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RimWorld is a PC colony management game developed by Ludeon Studios that combines base building, survival, and strategy game concepts.

Even though it’s a game that you can play for eternity, there are numerous other video games that explore similar concepts.

Here, we’ll include the greatest RimWorld-like games, as well as those that are available on Steam.

As more games are released, this list will be expanded, so come back often and let us know if we’ve forgotten about any of your favorites, like RimWorld!


For those who enjoy Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress in one package, this Steam Early Access title is for you. It’s a city-building game with survival elements, and it’s coming soon. After a pandemic decimated the inhabitants, you’re put in charge of rebuilding a shattered Dark Age settlement. To ensure a brighter future for your people, you must build up your stronghold and extend into the wilderness.

Going Medieval Soundtrack on Steam

Although you’ll have to wait until June 1 to get your hands on it, it’s already looking like an interesting twist on the concept. The final beta will be available later this month, and it will be available on Steam as well.


RimWorld might have looked a lot like Amazing Cultivation Simulator if it were based on Asian mythology. A wonderful adventure to rebuild your sect via training and the development of mind and soul is now available on Steam with a full western localization. And mighty relics.

Top-down, 2-dimensional graphics evoke the RimWorld style, but it also features a robust set of administrative tools. In this fictitious world based on Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, you’ll need to recruit new disciples and deal with other factions.


First Feudal used to be the first game that Steam recommended on the Rimworld shop page for a short period of time. There are certain elements that are similar: By putting up walls, doors, and floors, you may gather materials, establish workbenches, and construct workshops and homes. Even the villagers are under your authority, with whom you may assign chores and tools, as well as meet their dietary and resting requirements.

However, First Feudal isn’t merely copying the format. Instead it is more like a town building RPG where you control a character and must build up the town by leading the villagers as opposed to Rimworld’s omniscient overseer. In theory, it’s a good idea to put yourself right in the middle of the action with the locals. A tower defense game may come to mind at times, however. Factorio fans may enjoy this game, which has been in early access since late 2017.


The fact that it hasn’t been made available yet makes this one a bit of a wildcard. As of December 2020, it has recently launched its fifth Alpha build following a successful Kickstarter campaign that ended in the middle of 2018. However, a Steam early access release date has not yet been set.

As with Neanderthals, King Under The Mountain is a direct descendant of Dwarf Fortress in Rimworld. With the exception of the high fantasy setting and a few other distinguishing features, the experience promised by the Kickstarter is virtually identical to that of Rimworld. Your first appearance is as dwarfs! Yay!

If you’re looking for a more Prison Architect-like experience, then King Under the Mountain might be a better fit than Prison Architect. That’s not always a bad thing, as it ensures that the UI remains clear and straightforward.


First Feudal and Civitatem share the feature of giving you a physical presence in the world, but Civitatem stays true to its Rimworld roots and allows you to maintain your omniscient position. The art style is practically identical to Rimworld’s, but that’s about where the similarities end.

If you’re looking for something similar to Banished, Civitatem is a good fit. Despite its bland exterior, it appears to have several innovative ideas hidden beneath the hood, like the promise of a “exploration mini-game” to locate other human settlements in the game’s world.

Medieval Dynasty, a completely 3D open-world survival/building game that more closely resembles Life is Feudal than Rimworld or Dwarf Frotress, could be a choice worth checking out if you’re looking for something different.


Oxygen Not Included is one of the best alternatives to Rimworld that we can propose.

This time around, Oxygen Not Included swaps the top-down for the side-on view, and the difficulty level rises to 11. Additionally, you’re in accountable of ensuring that the colonists’ emotional and physical well-being is not jeopardized by a lack of resources. The restrooms should be located near the reservoir. It’s inevitable that everyone will get sick.

THE ULTIMATE START - Oxygen Not Included: Ep. #1 - Building The Ultimate Base - YouTube

Oxygen Not Included was initially perceived by me as overly challenging and lacking in content, but Klei has continued to develop it at a breakneck speed, adding new features and improving existing ones nearly every month.

The biggest challenge is managing the rising or falling temperatures, moving gasses, and dealing with build ups of polluted liquids from the small bladdered colonist. Almost everything about it is full of personality, even to the way the replicants curled up in their beds like cats when they were upset.


Rimworld’s store page lists this as one of the suggested games, even though its similarities to Rimworld are minor. Space Haven is a game about building a colony and surviving in space. A procedurally created galaxy awaits to be explored in search of additional crew members, resources, supplies, and, most importantly, a new home for your ‘haven.’

This isn’t a roguelike like FTL or Crying Suns, but it has a lot in common with those. Despite the fact that it has a “simulated gas system,” I’m surprised that this is being highlighted as a selling point for the game. Even so, you’re in a strange place. Out in the emptiness, efficient and safe air transport is likely to be critical.


Like Judgement, we’ve decided to include this one because of the same reasons. Even while it does not have Rimworld’s frontier setting or its grim depiction of interplanetary outback life, Surviving the Aftermath centers on colonization and survival in hostile environments. In this game, your goal is to lead and protect a band of stranded survivors as they flee a nuclear holocaust.

In this game, the ‘event’ can be anything you want it to be. Before starting each game, you get to do some set-up that will define what kinds of events you get (very Rimworld), how horrible the apocalypse was, how often calamities strike, and so on. This is one of the benefits of the game. You may travel out and explore and meet other colonies, as well as battle against robbers in the strategic tier. Though still in early access, substantial improvements are being released every few months and the game is shaping up well.


Dwarf Fortress is the only game greater than Dwarf Fortress itself! Even though this is a cheeky article, it’s important to keep in mind that the imminent Steam version of Dwarf Fortress is not the exact same game as that described in folklore. Developer Bay 12 is making certain players’ habits official by offering the game an official skin pack that will let it to look like any of its modern counterparts.

While the free/classic version of Dwarf Fortress will continue to be updated, the developers are also considering adding more paid features geared toward building a more mainstream version of Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress

There are three operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

Dwarf Fortress is the most difficult colony management game on this list, but anyone who has played RimWorld will find it less intimidating.

In order to progress, you’ll have to get over the game’s archaic user interface and graphics in general.

Your dwarfs’ lives will soon become so micromanaged that it will be difficult to let go of your grip on them once you’ve cleared that hurdle.

With a combat system that incorporates limb targeting, focused attacks, poisonous effects, and more, each character has their own distinct personality.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

Windows is the operating system of choice.

This game has just the proper amount of gruesome colony management and satanic rites for those who don’t find RimWorld’s sadistic AI storyteller to be gruesome enough.

A bunch of campers who mistakenly escape a fiery apocalypse just by being in the woods is your responsibility in this game.

As your colony grows, monsters get more drawn to it, which is a visibility mechanic in the game.

Your best bet is to learn new stealth techniques and perform rituals that will keep your enemies at bay.

Songs of Syx

There are three operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

It’s not uncommon for a seemingly small occurrence to send a colony spiraling out of control in RimWorld.

Despite the fact that this can be annoying at times, it’s an important part of the game’s charm and what makes each playthrough so different.

At this stage, Songs of Syx is a city-building game with the potential for disaster, since you’re given the task of building a colony from the bottom up.

From many ethnicities and cultures to deities and creatures to a day/night cycle and temperature change in the game’s various systems; the game is filled with sophisticated mechanisms inspired by the actual world.


There are three operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

Factorio is a resource management game in which you take unused sandboxes and turn them into productive havens for your factories.

Factorio expansion goal is to feel "as big an addition as the whole vanilla game" | Rock Paper Shotgun

To get to the point of automation, you’ll have to do everything by hand, including cutting wood, mining ore, and crafting machine parts.

A major strength of Factorio’s advancement system is that it gives a seemingly unlimited amount of improvements.

Solar power, oil refining and AI for your machines are just some of the possibilities being explored.

Surviving Mars

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux and Mac

It is your job to raise a Mars colony from its birth all the way to adulthood in this hybrid game.

People in your country need adequate homes, factories to produce things, and commercial buildings where scientists can conduct research.

Despite this, the planet’s atmosphere is extremely hostile to humanity and constantly throws new difficulties at you.

A complex pipe network must be used to convey water and oxygen from the depths of the ocean to the top.

Prison Architect

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Mac, and iOS and Android.

It sounds like the sort of concept that RimWorld’s AI storyteller would come up with: building and operating your own jail complex.

Its prison facility environment serves as a starting point for a wide range of interwoven gameplay mechanics.

It’s up to you, as the prison’s architect, to plan the layout, employ the staff, and oversee the daily activities of your convicts.

Every prisoner and guard has unique demands and character qualities that can affect their work output and overall conduct.


Windows is the operating system of choice.

RimWorld’s base-building gameplay is similar to that of Satisfactory, but the focus is considerably more on battle and exploration.

In this game, your goal is to develop a self-sustaining network of devices that will harvest and purify resources for you in order to survive on a strange planet.

Weapons, tools, structures, and vehicles can all be put to good use in a variety of ways.

Accessing new locations in the open world will also allow you to discover more species and resources as well as new chances for exploration.

Starship Theory

There are three operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

The sci-fi backdrop of Starship Theory may appeal to those looking for a game similar to RimWorld.

Manage a colony as they trek over the endless expanses of space in this game.

Various improvements can improve your chances of survival, and you can construct your spacecraft in any way you like.

Trade and resource gathering are just two of the many ways you can oversee your space crew.

Kingdoms Reborn

Windows is the operating system of choice.

Kingdoms Reborn, a medieval city builder inspired by games like Banished, Anno, and Civilization, is now available in Early Access on Steam.

In addition to hard resource management gameplay, it features extensive skill and upgrade trees.

You’ll be in charge of overseeing the day-to-day activities of your staff, including getting them to and from work, feeding them, and making sure they get enough sleep.

Game hay] Download game Kingdoms Reborn cho máy tính bản chuẩn > ThanKiem3d.vn

There are seven different biomes to explore in the game’s open world, each with their own unique species of plants and animals.

King Under The Mountain

There are three operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

Settlement-building video game King Under the Mountain will take place in a fantastical setting.

With procedurally generated barriers and unpredictable events to overcome, it’s like RimWorld in that it invites you to build up a small colony into a mighty kingdom.

In addition, in order to keep settlers happy and prevent mental breakdowns, it is necessary to provide their specific social and physical needs.

Because each map is produced at random using a large-number seed, no two games will ever be the same.


Is RimWorld as good as Dwarf Fortress?

Definitely not. Rimworld, on the other hand, is more reliable and has superior visuals. Just a little less esoteric are the controls. In order to play Dwarf Fortress, you’ll need to get acquainted to the ASCII character set.

Is Kenshi like Dwarf Fortress?

Even though Kenshi doesn’t look anything like RimWorld or Dwarf Fortress, if emergent storylines are what you’re seeking for, Kenshi provides.