you use its grid-based battle system instead of move orders.

Digimon World: Next Order

BB Studio is the company in charge of the project.

You can’t go wrong with any Digimon game because players have been comparing it to Pokemon for as long as they’ve existed. If you like raising Pokemon, Digimon World: Next Order is a wonderful choice because it places more emphasis on raising and training Digimon. There are many parallels between Next Order and Digital Monster, the Tamagotchi-like pet that inspired the Digimon franchise.

You can only evolve and train a maximum of two Digimon at a time in this open world game. Eevee and Pikachu were interactive in Pokemon: Let’s Go; now, you can do the same with your Digimon friends by feeding and praising them, as well as giving them various presents, just like you did in Pokemon: Let’s Go. Your Digimon’s powers will be developed and their levels will rise as you battle other Digimon owners throughout the world, allowing you to digivolve them. Rather than a turn-based battle system, Next Order introduces real-time combat.

Slime Rancher

Monomi Park is the developer.

You still have to catch ’em all in Slime Rancher, but it’s a little more… well, slimy. Beatrix LeBeau is a rancher who uses a vacpack to explore the area. The goal is to suck up as many cute slimes as you can find bouncing over the earth. When the happy blobs are in your ranch, you feed them until they start dropping plorts, the game’s cash, which you can then use to buy things. There are a wide variety of slimes, and each one has a unique Plorts value.

Slime Rancher | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store

A pink slime, for example, will evolve into a distinct slime if it eats the plort of a different slime. Think of it this way: Exposing, say, a Pokemon to an evolution stone works in a similar way. It’s possible to construct your own unique slimes and find a wide variety of distinct variations by playing with plorts and slimes. As a precaution, be aware that some slimes will attack you and that overproducing slimes will result in an adorable death trap of your own making. Slime Rancher 2 will be released in 2022, which is great news.

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!

Developer: h.a.n.d

Chocobo and his companion Cid are treasure hunters that venture through dungeons to aid the town of Lostime in the latest installment of the Mystery Dungeon series. Everyone in town has forgotten their names because of the Bell of Oblivion, which causes individuals to lose their memories every time it rings. You’re tasked with helping the adorable Final Fantasy bird and his pal reclaim their lost memories and recollections. It’s impossible to predict what traps or difficulties await you in the dungeons, which are randomly constructed. Similar to Pokemon RPGs, the dungeons and battles are similar. The buddy system allows you to make friends with numerous monsters as you travel through the dungeons. With their support, you’ll go through some difficult dungeon fights. There have been numerous Pokemon games in this long-running series, with the most recent being Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS in 2016.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Developer: h.a.n.d

While Digimon World: Next Order was included in our list, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth stands out because of its uniqueness. For the first time in the series, instead of being confined to just two Digimon to raise, you have an infinite number to train and fight with throughout the course of the story.

Sleuth’s turn-based approach is similar to Pokemon’s fighting technique, thus there’s no real-time combat here either. Cyber Sleuth takes place in EDEN, a digital cyberspace mostly used by hackers, as opposed to Next Order’s open-world setting. With the help of the digital community, you get the power to tame Digimon, which you may then use in battle against other players. However, when a virus spreads throughout EDEN, everything changes. Like Pokemon, you begin with one of three beginning Digimon, and you can also capture other Digimon as you travel through the digital world to uncover the virus’s origins.


Nexomon: Extinction

Vewo Interactive is the company behind this game.

However, Nexomon: Extinction has a unique stamina system that sets it apart from the rest of the Pokemon games. You’ll need to rotate your parties frequently to keep your monsters from getting too tired. However, it is a Pokemon clone from head to toe, and proudly displays that fact. Even if you’re not a fan of the Nintendo Switch, this is an excellent game to check out – especially if you’re not a Pokemon fan.


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