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As a fan of Overcooked, or perhaps just a casual party game, you’ve found the proper location to get your fix.

Here, we’ll list the top games like Overcooked, including both multiplayer and co-op games, so that you may play them with your friends.

These games range from a starship management simulation to a furniture movement game to a house renovation project with buddies.

There will be more games like Overcooked added to this list in the future, so be sure to come back often and let us know if we’ve forgotten about any of your favorites.

Tools Up

Tools Up, like Overlooked, encourages you to help around the house. In contrast, unlike the champion, you don’t need to cook or assemble components. With the help of a group of friends, you will be able to renovate multiple apartments at the same time. Laying tiles, painting walls, arranging furniture, and dusting various fixtures are all part of the work description. However, you must finish these tasks within a predetermined amount of time.

Tools Up!

You can gain points by participating in a variety of mini-activities, which you can then use to purchase boosters. This game has a lot in common with Overcooked in terms of completing tasks within a set amount of time.

Space Food Truck

It also involves cooking, sourcing unusual food ingredients, as well as creating new dishes for customers. But in this case, you’ll have to make meals for the visitors. Overcooked’s kitchen is nothing like this one. Despite the fact that the game appears to be entirely artificial, it is a lot of fun to play. Culinary in space is more of a sci-fi cooking sim for you and three of your friends.

To succeed, each member of the squad must play a certain role. One needs to arrange ingredients while another cooks, and the other cleans up. You’ll be able to choose from four classes, each with a different difficulty level. There will be a variety of tasks to overcome in each lesson, all relating to food truck cooking. In order to satisfy the desires of diverse aliens, you must keep in mind their favorite cuisines and cravings.


Catastronauts used a similar concept to Overcooked, which kept you occupied by having you arrange the ingredients and tools one by one. However, in order to defeat the invading enemies, you will want the assistance of an additional three players. Make sure your team members are assigned assignments that are suited to their abilities. Otherwise, they may be unable to complete their assignment before the deadline date. The goal of the game is to defeat all of the invading enemies while avoiding being assaulted by them.

To get points, each participant must accomplish a particular set of objectives. Bonus points will also be awarded if you complete your work ahead of schedule. Along the route, be sure to gather as many machines, tools, and weapons as you can. Every weapon on your ship, from guns to fire extinguishers, will be useful if you are attacked by the enemy.

Cook, Serve, Delicious

It’s time for you to get over Overcooked and play Cook, Serve, Delicious instead. Cookery and serving abilities are put to the test in this multiplayer cooking game. Because it has more realistic graphics than Overcooked, it’s the perfect stand-in. You’ll be tasked with coordinating the efforts of your teammates as they go out to gather various components for a certain cuisine. This game relies heavily on your instructions. The meal you’re planning to prepare can be ruined by a single blunder.

The goal is to provide your consumers with a diverse selection of food options from your menu. These foods, like Overcooked, take little time to prepare. Is it possible that you may fail in your efforts to please your customers? Alternatively, will you receive a generous tip for a beautiful dinner and utilize the money to enhance your cooking tools? Cook, Serve, Delicious lets you play with your pals in cooperative campaigns and in local multiplayer. Cook, Serve, Delicious is a must-have for fans of Overcooked.

Moving Out

Do you want to urinate? The answer is not what you are expecting. FART stands for Furniture Arrangement and Relocation Technician in the Moving Out process. If you’re going from one house to another, you’ll need the help of your pals to get everything moved. Moving Out transforms you into a master packer and mover, whilst Overcooked makes you feel like a great chef. You can give your team members specific responsibilities like organizing packing materials, loading a truck carefully, and unloading everything at the new residence.

Playing this game will keep you entertained for a long time due to the large number of puzzles, activities, and boosters available. The team members’ conversations are amusing. Some of the loading and unloading routines may have you in fits of laughter.

Castle Crashers

Those who have played Castle Crashers know how nasty it is. In addition to capturing castles, you’ll have to deal with a variety of foes. Do you think this game is similar to the Overcooked game? You’re not the only one in this situation. As in Overcooked, you’ll be tasked with coordinating the actions of four additional players, each of whom must be given specific instructions on how to loot and kill your adversaries.

Castle Crashers has a vast variety of weaponry that must be upgraded once each level is finished. When it comes to complexity, you can also select from one of four different classes. Each level gives the leader a special ability that can be used in combat. While preparing for battle, make sure that everyone else on your team has finished their work. If you don’t, you may not be able to win the war and seize control of the castle.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

You have to wash the pots and pans, chop ingredients, prepare the food, and serve it up in style to cook. Restaurant performances are rarely one-man affairs. In the same way, a starship requires four players to operate. Throughout Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, your crew of four must work together to keep your spaceship safe. Even firing cannons may be necessary in order to keep your adversary at bay in this battle.

Đánh Giá Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime: Nhân Danh Tình Yêu Và Công Lý Hiệp Sĩ Bão Táp

Points are awarded for killing more foes. In order to enhance your powers and weapons, the more points you accumulate, the faster you may do so. As a bonus, these points can be used to add additional shields to your starship. Keep the spacecraft intact and defeat the enemy by working as a team.

Move or Die

There are multiple tasks that you and your buddies must complete to win in this action-puzzle game. As a result, winning is a necessity. Failure to do so may result in your demise. If one of your friends were to die, you would be heartbroken. Next levels will be harder because of this. This game, like Overcooked, emphasizes the importance of teamwork.

Each player must select a different difficulty level based on their own abilities. In the course of the game, you’ll come across numerous enticing traps that might end your life in an instant. These traps can be dangerous for your pals, so make sure you tell them not to fall into them.

Pummel Party

Strategy is the key to victory in Pummel Party. 4 players can play at once online. The only goal of this game is to discover your opponent’s weaknesses and use clever technologies to defeat him. However, there are a number of obstacles to overcome before you can get your hands on the gadgets. Multiple puzzles and mini-activities must be completed, as well as boosters for your weapons must be found. After each new level, the obstacles and difficulties become more difficult.

Friendship is a two-way street, and you should always maintain tabs on their progress. To win, you need to solve the puzzles and find bonus boosters before the other players. Make rapid work of the simpler puzzles so that you have more time to contemplate the more challenging ones. When you win a booster, be sure to invest in new technology.

Storage Inc II

Again, like Overcooked, Storage Inc II is a cooperative game in which you and your teammates coordinate the delivery of various commodities. In this warehouse, everyone is on equal footing. There is no one in charge. It’s not enough to work as a team when it comes to keeping track of what’s in the warehouse.

The warehouse is divided into several sections, each with a different degree of difficulty. You and your teammates are responsible for identifying and categorizing the incoming items. You’ll lose points if you put them in the wrong position. Before determining where to put something, take your time and look it over thoroughly. You can prevent a serious mistake by alerting a coworker who is ready to store something incorrectly.

Potion Party

platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One / Wii U

A fun couch co-op twist on the Overcooked genre, Potion Party allows you and up to three pals run your very own alchemy business.

To make money, you and your coworkers will produce and synthesize magical medicines from a variety of exotic ingredients.

As you accumulate gold, you’ll be able to unlock additional characters with unique abilities that help your shop make more money, as well as new furnishings that keep things looking fresh while also providing passive benefits.

There are also jelly monsters and thieves to watch out for, as well as numerous single-player, co-op, and versus game types.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One / Wii U

You’ll be traveling across the United States to compete in a food truck tournament in this popular cooking game series, Cook, Serve, Delicious.

With the help of two charming robot crewmates, you’ll be able to produce hundreds of various cuisine items along the route.

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to customize your food truck with new expensive trinkets and game-changing enhancements.

Prepare, Cook, and Serve If you’re a lover of culinary games, Delicious 3 is a fantastic value at roughly $20 or less if you’re able to find it on sale.


Nintendo Switch as a gaming console

Overcooked can be played cooperatively, competitively, or a hybrid of the two, depending on how you and your friends approach the game.

Snipperclips, a puzzle game in which 2-4 players reshape their bodies to fulfill different objectives, is another multiplayer game that allows you to make things easier or more difficult for your companions.

This includes simple activities like moving an object from one side to the other, to more complex puzzles that require careful planning and accurate trimming.

As a follow-up to the initial release of the game, Nintendo has made available Snipperclips Plus, a free download that adds 30 new levels spread across two new settings, as well as a new multiplayer mode and other improvements.

Among Us

XBox One, Xbox One X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Among Us is an amazing Overcooked alternative with casual gameplay and plenty of opportunity to backstab your pals, sometimes literally, despite the fact that it features asymmetrical multiplayer.

In this game of social deduction, you and a group of astronauts must work together to figure out who is the real astronaut and who is the imposter.

As an Imposter, you are tasked with killing your fellow crew members before they can figure out who you are and damaging the ship to prevent them from winning.

To guarantee your safety, crew members are urged to report any dead bodies they find and convene emergency meetings once they have a suspect in mind.

Tools Up!

platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One / Wii U

After mastering the skill of co-cooking, it may be time to try your hand at something new, such as house improvement.

Players of Tools Up! must work together and manage their time well to complete repair jobs in dangerous, trap-filled apartments and houses.

With the help of each other, you’ll work together to do tasks like painting walls, laying tiles, rearranging furniture, and cleaning up after yourself.

It has a wide selection of playable characters, bright and cartoon-like graphics and quirky mechanics to keep you on your toes, like Overcooked.

Moving Out

platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One / Wii U

Cooperative party game Relocating Out, like Overcooked, focuses on moving customers’ personal items from their previous home to their new home, like Overcooked.

Your pals can help you succeed or fail horribly by working together to overcome new obstacles and mechanics in each level.

Moving Out review: "An exciting and genuinely funny co-op experience" | GamesRadar+

In order to safely and securely transfer large couches, televisions, beds, and other items, you’ll need to work as a team and coordinate your movements.

You can play as a variety of characters, and the game’s levels have a wide range of themes, from sheep-filled pastures to eerie mansions.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Macintosh are all supported.

Another game on our list is Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, which is a couch co-op space shooter.

There are several stations on the ship where you can steer the ship, fire cannons, turn on shields, and so on. You and a pal are assigned with this mission.

It’s up to you and your fellow players to communicate and decide who’s in charge of what because each player can only operate one station at once.

As a result, Lovers boasts an enthusiastic soundtrack that is accompanied by vibrant 2D graphics and a well-balanced gameplay loop.

Space Food Truck

Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Apple Macintosh

Space Food Truck is a cooperative card game that sees 1-4 players take on different jobs aboard the Galaxy Gourmet as they travel through a wide, randomly created galaxy.

As a result, you’ll need an abundance of ingredients in order to create a wide variety of mouthwatering recipes for your clients to choose from.

You and your team will have to deal with random events and tragedies in the form of unique cards from your characters’ decks, just like Overcooked.

A player can choose from four different classes of characters, each with a distinct role to fulfill, and four different difficulty settings to suit their preferences.


Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Macintosh

Using a switch feature, you and your colleagues can swap locations to overcome obstacles as you go through the puzzle-platformer Joggernauts.

In this game, each participant is given a color and is tasked with advancing to the front whenever an object of their color appears on the level.

In order to make it to the next color-coded obstacle without dying, you’ll need to coordinate with your colleagues on when and who should switch places.

Joggernauts has a broad variety of stages to play through, and it does an excellent job of experimenting with the switch concept as the tale progresses.


Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Macintosh are all supported.

Why not take Overcooked on the road? That is, on the railroad.

Cooperative multiplayer game Unrailed! lets you and your crew building railroad tracks over an infinite, randomly generated globe.

Random encounters with wildlife, adversaries, and other hazards will occur along the road, which could cause your train to derail and return you to the menu.

For example, if you and your comrades want to prepare for the upcoming battle, you can equip your locomotive with a powerful atomic engine and other advanced tools.

Human: Fall Flat

PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are all supported.

When playing Human: Fall Flat in co-op mode, you and your friends can talk things out as you coach each other through the game’s challenging levels.

When you and your teammates are uncoordinated, it’s one of those games that gets better as you go along, which makes for some hilarious moments as well as a headache or two.

In the end, your team’s perseverance pays off when they finally reach the conclusion of the level and celebrate together.

Since the game’s release, the developer has continued to introduce new free levels, character outfits, and other perks that keep players coming back.

Cake Bash

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Is it possible that instead of cooking the food, you would become the food yourself? When you play Cake Bash, you take on the role of a dessert and compete against other desserts in a variety of fun mini-games.

It’s impossible not to smile when playing this game since you get to take on the role of one of a variety of delectable cakes, donuts, pies, and other sweet pastries.

Cake Bash | 4 Player Party Game | Fight to become the tastiest cake!

In Cake Bash, there are a variety of settings to choose from, as well as a variety of mini-games with unique aims, such as roasting the perfect marshmallow or frosting a cake.

As a last note, it includes online multiplayer, which was not available in the original Overcooked but was added to Overcooked 2 in order to accommodate more players.

Pummel Party

Window-based PCs

While Pummel Party is sometimes referred to as “Mario Party on crack,” the game isn’t hesitant to take things in some dark ways.

During the game, players must traverse dangerous game boards, acquiring deadly weapons such as spike traps, bear talons and exploding barrels, as well as occasionally encountering a man-eating worm or two.

Every time a turn is completed, your team will be moved to a new mini-game, where they will face new challenges ripe for betrayal and destruction.

It’s easy to see how Pummel Party’s design was influenced by Nintendo’s party games, yet the action moves at such a rapid pace that it reminds me of Overcooked.

Gang Beasts

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Mac are all supported as operating systems.

Overcooked and Gang Beasts were made possible by Gang Beasts, a mayhem-fueled 3D fighting game.

It has a wide variety of characters, each with their own distinctive weapon, and a fighting system that relies heavily on sloppy controls and odd physics.

It’s an online beat ’em up where you and your pals may punch, kick, and launch each other across various stages in order to win.

Even if you’ve played Overcooked, you’ll find a good variation in stages to play through that are filled with dangerous traps and obstacles.

Surgeon Simulator 2

This is an arcade-style sim with numerous players stumbling through various chores, akin to the Overcooked games. Surgeon Simulator 2 puts lives at risk, whereas Team17’s partyer just results in hungry consumers. High stakes, coupled with precise controls and complicated surgical procedures, create a unique experience.

For the first time in the series’s history, gamers will be able to play cooperatively and immerse themselves in a story mode. Some of the cartoony images and animation are a little unsettling.

Death Squared

Death Squared is the outcome of reworking Overcooked’s cooperative, multitasking gameplay into a block-centric puzzler. Similar to previous game, this one features a variety of gadgets, electric currents, and lethal robot explosions that players must contend with.

As a result, players will either need a friend or be exceptionally adept at multitasking in order to perform the necessary actions and triggers simultaneously.

Conduct Together

One of the most exhilarating aspects of Overcooked is finishing tasks in record time. “Party Railroad” is a term used to describe this much more extreme title. Conduct Together! is a fast-paced arcade game that takes the duty of managing trains and adds a chaotic twist.

As several trains rumble along distinct routes, players will be compelled to switch between various areas of interest. The objective is to get all of the trains to their respective stations and pick up passengers while avoiding collisions and other mishaps.

Cake Mania

An Overcooked-style game list would be incomplete without a cooking game, especially one that has players scurrying to complete food orders like in Overcooked. That doesn’t imply that Cake Mania is any less exciting or challenging — in fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Cake Mania: Baker's Challenge ... (PS2) Gameplay - YouTube

Originally a Flash-based time management game, the series has since evolved into a mobile game, as well as a Wii and PS2 port. Even yet, it’s difficult to top the original’s charm, which manages to be both addictive and approachable at the same time.


“Overcooked in space” is a phrase that has been bandied about by those who’ve found it, and it’s accurate to some extent. However, Inertia Game Studios’ 2018 adventure shines like a star with its own distinct appeal. Instead of preparing meals, up to four players will take control of a spaceship and work together to maintain it operational and defend it from invading forces.

As in Team17’s game, this includes arming torpedoes, dodging solar flares, and extinguishing fires. In Catastronauts, dynamic landscapes and intense action around the players evoke the more chaotic Overcooked 2 experience.


Which one is the best Overcooked game?

In terms of local co-op games on the Switch, Overcooked 2 is a clear standout. For those searching for a new game to play with pals, go no further than this.

What kind of game is Overcooked?

This is an action video game.

Play an independent video game

A video game based on a simulation

playtime filler

Is moving out as fun as Overcooked?

What’s Happening? SMG Studio and Team 17 have created a fun physics-based moving sim called Moving Out. Similar to the Overcooked series, you must fulfill your chores in a variety of different settings and are then rated on your performance.