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It’s frustrating that many single-player games now demand a persistent internet connection. These are the top offline PC games currently available, and we’ve compiled a list of them for your perusal.

Finding out that your new favorite PC game needs an active internet connection to play is one of the most frustrating things about PC gaming today.

What about the best PC games that can be played without an internet connection? We’ve discussed the most visually impressive, graphically demanding, and low spec PC games for less powerful machines.

We’ve compiled a list of the top offline PC games, including our picks for the best offline action games and the best offline PC games available for free.

We plan to add more games to this collection in the future, so come back to see if your favorites made the cut, and be sure to let us know if we forgot any of your favorite PC games that can be played without an internet connection.

Subnautica: Below Zero

You’ve crashed your spaceship on an alien world that’s mostly water; now what? Enter Subnautica: Below Zero, the sequel to the critically acclaimed first-person survival crafting game.

When you resume control of your character, he or she has returned to the planet from the first game and discovered a new icy region on its surface.

To survive, you’ll need to find food, water, and materials to build shelter, submersibles, and weapons from the things lying around the world.

Below Zero’s structure is fairly open, like the original game’s, so players can decide for themselves what they want to accomplish, be it discovering the ocean’s depths, building bases, or simply progressing the story.

Subnautica: Below Zero

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

Disco Elysium, one of 2019’s best story-driven role-playing games, puts you in the role of a detective with amnesia who is trying to solve a murder.

While coping with your own insecurities, you’ll have many opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue with NPCs as you hunt for clues and potential leads.

At this point, the role-playing elements of the game become relevant, as they allow you to learn a wide variety of special abilities that can be used in a variety of ways.

The Final Cut edition’s new voice-acted performances and expanded questlines make it worth buying even if you’ve already enjoyed the game.


Supergiant Games is a well-respected indie studio that’s responsible for some of the best narrative-driven games of the past decade, such as the roguelike dungeon crawler Hades.

You take on the role of Hades’ son in this game, and your goal is to make your way to the heavens past the powerful gods who guard the entrances to Hades’ prison in the underworld.

The game’s main focus is on a hack-and-slash style of combat, with Zagreus using a variety of melee and ranged attacks to dispatch his enemies.

Hades succeeds in keeping things interesting despite the fact that the roguelike format isn’t well suited to good storytelling because both the world and dialogue change as you progress.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar’s Western-themed open world game, is so packed with things to do and see that it’s easy to lose sight of how well-crafted the story is.

You play as Arthur Morgan, who, like John Marston in the first Red Dead game, is a member of the violent Van der Linde gang.

You’ll have to make some tough choices for Arthur throughout the game, putting him in the line of fire of other gangs, the law, and even his own sense of right and wrong.

The game’s side activities include horseback riding, hunting exotic animals, getting into bar fights, and ending the day with a relaxing bubble bath before hitting the hay.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

A new story is told in Devil May Cry 5 from the perspectives of three different playable characters, five years after the events of DMC 4.

Dante returns with a vengeance, accompanied by the demon hunter Nero (who has a retractable arm) and the client V (who can call upon animal familiars to fight on his behalf).

In order to stop the Demon King Urizen from destroying the mortal realm, the trio embarks on a journey that spans the globe.

We advise getting the Special Edition because it adds so much new stuff, such as the playable character Vergil, the new game modes Bloody Palace and Legendary Dark Knight, and improved visual settings.

Doom Eternal

Corporal Flynn Taggart, aka Doom Slayer, takes you on an adventure through various hellish environments teeming with demons.

Doom Eternal builds upon the ‘push-forward combat’ introduced in Doom (2016), while also encouraging players to experiment with new strategies as they make their way through hellish arenas of combat.

Eternal’s environments are like massive jungle gyms that players can weave in and out of to avoid enemy fire while wreaking havoc with their arsenals of powerful weapons, making the level design one of the game’s strongest points.

The game’s traversal system has been expanded with the addition of a grappling hook tool, making movement smoother than ever before.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a fantastic action game that keeps the steep learning curve typical of FromSoftware games and tests players’ reflexes.

It puts you in the shoes of a Shinobi from the Sengoku period who is out for blood against the samurai who severed his arm and killed his lord.

Combat is not based on damaging health bars but rather on affecting an opponent’s stance and equilibrium with the help of tools and abilities tied to the protagonist’s prosthetic arm.

While it emphasizes stealth more than other Souls-like games (such as by providing a grappling hook for quick escapes), players with the skill to do so can still perform combos using Sekiro’s technical sword mechanics.

Monster Hunter: World

You can complete the story of Monster Hunter without ever having to worry about being kicked out of a session in the middle of a quest, despite the game’s reputation as a multiplayer-focused experience.

In Monster Hunter: World, you take on the role of a green hunter venturing into a world teeming with life, most notably a menagerie of massive dragons.

In keeping with previous installments, there is a vast arsenal of weapons to learn and perfect, as well as trees of upgradeable weapons, charms, and decorations to specialize your character’s play.

If you enjoy the gameplay in the main game, you can purchase the Iceborne expansion for even more content, including new monsters, a previously unexplored region, new weapons, armor, and more.

Slay the Spire

The next game we’ll look at is Slay the Spire, a 2D card-based roguelike in which players choose one of several characters, each of which has their own special set of starting conditions.

The player’s objective is to reach the top of a spire by navigating a series of floors filled with various hazards and potential payoffs.

You can rest and heal at campfires, buy and sell cards in shops, find new equipment in random loot chests, and unlock various bonuses in encounters based on your choices.

If you like offline deck-builders or strategy games in general, you might enjoy Slay the Spire and learning how to use each character effectively.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is the best choice if you want to play an offline space exploration game that is both immersive and story-driven.

You play a new employee at Outer Wilds Ventures, a space agency with limited knowledge of the galaxy and the mysterious disappearance of its ancestors.

Among the many science fiction cliches explored in the story is time travel, with your protagonist caught in an endless 22-minute loop.

It’s complemented by a challenging and intricate open world full of hand-crafted planets with interesting histories and unique dangers.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

Cook, Serve, Delicious is one of the most popular series in the genre, so if you like entertaining and addicting offline cooking games, you’ve probably tried it before.

In the third installment of CSD, players take their culinary prowess on the road as they compete across the United States to be named the best food truck.

You and your two affable robot crewmates will cook up hundreds of unique dishes as you progress through the game and unlock new features for your food truck.

On average, the game costs around twenty dollars, but if you catch it on sale, you can get it for even less than that. The game has over three hundred and eighty levels.

Civilization VI

It seems like the Sid Meier series has been around forever, but with each new installment, the developer manages to improve upon the formula in subtle ways that make the games more enjoyable overall.

Our focus here is on the most recent installment, Civilization VI, which introduces a new “religion” condition that allows you to win the game by converting the world to a single faith.

Civ 6 is a 4X strategy game, so it is based on turn-based decisions that have consequences for your civilization and its neighbors over hundreds of years, if not thousands.

The game, like its predecessors, can be played offline in competitive matches against formidable AI opponents, and its system requirements are low enough that just about any PC should be able to handle it.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

From acclaimed RPG developer Larian Studios comes Divinity: Original Sin 2, which has been praised for its compelling fantasy world and satisfying turn-based combat.

You can choose from six pre-made characters or make your own, and then set out into the open world of Rivellon, where you have complete freedom to explore and interact with the environment.

Along the way, you’ll grow close to the people you’re traveling with and establish interesting dynamics with them, both in and out of combat.

Divinity 2 stands out from the crowd of role-playing games in a number of ways, one of the most prominent being its emphasis on player creativity.

Dead Cells

A challenging roguelike with beautiful pixel art, Dead Cells is a run-based Metroidvania game with an emphasis on combat, exploration, and dungeon-crawling.

While exploring a vast maze full of traps and secret passages, you must collect resources to upgrade your equipment as you hunt down gigantic bosses and their minions.

You’ll get that risk-versus-reward itch scratched in classic roguelike fashion every time you die, as you’ll always be sent back to the beginning with a little more loot than you had before.

While the game’s combat is challenging and reminiscent of Souls, it is worth noting that it can be quite harsh at times.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto series, and especially Grand Theft Auto V and its online multiplayer component GTA Online, are household names among gamers at this point.

If you don’t feel like participating in street races and gunfights with other players, the single-player campaign is your best bet because it doesn’t require an internet connection.

Thanks to this, you can take your time exploring Los Santos and Blaine County, two of the most expansive and well-designed open worlds in the history of Rockstar games.

You can have a great time with this game regardless of whether you choose to devote all of your time to advancing the storylines of the three main characters, are completely obsessed with the side missions, or just cruise around the map wreaking havoc.

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is a fantastic role-playing game (RPG) in the fantasy genre that can be played entirely without an internet connection.

You play the role of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter from the powerful race of “Witchers,” on a mission to rescue his daughter from a cult that worships the supernatural.

Like Grand Theft Auto 5, the game boasts a massive open world teeming with interesting characters and carefully crafted encounters that can be a lot of fun to partake in on their own.

It’s the rare game where even after a hundred hours of play, there are still new weapons, enemies, and areas to explore.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim takes place 200 years after the events of Oblivion, and tasks the player with slaying Alduin the World-Eater, a fearsome dragon widely feared to usher in the end of the world.

The game’s visuals may be dated by today’s standards, but that’s something that can be easily fixed with a few add-ons for PC’s Skyrim.

Actually, there is a lot of player-created content that does more than just make Skyrim look prettier, such as new story/quest expansions, weapons and armor, and powers to wield against enemies.

Getting mods to function without an internet connection should be a breeze once you’ve downloaded and installed all the required files.

Elden Ring

  • The 24th of February, 2022, is the official release date.
  • Steam

Combat between players (PvP) has the potential to be a significant part of Elden Ring, if the player so chooses. Elden Ring offers both an online and offline mode, so those who would rather play the game without the PvP element or who are unable to access the internet at the moment can still enjoy FromSoftware’s masterpiece. Elden Ring has been met with nearly unanimous acclaim, with players praising the game’s combat, exploration, and replayability. Elden Ring is an absolutely massive action RPG that implements the Souls formula in a proper open-world setting.

Elden Ring, whether played online or offline, is a contender for the best games of the decade thanks to its wealth of bosses, lore, weapons, and breathtaking vistas.

Far Cry 6

  • Date of Publication: October 7, 2021
  • Ubisoft Retail Store

The latest installment in Ubisoft’s open-world first-person shooter franchise transports players to Yara, a Caribbean island ruled by Antón Castillo. The casting of Giancarlo Esposito as the dictator was a major selling point for Far Cry 6, and he does not disappoint. Far Cry 6 is more of the same, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the core gameplay loop is still engaging, and it continues the series’ long-standing tradition of delivering fantastic villains.

Playing Far Cry 6 with a friend requires an active internet connection, but it’s well worth it. The game can be played without an internet connection.


  • When: September 14, 2021 (Estimated)
  • Steam
  • Embraces the use of Denuvo

The first-person shooter by Arkane Studios is great on PC and PS5. Colt, the protagonist of Deathloop, is an assassin who is contracted to kill eight people at a social gathering. This is not an easy mission, but it must be completed by the end of the day. Colt, the hired gun, is given the opportunity to perfect his plan by experiencing the same day over and over again.

Deathloop is one of the best video games of 2021 because of its entertaining abilities, satisfying gameplay, and well-realized central concept. One player can take on the role of Juliana, the hunted, in an online game; in an offline game, however, AI will control Juliana.

Tales Of Arise

  • Publication Date: September 9, 2021
  • Steam

For the most part, JRPGs offer (prolonged) single-player experiences, making them a safe bet for those seeking offline games for PC. Bandai Namco’s Tales of Arise is the most recent installment in the real-time action role-playing game series, and it’s also one of the best.

Tales of Arise is a narratively ambitious and dark RPG, especially in its first few hours, with memorable characters, a good progression system, and fantastic fast-paced combat. The visuals in this JRPG are pleasing, though they don’t quite match the standard set by Final Fantasy.

God Of War

  • The 14th of January, 2022 is the date of public release.
  • Steam

In January of 2022, Santa Monica ported their PS4 exclusive God of War to PC. As a “soft reboot,” this installment drastically changes the franchise’s canon by placing Kratos in an entirely new mythology and implementing a new fighting style.

God of War is a third-person action game with a strong narrative focus, telling the story of Kratos and his son Atreus as they travel to scatter the remains of Kratos’s wife and his mother. God of War is a single-player experience that makes excellent use of its focus by providing a wealth of content and a slick presentation despite the absence of multiplayer modes.

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist Of The Mysterious Dream

  • Date of Publication: 2-24-2022
  • Steam

Despite being released on the same day as Elden Ring, Gust’s JRPG sequel Atelier Sophie 2 is a competent entry in the series. This 2022 entry is arguably the most complete in the Atelier franchise, delivering elements typical of the genre while also choosing to slow things down by focusing on alchemy.

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream is a treat of a game thanks to its fun turn-based combat, charming characters, high quality production, and engaging story that develops nicely. While the Atelier Sophie series as a whole remains quite specialized, this installment is easily the most approachable of the bunch, even for those who skipped the original (also excellent) game.

NieR: Automata

  • March 17th, 2017 – Date of Publication
  • Steam

The awesome NieR: Automata is the sequel to the specialized spin-off series Drakengard. NieR: Automata delivers an ambitious storyline that pits androids against alien robots and can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of the series.

Given that Yoko Taro directed the game, expect some unexpected twists and deep philosophical considerations. PlatinumGames’ NieR: Automata features hack-and-slash gameplay reminiscent of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising, with more robust role-playing elements supporting the action.

Psychonauts 2

  • When: August 24, 2021 (estimated)
  • Steam

Nearly two decades have passed, but now Double Fine and Raz are back with another mind-bending experience. In Psychonauts 2, Raz enters the minds of several of the original Psychonauts, all of whom are struggling with some form of mental illness, such as depression or a fractured psyche.

Psychonauts 2 is a masterpiece of ingenuity and game design, featuring incredibly inventive levels, a heartfelt and humorous story, and satisfying gameplay. Raz can also use a wide variety of Psi-Powers, each of which can be put to use in unique ways during battle.

Monster Hunter Rise

  • Due out on January 12th, 2022.
  • Steam
  • Incorporates Denuvo Technology

The popular action series from developer Capcom has been on an impressive streak as of late. Though it was originally only available for the Nintendo Switch, the PC port of Monster Hunter Rise is excellent, and the game is distinct enough from Monster Hunter World to stand out.

When it comes to Monster Hunter, players can expect a lot of multiplayer action if they so choose. Monster Hunter Rise supports lone hunters as well as parties. The game can be enjoyed without an internet connection, and players can tackle any quest, including Hub Quests that were made with groups in mind.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

  • Date of Publication: September 21, 2021
  • Awesome Shop

While Ember Lab’s Kena: Bridge of Spirits initially lacked PC support for offline play, the company later patched in the ability to play without an internet connection. Kena, an exquisite adventure game about a spirit guide investigating a corrupted forest and the Rot she collects along the way, is a rare example of a modern AA title. Kena borrows ideas from a variety of other adventure games, including Tomb Raider, and uses them to create a formulaic but enjoyable adventure that doesn’t linger too long.

If you’re in need of a game to keep you occupied over the course of a long weekend, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an excellent option. It looks great, handles smoothly, and exudes an appropriate amount of charisma.


  • Launch Date: June 15th, 2021
  • Steam

After a successful early access period, the full version of the role-playing game Wildermyth was released in 2021. Wildermyth, an RPG that pays homage to Dungeons & Dragons, does a fantastic job of mimicking the feel of traditional pen-and-paper tabletop RPGs. The dynamic and malleable campaign is full of excellent writing that gives each character a sense of individuality rather than a set of stereotypes.

Wildermyth’s tactical combat deftly balances familiarity and innovation; while battles can appear simplistic at first, the game reveals hidden depth as the campaign progresses. Although Wildermyth can be played with more than two players, it is primarily designed to be played solo.

The Forgotten City

  • Due out on July 28, 2021
  • Steam

The Forgotten City is a Roman-themed game that began as a mod for Skyrim but has since evolved into its own product. The Forgotten City’s painstaking recreation of era-appropriate architecture transports players immediately to a quaint but captivating world where crime has been (apparently) eradicated thanks to the threat of judgmental golden statues.

The Forgotten City eliminates combat in favor of conversation and in-depth character development so that players can become immersed in the setting’s social climate. The story uses a time-loop mechanic to reveal the grim reality lurking beneath the veneer of this utopia.


  • Date of Publication: September 15, 2015
  • Steam

It’s not just among indie games that Toby Fox’s RPG has become a classic; it’s among the best of its kind. Undertale takes its cues from games like Mother to thoughtfully analyze and criticize the player’s behavior as they interact with the citizens of the Underground, a region deep below the surface of the planet.

Although Undertale’s charming 8-bit visuals give the impression of a straightforward experience, the story and gameplay are actually quite intricate. If you’re looking for a new release to try, look no further than Undertale, especially considering how inexpensive it is.

Persona 4 Golden

  • When: June 13, 2021 (Release Date)
  • Steam
  • employs Denuvo

For the most part, Atlus’s Megami Tensei series has only been available on consoles like the PlayStation and the Nintendo. Recently, however, that has started to change with the porting of games like Persona 5 Strikers, Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne HD, and Persona 4 Golden to PC. Both of the latter choices are safe bets for fans of Japanese role-playing games, but Persona 4 Golden is more approachable to newcomers than Nocturne.

Because of its unique blend of a social sim and a dungeon crawler with turn-based combat, Persona 4 Golden is at its best when the protagonist is not actively engaged in combat. The story is engaging, fast-paced, and packed to the brim with fantastic characters, but it is quite lengthy. The gameplay is great as well, and you can have a lot of fun even just gaining access to new Personas.

Subnautica: Below Zero

  • Date of Publication: May 14th, 2021
  • Steam

The two-year wait for the full release of Subnautica 2, developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and following 2018’s Subnautica, was well worth it. In Subnautica: Below Zero, you’ll explore a breathtaking open world that can turn incredibly terrifying in a heartbeat.

A survival adventure, Subnautica: Below Zero follows Robin Ayou as she travels to planet 4546B in search of answers about her missing sister, Samantha. Below Zero is, like its forerunner, an exciting single-player experience that improves with exploration.

System Shock 2

  • The eleventh of August, 1999, is the official date of release.
  • Steam

System Shock 2 is one of the few truly timeless video games. It’s true that the game has changed in some ways as time has passed; however, its strengths are so compelling that they more than compensate for any flaws. System Shock 2 is a horror role-playing game (RPG) that takes place on a spaceship and focuses on exploration and light combat.

The story of System Shock 2 is compelling, and its antagonist SHODAN is arguably the best in video game history. Environmental storytelling and cutscenes do a great job of setting the scene for an unforgettable climax. Both Steam and GOG offer System Shock 2, but if you’d prefer to play the game without an internet connection, GOG is the better option.

Slay The Spire

  • Time of Publication: January 23, 2019
  • Steam

MegaCrit Games’ Slay the Spire is one of the few games to establish an entirely new subgenre. This time around, a more relaxed version of the classic “deck-building rogue” is the order of the day. The player will choose from one of four unique classes before attempting to scale the Spire and bring it crashing down on all below. The game’s basic premise and design make it accessible to players of all skill levels on any PC.

Due to the card draft system, however, the gameplay of each run is radically different from the last. The number of possible decks is extremely high due to the wide variety of synergies available. As a result of the additional spice provided by Relics, it is just as simple to become monstrously overpowered as it is to completely bomb in the opening act. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but the feeling of accomplishment when you finally make that perfect run is unparalleled. You can spend countless hours on this game, and it’s well worth it.

Outer Wilds

  • Publication Date: June 18, 2020
  • Steam

Games set in space have a hard time getting off the ground. Setting a game in a universe as vast as space itself (quite literally) is a surefire way to get bogged down and fail to deliver a satisfying adventure. Mobius Digital’s Outer Wilds, an adventure game about exploring space, doesn’t mind, though.

The game will take the player on an endless journey through the galaxy. Awe-inspiring and terrifying moments are sprinkled throughout its thick atmosphere. Furthermore, it is not a game that drags on for too long, which is great for players who prefer a streamlined experience. In addition, it is no longer available exclusively through the Epic Games Store, so players on any PC platform can give it a try. For good reason, Outer Wilds is a fan and critic favorite; you shouldn’t miss it.


  • Drop Date: September 17, 2020
  • Steam

SuperGiant Games stands out from the crowd of generic top-down action roguelites with Hades. It’s like a mashup of the studio’s previous games and a well-executed rogue-lite. Hades’ gameplay is challenging but balanced, and the game’s leveling and other progression systems are highly gratifying. It’s a lot of fun just to grind out runs.

Hades’ unique selling point, however, is that SuperGiant Games’ signature emphasis on narrative is still very much present. As the player fights their way out of Hell, they encounter a colorful cast of characters, each of whom undergoes their own unique arc. Usually the narrative in roguelikes isn’t as strong as the rest of the game, but Hades makes sure everything works perfectly. To say this is SuperGiant’s crowning achievement would be an understatement, and it’s certainly something that fans of high-quality action games should check out.

Monster Train

  • There will be a drop on May 21st, 2020.
  • Steam

Shiny Shoe’s Monster Train is an expansive title with many hidden features. Mainly, it was inspired by Slay the Spire. This game, however, is no shoddy knock-off; in fact, it occasionally outperforms the classic Slay the Spire.

When compared to Spire, the tower defense influences in Monster Train help set it apart. There are still attacks and spells available to the player, but the bulk of the game consists of gathering monsters to guard the pyre and training them to higher levels. The advantage of Spire is that it is usually easy to tell at a glance which cards will synergize well with one another. This facilitates the development of winning strategies with much less time investment. You can forget about the passage of time altogether thanks to Monster Train.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

  • Publish Date: October 16th, 2017
  • Steam
  • employs Denuvo

The Fractured but Whole, the sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth, makes a bold attempt to parody the superhero genre, and, like the TV show, it succeeds brilliantly. The turn-based combat RPG The Fractured but Whole greatly improves upon its forerunner by adding new features and a greater degree of customization.

To this day, The Fractured but Whole stands as the best South Park video game, perfectly capturing the show’s wit and spirit while also being a lot of fun to play. While those unfamiliar with the franchise may feel lost at times, the RPG’s central gameplay is enjoyable enough for anyone.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition

  • To Be Released: March 21, 2019
  • Steam

In total, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has received over fifty accolades and nominations. The game’s title is both catchy and instructive, summing up its mechanics perfectly. In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, players are given a second chance at survival.

You might think the game is easy with two lives, but that’s far from the truth. One of the most difficult games of the last decade is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Even for a player well-versed in the Dark Souls series, boss battles will require multiple tries. The Souls genre, developed by FromSoftware, is currently one of the most popular in the video game industry.

BioShock: The Collection

  • The 15th of September 2016 is the official release date.
  • Steam

Remastered versions of all three BioShock games are included in the collection, which is sold together on consoles but independently on Steam. One of the best single-player game series is the BioShock series. It’s an essential offline PC game thanks to its polished gameplay mechanics and intricate plot.

Both the original BioShock’s Andrew Ryan and BioShock Infinite’s Zachary Hale Comstock provide engaging antagonists. About 200 people were involved in developing BioShock Infinite, according to nytimes.com.

BioShock: The Collection

Doom (2016)

  • May 12th, 2016 – Date of Publication
  • Steam

If you want to see a reboot of the Doom series, you should check out Doom (2016). This is a first-person shooter at its finest, with its fast-paced combat and brutal kills. Doom’s single-player storyline has the potential to be the game’s best feature. The game’s Mars setting is way cool.

Doom Eternal, the sequel to Doom, is also a nonstop thrill ride but with some significant gameplay improvements. One new feature is a mechanic specifically designed to help you dodge attacks.

Dark Souls 3

  • April 11, 2016 – Date of Publication
  • Steam

Developer FromSoftware once again demonstrated their mastery of the action-adventure RPG genre with their latest installment. Dark Souls paved the way for a number of sequels and prequels, including Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

The pace of Dark Souls 3 is a touch faster than that of its two predecessors. However, battles with your superior can be just as draining and cruel. As a result of its high level of challenge, Dark Souls 3 is best left to more seasoned players. But if you’re up for the tedium, Dark Souls 3 can be a blast.


  • Date of Publication: October 10, 2007
  • Steam

You read that right; Valve is more than just the proprietor of the Steam retail platform. Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2 by Valve are considered instant classics. Among the games published by Valve, only Portal is played solo. Although online co-op is available in Portal 2, the first game’s story is more engaging.

The game has excellent polish and is enjoyable throughout. The player must follow instructions from the superintelligent GLaDOS in order to complete the game. Although Portal was initially released in 2007, it does not feel dated at all.

Grand Theft Auto 5

  • The official date of release is April 13th, 2015.
  • Steam

Rockstar struck gold with Grand Theft Auto Online, creating a multiplayer package that remains a massive success almost a decade after its initial release. Even though the multiplayer mode has stolen the spotlight from the single-player mode, Grand Theft Auto 5’s offline PC mode is still a top-tier experience.

GTA 5 is a well-rounded experience thanks to its three playable characters, expansive open world centered on Los Santos, and wealth of extra content. The significance of this game has not diminished with the passage of time.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition

  • On the 27th of October, 2016, the film will be made available.
  • Steam

The Elder Scrolls 6 is highly anticipated by fans of the series because the series excels at offline single-player content. Many people enjoy playing The Elder Scrolls Online, but it is very different from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

One of the best games ever, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has stunning visuals, a wide variety of enemies, and in-depth quests. The game’s quests keep regenerating, so there’s really no way to finish it.


What PC games can I play offline?

The Top 3 Offline PC Games

  • Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls V: The Game. As of this writing, Skyrim has been out for more than nine years, which is hard to believe. …
  • Cut down the Spire.
  • Wild Hunt, the third installment in The Witcher’s saga.
  • 2nd-level Spelunking
  • Extreme Soundtrack Craze
  • Dishonored. …
  • Hades. …
  • DOOM.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 offline?

Is Cyberpunk 2077 an offline game? In a nutshell, yes. As a single-player role-playing game, Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t require a constant internet connection. Night City is divided into six areas, all of which are accessible without the need for an internet connection and can be explored on foot, by motorcycle, or in a car.

Is Minecraft free on PC?

If you prefer, you can also access it on your Android-powered mobile device. Nonetheless, first-time users can test it out without cost on a computer. Here’s a complete tutorial on how to get Minecraft for free on your computer.