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All other gaming chairs are measured against the Secretlab Titan. It met all of the requirements for gaming furniture: it’s comfortable, supportive, and, most importantly, it looks good. The new Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 doesn’t change any of that, but it does have some amazing new features to stay ahead of the pack.

Instead than rehashing the past, let’s jump directly into the new. This time around, Secretlabs is making the Titan Evo 2022 available in three different sizes, making it more accessible to a wider audience. Small, medium, and big are all available. When it comes to finding the ideal chair, you won’t have to seek elsewhere—the Titan Evo 2022 should cover most bases.

While Secretlab’s seat base features a slight bend to keep you in a healthy sitting position, it’s not the only company to provide this feature. However, it’s difficult to tell whether or not the seat will keep me firmly in position throughout the day, given that it has a generous amount of foam padding.


  • Incredibly well-built
  • Comfortable
  • A number of innovative design features.
  • Assembled in a matter of minutes


  • Head pillows with magnets can be removed by nudges
  • Cats can devour faux leather.

One Chair, Six Choices

Rather of splitting large and small seats into two separate models with slightly varied features, the Titan EVO 2022 range is a single series of identically equipped gaming chairs available in three sizes: S, R, and XL.

Secretlab Titan Review

In terms of seat width, the S chair is best for persons who are between 4’11” and 5’6″ tall and weigh up to 200 pounds, while the R chair is best for people who are 5’7″ to 6″2 tall and weigh up to 220 pounds. These two versions, both of which having a 285-pound weight limit, cost $549 for the Neo Hybrid leatherette version and $569 for the SoftWave Plus fabric version. At $599 for leatherette and $619 for fabric, the XL chair is more expensive. Designed for adults between 5’11” and 6’9″ in height, it has a seat width of 19.3 inches, making it suitable for those who weigh up to 395 pounds. While evaluating the R version, I found it to be accommodating and comfortable, even at a weight considerably above the suggested maximum (but not at the maximum weight).

Easy Assembly

Secretlab’s Titan EVO 2022 has a few design improvements that make putting together a gaming chair a little easier than normal. For starters, the chair’s back features metal plates with screw holes that connect to the hinges on the back of the chair. Since you don’t have to dig the bolt in and wriggle it around until it correctly catches, this is a welcome difference from typical gaming chairs, which have holes buried under the upholstery.

Using a metal hinge bracket on the right side of the chair helps aligning the holes and screwing in the bolts more easier. In order to keep the hinges looking tidy, you don’t need to use tiny screws to secure the plastic covers over them.

The Power of Magnets

Aside from that, magnets can be used in a variety of ways. For the first time, SecretLab’s memory foam head pillow, which is wrapped in felt, does not have an elastic strap attached to it. Instead, it is attached to the headrest by magnets. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about an elastic strap slipping off the chair’s tapering top when you’re adjusting the pillow.

The CloudSwap armrests on the Titan EVO also use magnets. The padded tops of the arms attach magnetically to metal plates, whereas the arms themselves bolt to the chair’s base. As a result, if the chair’s strong foam armrests wear out, you may simply buy new ones. A few years into using one of Secretlab’s chairs, I’ve noticed that the armrests have begun to wear and even tear. A big selling point is that they can be readily swapped out. Additionally, Technogel armrests can be purchased as an alternative to foam armrests.

Plenty of Adjustments

Secretlab’s Titan chairs no longer come with a lumbar support cushion. Instead, the strength of the chair’s lower back support can be adjusted via a dial on the chair’s armrests. A second dial for adjusting the height of the lumbar support is included in the Titan EVO. For $59, Secretlab offers an optional cushion that may be used to provide more support for the lower back, but the dial-based lumbar support is more modest.

With the exception of the lumbar support, the Titan EVO has all of the standard gaming chair features. You may adjust the armrests by moving them in any direction. You may adjust the chair’s height by twisting a lever and shifting your weight. Another lever on the right side of the seat lets you tilt the chair’s back forward or recline it all the way. A last feature is the ability to freely recline the chair or to lock it in place at a set angle of recline.

To prevent the chair from tipping over while being rolled, the wide casters are fitted with strong, rubberized wheels.

The Newest Materials

The Titan EVO 2022’s materials and ergonomics received subtle design changes from Secretlab in addition to the additional functional capabilities. Pebble seat design with a smoother inclines than previously guides your body to the center of the chair for maximum support, Secretlab states. I shifted my seat forward a little from my usual position and found it to be a little cozier.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Review: A Good Gaming Chair | WIRED

Secretlab’s newest materials are both available for your upholstery selections. The Titan EVO 2022 employs Secretlab’s NEO Hybrid material, which the firm claims is 12 times more durable than conventional PU leather, on the faux-leather side. According to our experience with past Secretlab imitation leather chairs, this one should last a long time. Since I’ve had the Titan 2020 chair for over three years, I’ve only noticed some little scuffing and peeling at the seams of the imitation leather, but no major damage or peeling. On a NEO Hybrid chair, we tried it out.

Alternatively, you can choose the SoftWeave Plus fabric, which is $20 more expensive than a NEO Hybrid chair of the same size but with the same features. Secretlab claims it is 3.5 times stronger than its original SoftWeave fabric (tested in our Secretlab Omega review from 2018), yet it is softer and more breathable. The SoftWeave Plus chair has not been tested yet, but it may be more cat-friendly than the NEO Hybrid synthetic leather. The NAPA leather version of the chair starts at $899 if you really want to splash out.

All of Secretlab’s chairs are made using the same cold-cure foam that has been used for years. Every surface you sit on is made of substantial foam, and there are no slender layers of cushioning above or below the chair’s metal frame.

As with its predecessors, the Titan EVO 2022 is an extremely cozy chair to sit on. Material and design are both excellent, and I didn’t detect any little issues like squeaky leather, abrasive wheels, or wiggled armrests. All of the chair’s components are built to last. The magnetic headrest pillow is my only gripe. It’s a little difficult to keep the pillow in place because of the little magnetic region. In the end, I settled on a place for the cushion that was both comfortable and secure.

Clever and Comfortable

Secretlab’s Titan EVO 2022 is a fantastic gaming chair, and the company has streamlined its product line in the process. Compared to other gaming chairs, the Titan EVO’s faux leather, R-sized Titan EVO is durable, comfy, and even a little bit easier to put together. It’s hard to argue with Secretlab’s $549-to-$619 price tag, not to mention the $999-to-$1,099 NAPA leather version, as the best conventional gaming seats. Editors’ Choice for gaming seats, the Secretlab Titan EVO 2022.

Although it lacks some of Secretlab’s more ingenious engineering features, the Cooler Master Caliber C1X is a worthy Editors’ Choice for its similar build quality and feel. In addition to the $549 AndaSeat T-Pro 2, which is a strong competitor to Secretlab’s chair, the Cooler Master Caliber R1S and Razer Enki X, both of which are excellent budget options, are available for under $300. The $319 Respawn Specter mesh-back chair is our top pick if you’re looking for a smaller, lighter chair. Finally, the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody chair provides some of the best ergonomics in a sitting position at a price of $1,500.

Under the Seat Changes

I had no issues putting the Evo together. Backrest features a gold T with Secretlab branding, carbon fiber-effect panels and red stitching set against black polyurethane leather (PU). Even though it’s plainly a gaming chair, it’s not as ostentatious as some others. Other color schemes and finishes are available, all of which are more eye-catching than your typical office chair.

First thing I noticed as I sat down was the cold cure foam’s hardness. Maintaining its shape for longer periods of time is easier with this sort of foam. After a startling initial impression, however, it proved to be extremely supportive and comfy for hours of sitting.

The Titan Evo 2022 has been under development for two years, according to Secretlab. In comparison to its predecessors, you’ll wonder what took so long because it looks so much like the same thing. However, all of the changes have been made below the surface of the furniture. To begin with, there are now three distinct sizes to choose from: Small, Regular, and XL.

Memory foam pillow, interchangeable armrest padding, and panels concealing fasteners are all magnetized, so you can quickly remove or install them. I love the magnetic pillow on this chair the most. It’s a lot of fun and eliminates the need for a strap around the back. Because of the layer of cooling gel within, it won’t slip out of place even on a hot day.

There was something gimmicky about the idea of magnetic armrests. Because the chair comes with a standard set of accessories, I was baffled as to why anyone would change them. Although I received some Technogel armrests from Secretlab, I think I finally got it. I love them. Besides being extremely comfortable and supportive, the gel also provides a cooling effect. There’s no news yet on pricing, but they’ll be an option in the future.

The Titan Evo’s most essential feature is its capacity to be customized. It is possible to sit more comfortably and efficiently if a chair has multiple adjustment options.

There are lumbar support height and curvature dials on each side that can be shifted to accommodate your spine. Compared to previous Secretlab chairs, this improved lumbar support improves proper posture. The Titan Evo has a tilt lock and a reclining lever on the right side of the chair. However, if you lean back as you pull the lever, it can stick and then ratchet rapidly in an unpleasant fashion. I enjoy the wide range of reclining. Also, the armrests can be moved in both directions. In addition to moving them forward and backward, you can also vary their height, angle, and position.

Compared to other high-end office chairs, like the Steelcase Leap or X-Chair X3, you get a decent range of adjustments with this gaming chair, but it falls short in other areas. If you lean forward in either of those seats, they’ll move with you, but the Titan Evo made me frequently feel like I had to remind myself to sit back in the Titan. There’s no way to modify the depth of the seat, so finding the proper chair size is critical. To get the most support and comfort, you should leave about three inches between the back of your knee and the seat.

The Titan Evo was a welcome change from my typical X-Chair. After a week of hard days and nights in it, I still had no complaints about how I felt.

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Heat Up

I was plagued by a sweltering sensation in my lower back. Having sat in the Titan Evo for an hour in the heat, my back was already wet from the seat cushion. Even though Secretlab’s proprietary PU leather combination is touted as being 12 times more durable than standard PU leather, the material simply cannot be worn due to its lack of breathability.

Upholstery options include SoftWeave fabric and genuine Napa leather. When I tried the SoftWeave on an older Titan model, I found that the heat still built up because there was no space between the lower back and the fabric. For example, the Herman Miller Aeron has a mesh back, while most Steelcase chairs feature a gap to help with airflow. My X-Chair is a blend of both. When you’re sitting on a chair for long periods of time, sweat can become a major issue.

Should You Buy It?

It’s no secret that Secretlab’s chairs are well-balanced, and this is one of the reasons for their success. For the money, you get a racing look, a lot of customization, and a lot of comfort. The Titan Evo with PU leather retails for $429 for the small, $449 for the standard, and $499 for the XL, depending on the model. Razer, Corsair, and Andaseat can’t compete on pricing with this chair.

It’s expensive, but so are all the other office chairs I’ve listed. You should ask yourself which of the two options is better: an office chair that is refurbished or one that is new. It all boils down to how important you think a particular look is. Refurbishing your office chair is an option if you don’t mind giving up a bit of style for a little bit more precision and support. However, if you’re a fan of this aesthetic, the Titan Evo is a very attractive option.

The level of competition in this field is increasing. Mavix, the sister firm of X-Chair, has a nice selection of chairs if you’re ready to spend extra. The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody is the top of the line if you don’t mind spending more money.


Is the Secretlab Titan worth it?

In my perspective, this is where Secretlab earns a lot of its “worthiness” – the quality of its products and the value they have when they’re sold. Overall, the Secretlab Titan seats are of the highest quality. These chairs are meant to last for at least seven to ten years. The Titan chairs’ PU leatherette is 12 times more durable than conventional PU leather, making it ideal for heavy use.

Are Secretlab chairs actually good?

They’re famed for their excellent quality and comfort, and Secretlab chairs are no exception. The seats are unbelievably comfy, well-made, and simply stunning in appearance and feel. A Secretlab chair is therefore good value for the money you pay for it.

Is the Secretlab Titan a good office chair?

The Titan Evo 2022 Series by Secretlab. Still not everyone can enjoy one of the best gaming seats that have simply gotten improved. A wide range of adjustment is available…. Aside from looking similar to a race seat, they often offer greater adjustability than your average low-cost office chair.