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Since the release of Monster Hunter: World for PC, modders have been hard at work improving upon and completely breaking Capcom’s popular monster-slaying action RPG.

There is an overwhelming variety of MHW mods available on the internet, ranging from simple cosmetic tweaks to a mod that changes Nergigante the Elder Dragon into Thomas the Tank Engine.

We figured it would be useful to call attention to a few of the many options available to PC players who want to improve their time spent monster hunting. Favorite MHW Customizations because it is aesthetically pleasing, provides a welcome change, and breaks up the monotony.

Please check back later as we will be updating this document with any additional changes.

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View Monster Weaknesses

Monster Weakness Icon – New!

The first is beneficial to lifestyle because it shortens the time required to go on a hunt.

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The default setting in Monster Hunter World requires multiple encounters with a monster before disclosing information about its elemental and body part weaknesses.

Even with access to this information, it will still be necessary to refer to your Hunter’s Notes whenever you need to remember specifics about a monster.

The quest selection screen will, however, reveal the weapon requirement for the quest in question thanks to theAdjustable Monster Weakness Icon Plugin.

Track Monster Health During Hunts

New Feature: SmartHunter Mod – Overlay

When using SmartHunter 3.0, you can generate an overlay that displays the monster’s current health down to each individual body part and a bar that indicates how close it is to becoming enraged, both of which are updated in real time.

By superimposing the amount of damage each teammate has dealt, this overlay makes it much easier to pinpoint the one who isn’t doing their part in a skirmish.

Each widget can be customized in appearance by being given a new skin and moved around the interface.

The biggest problem with the mod is that only the host player actually feels the cumulative effects of monster parts (in terms of damage and status effects).

Edit Your Hunter and Palico’s Appearance

Theme Editor, Please Make a Change

All of us will spend considerable time in the MHW character creator perfecting the appearance of our hunters, but you may grow tired of their appearance at some point.

You’ll be staring at your character the whole time, so having the option to alter their appearance whenever you like is a nice perk.

You can now customize your character’s hair, facial features, and voice type just like you could at the start of the game thanks to the updated Looks Editor.

It can also be used to update the style of your Palico, ensuring that you and your partner are always in vogue.

Edit Your Armor’s Appearance

Transforming: A World Tour

If you’re a fan of Monster Hunter, you’ve probably made some questionable fashion choices in order to gain access to a certain ability or slot for decorations.

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By installing the World of Transmogrification mod, you can change the look of your hunter’s armor however you like without affecting any of the hunter’s special abilities or available slots for equipment.

This mod allows you to alter the visual appearance of your equipped weapons and armor without affecting their performance in any way.

Although not all items in the game are compatible with this method, there are many guides online that can help you figure out how to extract the armor and weapon files.

Move Important NPCs to the Gathering Hub

The Astera Gathering Center now has non-player characters.

Enjoyable as it is, Monster Hunter could benefit from a few minor adjustments, such as rearranging the locations of non-playable characters so that they are less hidden.

It can get tiring to constantly be on the move, whether it’s to turn in a bounty, craft a weapon, or explore the Argosy.

The Astera Gathering Plaza has been updated to feature new NPCs. simplifies things by concentrating frequently-used NPCs and vendors in a single area (the Gathering Hub).

This item can be used by the following NPCs: Smithy, Resource Center, Botanist, Tailraider Safari, Argosy Captain, Elder Melder, and Researcher.

Remove The ‘Bleached’ Visual Effect and Boost Colors

The hunter must be eliminated; modify.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that World’s engine has a bleaching effect that hides some of the game’s natural beauty.

That’s why it’s so difficult to make out subtle differences between colors and textures.

In contrast, with theDisable Hunter’s Mod, those restrictions no longer apply because the game’s colors and textures are more distinct and lifelike.

Even though the difference isn’t as dramatic as night and day, it’s still quite noticeable and should be given careful thought.

Reduce The Cost For Most Items

Changes Made to the One-Zen Store

You may find that the high cost of certain items or upgrades wears you down over time as you play more MHW.

The most egregious case is upgrading armor, which becomes prohibitively expensive in direct proportion to the rarity of the armorsphere used.

Because of this, progressing the story can be slow and tedious at times.

To ease the stress of daily life and ensure monetary security, we suggest. This is the very first update from Zenny Shop., and it reduces the price of nearly all of their products to a single zenny.

Make Items Easier To Find

Replica of the Light Pillar, Revised

Hunting monsters is challenging because you have to deal damage while also avoiding enemy attacks.

You don’t want to waste the last few minutes of your life desperately hacking away at a monster part only to lose track of it after you finally break it off.

To complement theLight Post, Souvenir now has a Plugin! Because it casts a spotlight on whatever you’ve dropped, you’ll never misplace it again.

Know that the effect is localized and won’t spread too far.

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Keep All Your Mods Organized

MHH’s Mod Manager has been updated.

If you plan on using more than one mod, you should exercise caution due to the possibility of incompatibility between them.

Avoiding this predicament is possible with the aid of a mod manager.

This Mod Manager for MHWin simplifies the process of installing, updating, and removing mods, making it preferable to other online mod managers.

We can spend more time fighting monsters if we don’t have to waste time looking for information.