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Rubber dome keyboards can be jazzed up with a fancy stem, exotic keycaps, and other gizmos, but they’ll always have that rubber dome keyboard feel about them. Rubber dome keyboards don’t feel all that different from one another if their switch design isn’t changed. Because of this, rubber dome keyboards are boring when compared to mechanical keyboards, which come in such a wide variety.

As a result, the Razer Ornata Chroma’s mecha-membrane switch caught my attention. Ornata is one of few keyboards that, despite using membrane switches, has a particular travel behavior that sets it apart from other membrane keyboards. Razer improved the typing experience by adding a “click” and a tactile bump to the housing of its mecha-membrane switch.

A new switch necessitates a new key design, on paper at least. Even though it is held up by a rubber dome, the slide has a metal leaf on the other side of the stem and a notch on the stem itself. In order to provide the “click” sound, a metal leaf pushes against the notch when the switch is depressed, and when the leaf returns, it slams into its housing. Aside from increasing resistance and noise, the metal leaf has no other purpose.


  • At a reasonable price point.
  • This is an excellent typing experience that can be used in any situation.


  • Constrained in scope.
  • It may be necessary to make some adjustments.

The Mecha-Membrane Keyboard

Some of the mechanical keyboard features are combined with those of a membrane keyboard in Razer’s “Mecha-Membrane Keyboard.”

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Mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards are combined in the Mecha-Membrane Switches, which provide both tactile clicks and feedback. Typing on this keyboard is similar to using a featherlight mechanical keyboard in terms of comfort and lightness.

If you’ve used a mechanical keyboard before, this keyboard won’t mislead you. It is, after all, a membrane keyboard with a mechanical switch put in for a more gratifying actuation mechanism.

Even so, it doesn’t have the sensation of a membrane keyboard: it’s unique.

If you enjoy the way this game keyboard feels, you’ll be hooked in no time. The keys are easy to press and don’t induce finger fatigue nearly as rapidly as a mechanical keyboard for folks who frequently game, type, or work on their computers.

It’s up to you whether or not you enjoy typing on this particular keyboard. With these keys, individuals either fall in love with them or despise them depending on how strange the emotion is. There is no middle ground.

However, it appears that mechanical keyboard users will have a more difficult time adapting to it because it feels more like a membrane keyboard than a mechanical keyboard.

The sound of the Ornata Chroma keyboard is very similar to that of a MacBook’s keyboard.

While it’s not completely muffled, the sound isn’t deafening either. In part, the mechanical switch on the keys is there to provide a tactile “click” when typing, but it is not intrusive or distracting in any way.

This keyboard’s clicking noise can be virtually eliminated by typing slowly. Typing swiftly and heavily, on the other hand, makes this more apparent.

However, other from the keyboard, this is a typical Razer product, so you can expect the usual Razer quality. With Razer’s customary magnetic wrist rest and Razer’s normal chromatic RGB light show, this gaming mouse is ready to go.

Do keep in mind that the keycaps on this keyboard are just half-height so that they can be actuated more quickly.

This keyboard is one of our favorites, despite the fact that opinions on it are often divided. There is no mechanical sensation to this keyboard, although it is distinct from a membrane keyboard.

If you don’t like the feel of mechanical keyboards, you’ll probably enjoy the Ornata Chroma. The Ornata, on the other hand, isn’t for everyone because it generates an audible click sound.

It’s a great compromise for those who don’t need or desire mechanical keyboards but still prefer a higher-end option than a conventional membrane keyboard.

Even yet, it isn’t a specialty that will appeal to the general populace. Prior to making a purchase, we strongly encourage you to visit a store and test this keyboard out for yourself.

As far as I’m concerned, this keyboard costs too much. This is standard for Razer products, but it also elevates it to the level of other high-quality mechanical keyboards in the Razer keyboard family.

There are more affordable alternatives to mechanical keyboards out there, but this isn’t it.

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Features and Design

With the Ornata Chroma, what does Razer have up their sleeves? Switches that combine the most important aspects of the most popular keyboard typing technologies. Razer’s “Mecha-Membrane” technology is exactly what it sounds like: a combination of the company’s unique mechanical switch and a silicone dome. Mechanical switches depress a dome when you press a key, allowing the stroke to be recorded. However, you still get some of the advantages of both types of switches without having to buy the full-blown versions.

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That’s all done behind the scenes. For example, you’ll notice the new keycaps, which are about half as tall as traditional ones. Also, Razer claims that the shorter cap “reduce[s] the time it takes for your actions to register,” which means that you may type faster and land more hits in games that need quick response times..

To help you keep your hands from cramping up, Razer has included an almost three-inch-deep, padded wrist rest that can be attached directly to the magnetized front of the keyboard. Since the keyboard also has 10-key rollover and anti-ghosting, I think it’s up to the player when (or if) this is supposed to happen.

However, other than that, there isn’t much to speak of in the way of glitz and glamour. No USB or audio pass-through means that additional devices or headphones cannot be connected to the device. In addition, there are no dedicated media keys; instead, you’ll need to press the Fn key (which replaces the right Windows key) combined with the appropriate function key in the top row to access volume, playback, macro recording, and lighting controls (F1 through F12). You can also use Synapse to set up macros and enable the dedicated Gaming mode (which lets you disable the Windows key, as well as the Alt+Tab and Alt+F4 combinations).


A device that combines two different technologies can seem a little strange at first. If you’re looking for “sharp tactile clicks” and a “soft cushioned touch” from a silicone dome keyboard, you’ll be disappointed with the Razer Mecha-Membrane design. Using the clickier Cherry MX Blue and Brown switches as a benchmark, I’d guess that I got somewhere between 60% and 75% of the mechanical keyboard experience. My experience with the silicone dome was somewhere between 60% and 75%, which for me has never felt “soft” or “cushioned,” but rather “mushy and artificial.” The Ornata Chroma may not charm you immediately if you aren’t a fan of heavy music.

Razer Ornata V2 Full-size Wired Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard with Chroma RGB Backlighting Black RZ03-03380200-R3U1 - Best Buy

I can sympathize. To use a more descriptive term, the keys first felt “sticky,” as if I had no control over when they went down or up. Everything went a little awry for me, from my typing to my gaming. However, this is only a slight increase. My discomfort with the Ornata Chroma quickly vanished, and I was able to type just as quickly as I could on my preferred Cherry MX Blue–equipped Das Keyboard 4 Professional (available from Amazon Canada). That’s a big deal for me, considering how difficult it is for me to adapt to other changes. Typing consumes far too much of my time for a major slowdown to be tolerated. With the Chroma, this was never an issue.

Even still, switching to the Ornata Chroma will take some getting used to, whether you’re used to mechanical or silicone-dome keyboards. Look no farther than the technology that makes the keyboard possible to get the answer to this question. Mechanical Membrane switches indicate their silicone-dome origins by operating and bottoming out at the same place as the most prevalent Cherry MX switches (two millimeters). Because you won’t mistakenly press a key, this is an ideal gaming behavior. As a result, because the audible click happens before full actuation (at 3mm), the Ornata Chroma may not feel or perform as you expect it to for everyday typing tasks. This may account for the stickiness and why the Ornata Chroma feels and works differently. In the end, after you get through that, everything begins to fall into place (in more ways than one).

Is Razer Ornata a good keyboard?

This hybrid gaming keyboard from Razer has a great performance, a smart design, and a wide range of choices for personalization. The design isn’t the most appealing, but the lights and the fluffy wrist rest make up for it.

Is Razer Ornata Chroma good keyboard?

In addition to being an excellent gaming keyboard, the Razer Ornata Chroma is a fantastic value for the money.

Is the Ornata Chroma worth it?

The Razer Ornata Chroma is a good keyboard for the office. With a wrist rest and low-profile keys, this keyboard provides a comfortable typing experience. However, because it utilizes clicky switches, it can produce a lot of noise. Typing is a breeze.


It’s rare to find a budget tech gadget that does everything you need, precisely how you want it, at a price you can afford. There are also some drawbacks to the Razer Ornate Chroma as a gaming device and keyboard: its cut corners have relatively few sharp edges, making it less comfortable to type on. You won’t miss the standalone volume controls and macro keys, USB pass-through, or other frills you’re not receiving since you’ll be too busy playing and typing at a surprise high level to notice, given the price and performance throughout its intended usage scenarios. That’s enough to make the Ornata Chroma our Editors’ Choice. More money can be saved in several ways. For just $79.99, you can have the same features as the Razer Ornata, but you’ll have to give up the multi-colored illumination.