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In light of Herman Miller’s “gaming chairs,” the question must be asked: what is a gaming chair, exactly? Can I get a headrest with that? Pillows with a logo? Light synchronization? Seating that looks like it came straight out of a Fast & Furious spinoff and into your living room? Nothing like that can be found in Herman Miller’s gaming selection. The Herman Miller Sayl I have here for review is identical to the office version except that it comes in a much more vibrant color scheme. That’s why the Sayl is such a great option for gamers looking for an ergonomic seat that looks just as good at an office desk as it does in front of a glowing battle station.

  • A List Price of $785
  • Pros: Extremely simple to assemble, highly customizable
  • Cons: Not universally appealing, and it could use a lot more comfort.
  • In sum, this chair stands out more for its aesthetics than its performance ratings, but both are quite good.
  • At ease: 6/10 (50%).
  • Ability to Modify (35%); 9/10
  • Persistence: 8 out of 10 (10%)
  • Setup Time (5% of Total): 10/10
  • Details: Sayl by Herman Miller
  • Tilt and recline, yes

First Impressions

We won’t go on and on about how great this chair is, but it really is hard to argue with its aesthetic superiority. The Herman Miller Sayl is one of the few products of its kind on the market.

Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair review: A stylish and comfy designer chair | Expert Reviews

This is without a doubt a remarkable achievement. The chair’s signature open backrest is inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge’s design. Even if there were only one of these chairs in an otherwise full office, it would attract attention.

It has a contemporary feel to it, and perhaps even a touch of the futuristic. The backrest also leans backwards noticeably. The chair now looks much cozier and welcoming. The most popular color schemes feature black and red.

However, numerous alternatives exist. Different parts of the chair (the back, the frame, the upholstery, etc.) can be a variety of colors.

White, gray, blue, and green are some examples. However, with the exception of white, the majority of the colors are quite dark.

Last but not least, the rest of the Herman Miller Sayl’s construction looks just as impressive as the striking backrest.

It strikes an agreeable middle ground between slim and hefty.

While we think it looks great, let me be clear. No one can deny that some people will find it unappealing. It’s possible you’ll come around to it, but we just don’t see it. Most people will either adore or despise this design.


If you can’t assemble the chair, it doesn’t matter how sleek the design is. The Herman Miller Sayl is almost entirely preassembled, which is a huge time saver. The only thing left to do is attach the top to the base.

The instructions are straightforward, and setting up the product normally takes less than 5 minutes. We give it high marks because there is only one stage of assembly required.

Size and Specifications

We’ve already established that the Herman Miller Sayl strikes a nice middle ground between minimalism and heft. Many workplace seating options only have one or the other. While it’s great to see a chair with a more symmetrical design, it’s also possible that this could be a problem for some users.

The Herman Miller Sayl can still accommodate a wide variety of users thanks to its generous dimensions. However, those who are taller or heavier than average may feel restricted. Although the backrest is a design highlight, it may not provide adequate support for larger individuals.

  • Height Range: 33.75′′ – 40.75′′
  • The seat height ranges from 15.5″ to 20″.
  • Width: 24.5″
  • Depth: 16 – 18″

Cost and Value

The Sayl is not a cheap chair, but it provides outstanding value thanks to its unique design, excellent ergonomics, and sturdy construction that will allow it to withstand daily use for 10 years. While many Herman Miller items can cost four figures, the Sayl begins at just $500. Consider the Sayl if you need a high-quality, long-lasting chair for your office. You’ll save money in the long run and experience less back and neck pain in the short term if you do this.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The Sayl is an ergonomic chair developed with a focus on user comfort. The material of the backrest is very conforming, so your back and shoulders can relax into the chair without any uncomfortable ridges. Unlike other chairs, the Sayl doesn’t have a metal frame that can cause sore spots after extended use. In addition, this malleable material can be molded to fit a wide range of human bodies. Easy customization is provided by the armrests’ minimalist design. You can adjust the keyboard’s height to the perfect height for your elbows and arms in 7 distinct ways. The Sayl’s easy-to-reach lever allows for a generous amount of tilt, perfect for those of us who like to relax with our chairs tilted back. There are three positions, one of which encourages sitting up straight while still allowing a slight lean.

Herman Miller Sayl Review | Tested by GearLab

Herman Miller Sayl – Design and Features

The Sayl is, along with a few other outlandish gaming chairs, one of the most distinctive and peculiar-looking seating options available. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was the inspiration for this design by renowned industrial designer Yves Béhar. Béhar considered using the same ideas to design an office chair, and the result was the Sayl.

The weblike backing is made up of dozens of interlocking elastomer strands, which contribute to the product’s eye-catching appearance. Because of the elasticity provided by those strands, the chair can be adjusted to your body’s shape and weight. This style allows your spine to maintain its healthy “S” curve while providing extra support where it’s needed. Less tiredness is experienced with this layout, and no lumbar support is required.

The low cost is a result of the design’s low material requirements for production. It’s not cheap at $725, but compared to Herman Miller’s other high-end options like the Embody ($1,495) and Aeron ($1,445), it’s a steal. Even at that reduced price, Herman Miller’s gaming chairs are still more expensive than many similarly rated options.

However, gaming chairs aren’t completely bad for your health because of features like simple recline and high backs. However, they may contribute to slouching due to their design. While the “lumbar support” may actually be nothing more than a branded pillow of wildly varying quality, the neck pillows on the headrests are generally not intended for use while seated.

What makes the Gaming Edition of Sayl different from the regular Sayl?

For $549, you can get the OG. However, the additional $75 is necessary to upgrade the standard with fully adjustable, 4D armrests and a depth-adjustable seat. Since they are both present here, you can consider it a $30 savings. However, there are additional constraints to consider. There are more options to personalize the original Sayl, such as lumbar support, more muted color schemes, and a fabric back (which is unfortunately no longer available). Instead, you’re paying for a more daring color scheme.

The amount of force required to lean the seat back can be altered by twisting the rod on the right, and a lever located behind it can be used to change the height of the seat from 16 to 20.5 inches. There’s a lever over there that adjusts the seat’s angle of recline and tilt. The arms can be swiveled out of the way, slid closer to the body, raised or lowered, and positioned at any angle.

The Sayl is the only Herman Miller chair to offer color customization, albeit with a small selection of options. There are only two seat colors—black and slate grey—and five suspension configurations to choose from. As unobtrusive as design can get, the chair I tested was white and black with red levers. There are also dark red, bright green, and shimmering blue color schemes.

Herman Miller Sayl, Gaming Edition – Performance

The entire selection of Herman Miller gaming chairs exudes an air of oddness. The design-oriented company has (arguably) tarnished the appearance of its best-looking chairs, eliminated a wide range of customizable options, added zero features, and marketed the chairs as “gaming chairs.” That results in an awkward size for its product. People who appreciate gamer aesthetics can get a chair for much less than $750, but picky shoppers looking for a high-end office chair for gaming might be turned off by the bold color choices.

Does it really matter though?

Those chairs by Herman Miller are top-notch. The Aeron is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in, and I use it every day. All gamers should be afforded such a treat.

The Sayl can be used right out of the box. The chairs from Herman Miller arrive at your office ready to use, having been taken straight from a massive box. Most gaming chairs have an embarrassing design, so I was happy to see how well the Sayl fit into my spare environment. The other color schemes are also suitable for those who prefer a more blatant appearance, and would look great next to the RGB glow of a monster battle station.

The Sayl’s impressive comfort came as no surprise to me after I adjusted the height, seat depth, and lean tension to my liking. The Sayl was named Product Design of the Year by the judges of the 2010 International Design Awards, among many other accolades. Now that I’m sitting in it, I understand why.

I spent a lot of time in that chair and never once had back pain (except, of course, when I tried out the tilt away from the desk). Although I did not experience any lumbar pain while using this chair, I should note that it does not provide as much lumbar support as the Embody or the Aeron, both of which cost almost exactly twice as much. (The Sayl’s original, non-gaming edition includes an optional lumbar addition, which can be helpful if you experience frequent back fatigue or pain.

The armrests slide forward and back with a simple push, and I was pleasantly surprised that I never accidentally moved them with my elbows while leaning back and grasping a controller or switch. Adjusting the inward angles of the arms provided ample support for my arms while playing handheld games, though I wish they could articulate further so that I could rest my entire arm on them.

You can lean forward toward your keyboard or screen without stooping over. The seat can either be completely flat or leaned forward, with no intermediate positions. The excessive forward tilt can make you feel like you’re going to fall out of your seat or like you need to brace yourself against the desk. You can reduce the sensation by releasing the back tension and adjusting the seat height so that both feet are flat on the floor, but I’d still like to have more options for the tilt of the setup.

Because I prefer a more conventional setup when I’m working, I found myself fiddling with nearly every lever several times. Like many others, I struggled to find the sweet spot for adjusting the settings on my office chair. Adjusting the forward tilt felt like black magic, in contrast to the seat height, tilt tension, and harm height. To make the adjustment, you must lean back and either press the front or lift the back of a tiny hatched lever located under the left side cushion.

My other complaint is that the chair doesn’t go up high enough when I use the controls. I was about an inch and a half too tall for the typical desk height range. The high-height range, which costs an additional $50 but provides an extra inch and a half of seat height, is ideal for anyone over 6 feet tall.

Herman Miller promises more color options down the road; here’s hoping that includes more ways to personalize your furniture as well. The original Sayl can be ordered with an upholstered back, which improves its aesthetic in my opinion. Additional tilt configurations, greater extreme arm rotation, and a tilt lever neanderthals like me can understand are all things I’d like to see implemented as gaming-specific tweaks. Until then, however, I have no qualms about continuing to endorse this delightfully odd gaming chair.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review Roundup 2023 ~ Gadget Review


One unique piece of furniture is the Herman Miller Sayl gaming chair. It’s a stylish chair, but it has a peculiar design that I really like. However, even the most understated choices are wildly unconventional from an aesthetic standpoint. The construction materials are the same as regular Sayl, minus the vibrant hues. That makes it a fantastic choice for gamers in search of trendy seating, but it probably won’t do much to unify your office space.


What is the Herman Miller Sayl?

The Sayl lives up to Herman Miller’s reputation for producing some of the most impressive, cutting-edge, and aesthetically pleasing pieces of office furniture on the market, and it does so at a price that won’t break the bank.

How much does the Herman Miller Sayl cost?

Although not inexpensive, the Sayl chair provides excellent value thanks to its stylish appearance and comfortable construction. The Sayl from Herman Miller can be had for less than $600.

Is the Sayl an ergonomic chair?

The Sayl can be considered an ergonomic option. The back is made of a material that molds to your body, the armrests can be adjusted to seven different heights, and there are three different lean settings.

Is the Herman Miller Sayl designed well?

The Sayl is a contemporary seating option. You can tell that this chair is unlike any other desk chair by looking at it from any angle. The quality matches the innovative style.

Can you get the Sayl in multiple color options?

The Sayl can be had in a wide variety of hues and fabrics. Different material finishes and colors can be selected for both the seat back and the seat bottom.

Does the Herman Miller Sayl come with a warranty?

When it comes to longevity and craftsmanship, the Herman Miller Sayl really shines. However, a warranty is always well received. Included in the package is a Coverage for 12 Years. which is excellent, although there are rivals who provide lifetime guarantees.

Is Herman Miller a good office chair brand?

The Herman Miller name has been around for a long time. They’ve been in business for over a century, making them industry forerunners when it comes to innovation and design. Various chairs, each with its own unique style, are available. Look no further than the Embody Chair to see another product of their innovative design philosophy in action.

Now, whether or not you appreciate their unconventional approach to design depends entirely on your personal preferences. Nonetheless, we believe that they are a worthy contender when looking for a new chair for the office. Particularly if you prefer conventional styles.

Could the Herman Miller Sayl be used as a gaming chair?

There’s no reason it couldn’t work, but there are likely to be more desirable alternatives. Herman Miller has even produced a line of gaming chairs specifically for the industry. A gaming chair is not at all like an office chair.

The Herman Miller Sayl isn’t the best option if you’re looking for a chair that won’t bother your back during marathon gaming sessions. Instead, check out some of the KILLABEE Gaming Chairs out there, which are specifically designed with gamers in mind.