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Fans of the BioShock series have been left in the dark about the series’ future for some time. Despite 2K Games’ recent announcement that BioShock 4 is “in development,” we haven’t heard anything else about it. As a result, many devoted fans are antsy for any news about their favorite Steampunk universe, and BioShock’s future continues to feel uncertain.

The wheels appear to be in motion, and BioShock 4 will be made, though how long it will take for a new developer to realize its vision for the storied series remains unclear. It’s understandable that fans of BioShock are feeling discouraged after E3 2021 came and went with no new information about the eventual release of BioShock 4. But news can break at any time, and there’s no reason to doubt that 2K Games is committed to making sure the dystopian-themed franchise keeps rolling in style.

BioShock 4’s Release Date Prediction & Current Development

Fans of the legendary BioShock series haven’t seen or heard of a new installment in the series in quite some time. BioShock Infinite, the most recent installment, came out in 2013 to widespread acclaim from critics and gamers alike thanks to its novel Steampunk-inspired environment perched high above the clouds. Now that eight years have passed, fans are once again excited about the possibility of a new installment in the long-running series.

BioShock 4 Release Date, System Requirements, Rumors [2023]

Is Irrational Games Making BioShock 4?

Unbeknownst to many fans, BioShock Infinite was the last game developed by Irrational Games for the franchise before it was effectively downsized and transformed into Ghost Story Games, a group that plans to work under the 2K Games umbrella towards creating smaller narrative-driven adventures. Series director Ken Levine of Irrational Games expressed his distaste for developing such a massive game in an interview with Rolling Stone published in 2016. Levine claims that the stress of the project led to a decline in his health and strained his relationships, forcing him to “leave” the studio and start up a new one with a smaller staff. For fans of the tried-and-true BioShock formula that Irrational Games built, this is undoubtedly disappointing news.

Who Is Currently Working On BioShock 4?

Unfortunately, 2K Games, the supposed developer, hasn’t announced much about the sequel. Cloud Chamber, one of 2K Games’ newest internal studios with locations in San Francisco and Montreal, Canada, has taken over development of BioShock 4. The newly formed team’s first project will be BioShock 4, and there is good reason for optimism about the studio. Studio head Kelley Gilmore is a former executive producer at Firaxis games who recently helped build 2K Games’ in-house team.

Firaxis is the studio behind the enduring Civilization series as well as the widely played Xcom strategy game series. It will be exciting to see if the success of these games motivates the developers of BioShock 4 to implement any new gameplay mechanics or strategic elements into the series going forward.

When Will BioShock 4 Release?

There has been no announcement of a release window or date for BioShock 4, as of this writing. Cloud Chamber and 2K Games have neither confirmed nor denied the widespread rumors about when players can expect the next installment.

However, that hasn’t stopped speculation and possible release dates from appearing online. Take a look at what the players already know about BioShock Infinite’s release date and possible schedule:

  • In December 2019, 2K Games announced that development on BioShock 4 had begun.
  • Take-Two Interactive, 2K Games’ parent company, stated that development on BioShock 4 would take “several years” during a financial report in February 2020.
  • Irrational Games had been quietly developing BioShock Infinite for more than two years prior to its announcement in 2010, as Ken Levine revealed in 2010. The third game wouldn’t come out until 2013, putting the total development time at around five years.
  • The industry and fans have speculated that Cloud Chamber will follow a similar release schedule to their predecessors, making 2023 a possible release date for BioShock 4.

Will BioShock 4 Release On All Major Systems?

Despite the release date, there is some uncertainty among fans about which platforms will have access to BioShock 4, and whether or not any will have any form of exclusivity over the future game. It’s safe to assume the upcoming release will be available on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, but the bigger question is whether or not it will be available on the consoles from the previous generation, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

BioShock 4 is still “several years” away, according to the developers, so it seems unlikely that it will be available for older consoles. In addition, players are aware that the development team is working on the upcoming release for “next-gen consoles” due to job listings posted in 2020. This suggests that the Xbox One S and PlayStation 5 will be BioShock 4’s primary platforms. Since the first three games in the series have already been ported to Windows, it’s also likely that PC gamers will see the title at launch (or at least generally). Fans of the Switch are also included, as BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition released for the system in 2020.

BioShock 4 Teaser Trailers

No official “first look” or gameplay trailers for BioShock 4 have been released as of this writing.

What We Know About The Gameplay Of BioShock 4

The first-person shooter gameplay in the BioShock series is among the best. The unique blend of gunplay, resource management, and creative use of Plasmid powers makes for an unforgettable adventure. There are some particularly difficult parts to the original trilogy, where fast-moving enemies can swarm players and kill them in an instant if they aren’t careful. Cloud Chamber’s debut in development suggests that BioShock 4 will share some gameplay elements with its predecessors, but it also has the potential to introduce some exciting new concepts.

What Do We Know About The Setting Of BioShock 4?

The setting of the next BioShock game and the types of environments players will encounter are among the most anticipated pieces of information surrounding the game’s release. Fans were enthralled by BioShock Infinite despite the fact that it diverted from the Rapture setting of the original games and instead took place in the world of Columbia. Developers are looking for people to help them bring a new and fantastical world to life in 2020, according to job postings on Cloud Chamber. It is unclear from the wording whether or not BioShock 4 will take place in a new location with no ties to either Columbia or Rapture.

Leak: Bioshock 4 Release Date & Bioshock Remaster Revealed | EarlyGame

Another job posting at Cloud Chamber is the most significant development so far. Jobseekers should be able to “weave impactful, character-driven stories in an open world setting,” as stated in the job description for the Senior Writer position. An open-world BioShock 4 would be a great way to shake up the series and make the upcoming title stand out from its predecessors, and this listing has set the industry on fire with rumors and speculations about the game.

What Do We Know About The Gameplay For BioShock 4?

Combat in BioShock 4 hasn’t been detailed much officially, but it’s hard to imagine it will be drastically different from the previous games in the series. Players and fans of the series have come to expect certain gameplay elements from the franchise, and while it’s clear that Cloud Chamber is intent on making their own experience, which could possibly stray fairly far from Irrational Games’ initial vision, there are still certain things they can and should expect from the series.

It would be odd if Cloud Chamber deviated from the bare minimum of a BioShock experience, which includes elements like fast-paced first-person shooting and the use of plasmids. If Plasmids are to make a comeback, it would be awesome if they brought back some old favorites as well as some brand new tricks. Beyond those mechanics, however, the future looks bright for BioShock 4, and we can’t wait to see what the up-and-coming developer has in store. Players will hopefully be greeted by the same fluid open world gameplay, character movement, and Plasmid-infused abilities that have made previous BioShock games so popular.

What We Know About The Story Of BioShock 4

The game’s narrative is integral to the core BioShock experience. In addition to the consistently fun, exciting, and fast-paced gameplay, Irrational Games did a great job with the storylines for the original trilogy. This is what we know about the plot of BioShock 4 at the moment.

Who Are The Protagonist And Antagonist In BioShock 4?

Without a “general story,” it’s tough to speculate on who or what players might control in BioShock 4 since we don’t have any concrete details about any potential characters. With a new developer at the helm and Irrational Games having no plans to make another BioShock game, a new storyline that doesn’t connect to the original trilogy is a distinct possibility. Cloud Chamber has a “universe” to draw inspiration from, but in terms of characters, plots, and timelines, they have a relatively blank slate to work with. After all, BioShock Infinite toyed with the idea of a time machine and the multiverse itself.

What Is The Story About In BioShock 4?

BioShock 4’s story is as mysterious as its characters, with no concrete details available so far. Players are aware that Cloud Chamber wants to make a “fantastic world” and is looking for a writer who can “weave impactful, character-driven stories in an open world setting,” but beyond that, they know very little. It’s a blank canvas for the new studio to make a name for themselves in the gaming industry by creating something truly original out of the foundations of the established BioShock universe. The bar is set high, and the team has some huge shoes to fill, as Irrational Games is responsible for some of the best first-person shooter stories of all time.

BioShock 4 Rumors

Due in large part to the fact that players don’t have much information about the upcoming release, rumors have been pretty rampant in regards to BioShock 4. Without knowing the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” or “why” of the franchise, fans are busy theorizing about its potential future. No information in this section has been verified or denied by Cloud Chamber, so take it all with a grain of salt. Some of the speculation about BioShock 4 is presented here.

The Zhykionn Leaks

BioShock 4 has been the subject of many rumors, despite the lack of official information, thanks to a “leak” from 4Chan user Zhykionn. Extensive claims are made about what the next BioShock will be like, with all signs pointing to the mysterious codename of “Parkside.” Take everything with a grain of salt until it is either confirmed or denied by Cloud Chamber or 2K Games. The following concepts would be interesting to see implemented in the next BioShock game. Take a look at the following list for a summary of the most intriguing details revealed by the Zhykionn leak:

  • According to Zhykionn, the game is set in 1971, ten years after the events of the first BioShock. Cloud Chamber’s job postings refer to a “new and fantastical world,” so it’s possible that this is the case, but the trilogy as a whole didn’t use any real-world settings. ”
  • The story supposedly centers on a dystopian London, where a group of people are trying to advance their technology and way of life with the help of a computer program called ADAM. There are many more issues brought on by the enhancive organism than had been anticipated.
  • BioShock 4’s maps, if the leak is accurate, will feature a mixture of open world and linear areas.
  • In addition, Zhykionn notes that the development team will be working on “enhancing environmental destructibility and further expanding the effects of plasmids on enemies, in-game maps, and environmental enigmas” for BioShock 4.
  • Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum, the Lutece Twins, and Eleanor Lamb, among others, may return, as suggested by the leak.
  • It has been speculated that a young American man named Lucas will play the lead role. Lucas, an orphan, must steal to keep from freezing to death on London’s streets. In the end, Lucas will be blamed for almost everything that goes wrong in Rapture.
  • Last but not least, the leak points to a cross-generation release, which would make BioShock 4 available to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners on day one. It’s hard to put any faith in this one given how far off the release date is.

BioShock 4 is Facing a Huge Challenge

Many fans are looking forward to a proper trailer for BioShock 4 from developer 2K Games at upcoming events like Summer Game Fest. This is because, as of early 2019, developer Cloud Chamber has been confirmed as the studio behind the game by 2K Games. There is understandable excitement for it given that it was developed by a number of people involved with the original game’s production.

A difficult recipe is a lot of anticipation with no demonstration of the game. Some job listings have misrepresented BioShock 4 as an open-world RPG that takes place outside of Cloud Chamber, but many players have shrugged this off. The BioShock series has great potential for concept escape. That said, it is a two-edged sword. Starfield, for instance, has not been shown very much, but it is in the same position. Because of the promise it held, many people were willing to bear the inconvenience of the delay. Unfairly high hopes are being placed on a game that has received little attention.

BioShock 4 Has an Elder Scrolls 6 Problem

Unfortunately, BioShock 4 also has the enormous task of following the groundbreaking original BioShock games. Both the original BioShock and its sequel, BioShock Infinite, have a devoted fan base and rank among the highest-rated games of all time. It’s also possible that BioShock 4 will come out ten years after Infinite; while this would represent a huge technological leap, it would also represent a huge jump in expectations.

The Elder Scrolls 6 and Grand Theft Auto 6 are probably the best games to use as a comparison. Both are long-awaited sequels to games that fans have been waiting over a decade to play. The sales success of each game undoubtedly contributed to the delay of the sequels, but the anticipation cannot be ignored. Both The Elder Scrolls 6 and Grand Theft Auto 6 have the unenviable task of following in the footsteps of Skyrim, one of the most influential role-playing games on the market.

BioShock 4 is in this position, following two highly regarded games. Games like Anthem and Cyberpunk 2077 are living proof that even the most highly anticipated releases are not immune to failure. In fact, this is true of Grand Theft Auto 6, BioShock 4, and The Elder Scrolls 6 as a whole, which can make the total package seem quite intimidating.

There is, however, a bright side to this situation. BioShock 4 could be a huge step forward for the franchise and gaming in general if it lives up to or exceeds its predecessors. Since Cloud Chamber is responsible for developing BioShock 4, there’s no reason to doubt that it will be a groundbreaking game. The test may be difficult, but remember that real diamonds are created in the fire.

BioShock Infinite’s Multiverse Ending

The conclusion of BioShock Infinite left the door wide open for future games in the series. The game reveals that there are an infinite number of worlds, each with its own unique set of inhabitants, geography, and history. With this new information potentially changing the entire franchise, it could be argued that using a previously used location for Cloud Chamber lacks originality.

The Burial at Sea downloadable content for BioShock Infinite made shrewd use of this ending by permanently relocating Booker and Elizabeth to Rapture to depict a different take on the events of the original game. The ending of Infinite allows Cloud Chamber to do whatever it wants, so while players will enjoy another go at the Big Daddies of Rapture, a fresh environment would be preferable.

New BioShock 4 Details Leaked | EarlyGame

BioShock 4 Exploring the Multiverse with New Tech

Fans have speculated that Unreal Engine 5 will power BioShock 4, after seeing it mentioned in job listings for Cloud Chamber. Cloud Chamber may have an easier time making the game’s expansive open world, or even multiple worlds, if they use state-of-the-art development tools like Unreal Engine 5.

This would give the developer more options for utilizing the multiverse introduced in BioShock Infinite. The creators of BioShock 4 should use the multiverse to expand on the game’s setting rather than relying solely on Rapture and Columbia. The game’s ability to travel to new worlds on a grander scale and in greater detail than was previously possible in Infinite was made possible by the combination of Unreal Engine 5 and the processing muscle of modern gaming consoles.

Cloud Chamber’s Debut Game Should be Original & Creative

Cloud Chamber’s first game is BioShock 4, so naturally they want it to stand out from the crowd. The developer’s reputation could be damaged if they keep recycling the same settings from old games.

Characters with guns and abilities, a broken city, and unexpected turns are all staples of the series that will undoubtedly return in BioShock 4. Fans of the franchise are looking for these characteristics, but they should be presented in a new way. The new BioShock will undoubtedly draw inspiration from the series’ history, but the game’s setting should have a greater impact on the narrative, characters, and gameplay.

A New Location Would Influence BioShock 4’s Gameplay

In previous games, the protagonists’ abilities came from the environment. Plasmid serums are commonplace in BioShock and BioShock 2, granting the player special abilities. In Columbia, tonics called Vigors work similarly to Plasmids in that they bestow superpowers; this is how Booker DeWitt acquires his. The protagonist’s power ups in BioShock 4 should be similarly explained, albeit in a context-specific manner. If the rumored Antarctic setting is real, there could be interesting backstory about the nature of the powers available to the player character and how they are acquired.

After the events of Infinite, Cloud Chamber has a blank slate to create whatever they want with the BioShock series. With an upcoming Netflix film, the BioShock IP is poised for a revival, and a new game set in an intriguing new location could serve as the catalyst for this revival.