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Keep up to speed on Overwatch’s current meta and where your favorite heroes rank to ensure you’re playing the greatest team possible.

Even if a team is headed by a skilled healer, tank, or damage hero, the odds are that your team will lose if none of its characters have synergy.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest Overwatch hero combinations for you to play around with and see what works for you.

If you’re looking for new heroes to play with, keep an open mind. These are by no means the only viable options in the game.

Brigitte and Reinhardt

A team’s ability to play aggressively and maintain a position is greatly aided by the dynamic shield combo of Brigitte and Reinhardt.

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Reinhardt may go on the attack with the confidence that Brigitte is nearby to provide a hand and heal him.

Brigitte’s Whip Shot and Shield Bash are excellent crowd control tools, thus she can assist keep flankers at bay.

And if things go wrong, the lethal combination of Earthshatter and Rally is usually sufficient to make a comeback.

D.Va and Winston

D.Va and Winston are the most mobile tanks in the game, making them suitable for competitions and providing them with a natural synergy that makes them ideal partners.

With D.Va’s Defense Matrix, Winston is sheltered from the dangers of his massive leaps.

Winston’s Tesla Cannon and D.Va’s Micro Missiles and Fusion Cannons are excellent at filling in for each other in close-range combat, while D.Va’s Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles are excellent in long-range combat.

Since the pair can also use their Ultimates to deny an area, they’re particularly effective at taking out specific adversaries that are taking over the point.

Orisa and Roadhog

Running an Orisa and Roadhog may seem apparent until you see how deadly the halt and hook combo can be for yourself.

It’s not just their gimmicks that make this team formidable; Orisa can keep the enemy’s attention on her and her shield, while Roadhog can deal with any flankers who approach too near.

Orisa can hold her ground well, but she lacks Roadhog’s natural proclivity for running and evasiveness.

When Orisa’s Supercharger is deployed before Roadhog’s Whole Hog is triggered, the opponent team is respawned.

Doomfist and Zarya

Despite the fact that Doomfist has the capacity to do massive bursts of damage and OHKO squishier targets, his relatively big hitbox and overly telegraphed strikes sometimes reveal his tactics to the adversary.

With Zarya’s bubble protecting Doom, he is able to be more active in the game.

Having an ally to cope with close-range threats until her Particle Cannon is fully charged advantages Zarya in the long run.

Since it has a large area of effect and causes massive damage, Doom’s Meteor Strike stands out among the many other Ultimates that work well with Zarya’s Graviton Surge.

Hanzo and Echo

You can win the game by unleashing a wave of devastating attacks on the opponent team and hoping they succumb before yours does.

Hanzo and Echo are two heroes who benefit from this strategy and may often tip the scales in your favor.

Hanzo has the advantage of his Storm Arrows, which he was able to enhance so that they can now quickly and easily demolish shields and heavy tanks.

Echo may also utilize her Tri-Shot and Sticky Bombs to whittle down enemy health bars while flying across the battlefield.

Sigma and Wrecking Ball

When it comes to death ball competitions, Sigma and Wrecking Ball naturally shine.

Until both heroes Ult and the roles switch, Sigma and Wrecking Ball have a mutually beneficial partnership, attracting fire with his shield and causing havoc for the opposition team.

When Wrecking Ball is used in conjunction with Gravitic Flux, it can keep foes in or out of a designated area.

Wrecking Ball’s Ult’s leftover mines will finish the job if Gravitic Flux’s drop is insufficient.

Ana and Reinhardt

There is a lot of synergy between Ana and Reinhardt when they are on the battlefield.

Ana’s Biotic Rifle and Grenade can be used to provide Rein with much-needed healing, but she also has the ability to take out enemies from long range or put them to sleep.

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As a result, Rein has an opportunity to finish off the attacker with a Fire Strike or charge in and pin him to the wall.

We can’t forget about a Nano Boosted Reinhardt with Earthshatter, which increases his hammer’s damage output to 112 DPS while also reducing damage taken by half.

Mercy and Zenyatta

Zenyatta and Mercy are the best support duo in the game now.

This is due to the fact that they have the best heals in the game when positioned properly behind their tank.

When Mercy’s health becomes low, Zen can patch her up and vice versa, reducing the number of times your team is left stranded until the healers return from the spawn.

Mercy’s Damage Boost and Zen’s Discord Orb, which are both amazing at putting pressure on the opposing team, aren’t even mentioned here.


They may not be the most powerful healers in the game, but they are a formidable duo that presently dominates the highest ranks of most games. In terms of shielding her backline and damaging tanks like Wrecking Ball, which is currently the best tank, Brigitte remains a crucial tool.

She complements Zenyatta since she is able to defend him and help him progress. As a support, Zenyatta can use his discord orbs to target enemies that his team can then take down with their own abilities. When the enemy is trying to put pressure on the Zenyatta or the DPS, he acts as a third DPS, made possible by his Brigitte.

Sigma/Wrecking Ball

When it comes to Brigitte and Zenyatta, Sigma and Wrecking Ball are the go-to tanks. As a result of their high rate of stuns and damage absorption, these two work well together. A disruption effect, Wrecking Ball can force the enemy into positions where Sigma’s ultimate or accretion ability can take advantage of them.

It also makes it easier for tanks to dictate the opposition team’s position without requiring a lot of shield health from Sigma. With Wrecking Ball and him as his DPS, the enemy’s healers are more vulnerable to the spam damage he and he can give, therefore he’s more of a semi-DPS in this situation. Sigma can now deliver more damage because of Wrecking Ball’s ability to control high ground and push opponents to the ground.


Hanzo and Echo are currently the top DPS pair in the game, though they can be replaced by an Ashe at times. Due to the fact that compositions focus on spamming high damage, Hanzo and Echo are the most difficult duo to deal with when an opponent is unprepared. With Hanzo’s most recent upgrade, he can unleash a barrage of storm arrows that can quickly demolish opposing shields and tanks.

Hanzo can more effectively wear down enemy tanks with the support of Echo’s spammable tri shot and sticky explosives. As for mobility, both DPS have it, with the ability to take high ground or, in the case of Echo, a significant aerial presence. A Zen or Mercy allows the two of them to approach the opponent in a variety of ways, resulting in a quick burst of destruction.


If you’re playing on the ladder, you won’t always have to face up against a high-spread and damage team that includes a Sigma, a Wrecking Ball, and a lot of DPS. Casual players will still be able to utilize the conventional rush comp in which Lucio gives Reinhardt a speed boost.

A healer or speed booster like Lucio would be great for Reinhardt, who like to deliver damage at close range. This is an extremely frightening feeling, and it may be very effective against double shield comps that prefer to operate from a distance. In the presence of Lucio’s speed, Reinhardt is free to walk into the fray and unleash his shatter or swing with confidence.

Zarya/Wrecking Ball

Zarya with Wrecking Ball is another recent combo that may not be as common in casual ranks, but has seen some use recently. They may appear to be completely different tanks at first glance, yet when played right, they form a symbiotic partnership. It’s possible for Zarya to step in for Sigma and give Wrecking Ball extra protection by reserving her bubbles for him.

Wrecking Ball’s pile drive and roll can now be unleashed more freely, allowing him to inflict massive damage and disruption. He may utilize his pile drive to stun a bunch of adversaries and ensure that Zarya’s lands hers, as well. Similar to Zarya, Wrecking Ball can avoid being shocked or instantaneously melted by Zarya’s bubble during his minefield approach.


Let’s start with the simplest one first. Since the beginning, Pharah/Mercy has been a reliable and enjoyable duo to play. As of this writing, they’re the only two characters in Overwatch who can fly consistently. In the proper hands, that might be a huge advantage.

It’s difficult to deal with a Pharah who has a Mercy permanently increasing her damage. Even though she’s taking a substantial amount of damage, she’s able to play more aggressively because she’s continually being repaired. A watchful eye over the skies is something your Mercy has as well. She is able to keep an eye on all of her colleagues and rapidly replenish their supplies before rejoining the Pharah.


D.Va and Winston, two of the most mobile tanks in the game, work well together. The D.Va should jump in behind Winston with the Defense Matrix, while Winston uses the Barrier Projector and the boosters to lay down some additional damage with the Micro Missiles and Fusion Cannons.

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These tanks may quickly wreck havoc on a region that’s been narrowed down for them. Mobility tools allow them to get out of the situation swiftly if necessary. If a Primal-Raging Winston throws individuals into the line of sight of a Self-Destruct, a well-timed combination of their respective ultimates could score you a nice amount of kills.


With a wide range of offensive options, Zen/Mercy is one of greatest two-support pairings in the game. This team’s ability to peel for each other means that if your backline is under threat, fewer resources are required to protect it.

Discord orbs can also be used to increase pressure on opponents. It’s possible to acquire some lightning-fast selections if your squad has excellent target selection and attention. Having a Mercy on hand allows the Zen to be a little more aggressive.


This is a game of health pack management. With the help of Sombra and Tracer, you can form a formidable team. Choosing the right targets at the right moment is key. In the following panic, Tracer creates the distraction, while Sombra gets a covert hack. To recoup, they return to the hacked health pack. In the correct hands, it’s a potent weapon against the opposing side.

Because of the amount of cooperation necessary and the fact that both heroes won’t always be involved in the big battles, this strategy has its drawbacks (at least not until the Sombra gets EMP). Additionally, your healers will not have to worry about taking care of the Sombra or the Tracer as they can focus their energies on other members of your team instead.


Three words: halt, hook, and snare. ‘ Between two tanks, this combination provides a lot of potential picks. Even if you’re not a fan of the halt and hook, Roadhog and Orisa work well together.

When it comes to flankers, Orisa is vulnerable. To a certain extent, the hook and close-range damage of the Roadhog can alleviate some of this burden. As a result, the Orisa will have to spend less time keeping an eye on her. You can also use a well-timed supercharged Whole Hog to quickly remove your opponents from the target.


In the absence of Brigette, most tanks are free to be more aggressive. Reinhardt, of course, stands to gain the most from this. You’re going to have a hard time getting these two away from the goal with his squire by your side.

Rein is more difficult to flank when Brigitte is present. The Whip Shot and the Shield Bash are only two of her crowd management tools. In contrast, Reinhardt uses his own tools to manipulate the individuals in front of him. Your frontline will be very difficult to penetrate as long as these two remain together.


Due to his wider hitbox compared to other DPS characters, Doomfist can be one of the easier damage heroes to hit when his abilities are on cooldown if his attacks are too telegraphed. It is safer to be more aggressive with Zarya because of the Bubbles he wears.

Zarya can use Bubbles to her advantage when the opposing team’s attention shifts to Doomfist because of the engagement angles he is forced to take. At this point, she has a chance to charge up and finish out any enemies left behind by the Doomfist as he makes his way out. There are numerous ultimates that work well with Graviton Surge, but Meteor Strike is one of the most lethal.


It’s a very static combo, yet it can still be very effective against the proper opponent. It’s possible to deal with a lot of flanking foes with a Bastion and a Symmetra. In spite of all her alterations, one thing about Sym has remained constant: she can readily profit from the enemy’s blunders. Making the enemy do it is a key part of the strategy. This is where Bastion comes in.

Avoiding a direct confrontation with a Bastion is usually preferable. Sym’s turrets come into action at this point. When the conditions are correct, they can easily catch any flanking character off surprise and force them to retreat or simply accept death. In addition, Sym’s slow-moving projectile and beam deal more damage over time, making her an average long-range and close-range weapon. As a result, she has the ability to exert pressure in front of her while keeping an eye on the Bastion’s rear.


Bastion/Orisa is similar to Bastion/Sym but focuses more on forward fortification, making it one of the most popular combos due to the ease of execution and the two primary heroes that make up the bunker composition. The Orisa lowers its shield, allowing the Bastion to fire more reliably with the help of the Orisa’s increased pressure fire.

With the Orisa, you get greater front-line tools, but without the Sym, you lose control of the flanks. With their combined health and defensive choices up close, it’s not a cakewalk for one person to sneak up on both of them, but it does make it simpler for flankers.


When both Hanzo and Widowmaker are on their game, they make for a devastating combination. The opposite team will have to deal with a lot of crossfire and one-shot potential from these two.

Between the Sonic Arrow and Infra-Sight, they also provide a ton of tracking. If a team isn’t functioning as a unit, the information they share with one another can be used to punish them severely. Hanzo’s Storm Arrows partially make up for Widow’s defensive limitations when fighting close up. As well as scaring away most flankers, they can put pressure on shields.

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Who does Zarya pair with?

In 2020, Winston and Zarya will be an important tanking duo. Despite its popularity waning in lower levels of play, the Double Bubble is still prevalent in 2021. Zarya’s ability to bubble Winston when he initiates fights makes them a formidable duo.

Is tracer a boy?

Animated and digital comics based on the Overwatch video game feature the hero. Lesbian is exposed in her comic debut, a portrayal that was well appreciated by media and players.

Is mercy Ana a good combo?

Ana. Lcio, Mercy, and Brigitte are good matches for Ana. While her kit is strong, she struggles to remain alive while peeling or playing alone. The only way to keep her alive and peel for themselves or the other members of the team is if she has another support.