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Whether you’re a gamer or not, the Vertagear SL2000 chair is an excellent choice. You can find out if it’s worth the money by reading our review.

The Vertagear SL2000 is the perfect gaming chair in terms of both form and function. It has a high backrest that provides good support for the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Having a wide range of reclining positions ensures the maximum possible level of comfort in any position. This comfortable gaming chair is ideal for long sessions in front of the computer or any game. The S-Line SL2000 gaming chair focuses on ergonomics, design, and utility, making it a great choice for long gaming sessions, whether you’re playing online or with friends.

One of the best gaming chairs out there, in my opinion. Because of its ergonomic design and rock-solid construction, this gaming chair is ideal for long sessions spent playing video games on a computer. I can even use it every day as my workplace chair.

Made for gamers

In order to provide sufficient back support, it’s critical that you pick the ideal computer chair for your needs. In the market nowadays, there are many different types of comfy pc chairs for gaming that you can choose from. You might want to choose the Vertagear SL2000 S-Line Racing Series if you’re seeking for one of the top gaming chairs on the market to be your perfect gaming buddy. The modern racing style is one of the most comfortable pc seats among high-end items.

Vertagear S-LINE SL2000 Review (All You Need To Know)

Vertagear is a new company to us, and many of you haven’t heard of them yet. As of October 2014, Vertagear is an American-based manufacturing company that specializes on high-quality gaming chairs. Vertagear is the perfect blend of utility and style. One of the most useful, ergonomic, and well-designed gaming seats on the market is produced by this company. The SL2000 Racing Series pc chair may be adjusted to suit your needs, allowing you to play for long periods of time in the most comfortable posture possible. High backrest provides neck and shoulder support as well as lumbar support in the chair. Owners receive a gaming chair as well as lumbar and neck support pillows.

High end pc chair features

The Vertagear Sl2000, with a street price of roughly $300, is making inroads into the exclusive club of high-end products. When it comes to the chair’s processing and features, there’s no hiding it. The following attributes are included:

Adjustable Seat Height

With the SL 2000 Racing Series, Vertagear assures that its users who like gaming for long periods of time have the best possible ergonomic posture. In order to sit in a more relaxing position, the computer chair’s seat adjustment feature allows customers to change the chair’s height.

Adjustable Armrest

The pc chair comes with a curved and cushioned armrest that makes it easy for the user to change the arm height and provide support to the arm and back.

Adjustable Back

The chair’s back angle can be adjusted independently. The adjustable back rest ensures a comfortable seating position for the duration of your gaming session.

Good Exteriors

A high-quality PVC leather used in the Vertagear SL2000 Racing Series gaming chair makes it extremely comfortable, extremely durable, and visually appealing. The water and stain resistance of the material makes cleaning and maintaining it a breeze. This chair is one of the best because of these features.

Better Padding

With the SL2000, you’re getting more support and comfort thanks to the high-density foam utilized to cushion the seat. The open cell breathing structure of the gaming pc chair prevents the heat generated by the user’s body from being trapped. This also improves the user’s overall well-being throughout long workdays.

Solid base structure

The 5-star aluminum foundation supports the SL2000 Racing Series pc chair. As a result, the SL2000’s gaming chair is both flexible and light, while yet maintaining its crucial level of stability. Furthermore, the chair is fitted with a gas lift class 4 that can bear high pressure, is simple to use, and is designed to last a long time.


In addition to the great overall performance, the computer chair has to be upgraded and fixed in one area. When compared to other high-end gaming seats, this one can first feel a little rigid. However, it will begin to soften up during a few weeks of constant use. The neck and lumbar cushions are the same.

Durability of the SL2000

This gaming chair has been updated and is now made of heavy-duty aluminium with a reinforced 5-star base. The chair’s steel frame and high-density resiliency foam make it a sturdy piece of furniture. High-quality PVC leather covers the exterior, making it both sturdy and luxurious.

However, the chair’s weight is one of its less-than-desirable aspects. It’s not simple to lift at about forty-five pounds. For those who want to keep it in one place, this won’t be an issue, but for those of us who travel frequently, it didn’t always meet our needs. Because I have gaming stations on each of my home’s three stories, I require three seats to avoid having to haul everything up and down the stairs every time I want to play.

Appearance of the SL2000

Penta RS1 casters with custom racing styling are soft and smooth on any surface. To provide the impression of speed and aerodynamics, this vehicle has a sleek, two-toned design. In order to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, the fabric is breathable and open cell.

An extra layer of cushioning in the form of dense foam and a racing-style bucket seat with wings cradle the torso. Gamers can customize their comfort by adjusting the seat and armrest heights.

The chair as a whole is stunning and quite comfortable. It’s available in a variety of color schemes, so it’s suitable for everyone. There is a lot of padding, the leather is smooth, and the colors are bright and brilliant.

Features of the Vertagear SL2000

  • In addition, there are lumbar, neck, and back cushions.
  • Up to 140 degrees of back angle adjustment for the gamer’s seating position is possible with this feature.
  • Height-adjustable seat: Encourages proper posture, decreasing back pain and easing tension in the shoulders and neck.
  • Tilt tension may be adjusted to match the user’s weight, allowing them to rock comfortably without putting any strain on their muscles.
  • Support for the wrist with an adjustable armrest that is ergonomically contoured to fit the curvature of the arm.
  • Wheels with “soft glide” technology are quieter and more resistant to foreign objects, allowing them to glide on any surface with ease.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 Gaming Chair Review - Legit Reviews

Assembly of the SL2000

Due to its unique slide-in design, it may be easily installed by just one person. Assembling the game is as simple as sliding the pieces together and pressing the button.

Colors Available in the SL2000

It’s up to you whether you want to go with white with accent colors like red, blue, green, grey or purple; if you want to go for black with accents in the same colors. It’s all up to you. I prefer black with a color accent since white becomes dirty, while black is sleeker and more attractive..

The price of this chair is the feature that bothers me the most. It’s one of the priciest alternatives on the market, clocking in at over $300. No matter how much you save, it’s still a hefty investment.

This chair, despite its shortcomings, is an excellent choice for gamers due of its many configurable features and comfort, as well as its streamlined assembling process.


What is Vertagear’s warranty policy?

Parts of the VERTAGEAR Racing Series Chair are warranted for 2 to 10 years.

The 10 Year Warranty on the Metal Structure Frame

Two Years – Seat Mechanism

2 Years with Arm Rest

Two Years of Wheels

A 2-Year Warranty on Headrest/Lumbar Support Pillows

Two Years at a Five-Star Base

Which chair should I choose?

Within each series, it really comes down to personal preference when it comes to things like fabric, design, and other attributes. Body type and height/weight are the most critical factors. For this reason, our chairs come in a variety of heights and capacities, some of which also feature broader seats and additional padding. Please use our Chair Selection Tool to make sure you get the proper one.

Where can I find the dimensions of the chair?

There is an illustration of the dimensions on the Product page.

A Detailed Review of Vertagear S-Line SL-2000 Gaming Chair

Does my seat come fully assembled?

There is no need to worry about assembling our chairs because they come with step-by-step instructions. Despite its size, everything you’ll need is delivered to your door in a manageable box. In only a few steps, you’ll be seated in your chair. However, if you require assistance with the installation of your chair, you can refer to our installation video.


I don’t know what to say about it. To begin, we’ll begin with the design. Everything about it excites me! In my opinion, the combination of white and black on this gaming chair makes it look incredibly luxurious and contemporary. When compared to other high-end versions, the overall processing is excellent, however DXRacer’s gaming seats are a bit better in my opinion. The Vertagear SL 2000 Racing Series costs roughly $300 and is also one of the better pieces of furniture when it comes to comfort, despite the fact that, as we’ve already noted in our test, this computer chair only unfolds its full comfort after a few weeks of use. This computer chair’s backrest, armrests, and height can all be adjusted to fit the user’s preferences, just like in a luxury automobile. Overall, Vertagear’s SL 2000 Racing Series is a strong high-end computer gaming chair that is a viable alternative to recognized brands like DXRacer, Arozzi, or AKRacing.