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All of Satisfactory’s focus is on developing massive, complex manufacturing lines that are automated by machines. Playing with others makes the game even more pleasant, even though you can handle any obstacle it throws at you.

It is possible to play Satisfactory online with an almost endless number of other players thanks to the cooperative mode (the game officially supports up to four). This feature includes cross-platform multiplayer between Steam and Epic Games.

You can collaborate with your pals online when using Satisfactory’s multiplayer feature.

How To Set Up Multiplayer In Satisfactory

The method of setting up multiplayer varies depending on whether you’re the host or a guest.

Recall that the host player’s save file controls your progress in a multiplayer session. Despite the lack of PvP in Satisfactory, there is also friendly fire.

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How To Host A Session In Satisfactory

‘Manage Session’ can be found in the menu bar. Load your save game first. Set the session type to ‘Friends Only,’ and only your friends will be able to participate. A “Private” session can only be accessed by those who have been invited.

The Session ID can be copied by selecting ‘Copy to Clipboard’ and then sending it to the person you want to invite. No public sessions are available at this time, and the game is still in Early Access, so there may be issues with performance and stuttering.

How To Join A Session In Satisfactory

By either joining them as friends on Steam or Epic Games, or obtaining their Session ID from them, players can join the sessions of each other in progress. If the session is set to “Friends Only,” selecting the session from the main menu will allow you to join.

‘Private’ sessions only allow you to start the game and input the Session ID manually. In order to engage in cross-play, Steam users will be required to link up their Epic Games and Steam accounts.

How to organize a session

After uploading your saved game, open the menu and select “Manage Session” in order to host a session. If you set the session type to “Friends Only,” your friends will be able to join in. All participants in a “Private” session must receive an invitation to join.

Selecting “Copy to Clipboard” will allow you to send the session ID to a friend. Since Satisfactory is currently in Early Access, you may run across issues with glitches and slowdowns while playing online multiplayer. This is something to keep in mind.

How to join a Satisfactory session

You can only join another player’s session if you are already friends with them on Steam or Epic Games, or if you have their session ID in your possession. You can join a “Friends Only” session by selecting it from the main menu.

If your SessionID is set to “Private,” you’ll need to manually enter it after starting the game. For cross-play, Steam users will need to link their Epic Games account to the game’s Steam account when they are prompted.

Set up multiplayer with more than four players

Play with more than four people at once by changing the Satisfactory setup parameters.

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How do you make Satisfactory multiplayer?

Before any other players may join or be invited to an online session, the host must start it first (see sections below).

Is Satisfactory multiplayer peer to peer?

Thanks to Steam’s cross-platform compatibility, a factory simulator that challenges you to construct elaborate machinery setups is now available on the Epic Games Store as well. … Satisfactory’s multiplayer is hosted by a group member.

Do satisfactory mods work in multiplayer?

As should be evident, the mod does not operate in multiplayer.