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Developers should take advantage of the current lull in cyberpunk mania in the gaming industry to present their own takes on grim, technologically advanced dystopian futures.

At the beginning of 2021, I became aware of Disjunction, a 2D cyberpunk stealth-action RPG developed by the independent studio Ape Tribe Games.

You can use my thoughts on the game’s plot, mechanics, visuals, and audio to decide whether or not to purchase a copy.

Although you can find Disjunction on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and GOG, my impressions are based on the PC Steam version provided by publisher Sold Out.

Please explain. Subtle stealth platformer with a high difficulty curve.
Put money aside $15/£13
Developer Primate Competitions
Publisher Sold Out
Evaluation of CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RAM: 32GB
Multiplayer? Nope!

The Pros:

  • System for adaptable, covert military action
  • Exciting and varied sets of abilities for multiple playable characters
  • Pixel art animations and settings are cool.
  • Influence of player actions and dialogue selections on the story

The Cons:

  • Sometimes it’s necessary to use a specific tactic in order to advance in the game.
  • Sudden increases in difficulty
  • Typical UI for a Skill Tree
  • Automated foe that is overly hostile
  • There is no in-game map or comparable
  • Fewer checkpoints in each level

Developers should take advantage of the current lull in cyberpunk mania in the gaming industry to present their own takes on grim, technologically advanced dystopian futures.

Disjunction, a 2D cyberpunk stealth-action RPG developed by independent studio Ape Tribe Games, is one such game that came to my attention at the beginning of 2021.

To help you decide whether or not to buy the game, I’ll discuss my impressions of the game’s story, gameplay, graphics, and sound design in this review.

Although you can find Disjunction on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and GOG, my impressions are based on the PC Steam version provided by publisher Sold Out.

Story and Setting

Disjunction Story and Setting

The events of Disjunction take place in New York City in the year 2048, at a time of worldwide economic turmoil, ecological disaster, and deteriorating social norms.

Civilization is on the verge of collapse as a result of climate change and the depletion of natural resources, but it is barely hanging on thanks to massive urbanization.

While this allows civilization to progress, it also causes civil unrest, a rise in crime and corruption, and a general breakdown of law and order in increasingly crowded megacities.

Disjunction’s three protagonists—a disoriented police officer, an alcoholic boxer with a cybernetic arm, and a female hacker with Chinese mob ties—enter this setting.

Disjunction Story

An intriguing backstory is revealed for each playable character over the course of the game, but the player’s actions can change the outcomes for many of them.

In terms of the narrative, this is accomplished through conversations that feature at least two possible courses of action; depending on your selections, the characters’ demeanor will shift from hostile to sympathetic to indifferent, and so on.

There is a lot of text to sift through in role-playing games, including conversations, lore tidbits hidden throughout levels, and exploring a character’s skill tree.

Despite Disjunction’s 2D visuals, I felt fully immersed thanks to the game’s compelling story, engaging characters, and atmospheric setting.

Gameplay Breakdown

Disjunction Gameplay

Disjunction promotes itself as a non-lethal and lethal action role-playing game.

All three of our protagonists have unique skills and resources that make them formidable in some contexts but weak in others.

The detective is armed with a pistol, stun dart, smoke grenade, and healing ability in addition to a non-lethal tactical baton.

The boxer is equipped with a shotgun, a force grenade, dermal plating that provides armor, and a cybernetic arm that he can use to deal non-lethal damage by hitting nearby enemies or charging towards them.

The hacker has a non-lethal baton and Uzi submachine gun, but she primarily relies on her ancillary abilities, such as a cat-shaped holoprojector that distracts foes, a pulse grenade that deals non-lethal damage, and an ability that temporarily renders her invisible.

Disjunction PC Gameplay

While it was great to have a wide variety of playable characters, I did notice that some were less adaptable than others.

The hacker was far too frail to survive pretty much any shootout, while the boxer and the detective could play fast and loose, running and gunning their way through levels (to an extent).

Sometimes the AI seemed too advanced, to the point where I was killed by gunfire before I could even react.

Disjunction Gameplay Walkthrough

However, the game offers a variety of skill trees that let you specialize in a variety of play styles.

Unfortunately, this follows the standard RPG trope of requiring a certain amount of trial and error before your character’s build can truly shine.

There are many things in the environment to take into account, including electrified traps, surveillance cameras, and shadowed walls to hide behind.

Disjunction Game

Each stage has a set number of checkpoints that the player can manually activate at any time, typically between one and two.

Since many newer games use autosaves instead of set checkpoints, I thought this was an antiquated design choice.

Due to the limited field of view afforded to your character, I occasionally found myself discovered by a guard whose presence I had been blissfully unaware of.

More often than not, this resulted in my death and a reset to a checkpoint on the opposite side of the level due to the ferocity of alerted enemies.

Although the checkpoint system added some strategy to my game, by the end of my journey it felt more like an annoyance than a safe haven.

Graphics and Sound

Disjunction Graphics

Disjunction’s 2D pixel art design gets the job done, despite not being as photorealistic as the 3D versions of similarly themed games like Deus Ex or Cyberpunk 2077.

One of my favorite features is the loading screen, which shows your character on a train passing through a vast Neo New York City.

The game’s user interface is competent and straightforward, though some players may find the lack of character in the skill tree interface off-putting.

While most of the levels take place in generic fortified enemy bases, some, like the villain’s penthouse, feature unique environments and design elements, such as purple wallpaper and leather furniture.

Disjunction Sound

The lack of a map in the game makes it difficult to find your way back to a checkpoint or an upgrade you may have missed.

This problem, however, only became a serious obstacle for me in the game’s second half, when the levels expanded in size and complexity.

Considering how often you’ll be listening to it as you stealthily explore different areas, I thought Disjunction’s soundtrack was fantastic.

When your character deals a non-lethal blow, the sound effect and animation will convey the full force of the blow.

While many cyberpunk games feature synth-heavy soundtracks, Disjunction takes things in a darker direction by giving its music an ethereal-like quality, which helps create a palpable sense of dread.

User Reviews – Critic Reviews


There’s a lot of dialogue for a game with no voice acting, and that’s the biggest complaint about this ambitious indie title. The story in this game is pretty average for the amount of dialogue, and the energy mechanic is so **** didn’t they get rid of that in 1990? If Red Dead Redemption 2 had no voice actors but the same amount of dialogue, I would go **** crazy. Strange things happen when dealing with enemies; for example, if you fire a gun in one room, everyone in that room will hear it, but the person in the next room won’t.

Screen Rant

As a cyberpunk stealth game, Disjunction performs admirably. Its strong sprite design and excellent soundtrack help it capture the cyberpunk tone perfectly, and the gameplay is tight and rewarding. Those seeking an authentic cyberpunk adventure should head here.

The Indie Game Website

With Disjunction, the cyberpunk subgenre has a worthy new addition. Sneaking around futuristic workplaces and factories while debating how best to use your powers is where the game really shines. When stealth fails, the action becomes a little lackluster, and the story is entertaining without being earth-shattering. The game’s visuals are undeniable, and the light RPG elements help to keep things fresh throughout play.

PC Games

The gameplay in Disjunction is inspiring, the story is engaging (if somewhat predictable), and the characters are fascinating. The game’s world is incredibly well-developed and interesting; I’d love to learn more about it in another medium. When moving stealthily from one opponent to another, it’s easy to forget about the few drawbacks. In Cyberpunk 2077, all of your problems disappear.

Gamer Escape

The stealth action in Disjunction is well-executed and enjoyable. Even though there are some rough spots in the game’s stealth mechanics, overall it’s a lot of fun to play and I’ve only had to start over once (and hopefully that won’t happen again). Even though it doesn’t have the most realistic stealth mechanics, this game is likely to appeal to fans of new retro-styled games in the modern era and action stealth experiences similar to the early Metal Gear games and games like Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell (except being 2-D).


Disjunction does so much right for a debut game and provides more story than anyone would expect from a team of just three people. The gameplay it does have is solid, if occasionally frustrating. This is solid groundwork. They need only elaborate on the idea.


Disjunction is a fun stealth action game with great visuals and sound, but the gameplay becomes repetitive and dull without more variety. However, it overstays its welcome due to a lack of engaging progression in either the gameplay or the story. This is a solid debut effort from a small development team, but it falls short of its legendary forerunners.


There is so much that could be done with Disjunction; it has a fantastic soundtrack, novel ideas for combat, and a passable story. All of these are hampered by tedious and unfair battle systems, dull stealth, and simplistic visuals. Back when I first played Disjunction, it left quite an impression on me, but it could have benefited from being more manageable in chunks. After taking in the whole game, all I wanted was for it to be over with.

The Final Verdict

Disjunction Conclusion

Disjunction is a breath of fresh air in a sea of overhyped and mismarketed games, including certain other cyberpunk games we shall not name.

While the stealth mechanics were well-implemented and the combat was adequate, I found my patience tested by the incessant nature of alerted enemies and the game’s harsh checkpoint system.

If you enjoy the extreme difficulty of classic 2D games, you’ll feel right at home in the dystopian future of Disjunction.

Take your time during fights, level up your health and detection skills, and use checkpoints wisely to make it through the game’s tougher sections.