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Secretlab’s Throne gaming chair is the company’s flagship product, as well as its first to go on sale. Today, we put on our review goggles and take a critical look at it. Secretlab’s chair is a classic in many aspects, but it’s been developed and improved through the years into a refined, fan-favorite for avid gamers.

We got our hands on the updated 2018 version, which is an enhancement over what was already a strong contender in the gaming chair market. Are you getting more for your money, and if so, what exactly has changed?

Pros and Cons


  • Contains two complimentary lumbar and head cushions to aid in healthy spine alignment and alleviate pressure spots.
  • Tilting mechanisms built into the chair’s base allow for a wide range of chair motions.
  • The 6cm polyurethane casters are rock-solid on the metal base.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty, which is very welcomed. There are no repair expenses if anything goes wrong with your Secret Lab Throne.
  • You may rest your elbows, wrists, and hands on the armrests for long periods of time since the polyurethane-coated armrests are slightly concave to fit your arms.
  • In order to accommodate a wide range of user preferences, the chair has an adjustable hydraulic piston that can be moved to various height levels. position


  • Set up an hour or more to assemble the Secretlab Throne, which is a little more difficult than the original.


In contrast to the overdone and at times obnoxious competition chair, the Secretlab chair is a racing-style chair. As a result, the Throne is now more comfortable and functional than ever before without sacrificing its sleek appearance.

Secretlab Throne 2018 : Secretlab Omega and Throne 2018 review: Just made of better stuff - HardwareZone.com.sg

Because it’s shaped like a human body rather than a disproportionately large bucket, it’s more comfortable for long periods of time. This makes it more practical. The Throne is meant to keep the wearer at ease, as seen by these factors.

The base and its single cut of high-density cold cure foam are held in place by a sturdy steel frame that does all the heavy lifting. When it comes to automobiles, cold cure is a sought-after material because of its durability, comfort and ability to preserve its shape after continuous use.

When it comes to the foam’s density and cushioning, it’s just right. In our examinations, we found no trace of the frame protruding from the bottom of the shoe.

Secretlab claims that their PRIME PU leather, which sits on top of the foam, is stain- and water-resistant. With a towel in hand, we threw half a glass of water on the seat and it sat on the surface, allowing us to quickly remove any dripping water.

In terms of flexibility, durability, and most importantly, comfort, Secretlab’s PU leather is a unique, proprietary product. A 350GSM short-yarn amalgamate called SoftWeave Fabric is also available for the Throne.

As with other PU leather, Secretlab’s PU leather is prone to ripping and shedding over time, making it a better choice for gaming seats. When it comes to PU leather, this isn’t some sort of assault on the Thrones; it’s just the truth. A more long-term and more comfortable investment, then, would be the SoftWeave model.

The new velour head and lumbar support pillows are one of the most notable changes in the 2018 model. It’s hard to find good lumbar pillows, so we don’t use them very often. It’s still the Throne, though, that has exceeded expectations in terms of comfort because to its use of memory foam, which fills up the gap between your lower back and the backrest.

Reinforced metal sits atop a set of six-inch-wide PU casters designed for mobility and minimal scarring of the ground. The use of corrosion/rust-resistant aluminum is also a subtle design choice that says a lot about Secretlab’s dedication to an overall quality product.

White, flashy red, and rushy purple are all options for the Secretlab Throne. A fourth colorway is exclusive to the SoftWeave edition: coal pink. Even the most critical user will find little to complain about in terms of the Throne’s aesthetics and professional appearance upon closer study.


Nothing about the Throne’s functionality is extraneous, and it does the best it can with what it has to provide.

4D armrests with a concave shape make a big difference in finding the right position for your forearms on The Throne. Additionally, the rests may be shifted in any direction to find the perfect fit.

For those times when Apex Legends isn’t going your way, the chair’s backrest can be reclined all the way to 155 degrees. On top of that, there’s a swaying mechanism that may either be activated or deactivated depending on your preference.

A Class 4 hydraulic piston is responsible for vertical adjustments, and we found it responsive and adaptable within the Throne’s height constraints.


It’s clear that the Secretlab Throne is aimed for smaller gamers, with a recommended height range of 145 – 165 cm (max 180 cm) and a maximum weight of 60 kg (max 100 kg). As a result, when evaluating comfort, keep in mind who you’re designing for. The Throne’s shallower seat, for example, will make it difficult for a taller person to sit comfortably.

The Throne is a really comfy chair if you meet the height requirements. The chair’s natural ergonomic shape and the foam’s ability to provide support over time with little to no caving are two of the chair’s many benefits. In fact, we’ve started taking the lumbar support pillow to different seats because it’s so wonderful.

Although it isn’t as comfy as the SoftWeave version, it is among the most comfortable PU leathers available. When playing video games for lengthy periods of time in hotter locations, you’ll get that familiar hot and irritated feeling.


Assembling the device is best done by two people, as advised by Secretlab. With another person’s help, it’s much easier to position the parts and insert screws.

The step-by-step directions in full color are clear and easy to follow. Assembling the chair is simple and uncomplicated, starting with the wheels and base, going on to the seat and backrest, and finally putting the entire thing together. Additionally, Secretlab provides all of the necessary tools for the job.

Secretlab Throne 2018 : Secretlab Omega and Throne 2018 review: Just made of better stuff - HardwareZone.com.sg


The Throne comes with a standard two-year guarantee that covers faults and manufacturing issues but excludes normal wear and tear. In the gaming world, two years is a long time and can easily equal thousands of hours of play, therefore Secretlab appears to be confident in the durability of the Throne by offering a two-year warranty.

No matter what kind of claim you have, Secretlab has a robust online form for getting in touch with them directly. Our only wish is that there was a phone number to call, but we’ve found that the response time is lightning-fast, and the assistance we’ve received has been nothing but excellent.

New 4-Way L-Adapt Lumbar Support System

Lumbar support is one of the most significant features Secretlab incorporated into Titan Evo 22. With a detachable pillow filled with cooling memory foam, my old Omega chair was a delight to sit in. Even though it came with a chair, it was so comfy that it could be used as a standalone pillow in the living room or bedroom.

A lumbar support system integrated into the Titan Evo follows in the footsteps of the larger Titan chair, which has an adjustable lumbar support. It was explained to me that this was due to the fact that smaller persons who would prefer to utilize the Omega over the Titan preferred the Omega’s integrated lumbar support. The lumbar support cushion is still available, but Secretlab spent two years fully reworking its lumbar system for the Titan Evo so that L-Adapt, as it’s called, can give two sorts of adjustability: thickness and height.

We’ve seen lumbar support devices with adjustable knobs before. For example, the Razer Iskur’s lumbar support may be adjusted with a knob. Additionally, the Titan Evo features a knob that may be used to shift that area along your back.

Sitting in the chair, the effect of varying the firmness is immediately apparent. The protrusion of the backrest changes with each twist of the knob if you’re not. Lumbar support is important to me, therefore I normally set the system to its firmest setting. Support was firm and consistent, but it didn’t protrude or push into my body in any noticeable way. As a matter of fact, I could do with some more lumbar support.

The Secretlab Signature Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow is still available for purchase for $59, and I just so happened to have one. To satisfy my insatiable lumbar, I placed it on top of the Titan Evo’s L-Adapt. My lower back was still well-cushioned even without the chair, but it jumped up a notch when it was paired with it. Again, I prefer more lumbar support than the average person, so there’s a good chance you won’t need the pillow.

Using a detachable pillow for lumbar support has the disadvantage of requiring constant adjustment each time I recline or move positions. In order to raise the pillow, I would have to apply some pressure to it. The Titan Evo’s lumbar support system is not affected by this issue because it can be adjusted in height.

Most people didn’t pay much attention to the height adjustment, but the system’s inward and outward movement was easy to observe. That’s why my finger had to rest on the backrest’s thickest area before I realized it was actually moving. But seeing it in person made it simpler for my body to acclimate to the new height. When I was adjusting the seat’s angle, this option came in handy. Lumbar support is different depending on whether you’re sitting upright or reclined. I needed more lumbar support in a deep recline than I did in a medium recline. The Titan Evo’s advantage is that I can be so specific. However, in my opinion, the differences were negligible. There is nothing wrong with spending $400 on a chair, but the finer points of comfort should be taken into consideration.

The lumbar system’s most inconspicuous feature was this. Nothing “moving” beneath me may be discerned by my body’s firmness in the backrest. The Titan Evo I tried is designed for those weighing less than 220 pounds, with a maximum weight of 285 pounds. For someone with more weight, it’s conceivable to put a larger depression in the backrest and feel the hinges move along with them, as I do. When I shifted from one side to the other, I didn’t detect a lack of lumbar support.

Another concern is that the system’s two knobs are difficult to reach and turn from a seated posture because of my stiff, skinny arms (and a friend’s slightly longer arms). My limbs began to ache as soon as I started making modifications. In addition, the black-on-black knobs make it difficult to read the lettering on them, but Secretlab made the controls easy to use (clockwise for higher and more lumbar support, counterclockwise for lower and less support).

Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow

Secretlab’s Titan Evo neck pillows are the first to use magnets instead of a strap to attach to a chair, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this innovation for a long time. Because of this, I’m still not happy with the position of the pillow; it still pulls my head forward unnaturally. To get this pillow to fit to my head, I’ll have to exert some effort.

The innovative method of applying and adjusting the pillow eliminates the need for unsightly straps across the backrest. Instead, the pillow appears to float in midair, thanks to the magnets, which performed admirably overall. If you’re reclining in a deeper position, the pillow is less likely to fall; but, if you’re reclining in a lower position, the pillow is more likely to fall.

Just keep in mind the pillow has magnets in it, so be careful if you’re throwing it near something that is magnet-sensitive.

Compared to other free neck pillows that come with gaming chairs, the Titan Evo’s memory foam head pillow is the best quality I’ve seen. As soon as you let go of it, it immediately returns to its original shape. In this case as well, the curves are calculated. Sadly, I still haven’t discovered a neck pillow that I truly believe enhances my level of relaxation. When it comes down to it, I’d much rather not utilize the Titan Evo’s neck cushion.

Secretlab Throne: A value-oriented and functional gaming chair - HardwareZone.com.sg


Despite Secretlab’s huge (approximately 30.5 by 26 inches) print-out instructions, I was able to create the Titan Evo in about 45 minutes with only myself, myself, and I. A pair of Allen wrenches, one one with a comfortable handle that also doubles as a Phillips head screwdriver, were also included in the box for my convenience.

At 76.1 pounds, it’s a bit of a challenge to lift it up any stairs. However, despite my dwindling strength, I was able to manage the bulky backrest and thick seat on my own. As usual, getting the holes in the backrest and the holes in the bracket of the seat to line up so that they could be screwed together was the most difficult element of the project. In contrast to other chairs I’ve made, the Titan Evo’s holes seemed to match up more easily than they did on other chairs I’ve built.

The fact that the armrests were already attached to the seat when it arrived was a nice touch. The covers for the armrests and the brackets linking the backrest to the seat click on magnetically, saving me some time and effort.

The Results You’ll Get with this Product

There is nothing more important to us than your comfort, and we wanted to make a chair that would allow you to do just that. Founded by gamers, the company produces seats for gamers. Additionally, this chair’s design places a strong emphasis on enhancing blood flow to all parts of the body. As a result, weariness is reduced as a result of better circulation. To prevent blood clots, it is important to keep your heart pumping. When you’re sat for long periods of time, your chance of developing blood clots increases considerably.

There are two molded cushions that support your lower back and neck in the optimal posture to align your spine and relieve stress. In addition to keeping your back healthy, this minimizes bodily weariness, allowing you to sit for longer periods of time and work or play more efficiently.

The padded and supportive armrests make it easier to sit without getting your hands and wrists sore. When not in use, they may be folded up and out of the way or stretched out from your body if you need more space in the Secret Lab Chair Throne. Secretlab refers to this feature as “4D.”


What happened to the secret labs throne?

To improve the chair’s ergonomics, Secretlab has updated the Throne series chair. The design of the race seat has gained a more pleasant surface covering and a few quality-of-life improvements.

Where are Secretlab chairs sold?

Currently, Secretlab chairs can be purchased at Secretlab.co, the company’s official website, as well as from their Amazon storefront. The company also produces the Elite Throne, a high-end line.

Why is Secretlab so popular?

Secretlab is best known for its gaming seats…. Fully ergonomic according to their website. To keep you upright, your spinal muscles will have to work more if your chair has poor support.


The Secretlab Throne justifies its price tag and more for what appears to be an entry-level offering. We’ve got the best budget chair on the market right here, combining style, comfort, and durability to withstand the rigors of even the most intense gaming sessions. Secretlab deserves a standing ovation for building on the Throne’s strong foundations while also introducing innovative features.

However, Secretlab’s Omega and Titan series cater to players of all heights, thus no harm is done by the Throne’s design, which is aimed at smaller users.