Updated at: 15-06-2023 - By: Gemaga

The Soutien ergonomic office chair from Flexispot was generously provided for review.

I’d like to provide my sincere opinion in the hopes that it will aid someone else in their search for a better office chair.

Since March of 2020, when I first began working remotely. I’ve gone through two desk chairs already. Within the first week of working from home, I purchased a chair from IKEA. Before I bought the couch, I didn’t have anywhere to sit.
Home office setup in a small apartment with a laptop on a laptop stand, ipad set up as a sidecar, apple magic keyboard and ikea desk chair
The chair served its purpose, but it wasn’t made for sitting and working for eight hours a day. It was stylish, but provided very little back support. This made it ideal for slouching and slinking into.

My old conference chair from my New York City office was the second chair I sat in. It’s a high-quality, wheeled desk chair that suffers from the same issue as the IKEA chair. The lack of lumbar support became increasingly apparent at the end of each workday.

The lack of lumbar support in my home office chair is something I try to avoid by getting up from my standing desk on a regular basis.

Flexispot reached out to me at a time when I was rearranging my home office furniture and asked if I would be interested in trying out their Soutien ergonomic chair. I agreed because the timing was perfect.

Flexispot Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair Specifications

  • Price: $300
  • Allowable Load: 299 lbs.
  • 27.17 inches in width
  • 23.82-inch depth
  • Dimensions of the Back: 22.05″
  • Size: 20.47″ across the back
  • 20.08-inch wide seats.
  • Chair Cushion Depth: 16.93″
  • Variable height seating between 16.9 and 19.7 inches
  • Minimum height for an armrest is 23.62 inches.
  • Seat-Back Incline Variability: 106-135 Degrees
  • Chair Mass: 45.one Pounds
  • Lumbar Cushion That You Can Tweak?
  • Armrest with 4D Ergonomics, Yes
  • Supportive Mesh Back:
  • The Headrest Is Adjustable

The Good

  • Mesh fabric is breathable and won’t keep in heat.
  • You can tinker with nearly every detail.
  • Suitable for extended periods of sitting
  • The set up procedure is simple.

The Bad

  • Weight Restriction: 300 Pounds
  • If you use a chair with castor wheels on carpet, they may become stuck.
  • The lumbar support often shifts as you sit.

Unboxing: my first impressions

About a 50-pound package was delivered to our apartment. Even though it wasn’t my favorite thing to do at 9:30 in the morning, I managed to lug a heavy box containing a desk chair all the way up to my fifth-floor walkup apartment in New York City and have it assembled in time for my first meeting at 10:30.

The product itself, the desk chair, consists of a small number of parts that can be assembled quickly and simply at home. There was no scuffing or other damage to be found on the seat pad, arms, back, legs, wheels, or main support base when it was unboxed.

The wheels were a bit of a pain to snap into the primary support legs, but that’s for the best because they’re not going anywhere.

The manual was easy to understand and follow, so anyone should be able to put it together correctly.

All the necessary hardware is included, and there are even some spare screws in case any are lost during assembly.

After assembly, the chair provides a sense of solidity and is ready for use in your first at-home business meeting.

Flexispot Soutien features that are worth mentioning

The lumbar support, seat depth adjustments, backrest adjustments, and headrest are all features that stand out when comparing this chair to others that aren’t ergonomically designed. These improvements are noticeable when put next to my IKEA chair and my other office chair at the company.

This chair can be adjusted to fit your body perfectly. The height adjustment is all the way up, and I rarely use the tilting feature. I’ve set the armrests at a comfortable height so that I can rest my arms on them during meetings.

The lumbar support acts as a formidable obstacle, ensuring that I maintain a more upright posture throughout the day. If you’re working from home and want to improve your posture, I’d say this is a useful feature.

If you’re in a hot environment or tend to overheat easily, the mesh back and mesh lumbar support might come in handy. I haven’t experienced extreme heat in my apartment during the testing period, but this chair seems to have better air circulation than others I’ve tried.

If you feel like a chair is missing something crucial, like a place to rest your head, a headrest can provide that for you.

For several weeks, I neglected to use the chair’s headrest. After I put it in, everything about sitting in my chair was better. When I recline further back in the chair, I feel like I’m getting a more comfortable and supportive sitting experience.

Pros and cons of the Flexispot Soutien chair

In conclusion, if you need a versatile desk chair for your home office, I highly recommend this one. When compared to more premium chairs for home offices, this one is easy on the wallet and makes for a great first ergonomic desk chair. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to sit in one place or one position for a long time, but if you work from home on a regular basis, this chair can help you be more comfortable.

The pros

One of the best features of this Flexispot product is the ergonomic chair it comes with, as I mentioned up top. Benefit from lumbar support and a number of adjustments not available on most chairs.

The chair appears to be constructed from high-quality materials that will last for some time. The frame is sturdy, and I have no concerns about my safety whenever I’m seated in it. The mechanisms are easy to operate, and the seat can be easily raised or lowered.

The cons

The lumbar and headrest cushions are made of a material that is a little too stiff for my taste. Not a plush option at all. Comfortable things, in my opinion, should be invisible and undetectable over time. I am constantly aware of the lumbar support whenever I am seated. It doesn’t hurt, but I’m always aware that it’s there.

The cushion’s fabric isn’t the plushest, either. When I’m wearing shorts, the padding can be a little too rough. After sitting in the chair for a few hours, I noticed this, but it doesn’t bother me too much.

It’s almost a given that I’ll accidentally swivel the arm rests. Sitting up straight, grabbing the arm, and rotating backwards provides a nice back crack that I seek out every few hours. Traditional chairs’ arm rests provide useful leverage for going into a more extensive stretch.

The arm rests’ left-to-right swivel means that I frequently accidentally move them when I’m not intending to. For what it’s worth, this has never happened unless I consciously triggered them.

Everything in between

The chair’s homepage highlights many features I have mixed feelings about. During the development of the chair, they mention a few certifications and tests that were conducted.

The gas lift is Samhongsa Class 4, and the chair has passed more than 10,000 pressure tests, so it’s safe to use.

I have no idea if this is on par with or exceeds the efforts of other chair manufacturers.

The wheels or casters are nice and smooth, but I don’t anticipate doing much sliding around on them. They do their job well enough that I can use them to slide my chair to the side of my desk and use it in an upright position.

Flexispot Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair: Is it the perfect chair?

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to test out any of the most popular high-end chairs, such as the Herman Miller or Steelcase series of ergonomic office chairs. Although the Flexispot Soutien wasn’t cheap at around $400, it has improved my office experience to the point where I no longer feel like I wasted my money.needto run out and buy one of those expensive executive chairs for the office. No, not at this time.

Although the Flexispot Soutien is pleasant to use whether standing or sitting, a bit more padding on the seat would be welcome. Although prolonged periods of sitting can cause discomfort, I’ve found that the only way to alleviate the pain is to get up and move around every so often.

My preferred “feature” of the Soutien chair is the mesh material it is constructed from because it allows for air circulation and reduces pressure on my lower back. Other chairs are annoying and make me too hot to work in my home office, where the temperature is kept at a cool 70 degrees. In contrast, the Flexispot Soutien’s perforated mesh prevents me from overheating and sweating in my seat.

Can you describe the ideal office chair? Is the Flexispot Soutien it? Just to be clear, no it’s not. It’s not exactly right, but if you weigh less than 300 pounds and are around 6 feet tall, it’s close enough. The chair’s wide range of adjustments and the mesh material’s cooling effect on the body are both welcome features when spending long periods of time in front of a computer.

Final thoughts

The Flexispot Soutien is one of the best low-cost ergonomic chair options available. Once you start looking into it, you’ll see that most chairs with comparable features start at around $500 to $1,000.

I believe that with other chair brands, you will find more comfortable materials and a longer warranty for the price you pay. Steelcase and Herman Miller, for instance, both offer guarantees of up to 12 years. This seat comes with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

I’d be satisfied if I bought this chair. None of the criticisms I’ve received so far have caused me to feel seriously dissatisfied.

The Flexispot Soutien comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind after purchase. As long as it’s in perfect, unused condition, there will be no restocking fee and you won’t have to pay to ship it back.