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Consider the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing this great chair after reading our Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition review.

You need to get something done, but your back is killing you from all the sitting you’ve been doing. Or perhaps you’ve spent the entire day coding and playing video games and now you can’t seem to get out of bed?

Does this ring a bell?

Everyone should be heard, even if the current situation doesn’t strike a chord with them. sit themselves. A bad chair can cause serious and unpleasant health problems.

This Epic Black Edition of Noble Chairs review will acquaint you with the most recent model of the chair featured in the acclaimed EPIC series. The manufacturers have stepped it up a notch everywhere, so let’s break it down, feature by feature.

The Specs

Data Processing Specifications

  • Style of Office Chair
  • To a maximum of 265 pounds!
  • Size: 26.4″ x 27.9″ x 55.1″
  • Dimensions: 19″ – 23″


  • Highest quality construction
  • Fits tall people perfectly.
  • Genuine leather
  • Various hues are available for your selection.
  • Four-way arm supports

  • Quite pricey in comparison to similar offerings.
  • Possible lack of adequate back support.

What’s In The Box?

Truth be told, most chair manufacturers do a good job of carefully packing their wares, so Noblechairs is no exception. Multiple layers of plastic and polystyrene were used to ship the Epic to you in an effort to keep it free from dings and scrapes. The box was made of sturdy double-layered cardboard, and it was custom-made to fit the chair snugly inside with no wiggle room.

What you’ll find inside the box:

  • Backrest
  • Seat
  • Armrests
  • Wheelbase
  • Controlled swaying
  • Fluid-powered piston
  • Sleeve, hydraulic
  • Swivel knobs
  • Casters: 5 x PU
  • Edge protection
  • Screw set
  • Neck support
  • Lumbar support


The entire line of Noblechairs has been designed and tested to have the most straightforward and natural assembly process possible. The Epic chair wasn’t the first in the series to be put together, so building one was relatively straightforward.

To ensure a smooth assembly process, we laid out all of the components on the floor and followed the instructions step by step.

The process is relatively straightforward, but the finicky part is attaching the chair to the base.

Epic Gaming Chair Assembly Pic 1

The only other thing to remember is that the backrest mechanism is pre-loaded, so to speak; if you touch the leaver, you WILL get hurt. The image is below.

Epic Gaming Chair Assembly Pic 2

The only other thing to keep in mind is that the backrest’s operating mechanism is pre-loaded, so refrain from touching the leaver lest you suffer a painful injury. The image is below.

Epic Gaming Chair WARNING pic

How Does It Compare?

To make a fair comparison of this chair, I’ll need to divide the process into a few distinct parts. This will allow for a more thorough evaluation and illustration of the chair’s benefits.

As a gaming chair

Since the Epic’s primary function is as a gaming chair, it makes sense to evaluate it primarily in relation to other similar products in this category. How does it compare to the best gaming chairs available right now?

The chair’s construction and materials are the first noteworthy aspects. They are obviously of high quality and are constructed to last, which is not always the case with gaming chairs. Especially with so many inexpensive brands on the market today.

Since the bucket racer design has become the standard, the aesthetic is in sync with the rest of the gaming chair industry. The chair’s 4D armrests provide a degree of customization not found on every seat.

When compared to other chairs, such as Secretlab’s Omega, I find this one to be lacking. With all due respect to the Epic, which is also fantastic, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the Omega.

In general, I would rank it near the top of gaming chairs. Definitely one to think about if you value high quality.

As an office chair

Because of its unconventional design, comparing the Epic to the best office chairs on the market is an odd comparison to make.

When it comes to the most important aspects of an office chair, comfort and aesthetic appeal, I have to say that this one falls short. The Epic looks fantastic from a gamer’s perspective. However, unless you run some kind of computer website, I don’t think this would fly in an office setting.

As an everyday desktop chair

While we do not recommend the Epic as an office chair, that does not mean it cannot be used as a comfortable chair at home.

In terms of aesthetics, I think the Epic is fantastic. In a domestic setting, this chair’s design, which we’ll discuss in more depth in a moment, shines. In addition, the convenience is pleasant for brief stays.

The Epic is an excellent choice if you want a sturdy chair that will last for years to come because of its high-quality construction and materials.

Build Quality

Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition

The chair’s ability to breathe is enhanced by a new hybrid material in this updated version of the Black Edition. These microspores translate to a fantastic, non-perspiration-inducing experience.

However, that’s just the start.

This cutting-edge fabric is a hybrid of German-made polyurethane (PU) leather and cheap plastic (PVC), and it’s the perfect compromise between cheap plastic and high-end leather for a gaming chair.

The synthetic leather looks and feels almost identical to real leather, making it difficult to tell the two apart; however, you can rest assured that it is cruelty-free and vegan.

It comes with icy foam padding.

The leather on the top of gaming chairs quickly wears out, tears, and becomes otherwise unusable after only a few months of use.

However, it appears that this premium mix of components will not. Long-term reliability is assured thanks to its resistance to tears, liquids, heat, and wear and tear.

The polished stainless steel handles, designed to provide as much stability as possible, also contribute to this chair’s exceptional durability. They are also movable in all directions, which is very convenient. You will feel like they were made just for you.

Now, naturally, the question arises, “Is it a pain in the neck to assemble?” This is a concern with any piece of furniture. the sad truth is that “yes,” it is.

Recruiting a couple of helpers is recommended because the package weighs close to 60 pounds (29 kilograms).

Wheels, a base, a back, and a seat are the four main components to put together. You can get right to work putting it together with the help of the tools in the included accessories box and the various nuts, bolts, and replacement parts.

While the time commitment is significant (roughly 40 minutes), the quality of the components and the clarity of the instructions mean that you should be able to work through any difficulties that arise.

Tightening the bolts caused some confusion in our case because apparently not all bolts are created equal (and they didn’t set out to do that).However, with some practice, you will succeed.

If you learn better visually, check out Noblechairs’ official music video:

Even though the assembly process is lengthier than anticipated, the moment you settle into your brand-new seat, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.epic chair.


Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition Gaming Chair

The surface of this chair, made of leather, is as classy as it gets at first glance.

Its design is instantly recognizable as a gaming chair, but it wouldn’t look out of place in the world’s most plush office.

The EPIC Black Edition chair’s subtle black stitching, stylish aluminum plaque, and attractive stamped Noblechairs logo at the front all serve to highlight the chair’s already gorgeous contours.

Furthermore, the EPIC Black will retain its original pitch-black color regardless of how often it’s exposed to light.

The EPIC Black Edition chair from Noblechairs is easily distinguished from competing models thanks to its sleek appearance and dual function as a gaming and office chair. Negatives are not an issue.


Noblechairs EPIC BE

The construction and the adjustability of this chair are the two most important factors in achieving comfort.

For the former, the EPIC Black Edition has a harness-holed, plushly padded head and lumbar pillow that offers excellent support for the cervical and thoracic regions of the spine. They are so soft and accommodating that even if you initially dislike them, you will come to adore them.

Furthermore, they are fastened to the chair with elastic tape and clips, so they won’t come loose or get lost as is common with gaming chairs. The EPIC Black’s many adjustable features include a 10-cm height adjustment and a recline range of 90 to 135 degrees (operated by a lever on the side).

You can go from a fully upright position to one in which you are almost horizontal.

Since this particular model is made with the expectation that it will be used in workplaces, it is not possible to lower it so far that you would appear to be about to take a nap.

The aforementioned arm support, the enlarged 4D armrests, is also fully customizable; you can rotate, slide, and move it in any direction with the push of a button.

In addition, the caster wheels are silent and smooth, so there are no vibrations when you move.

These ergonomic enhancements are a boon to your back and posture as a whole. However, we still wouldn’t say that it provides unparalleled comfort. Although it’s great to see that a gaming chair can get so comfortable, there are more ergonomic and comfortable chairs that were made specifically for the office.

Office chairs are still the best option for preventing back pain and other health issues associated with prolonged sitting.

Value For Money

Noblechairs EPIC Black Edition Review

The massive asking price for the EPIC Black Edition by Noblechairs is the biggest flaw of this product.

On the other hand, it’s true that this chair is so stylish that everyone will envy you for having it.

Consider: it seems like you always have to give up one feature in exchange for another. So the high-end aesthetic sacrifices comfort, or is it the other way around?

Despite striking a good middle ground between the two, the EPIC Black Edition could stand to be more comfortable for longer periods of use. Consequently, if you’re able to splurge on this gaming chair, you should.epic experience. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, you could find chairs that are both more affordable and more accommodating to your needs.

Verdict – Should You Buy One?

So there you have it, an in-depth analysis of the Epic gaming chair from Noblechairs. But is it really worth shelling out the cash for it?

It’s a tricky question because the best chair for you will likely depend on personal preference. With its sleek appearance and supportive racer bucket seat, this is an excellent choice for gamers. It’s sturdy and well-made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing its longevity.

The chair was excellent in terms of support, but I found it to be too firm for my comfort. It’s worth noting that some people will really enjoy that.

In conclusion, the Epic is a great choice if you’re shopping for a racer-style bucket chair that won’t break the bank. You should look elsewhere if you need a chair with a lot of padding and comfort.

The Epic chair by Noblechairs is a must-have, right? How do you feel about it? Tell us in the comments section below!