Updated at: 05-01-2023 - By: Leo Hall
The best Minecraft experiences stem from using the finest Minecraft seeds, which unlock the game’s full potential. The best Minecraft seeds have been collected here.

Players in Minecraft have complete creative control over the game, from the design of their own world to the addition of game-changing mods and eye-popping shaders.

This is accomplished by randomly generating new worlds with their own biomes, resources, monsters, and more based on a set of numerical values called “seeds.”

This article features the top Minecraft seeds of 2022, such as the best diamond seeds and the best spawn seeds.

Check back later for more seed recommendations, and let us know if we forgot your personal favorites.

Minecraft Title Screen

Seed: 2151901553968352745

Players of Minecraft have spent years trying to locate the mysterious world seen in the game’s intro sequence, but it wasn’t until a group of Reddit researchers determined the game’s exact seed that the quest was finally successful.

The coordinates X=61.48, Y=75, Z=-68.73 take you directly to the famous lookout in the game world.

Slime Farm

Seed: 7000

If you want to start a slime farming business, you should probably locate it near a swamp biome and wait until nightfall to collect your slime.

This seed contains a village near a swamp where you can set up shop and breed slime pigs, as well as wolf packs that can be domesticated and a cave full of Endermen that can be used to your advantage.

Tutorial: Very Efficient Slime Farm (18,200 slimeballs/h) - YouTube

Obsidian Farm

Seed: -8880302588844065321

You won’t find obsidian lying around just anywhere, especially since it’s so rare outside of the End.

This seed will put you in a world with several large villages, each with its own crop farm, Nether portal, bodies of water, and a strategically placed lava pool to make gathering obsidian easier.

Icy Spire

Seed: 2223210

Mobs of rabbits, wolves, and polar bears populate the Icy Spire seed, which gets its name from the tall frosty spindle in the map’s center.

There is a small village in the snow next to the spire, complete with a partially built Nether Portal and lava pools useful for growing obsidian.

Frozen Island

Seed: -7865816549737130316

Another wintery paradise seed, this one features a nearby survival island where you can stock up on supplies before retiring to your igloo for the season.

It’s possible to use the island for mining in between sessions of chasing lovable polar bears across the icy tundra.

Shipwrecks and Village

Seed: -613756530319979507

The next seed is full of nautical secrets among the seafloor, perfect for those in the mood for some swashbuckling adventures.

You’ll spawn in a quaint village where the local resident built their house from ship hull scraps, and there will be plenty more hulking wrecks to discover on the ocean floor.

Spruce Village and Coral Reef

Seed: 673900667

This seed has everything you need to stay alive, from fish to a cozy cabin to sleep in.

If you wander around, you’ll find a chain of magnificent mountains encircled by a beautiful coral reef where you can unwind in peace.

Igloo and Winter Forest

Seed: -3500229128833691836

As a final recommendation, we have a seed that will place you smack dab in the middle of a snowy forest full of igloos, one of which has a secret basement under a rug.

If we can get past the zombie villager guarding it, we’ll find a small underground base with a brewery and plenty of storage.

Horses and Desert Village

Seed: 8678942899319966093

In this seed, designed specifically for equestrian fans, you’ll spawn on the outskirts of a sprawling desert village populated entirely by horses.

Inside the village are chests containing valuable items such as diamond horse armor, saddles, gold ingots, and obsidian; in short, everything a skilled Minecraft horse rider could want.

Mountain Archway

Seed: 8858351513851407858

Some Minecraft seeds go so far as to rival real-world geography, such as this one, which features a mountain with two peaks joined to form a stunning arch.

It features a stunning waterfall and undulating hills, making it ideal for planning out your own covert outpost.

Simple Village at Spawn

Seed: 2976643220357667859

This seed will spawn you near a blacksmith shop stocked with iron leggings, a chestplate, a sword, some apples, and some diamonds, proving once again that simplicity is the key to happiness.

A desert temple lies beyond the village, and within its vaults are gold, iron, and even more diamonds.

Mooshroom World

Seed: 5387364523423380365

There comes a time when the vanilla Minecraft biomes just don’t cut it anymore, and you start to long for something fresh and exciting to explore.

If you plant this seed, you’ll be reborn near a massive island teeming with giant mushrooms and red cows.

Lava and Waterfalls

Seed: 3657966

The seed drops you just a short distance from a massive mountain range, the peaks of which barely reach the clouds.

The main attraction, though, is a series of waterfalls formed by the combination of water and lava that can be mined for obsidian or viewed from a safe distance.

Underwater Temple

Seed: -5181140359215069925

There is an abundance of seeds for Minecraft that feature temples in the desert or the jungle, but not so many that take place in the depths of the ocean.

This seed adds some spice by giving you a taste of battle against formidable aquatic foes; in return, the temple’s many chambers hold a wealth of treasures and hidden information.

Deep Ravine and Gold Ore

Seed: 1111

To anyone who has ever experienced the thrill of discovering gold in Minecraft, you can imagine how exciting it would be to find a stack of those bright yellow blocks.

For miles, this seed will have you spawned next to a deep ravine, but luckily, there’s plenty of ore close to the surface, so you won’t have to go digging too deep to get what you came for.

Mountain in the Sky

Seed: -969535336

Those aspiring Minecraft mountaineers who are always on the lookout for new challenges will love this next seed.

It drops you off in the clouds above a massive mountain range, complete with tree-filled plateaus and other natural wonders.

Many Biomes

Seed: -8913466909937400889

Because not everyone has the luxury of time to aimlessly wander from map to map in order to see every one of Minecraft’s biomes, we’ve decided to lump them all into one convenient location.

The Many Biomes seed is a compact 2km2 map that contains all biome types and offers some visual contrast between them.

Fast Diamonds

Seed: 939276771201220157

Diamonds are a scarce resource in Minecraft, so the next seed is helpful for stockpiling them.

It spawns you in between two desert temples, one of which contains diamonds and emeralds; there are also two villages in the area, one of which contains a blacksmith.

Nether Rush

Seed: -1654510255

Even for seasoned Minecraft players, taking on a Nether Rush challenge can seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

This seed removes some of the hassle from getting ready for a Nether Rush by spawning you between plains and desert biomes close to two villages, an abundance of trees, and surface-level lava.

Beautiful Forest Hills

Seed: 3427891657823464

Relax with a leisurely stroll through a picturesque forest with snow-capped hills and winding rivers after completing an exceptionally challenging Nether Rush.

If you listen to the game’s soundtrack while planting this seed, it will bring back many happy memories of your first time playing Minecraft.

Extreme Hills Lava Fall

Seed: 321708923

To find the best seeds, you may have to do some serious digging in less-than-obvious places. It combines a standard desert biome with an Extreme Hills biome not far away, where you can see the ocean and lava waterfalls.

Mesa and Cave Spiders

Seed: -8427444967367737379

Mesa biomes are stunning to look at, but they also have cave spiders that are just waiting to pounce.

This seed will put you in an environment that is both challenging and rewarding: a cave full of deadly spiders that you must work up the courage to clear out.


Seed: 124014738

Eschewing the perils of the mesa’s obstructions, you can instead relax on a group of small islands that doubles as an intriguing location for your next base of operations and a refreshing change of pace.

Building a different foundation on each island or a series of bridges between them will be a great design challenge.

What Is an Archipelago? Examples Around the World | YourDictionary

Extreme Hills Splendor

Seed: 189354817

Another seed from the Extreme Hills biome that can serve as the cornerstone of your next monumental structure.

Grasslands and savanna biomes complement the impressive mountain that can be found in this area.

Smallest Island Ever

Seed: -3115927715480771327

If you’ll indulge us, the next seed will place you on the world’s tiniest island, which consists of just three blocks.

Nearby is another island with only three blocks, but if you head west you’ll find a snowy region stocked with useful items.

Massive Bamboo Forest with Pandas

Seed: 1959330209

For their irresistible cuteness, pandas are among Minecraft’s most sought-after creatures.

By planting this seed, you’ll begin your adventure next to a large bamboo grove that borders a jungle biome teeming with exotic wildlife—including black and white fur babies.

Exposed Stronghold and Easy Diamonds

Seed: 823486800

This seed is one of the more environmentally rich ones we’ve seen, and it drops you off near a village with a ravine running through it and an exposed stronghold in the middle.

Just below that is a hoard of buried diamonds, and just beyond the desert’s edge is another settlement guarded by a band of pillagers.

Zombie Village

Seed: 427074153

Spawn right in the middle of a zombie village, this seed is perfect for increasing the difficulty of your exploration.

Zombies will swarm to your location quickly, but if you make it out alive, there is another village with its own horde waiting for you.

Woodland Mansion with a Village

Seed: 1208416085

Imagine our surprise at discovering a seed that places you within a few blocks of a woodland mansion, given how uncommon they are in Minecraft.

For your own convenience, we recommend clearing out the nearby pillager outpost before exploring them, as they are rumored to contain a wide variety of rare materials and items.

Abandoned Mineshaft Next to Village

Seed: 141280768

Among the unique aspects of this seed is a defunct mine shaft stocked with valuable minerals, ores, and other materials.

It’s located close to the spawn village, below a ravine with waterfalls and lava pits; inside the mineshaft, you’ll find a few chests containing valuable resources.

Broken Savana

In addition to the massive mountain with the enormous hole in the middle, this unique seed features two villages located next to each other at the point of origin. Oceans and deserts and forests are close by, and the Savana biome is right next to one of each. It’s great fun to spawn in a world that has so many different Minecraft biomes.

  • Code: 7066636907367338630.
  • Co-ordinates are (-100), (-50), and (-50) on the X and Z axes, respectively.

Coral Island Village

This seed will put you in a picturesque fishing village by the water. There are literally no large settlements within tens of kilometers of the village. Connecting the settlements are wooden walkways. Glow squids and other sea life brighten up the night sky in this picturesque town.

  • Code for the Seed: 6341454152401905754
  • Location: 100, -40 (Z) on the X-axis

Frozen Island Minecraft Seed

This unique Minecraft seed teleports you to a frozen wasteland surrounded by random islands. With polar bears and the ocean, the world takes on a bluish-white hue that immediately conjures images of winter. Even if you don’t find Frozen Island particularly fascinating during the day, once the moon comes out, you will be completely transfixed by its beauty.

  • -7865816549737130316 is the seed number.
  • The X coordinate is 121, and the Z co-ordinate is -9.

Giant Bamboo Forest

There’s more to this unusual seed than just the fact that it grows into a bamboo jungle. But you also get an intriguing broken Nether portal with enchanted items in a chest and a persistent fire. Because of the special twist it adds to a special world, this seed is extremely rare.

  • Code of Origin: 1959330209
  • Location: 211, -8 (Zero, X)

A Blacksmith Village, A Regular Village, & A Merged Portal

This odd seed provides access to a blacksmith community complete with a home that has been fused with a portal to the Nether and a pool of molten rock. It’s another well-built community that runs smoothly, though for some reason it has a lot of horses. Although it may sound out of the ordinary, this Minecraft seed features two separate dungeons close to the starting area.

  • Input Seed Number: 4275582192035986655
  • At these coordinates (X: -26, Z: -228, and (230, 124)),

Savannah Mountain in Desert

You will emerge from this seed at the point where a forest ends and a desert with a massive Savannah mountain begins. It’s pretty strange, huh? This rare seed doesn’t have any special properties that make it particularly useful. However, the unpredictable nature of this seed, combined with the addition of dunes alongside forests, creates a unique setting reminiscent of “The Lion King.” This is the ideal location for extended periods of Elytra flight.

  • To generate: -676569119515363
  • Location: -300 X, -100 Z

Stronghold Library in the Ocean

In the middle of the ocean, in this seed, there is a stronghold with a library that is just waiting to be used. It is unusual to stumble upon a stronghold library in Minecraft, and even more so to find one just a few hundred blocks from your starting location. Additionally, a tiny mushroom island can be found in this seed if you look around the library.

  • -4184000969893959047 is the Seed Code.
  • Location: 1840 X, 978 Z

Two Woodland Mansions Minecraft Seed

Think about it: you’re a spawning village next to not one but two forest mansions. Not only that, but this extremely rare Minecraft seed also contains a witch’s cottage. This germination is an explorer’s fantasy planet. Not so good for the locals, though; they’ll be under constant assault.

  • Coding for a Seed: -8993723640229201049
  • At these coordinates (X, -109, Z),

Zombie Village and Farm Village in Ocean

This is the perfect Minecraft seed if you’re looking for mayhem and scenic beauty combined. Two of our villages are almost joined by a bridge spanning the ocean between two islands that look like giant mushrooms. Intriguingly, one of these settlements is a Zombie settlement. Sticking around in these island communities every night turns out to be a new and exciting adventure.

  • A Seed Value of: 5329177101860618450
  • X, 0; Y, 0; Z, 0

Survival Island with 3 Villages

Here’s where you can find the most challenging Minecraft servers on the internet. You have found the perfect Minecraft seed for your needs. You begin your adventure on an island with three separate settlements. A shipwreck is included to round out the scene. Begin construction to link the three settlements, and you will have found a haven from danger.

  • -4060839488929676108 is the seed number.
  • Position (in degrees): X = 17, Z = -159

Endless Ice Seed

This seed is the natural progression from the snow mountain village. A vast, icy ecosystem is yours to explore. Scenes from the wintery land of Narnia could have been filmed here.

  • -7882587612848022640 is the seed number.
  • Its coordinates are (-602) 1421 (-1421).

Pillager Outpost Seed

In the unlikely event that you randomly generate a Minecraft seed that even vaguely resembles this one, you should probably get the heck out of there. Your starting location is right next to a pillage outpost, with lava to your left and a mountain to your right. Among the best Minecraft seeds, this one is the most exciting and risky for players looking for an adrenaline rush.

  • Input Seed: 2327370183894455166
  • The coordinates are (-173)(118), (118).

Endless Desert

If you plant this seed, you’ll grow up in the middle of a desert, but there will be enough vegetation for you to survive for a few nights. It doesn’t help that a Pillager outpost is lurking around the corner, hoping to catch a glimpse of you. While not an especially perilous seed, this biome will present much greater challenges than a standard Minecraft world.

  • Key: 1297970985505311939
  • Position: 0 on the X axis, and also on the Z axis.

Minecraft Seed with Working 12-eyes End portal

This is the Minecraft seed with the most common appearance at spawn, but it is also one of the rarest. An accidental discovery of such a seed is one in a trillion. However, it is still functional, and it’s one of the rarest Minecraft seeds you could ever find. This seed, when planted at the correct coordinates, will open a full portal to the End. As a result, you won’t need to waste time in the Nether and can go straight into battle against the End Dragon. If that sounds like a challenge you’d like to take on, use the seed code I’ve provided to see how well you do.

  • Number of Seeds: 9009198391873876587
  • Point with coordinates (X, Y): 723 1149

Tall Woodland Mansion at Spawn

We’re talking about a pretty exceptional seed right here. You’ll spawn behind a huge, cloud-filled mansion in the woods. This is an uncommon seed, and it yields valuable items that you won’t want to pass up. Just below the estate is a small desert community that even has a blacksmith to step things up a notch.

  • The Seed Identifier is: -7457009251932508 969
  • Its co-ordinates are as follows: X, 0, Z, 0.

Mushroom Island with Pillage Outpost

The absence of mobs on Mushroom islands is well-known to anyone who plays Minecraft regularly. That rule is broken at spawn in this seed, and you’ll want to get out of there as soon as the world loads. That’s because one of your islands is a mushroom, and therefore you have a Pillage Outpost there. The Mesa biome is stunning, but you may be too focused on staying alive to notice it.

  • -8560773816677027204 is the seed code.
  • X, 50, and Z, 24

Eleven Biomes at Spawn

This seed pack for Minecraft prioritizes variety by providing eleven different biomes immediately upon arrival. Not only that, but there are two witch shacks not too far away, and every kind of log within a few hundred blocks. You also receive a gold block housed in a ruined portal.

  • Its seed code is -8401040335508653605
  • Location: 0 degrees in both the X and Z axes

5 Biomes At Spawn - Minecraft Seeds

Village on Mountain Top

You’ll emerge from this odd seed overlooking a Pillage Outpost and a massive island with a settlement on its peak. Savana is home to a large number of cats, a few humans, and an iron golem. At the end of each round, there are empty maps hidden in chests. Good luck scaling that mountain for hours if you aren’t playing this Minecraft seed in Creative mode.

The situation is complicated further by the presence of a witch’s lair and a mob at the base of the mountain.

  • Coefficient of Regression: -5694368681594500133
  • Location: 0 X 200 Z

Spawn under a Woodland Mansion

Last but not least, an irritant seed made it onto our list of the best Minecraft seeds. You start off underground and have to sift through dirt and stones to reach the surface. A straight upward path is a long and tiring one that ends in a deadly Woodland Mansion.

  • The Seed ID is: 10931311583393626.
  • Placement co-ordinates: 40 degrees north latitude, 50 degrees west longitude


What’s the rarest seed in Minecraft?

fossil found in a crevice (Seed number: 440074515)

When compared to the Overworld, the Nether is teeming with fossils, but on the Overworld, they are among the rarest of buildings. Between Years 40 and 49, fossils have a 1.5625 percent chance of spawning in the Overworld’s swamp and desert biomes.

What is the scariest Minecraft seed?

Seed: 12345
While Minecraft has its fair share of creepy underground areas, the surface is usually quite safe during the day. Maybe not with this particular seed. Once the player has entered the world, they will begin to see some bizarre biomes.

What is a seed in Minecraft?

A “seed” in Minecraft is a piece of code that is used to generate a new world. They range from dark underground chambers to breathtaking mountaintop vistas. With these codes in place, you’ll have a new world to construct and discover.